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The best Irish Pub - Brey Ireland
Brey, Ireland
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Edit SEO Page Data
Here's how you edit your SEO page data in Yoast. This information is what search engines use to display information about your website when users find you in search. What is a page slug: https://yoast.com/slug/
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Orders and Shipstation
This is an overview of orders on WooCommerce in addition to how they transfer to ShipStation for processing for FBA fulfillment. Please NOTE: Shipstation is a 3rd party product that we do not support, however as a customer of ShipStation the company does have a support center to help you with configurations and training.
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How To Edit Photos Online with Photopea
This demo shows how to crop your image into a circle using the online photo editor, Photopea (https://www.photopea.com).
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Some Like It Hot - After Effects | Title Sequence
Special Thanks to Bob and Nick for their efforts in the development of this project!
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How to Edit/Add Products
This video shows you how to edit/add/remove products, prices, images, and descriptions in WooCommerce.
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Tori Amos - Blasphemed by Birdie
So...enjoy that.
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How to edit your site content in the Divi back end builder.
This video shows how to edit your web pages using Divi's back end builder tools within your WordPress website. HI CARRIE! 1. To change the text on the newsletter form... 2. Go to Pages 3. Hover on the page you want to edit and you'll see some more options. 4. Edit the page. 5. This page is your back end builder. 4. To edit content, click on the 3 bars. 5. This is how you can edit all of your page content on a more intricate level. 6. Don't forget to save the module changes. 7. More importantly... 8. Don't forget to save the page! 9. To view the page, simply click view page at the top. 10 To go back to the editor... 11. Edit page from the top.
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Gold Confetti Test
Gold Confetti for Background Animation
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Driving in ireland
The little ride we drive up and down on to our hotel
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WooCommerce Email Customization
This tutorial covers where the basic WooCommerce email customization settings are.
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Ice Cream and a Lulluby
Ice cream truck chooses hilariously awkward song to play while driving around town looking for children.
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Happy Birthday JP!
Wth Mark...
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Add / Edit / Delete Events
This quick video shows where to find your events.
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Edit Page Content
This tutorial shows how you can edit your page content within your website.
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Email Subscriber Lists
Here's how you find the list(s) and the emails you captured based on how they signed up for that list.
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Phyllis Productions & Designs
LA Fashion Week 2017
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Add New Documents to Media Library and Update Buttons with URL
This tutorial will show you how to add a new document to your media library so you can apply it to a button. This is useful when attaching forms to buttons for users to fill out.
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Edit Widgets and Footer Menus
This tutorial shows you how to edit your footer widgets and helps tie together how the content is being generated.
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WordPress System Defaults
This is where you can find your WordPress default Settings.
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How to Edit Your Footer Widgets
This tutorial shows how to locate the footer widgets to update the content within them.
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Celebrero Hat
Check out the new CELEBRERO. Arm your Chips!
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Revolution Slider Slides - How to Find Them
Here's how you locate and edit your slides. NOTE: Your slides are responsive and before making any drastic changes you will want to be as familiar as possible with how Revolution Slider works.
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Destroyed Hot Rod - Car Full of Dudes
This incident was filmed on our personal security cameras on September 5th at 1:02am
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Updating Blog Posts, Excerpts, and Featured Images
This video shows you how to update your featured image, except content (the text that shows on the blog post preview), and general post content.
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How to Backup and Import a Backup on Your Website
This tutorial shows how to do your site backups. I recommend you take a backup of your website AT LEAST once a month.
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How to Save Elements for Reuse
This tutorial shows how to save your elements to the library so you can reuse them within the website without having to rebuild them every time!
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How to add/remove Navigation Items
This video shows how to manage your primary and mobile navigation menus.
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Manage Contact Page Contact Form Entries
This tutorial shows what happens to a contact form once it's submitted by the contact page.
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How To Edit Site Content Easily
Edit site content using Divi Visual Builder
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How to update your plugins and themes
This tutorial shows how to keep your plugins and themes up to date so you have the latest and greatest in regards to system security and performance updates.
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How to Edit Contact Forms in WordPress
This video shows how to edit the contact form and "to" information for where the form is delivered. Please NOTE: Your forms are built with custom functionality based on your request. Do not delete or remove fields from custom contact forms as it may cause undesired results.
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Confetti Background
Useful for confetti type backgrounds for programs like Revolution Slider
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Particles Waterfall 4K
Waterfall particles for background videos. Useful for programs like Revolution Slider
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Clean White Background FHD
Useful background for programs like Revolution Slider
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How to Create a New Article
This tutorial shows how to create a new blog/article post for Gen7 within the DIVI builder.
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Gold Balloons for background
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