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How to Edit Website Content with DIVI Page Builder in Wordpress
A simple guide on how to make basic text changes to your website using the DIVI page builder in WordPress. The DIVI Page builder is a powerful tool with great flexibility but it can take a minute to understand what you are looking at and navigate the various options.
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How to Make a New Page Using WordPress and the DIVI Theme
A basic guide to creating a new page to your WordPress website using the DIVI Page Builder in the DIVI Theme.
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How to add an event to The Events Calendar plugin in WordPress
A guide to the basics for adding and editing events using the free WordPress plugin THE EVENTS CALENDAR (https://theeventscalendar.com/)
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Cleaning your bathroom with Our Eco Home products
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How to display Blog Categories with DIVI Page Builder on WordPress
A simple guide on a way that you can display blog categories on your WordPress website using the DIVI Theme and its Page Builder. The video also covers how to add new blog posts to display in different categories.
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How to Add Testimonials to your WordPress Website using DIVI Page Builder
Two ways you can display Testimonials on your website using DIVI Theme Builder in WordPress. One is a testimonial slider and the other is using the the Testimonial Module.
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How to Add a New Toggle Module to Your DIVI Theme  WordPress Website
The toggle module in the DIVI Theme is a great, elegant module for displaying content. This video explains how to add a toggle module to your WordPress website.
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How to Password Protect a Folder using Cpanel
A quick guide on directory/folder privacy inside Cpanel
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How to Edit toggle modules using the DIVI Theme Page Builder in WordPress
This is a handy guide for users of a website where the toggle modules are used and the use wants to know how to make changes to them.
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How to Add Images to the DIVI Page Builder Image Gallery
A simple guide on how to add images to your image gallery in WordPress running the DIVI Theme. The gallery module is already installed in this example.
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How to change the DIVI Theme logo
A simple guide on how to remove the divi logo and replace with your own
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How to Edit an Opening Hours Calendar on your WordPress Website
This example uses the Spiffy Calendar plugin for WordPress and is being used to display what days and hours a shop is open. This video shows you how to manage the individual events.
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How to Edit the Phone Number on a WordPress Website using the DIVI Theme
Should be simple right? The phone number is hidden away a bit and in the video we will show you how to find it. This example is using the DIVI theme in WordPress.
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Furniture Oil - Our Eco Home
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How to Edit the Footer Credits in the DIVI Theme
Do you want to change the WordPress and Elegant Themes credits in the footer? The DIVI theme calls this area the bottom bar and in this video you can see where to change it.
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How to add a Featured Image to your Blog posts with WordPress
A simple guide on where to find the functionality to add a feature image to your blog posts when using the DIVI theme.
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Cleaning your shower with Our Eco Home products
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How to hide items from WordPress Dashboard (Admin Area)
It's simpler than you think! Here's how to tidy up unnecessary items from the WordPress dashboard.
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Cleaning your kitchen with Our Eco Home products
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How to update the DIVI Theme
Where to go in your WordPress back end to update the DIVI theme.
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Cleaning your toilet with Our Eco Home products
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Cleaning your floors with Our Eco Home floor cleaner
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TCC English 6 min
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Green Street Cafe - Samford Village
Some basic footage from the first Green Street Cafe. It was run in Samford Village. Visit www.GreenStreet.net.au for more info.
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Oncology Massage Training (OMT) needs Donations
Oncology Massage Training (OMT) prepares you to work with the growing number of Australians experiencing cancer. Massage does not spread cancer and OMT explains the science of cancer and cancer treatments as well as developing your skills in oncology massage
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An introduction to Our Eco Home
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How to Create an Email Account Forwarder in Cpanel
A simple guide to creating a new email account alias using your websites Cpanel.
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How to Add a New Page to Your WordPress Main Navigation Menu
A quick guide on how to add a new page you have just created to your main navigation menu on your WordPress website.
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OurEcoHome Introduction
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Toby Hucheon - Qld Conservation Council (Testimonail for NACC Sustainability)
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Peter Booth (Testimonial for NACC Sustainability)
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Micah Projects (Testimonial for NACC Sustainability)
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How to Add a New Email Account Using CPanel
This video provides a simple guide to adding a new email account using your CPanel
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