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Ott Blair: Sled Maker
16mm, 1973 - Demonstration of and commentary on the mountain craft of building wooden farm sleds by Ott Blair, a native of Heaton, North Carolina.  Discussion includes first selling sled and his attitudes toward economic self-sufficiency. This 16mm film and its outtakes are in Thomas G. Burton -- Jack Schrader Collection of East Tennessee State University
Archives of Appalachia.
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Gandy Dancers
Musical traditions and recollections of eight retired African-American railroad track laborers whose occupational folk songs were once heard on railroads that crisscross the South. Watch the entire film on Folkstreams http://www.folkstreams.net/film,101
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Ed Pressnell: Dulcimer Maker
Edd Presnell, a mountain craftsman and native of Watauga County, North Carolina, demonstrates and comments on the construction of a dulcimer.  Presnell learned his craft from his father-in-law.  Film includes a brief performance on a finished dulcimer by his wife, Nettie. 1973 This 16mm film is archived in the Thomas G. Burton and Jack Schrader collection in the Archives of Appalachia, East Tennesse State University. Watch the entire film on Folkstreams http://www.folkstreams.net/film,220
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Stoney Knows How: Tattoo Master Stoney St. Clair
Stoney Knows How is a visit with a master of the Oldest Art In The World - Tattooing. Disabled by arthritis since the age of four, confined to a wheelchair, his growth stunted, Stoney St. Clair (1912 - 1980) joined the circus at 15 as a sword-swallower. A year later, he took up tattooing, and traveled with circuses and carnivals for 50 years. As we watch him at work, we see the determination which led Stoney to use his crippled hands in an art where mistakes are permanent, and we realize Stoney has overcome his handicap to heal himself and others with the magic of symbols. The film ends with a visit by New Age tattoo master Don Ed Hardy to Stoney, who gives him a souvenir tattoo. Stoney is available on DVD from Ethnoscope Film & Video, www.docfilm.com.
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Les Blues de Balfa
A portait of Southwestern Louisana's Balfa Brothers, ambassadors of traditional Cajun music to the world. Filmed in Louisiana between 1978 and 1981, the film focuses on the surviving brother fiddler Dewey Balfa and his efforts to continue playing and performing his family's traditional music after the sudden death of his brothers and bandmembers in a traffic accident. This film is available on DVD from http://www.aginsky.com/cinema/yasha/Home.html
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Tinker: John Forshee
John Forshee was born about 1883 and died in 1974 at Cincinnatus, NY. He was at least a third generation tinsmith as he is using his grandfather's patented tinsmithing tools.
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Ben's Mill: An Excerpt
This film is available from Documentary Educational Resources at http://www.der.org/films/bens-mill.html. Ben Thresher's mill is one of the few water-powered, wood-working mills left in this country. Operating in rural Vermont since 1848, the mill is a unique link between the age of craft and the age of modern industry. In this 1981 documentary, Ben uses his machines and finely crafted tools to first adapt a neighbor's pitch fork into a sod turner, and second to build a wooden watering tub for cows (a task that he accomplishes in one day). The film evokes the quality of rural New England life, and at the same time provides a close, step-by-step view of Ben's woodworking processes.
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Onondaga: The Lacrosse Stick Makers
An Onondaga father and son make lacrosse sticks in the traditional way. Filmmaker Jack Ofield writes "Lacrosse Stick Maker features Alfie Jacques and his father, Lou Jacques. Alfie was in his early 20s when I filmed him. He is seen actually making the stick. His father is seen lacing up the leather thongs.
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Cowboy Poets
American cowboys have been writing poetry for more than a century. Cowboy Poets profiles three cowboy reciters--Waddie Mitchell, Slim Kite and Wally McRae--representing three different aspects of the cowboy-poetry tradition. A Kim Shelton film. Watch the entire film on Folkstreams http://www.folkstreams.net/film,39
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Singing Fisherman of Ghana
www.folkstreams.net/film,123 Pete and Toshi Seeger documented work songs of a fishing community in Ghana, the West-African roots of the work-song tradition shown in the films "Afro American Worksongs in a Texas Prison" and "Gandy Dancers".
