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Risk Management - Internal Audit
A risk based internal audit can be classified as a consequence based internal audit. The key role of an internal audit is to make sure that the treatment or plans that are in place are effective.
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The difference between Risk Management and Crisis Management
Rod explains difference between Risk Management and Crisis Management. Outlining the importance of early preparation to avoid greater costs in the future.
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Risk Governance - Risk Management
Risk Governance in Risk Management that means ultimately, the inputs of risk, particularly at the operational level are going to inform risk decisions or decisions made at the higher levels.
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What is a risk?
I'm going to discuss one of the most fundamental parts of risk management; "what is a risk?"
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Blame Culture in Organisations
In this session I want to talk a little bit about a blame culture. Now, you might have been in an organisation where their organisation itself is very, very quick to blame an individual or a group when something happens or something goes wrong. This particular way of dealing with an incident, is actually very counterproductive.
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Building Risk Management Culture
What is a risk culture and how do you build it into your organisation?
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Strategic vs Operational Risk Management
I’m going to talk about the difference between strategic and operational risk, which is an area that I’m often asked the difference between the two.
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Risk Management - Types of Risk
This video talks about the fundamental parts of risk and risk management including the different types of risk.
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Identification of Risks
Excerpt from the Diploma of Risk Management distance education course
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Demystifying Risk Management
Here is a short video on demystifying risk management. First step is to ask yourself what can go wrong?
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Stakeholders in Risk Management
In this session I talk specifically about stakeholder management and not only the stakeholder management through the process as we've talked a little bit about or communication throughout the process but also communication as a risk mitigation strategy and one of the greatest tools that you have to reduce conflict in your organisation.
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Communication in Risk Management
In this session I talk about communication as a risk mitigation strategy or control in order to avoid many of the risk and the incidents that organisations face.
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Risk Management - Cost-Benifit Analysis of Risk Treatments
In this session I want to talk about the cost-benefit analysis for risk treatments. When we have a risk and it is determined that it exceeds our risk appetite and therefore we need to do something about it, we then need to look at treatments
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What makes a good Risk Manager?
What are the attributes of a good risk manager? Rod talks about how stakeholder management, engagement and relationship management can be the most important elements.
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Risk Management - Responsibility, Accountability & Authority
In this session I’m going to talk about responsibility, accountability and authority in a risk management framework. One of the things that I think we need to recognise right from the get go is that risk owners are responsible for the overall management and coordination of the organisations response to that risk.
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Risk Management vs. Crisis Management
This video looks at the difference between risk management and crisis management. While crisis management may be a lot more fun to deal with than risk management It is better for the organisation if the crisis doesn't happen in the first place.
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Risk Management - Using a risk breakdown structure
How we use a risk breakdown structure to assist us to identify risks within our organisation.
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Ownership in Risk Management
Rod discusses risk ownership and the different elements of ownership across the organisation as it relates to risk.
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Integrating Risk Management into Strategic and Business Planning
Excerpt from the Diploma of Risk Management distance education course
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Risk Management Tips 1: Welcome
Rod Farrar, Director of Paladin Risk Management Services gives a rundown of what's coming up in this series of short videos on risk management.
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The Ultimate Goal of Risk Management
The ultimate reason we manage risk is not to be compliant with the legislation or a regulation, and it's not to make sure that we can cover ourselves. Obviously, those things are important, but the ultimate goal of risk management will be addressed in this video.
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Funding Risk Management
One of the challenges that many organisations have is the funding and budget of risk management. Rod explains the balance between budgeting for risk and actually being able to fund it.
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Implementing a Risk Management Framework
You're organisation may not have a risk management framework at all, or it might have one that needs significant work. The thing that you need to understand about the implementation of a risk management framework is that it is exactly the same as implementing any other type of change.
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The importance of current controls in Risk Management
We need to identify our controls and look at the effectiveness of those controls. There is a direct correlation between the effectiveness of your control environment and the likelihood and/or consequence of your risk.
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Risk Management - Post event analysis
How often in your organisation has the same thing happened over and over again? In this next video Rod talks about the importance of post event analysis after an event occurs.
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Measuring Risk Management Outcomes
In this session I want to talk about the thing that a lot of risk management people struggle with and that is the measurement of Risk Management outcomes. How can we actually say and prove to an organisation that what we are doing within the risk management field is actually making a difference and value adding to the organisation.
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The Risk Management Paradox
If everything is going well, no one is lining up to pat the risk manager on the back, but when things go wrong, people are lining up to tell you. Rod explains how risk managers can make themselves relevant and ensure that what you are doing is adding value to the organisation.
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Risk Management Likelihood Criteria
I am going to talk about likelihood criteria. I've seen the full gamut, from people using percentages. 90 to 99% is almost certain. I’ve seen organisations use instances per year and I’ve also seen instances per transactions. But what happens when for part of the organisation one likelihood criteria is appropriate but for the other part of the organisation another criteria is appropriate?
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Identification of causes for events - Risk Management
Today I want to talk about is an area of great passion for me and that is the identification of causes for events, for risks within your organisation.
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Business Continuity and Critical Business Activities
In this session I'm going to talk about business continuity management and in particular how do we actually identify whether something that we do in our organisation is a critical business activity.
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