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DSI Underground HI-TEN Strand Cable Bolt
Our DSI HI-TEN Strand Bolt is a cable designed to be installed as a long rock bolt which is capable of being post-tensioned at the face, or out-bye, to loads of up to 25 tonne using the DSI Tensioner Unit. For further information on this product visit: https://www.dsiunderground.com.au/products/rock-bolts/cable-bolts-235mm/hi-ten-strand/
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DSI Underground Double Corrosion Protection Bolt-Steel Grout Bell
Our DCS Bolt is designed to be used with cementitious grouts and is provided with an expansion shell for preloading, thus allowing for tunnel or mine heading to advance without immediate grouting. For further information on this product visit: https://www.dsiunderground.com.au/products/rock-bolts/solid-bar/double-corrosion-protection-bolt-steel-grout-bell/
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DSI Underground POSIMIX Resin Bolt
We designed the DSI "posimix" bolting system to assist you in the installation of rock bolts with chemical anchors in larger diameter holes (31-33mm) by providing:- substantially enhanced mixing of the chemical anchors,- increased load transfer capabilities,- the ability to be installed with a face jumbo as well as hand held machines. For further information on this product visit: https://www.dsiunderground.com.au/products/rock-bolts/solid-bar/posimix-resin-bolt-system/
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DSI Underground Mining 2012
As a globally leading producer and supplier of rock bolts and chemicals for Mining, we provide you with reliable solutions for more safety and efficiency. We offer you individual customized solutions that are a perfect match for your respective application area. We develop and produce ground support products that enhance safety during shaft sinking, the excavation of new horizontal drifts or the rehabilitation of shafts in mining. The installation of our high quality rock bolts and the use of our chemicals in Mining increase productivity, reduce costs and protect human lives. For further information visit: https://www.dsiunderground.com/home.html
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DSI Underground Chemical Anchor Bolt with Forged Head
Our chemical anchor bolt centralises the bolt in the hole, allowing an even distribution of the chemical anchor around the bolt. It also acts as an Archimedes screw pump, forcing the chemical towards the back of the hole, assisting in mixing whilst consolidating the anchor for improved load transfer properties. For further information on this product visit: https://www.dsiunderground.com.au/products/grouting/resin-anchors/
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DSI Underground OneStep Bolt
OneStep is a self-drilling mining bolt which combines the drill head, drill steel, bolt and adhesive resin in a single unit. It offers a unique value proposition since drilling the hole, retracting the drill steel, resin capsule insertion, bolt insertion and setting of the bolt can be done in one single step. Main advantages are faster installation time, better installation quality and improved safety. For more information on this product visit: https://www.dsiunderground.com.au/
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DSI Australia – A strong partner for underground solutions
With strong technical expertise and in alignment with our customers‘ core values, we strive to deliver highest quality ground control solutions. As single supply source of all primary and secondary support systems, DSI stands for safe working environments, technical expertise as well as the best understanding for our costumers and their demands. We deliver the ground support systems you need, while constantly ensuring to create value to your business. For further information visit: https://www.dsiunderground.com.au(
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DSI Underground OMEGA-BOLT®
The main application of the OMEGA-BOLT® Expandable Friction Bolt is temporary rock reinforcement in Mining and Tunneling. Bonding forces between the friction bolt and the rock mass are caused by form closure and friction transfer between the borehole wall and the rock bolt which is expanded by hydraulic pressure. The DSI OMEGA-BOLT® is an expandable rock bolt with excellent elongation properties designed to accommodate ground movement. The OMEGA-BOLT® is a folded steel tube with welded bushings on each end. For more information on this product visit: https://www.dsiunderground.com.au/products/rock-bolts/friction-bolts/omega-bolt/
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DSI Underground Kinloc Bolt
Our Kinloc Bolt is a single pass 30t friction bolt with a mechanically engaged point anchoring system. Visit our website for more information on this product: https://www.dsiunderground.com.au/products/rock-bolts/friction-bolts/kinloc-bolt/
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DSI Underground Tunneling 2012
DSI Underground ist ein führender Systemlieferant hochwertiger Tunnelausbausysteme. Dank der hohen Qualität unserer Produkte und Systeme sowie unseres zuverlässigen Kundendienstes genießen wir einen exzellenten Ruf. Als Innovationsführer bieten wir Ihnen seit Jahrzehnten eine umfassende Produktpalette an technisch ausgereiften Lösungen. Wir treiben technische Neuentwicklungen und Forschungsvorhaben aktiv voran. Besuchen Sie unsere Website für weitere Informationen: https://www.dsiunderground.at/home.html „DSI Underground is a leading system supplier of high quality Tunneling systems. Thanks to the high quality of our products and systems and to our reliable customer service, we enjoy an excellent reputation. As innovation leaders, we have been offering you a comprehensive product range of technically sophisticated solutions for decades. We actively promote technical developments and research projects. For further information visit: www.dsiunderground.at
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DSI Mining Solutions – Product Animations
DYWIDAG-Systems International Pty. Ltd. (DSI) is Australia’s largest manufacturer & supplier of specialist strata reinforcement & support products to the underground coal & metalliferous mining sectors. We have the most extensive product range available on the market. This allows you as our customers to source most of your strata product requirements through one supplier. We also assist with your stock management to ensure product availability and minimize inventory costs. We offer you excellent customer service in addition to the largest and most complete product range for securing mines. For information on our products visit: https://www.dsiunderground.com.au/
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DSI Underground EZ Overcast
The DSI EZ Overcast provides a time tested, versatile, ventilation component for integration into any mining ventilation appliance needs. Overcast deck and wall structures are constructed of rolled wide flange beams in combination of both width and height dimensions that will suite nearly any mining condition. For further Information on this product visit: https://www.dsiunderground.com/products/mining/lattice-girders-steel-arches-props/mastercast-and-traditional-overcasts.html
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DSI Underground Friction Bolt
Our DSI Friction Bolt is manufactured from high strength steel tube which has a slot along its entire length. A ring, or collar, is welded on the outer end to hold a domed plate to the rock surface. For further information on this product visit: https://www.dsiunderground.com.au/products/rock-bolts/friction-bolts/friction-bolt-33mm/
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DSI Underground MESHXpress Plate
Our DSI MESHXpress plate is designed to secure steel mesh to preinstalled bolts. You can install the plate with jumbo rigs due to its self centering feature, reducing the need for a perfect alignment of the bolt. For further information on this product visit: https://www.dsiunderground.com.au/products/surface-support/plates/meshxpress-plate/
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