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Black Delta Religion
This film was made from b/w Super 8mm footage that William Ferris gathered in rural Mississippi in 1968. The film includes footage from rural church services and a full immersion baptism.
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The Hollow
Trailer for George Nierenberg's 1970s film on a rural impoverished community in the Adirondack Mountains of New York. Created by George T. Nierenberg, the critically acclaimed director and producer of "Say Amen Somebody" and "No Maps On My Taps".
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Alex Stewart: Cooper
Alex Stewart, mountain craftsman from near Sneedville, Tennessee, demonstrates constructing a churn.  Film includes discussion of the use of non-powered tools and skills handed down in Stewart's family in making wooden containers, such as buckets, barrels, etc. Watch the entire film on Folkstreams http://www.folkstreams.net/film,224
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Zydeco: Creole Music and Culture in Rural Louisiana
1986 Nick Spitzer film on African American dance-hall music in French-speaking southwest Louisiana, with Dolon Carriere, Armand Ardoin, and Alphonse Bois Sec Ardoin. Music performed by Bebe Carriere, Eraste Carriere, Delton Broussard, The Ardoin Brothers, Jon Delafose and the Eunice Playboys, and Clinvin Jones and Friends.
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Morgan Sexton: Bull Creek Banjo Player
Eastern Kentucky's Morgan Sexton cut his first banjo out of the bottom of a lard bucket, and some seventy years later won the National Endowment for the Arts' National Heritage Award for his "amazingly pure and unaffected singing and playing style." "Morgan Sexton has endured the Depression, cultivated a mountain farm and survived the hazards of a mining career with an impressive dignity and presence. He is truly a national treasure, and this wonderful portrait allows us to enter his life." -Loyal Jones, Director, Appalachian Center, Berea College
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Flat Top Zen
A weekend Zen retreat at the Flat Top Zendo in the Blue Ridge Mountains near Charlottesville, Virginia in October 2006. Flat Top is a part of the Blue Ridge Zen Group in Charlottesville. Flat Top is located in Green County, close to the town of Crozet. The Zendo was built by Bill Stephens, a disciple of the Japanese Zen master Denkyo Kyozan Joshu Roshi. Bill Stephens led this two day retreat. The chant is "The Final Instructions of National Teacher Daito Kozen" which is commonly chanted in Rinzai monasteries. The chant ends with "After this old monk's pilgrimage, some of you may have rich temples, with large halls and volumes of sutras decorated with gold an silver, full of noisy enthusiasts. Or you may read sutras and recite dhranis, do zazen for long periods without lying down, eat only breakfast and work day and night. Although you do these things, if you don't set your mind on the marvelous untransmitted way of Buddha and the Patriarchs, you immediately deny cause and effect, and the true teaching falls to the ground... But if there is one person who seriously studies his own affairs, even if he lives out in the fields in a straw hut, cooking his meal of vegetable roots over a grass fire in a broken pot, he is the one who sees me daily and is grateful for what he has received. Who would dare to be careless? Work hard! Work hard!" The video is by Tom Davenport, a long time friend, who often cooks during these fall and spring retreats.
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Born For Hard Luck
Excerpt from Born For Hard Luck, a 1976 film by Tom Davenport, which is a portrait of Arthur "Peg Leg Sam" Jackson, a black harmonica player, singer, and comedian. This clip appears on the television in the Amelie's room, in the film Amelie directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet. She used it to inspire her neighbour to take more risks and wallow less in self pity. The full film is available for viewing on Folkstreams http://www.folkstreams.net/film,1
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The Amish: A People of Preservation
The Amish keep surprising their technology-programmed neighbors by keeping alive ways and beliefs that many modern Americans wish they could recapture. Mennonite historian John Ruth takes us sympathetically into the Amish mindset in this 1975 documentary. Watch the entire film on Folkstreams http://www.folkstreams.net/film,193 An updated version of this film is available on DVD through Amazon.com
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Grandma Bottle Village: The Art of Tressa Prisbey
DVD available from the filmmaker Allie Light at www.lightsaraffilms.com. Read more... At 84, Grandma Prisbrey is a vivacious guide to her brilliant houses crammed with objects scavenged from the county dump.
