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Daura Damm Beer
Daura is the gluten-free beer from Damm. This beer lager is from Spain.
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Floreffe Blonde -  Brasserie Lefèbvre
Floreffe blond beer from the brewery Lefèbvre from Belgium. This is an Abbey style beer.
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TAP  6 Aventinus - Schneider Weisse
TAP 6 Aventinus from the brewery G. Schneider & Sohn. This beer is from Germany and it's a weizenbock style beer.
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India Pale Lager - Mad & Noisy
India Pale Lager beer from the brewery Creemore Springs LTD. This is a Canadian beer.
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St-Barnabé - Le Naufrageur (Stout)
A Irish style stout named St-Barnabé from the brewery Le Naufrageur in Quebec, Canada. Odour of roasting, chocolate, little bitterness and a creamy texture.
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Belgian Kriek - Brasserie Lefebvre
Belgian Kriek beer from the brewery Lefebvre in Belgium. This is a cheery flavour beer. White and fruity.
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Weisse - Hacker Pschorr (Hefeweizen)
German weisse beer (Hefeweizen) made by the Hacker-Pschorr brewery. Scent: caramel, bananas, dates. Look: Yellow/Brown Taste: Wheat, banana, bread Body: Smooth
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Floreffe Tripel  - Brasserie Lefèbvre
Tripel style abbey beer form belgium. Brewed by Brasserie Lefèbvre. Belgian quality beer direct in your mouth.
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Blanche du Paradis - Dieu du Ciel (Witbier)
Belgian-Style Witbier (Wheat beer) from Quebec in Canada. Named Blanche du Paradis (English: White of Paradise). Citrusy notes, very light bitterness and a small foam.
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Malédiction - Saint-Bock (Milk Stout)
A great milk stout from Quebec by the brewery Saint-Bock. Try it with a marshmallow, fun on your taste buds guaranteed.
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Death Valley  - Brasseurs RJ
French-Canadian beer from the brewery "Brasseurs RJ". This is an IPA named "Death Valley.
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Titanic - Brasseurs RJ
This is a beer named "Titanic" brewed by the "Brasseurs RJ" brewery.
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Snoreau - Brasseurs RJ (Winter Ale)
This is a Winter Ale from the brewery Brasseurs RJ in Quebec, Canada.
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Ruby Red Ale - St Peter's
St Peter's brewery form England (United Kingdom). This a English Bitter style beer. Smell: Malt, smoke, burn Look: Brown whit a little bit of red tint Mouthfeel: Dry Taste: Have a smoke/burn finish.
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Oak Aged Beer - Innis & Gunn (Scottish Ale)
Oak aged beer (Scottish Ale) brewed by the brewery Innis & Gunn from Scotland.
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Smell: Juicy Look: Red flashy color Mouthfeel: Light and thin Taste: Very very sour, no bitterness, raspberry and cassis flavours Brewed by a cooperative of brewers in Baie-Comeau (Canada).
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Schofferhofer -  Hefeweizen
Hefeweizen beer from the brewery Binding-Brauerei in Germany. This is a good wheat German beer.
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Mad & Noisy - Lagered Ale
This is the Mad & Noisy Lagered Ale from Creemore Springs Brewery Limited. This is a Kölsch style beer from Canada.
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Le Funk et la Furie - Avant-Garde (Wild Ale)
A beer made with wild yeast, not very sour, but pleasant to drink. From Quebec in Canada brewed by Avant-Garde. Funky dunky beer and video.
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Milkshake Stout - Vox Populi
Smell: Roast Look: Black, dense Mouthfeel: Taste: Vanilla, chocolate, sweet milk, roast Nice stout from the brewery Vox Populi in Montreal, quebec.
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Péché Mortel  - Dieu du Ciel (Imperial Stout)
Black stout like death. Péché Mortel is a imperial stout beer form Quebec, Canada. Renown to be one of the best French-Canadian beer brewed by Dieu du Ciel.
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