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Almeda Riddle: Now Let's Talk About Singing
This video tells how and where Arkansas ballad singer Almeda Riddle began her 10 year stint of singing old ballads all over the country. In an informal manner, folk musician Starr Mitchell chats with Riddle about her singing tours and her commitment to preserving the past for the future. Watch the entire film on Folkstreams http://www.folkstreams.net/film,131
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Hush Hoggies Hush
This video is about Hush Hoggies Hush
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Finnish American Lives
A 1982 portrait of traditional Finnish American culture in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, highlighting the fragile community of memory connecting one with parents and grandparents. View the entire film on Folkstreams http://www.folkstreams.net/film,35
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Gandy Dancers 1973
1973 16mm film by Jack Schrader and Tom Burton that features field recordings of work chants of Gandy Dancers including aligning songs and chants to knock out slack in the rail.  Shot with a 16mm Bolex camera without sync sound, the visuasl shows men working with cross ties, aligning the track, and spiking.  The film focuses on the changes brought about by mechanization of railroad building. The film is part of the Burton Schrader collection in East Tennessee State University, Archives of Appalachia. A digital beta copy is in the Folkstreams archive in the Southern Folklife Collection in Chapel Hill. Watch the entire film on Folkstreams http://www.folkstreams.net/film,223
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The Pirogue Maker
In 1948, Robert Flaherty was working on his last film, "Louisiana Story". He was searching for a small boat, or "pirogue" for his young hero. Flaherty soon became aware that pirogue-making was a disappearing art. Finally, when he found Ebdon Allemon, a Cajun craftsman, he persuaded him to make the pirogue. It may very well have been the last pirogue made in Louisiana. This is a record of that event.
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A Singing Stream
The Landis family sings "Jezebel" in the living room of the family martriarch Betha Landis. From "A Sing Stream" released in 1985. The story of a gifted African American family from the rural South. With interviews and stories, and scenes from daily life, reunions, gospel concerts, and church services, the film traces the history of the Landis family of Granville County, North Carolina, over the lifetime of its oldest surviving member, 86-year-old Mrs. Bertha M. Landis.
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Cajun Visits
A series of five musical portraits of traditional Cajun master musicians at home in rural southwestern Louisana. The film, where the language spoken is an ever shifting mix of English and Cajun French, is a loving tribute to these musicians and their unique musical culture. Watch the entire film on Folkstreams http://www.folkstreams.net/film,154 This film is available on DVD from http://www.aginsky.com/cinema/yasha/Home.html
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The Popovich Brothers of South Chicago
Filmmaker Jill Godmilow (with folklorists Ethel Raim and Martin Koenig) made this film in 1977 when there was a community of 1100 Serbian-Americans families in South Chicago. They worked in steel mills, drove trucks, taught school, played tennis and golf, watched television, and went to church on Sunday. But what connected them to their family, church and community and provided the deepest expression of their identity was their traditional Serbian music and the Popovich Brothers were a constant source of that music. The film has recently been restored and is on DVD from Facets Multimedia in Chicago. http://www.facetsdvd.com/product-p/dv101359.htm
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A Singing Stream: The Landis Family of Creedmoor, NC
Selections from the film "A Singing Stream" with performances of "Jezebel" (Fleming, Tony, Claude Landis with nephew Ken Daniel) and "Going Up To Meet Him" (Big John Landis and the Golden Echoes. Also Karen Landis and the Echoes of Heaven). The final performance "Going Up to Meet Him" was at the Golden Echoes anniversary concert in a high school near Creedmoor. The complete one hour film is on Folkstreams at http://www.folkstreams.net/film,2. Filmed in 1985 near Creedmoor, NC. This selection was created for the National Endowment for the Arts, Traditional Arts panel.
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Tommie Bass
At the time of his death in 1996, "Tommie" Bass, was probably the most well-known herbalist in the United States. The subject of scholarly and popular books, television features, a front-page essay in the Wall Street Journal, and numerous articles in newspapers and magazines, Tommie Bass lived his entire life in the Ridge and Valley region of Alabama where he devoted himself to "trying to give ease" to the many people who sought his advice.. "Tommie Bass" is a biographical portrait of Mr. Bass, told almost entirely in his own words.
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Dry Wood: {A Preview}
A glimpse into the life, food, and Mardi Gras celebrations of black Creoles in French Louisiana, featuring the stories and music of "Bois Sec" Ardoin and Canray Fontenot. Dry Wood is one of a number of Les Blank's critically acclaimed films on Lousiana life and culture. Hot Pepper, a film on zydeco great Clifton Chenier, is a companion to Dry Wood. These films and many other important documentary films about American folklife are available on DVD at Les Blank's Flower Films. "Dry Wood" is an almost continual round of barbecues, expositions on sausage making, and demonstrations of gumbo preparation where Blank gets so close to the action that he's almost using his lens to stir the pot. --- J. Hoberman, American Film Watch the entire film at http://www.folkstreams.net/film,43
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Sadobabies: Runaways in San Francisco
A 1988 8mm video documentary about the street children of San Francisco. The video documents the expressive traditions of a group of young runaways who formed an alternative family in an abandoned high school building near Golden Gate Park. Shot in an urban setting with a "one-person crew," Sadobabies demonstrates small-format, low-budget production.
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Chiyoe Kubota Japanese Temari Ball Maker
Japanese Traditional Temari Ball Maker living in Logan, Utah.
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Possum Trot: The Life and Work of Calvin Black, 1903-1972
DVD available from the filmmaker Allie Light at www.lightsaraffilms.com. Read more... Calvin Black was a folk artist who lived in California's Mojave Desert and created more than 80 life-size female dolls, each with its own personality, function, and costume. Possum Trot is part of the "Visions of Paradise" series on contemporary folk artists directed and produced by Irving Saraf and Allie Light. The other four films in the series are: Angel That Stands By Me: the Paintings of Minnie Evans, Hundred and Two Mature: The Art of Harry Lieberman, Grandma's Bottle Village: The Art of Tressa Prisbrey, and The Monument of Chief Rolling Mountain Thunder. You can find information about them at www.lightsaraffilms.com.
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Language Your Cry In Trailer
The Language You Cry In tells an amazing scholarly detective story reaching across hundreds of years and thousands of miles, from 18th century Sierra Leone to the Gullah people of present-day Georgia. It shows how African Americans have retained powerful links to their African past despite the horrors of the Middle Passage and the long years of slavery and segregation. The film dramatically demonstrates the contribution of contemporary scholarship to restoring what narrator Vertamae Grosvenor calls the "non-history" imposed on African Americans: "This is a story of memory, how the memory of a family was pieced together through a song with the powers to connect those who sing it with their roots, their silent history."
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Land Where the Bues Began
In the late 1970s Alan Lomax traveled to Mississippi with filmmaker John Bishop and folklorist Worth Long and made this film about the African American music he found there.
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Medicine Fiddle
Fiddlers and dancers from Native and Metis families of the northern United States and Canada carry on the musical tradtions passed down from early settlers. The film weaves tunes, dance, and oral history together to reveal an older and broader vision of America.
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Blues Houseparty
"Producer Eleanor Ellis offers Piedmont blues fans a rare front-row seat to a private house party that is as down home and authentic as they come on this 57-minute DVD Blues Houseparty. Filmed in 1989 at the late John Jackson's home in Fairfax Station, Virginia, Blues Houseparty includes performances by Jackson and his son James, John Cephas and Phil Wiggins, Archie Edwards, Cora Jackson, Flora Molton and Larry Wise, John Dee Holeman, and Quentin "Fris" Holloway. Between songs, performers talk about the history of country breakdowns, demonstrate traditional dances and swap hilarious stories. The atmosphere is natural and relaxed. The audio and video quality are good. One small criticism: Performers could have been identified earlier in the film. But that's a small price to pay for admission to this rip-roarin' good time." ---Review by Dick Spottswood Watch the entire film on Folkstreams http://www.folkstreams.net/film,234 for a DVD contact eleanordellis(at)yahoo.com
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Uncle Dave Macon trailer
This video is about Uncle Dave Macon trailer
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I Ain't Lying: Mississippi Folktales
1975 documentary based on fieldwork William Ferris conducted with African American storytellers and bluesmen in the communities of Leland and Rose Hill, Mississippi. The stories include include folk and religious tales, jokes, toast telling sessions, and characters from African American oral tradition. Other films about Mississippi by Bill Ferris are on www.folkstreams.net.
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Hamper McBee: Raw Mash
A candid portrait of the late Tennesse ballad singer, story-teller, and part-time moonshiner Hamper McBee. A 1978 video from the Southbound series by Blaine Dunlap and Sol Korine. This film represents a very early and innovative use of the portable video equipment that was just coming online at this time. Watch the entire film on Folkstreams http://www.folkstreams.net/film,236
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Gravel Springs Fife and Drum
Othar Turner, a fife-maker and musician, owns his farm in the Gravel Springs community in northwest Mississippi. The rhythmical music he and his friends play is called "fife and drum." A 1971 film by Bill Ferris, Judy Peiser, and David Evans from the Center for Southern Folklore. Watch the entire film on Folkstreams http://www.folkstreams.net/film,59
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Deep Ellum Blues
This film is one of three short films in the Living Texas Blues series which explores the 1920's and 1930's night life in Dallas through the music of Bill Neely. For more information, see Alan Govenar, Meeting the Blues: The Rise of the Texas Sound (Da Capo, 1995) and Alan Govenar, The Early Years of Rhythm and Blues (Schiffer Publishing, 2004). Watch the entire film on Folkstreams http://www.folkstreams.net/film,159
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Ben's Mill Trailer
The Thresher Mill is the lone survivor among numerous small mills that once drew water power from the Stevens River and its tributaries in the self-sufficient community of Barnet, Vermont, in the 19th century. It continues to operate by water powered turbine on the south bank of the Stevens River as it falls to the Connecticut River in this northeastern Vermont town. It is architecturally significant as a working industrial component of the elaborate agricultural network carried over from the economic and social world of the Barnet Center Scotch settler/farmers of the 19th and early 20th centuries when subsistence farming, village life, and small local mils were indissolubly linked. This trailer is from the hour long, 1970s PBS documentary film "Ben's Mill" distributed by Documentary Educational Resources (www.der.org). Watch on Folkstreams http://www.folkstreams.net/film,187
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Anything I Catch:The Handfishing Story
See entire film at http://www.folkstreams.net/film,186. In 1990, Louisiana filmmaker, Pat Mire, teamed up with veteran filmmaker and cinematographer, Charles Bush, to capture the natural drama of handfishing in this award-winning documentary. Highly visual, the film examines the thrilling regional phenomenon of Cajuns who wade in murky bayou waters to catch huge catfish and turtles by reaching into hollow logs and stumps with their bare hands. (1990, 30 mins. Color). The film is available on dvd from http://www.patmire.com/films.htm
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Ray Lum: Mule Trader
Ray Lum (1891--1977) was a mule skinner, a livestock trader, an auctioneer, and an American original.
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Angel That Stands By Me: Minnie Evans Paintings
A portrait of the African-American visionary artist Minnie Evans from Wilmington, N.C., by Academy Award winning filmmakers Irving Saraf and Allie Light. Watch the entire film on Folkstreams http://www.folkstreams.net/film,71
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Lige: Portrait of a Rawhide Braider
Henry Elijah "Lige" Langston was born in 1908 in the Great Basin outback on a homestead. He worked his entire life as a wrangler and rawhide braider in the region known as the Sagebrush Corner of northeastern California and northwestern Nevada.
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Basketmaker: Elizabeth Proper
Elizabeth Proper lived all of her life in the Taconic Hills of eastern New York State. She harvested her own white oak to make her baskets. She was in her 'forties when I filmed her in 1972 and had a six-year-old daughter. There had been a community of basket makers in the region, but she was the only one left. She could still be living. -- Jack Olfield Watch the entire film on Folkstreams http://www.folkstreams.net/film,253
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The Last Shovelmaker TRAILER
Harvey Ward, age 87, carves beautiful grained shovels with a double edged axe.
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John McCreary World War II Stories 2
Second part of two part series. Original materials for this project are at the Veterans Oral History Project in the Library of Congress.
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