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Episode 1: Investor på en dag - Signe Wenneberg - Saxo Bank
Signe opbygger en bæredygtig portefølje. Selvom Signe ikke har erfaring med investering, er der alligevel nogle ligheder mellem hendes eget liv, og hvordan man opbygger en portefølje med god spredning. Signe er også overrasket over, hvor nemt det faktisk er at finde bæredygtige investeringer, som hun kan stå inde for. Se mere: https://www.home.saxo/da-dk/campaigns/saxoinvestor-influencer
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Trading Fears - TradeMentor - Chapter 11
In this essential video, Tom Hougaard explores the most common trading fears and outlines the four steps to becoming a winning Forex trader.
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Episode 3: Investor på en dag - Signe Wenneberg - Saxo Bank
Porteføljen præsenteres for eksperterne. Eksperterne tager godt imod Signes portefølje og giver gode råd til, hvordan man kommer godt fra start som ny investor. Samtidig opdager Signe, at én af hendes investeringer har klaret sig bedre end forventet, og endeligt har Signe en opfordring til andre, der overvejer at komme i gang. https://www.home.saxo/da-dk/campaigns/saxoinvestor-influencer
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Michael Rogers on opportunities
By Saxo Bank, proud sponsor of opportunities
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Episode 3: Investor på en dag - Anders Breinholt
Porteføljen præsenteres for eksperterne. Eksperterne kigger nærmere på Anders’ portefølje, der indeholder en del amerikanske aktier med fokus på el-biler og teknologi. Eksperterne forklarer, hvorfor det kan være fornuftigt at sprede sine investeringer, og så får Anders gode råd til, hvordan han skal investere den resterende del af porteføljen.
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This is what I am: A look at Peter Sagan.
Discover another side of cyclist Peter Sagan. Saxo Bank took a closer look at who The Man is: the rider, the daredevil, the serious athlete who seizes opportunities.
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Outrageous Predictions 2019: X-class solar flare creates chaos and inflicts $2 trillion of damage by
As reliant as we are on modern communications technology, this pales in comparison to our reliance on the sun. When it misbehaves, the consequences are severe indeed.
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Principles of Price Behaviour - TradeMentor - Chapter 6
In this chapter, Tom Hougaard outlines what price trends are and how to apply these patterns in your Forex or stock trading strategies, whether you are an active trader or long term investor.
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Trading Psychology - TradeMentor - Chapter 10
What are the ingredients for being a successful online Forex trader? Professional trader Tom Hougaard discusses the importance of managing your money and handling risk when trading FX.
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Fundamentals of Technical Analysis - TradeMentor - Chapter 4
The basics of technical analysis are explained by trader Tom Hougaard, including price action, volume and the various kinds of trends to watch for when trading Forex and Stocks.
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Candle Stick Charts - TradeMentor - Chapter 5
Tom Hougaard introduces Candle Stick charts and teaches you how to interpret Candle chart patterns in order to place more profitable trades in Forex, CFDs and Stocks.
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Lars Seier Christensen om iværksætterkonkurrencen guldæg.dk
Stifter og administrerende direktør i Saxo Bank Lars Seier Christensen der sidder i juryen for iværksætterkonkurrencen på guldæg.dk, fortæller om hvor let det er at glemme, at man selv har været iværksætter, når man har været i gang i tyve år, som ham og Kim Fournais har I Saxo Bank.
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Outrageous Predictions 2019: Australian central bank launches QE on housing bust Down Under
Binge no more – 2019 sees the "Australian Dream" implode in spectacular fashion afters decades of galloping house price inflation. https://www.home.saxo/insights/content-hub/articles/2018/12/04/op-2019-australian-central-bank-launches-qe-on-housing-bust-down-under
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Episode 1: Investor på en dag - Anders Breinholt
El-biler og fremtidens teknologi med Anders Breinholt. Følg Anders, når han sammensætter en investeringsportefølje af aktier på baggrund af hans interesse for el-biler og fremtidens teknologi.
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Episode 2: Investor på en dag - Signe Wenneberg - Saxo Bank
Bæredygtige investeringer med Signe Wenneberg. Følg Signe, når hun køber sin første aktie og sammensætter en portefølje af bæredygtige og ansvarlige investeringer. https://www.home.saxo/da-dk/campaigns/saxoinvestor-influencer
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Episode 2: Investor på en dag - Anders Breinholt
Anders opbygger sin portefølje. Ellinor udfordrer Anders til en runde gokart, før han skal opbygge sin investeringsportefølje. Selvom Anders ikke har erfaring med investering, har han alligevel nogle gode idéer til, hvad han skal investere i, og så opdager Anders nogle ligheder mellem motorsport og investering.
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About Saxo Bank
Saxo Bank is an online multi-asset trading and investment specialist, offering private investors and institutional clients a complete set of tools for their trading and investment strategies. Its financial community portal, TradingFloor.com, is the first multi-asset social trading platform. A fully licensed and regulated European bank, Saxo Bank enables clients to trade FX, CFDs, ETFs, Stocks, Futures, Options and other derivatives on our newly launched SaxoTraderGO platform, accessible on PCs, tablets or smartphones through a single account and available in more than 20 languages. The platform is white-labelled by more than 100 major financial institutions worldwide. Saxo Bank also offers professional portfolio and fund management as well as traditional banking services through Saxo Privatbank. Founded in 1992, Saxo Bank is headquartered in Copenhagen and has offices in 26 countries throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, Africa and Australia. Find out more: http://www.saxobank.com/about/
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Inside Saxo - Institutional Sales Manager
This week we talk with Ahmad Abouardini, and learn more about what an Institutional Sales Manager does.
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SaxoBank presents SaxoTraderGO
SaxoTraderGO is our award-winning trading platform that puts you in charge, whether you are a long-term investor or actively trading global markets. With SaxoTraderGO, you have access to over 30,000 tradable instruments as well as a wide range of risk management tools and features that allow you to execute trades quickly and intuitively from any PC, tablet or smartphone. Try a free demo for 20 days! https://www.home.saxo/campaigns/global-campaign/change2/platform?cmpid=social_organic_youtube_change
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Team Tinkoff-Saxo climbed Kilimanjaro
Watch the video of an epic team challenge. Team Tinkoff-Saxo climbed the world's highest free-standing mountain #Kilimanjaro, reaching the summit in just 5 days. Saxo Bank sent along a camera crew to give you an exclusive glimpse into the challenge.
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SaxoTrader Quick Start 5: Using Charts
An overview of how to open and use interactive charts in the SaxoTrader trading platform, modify chart settings and add technical indicators for trading Forex, stocks and other assets.Transcript:Using ChartsWelcome to the introduction video for our trading platform. These episodes will introduce you to the trading platform providing an explanation of all its features.The trading platform features advanced charting functionality such as advanced technical analysis, multiple chart types as well as numerous other tools.In this episode we will be looking into Charts and how you can:Open a chartInteract with the Chart ModuleModify the chart SettingsAdd and remove technical indicators1 Opening a ChartThe chart module can either be invoked by adding it from the Tools menu, or you can right click an instrument and select Charts.2 Overview of the Chart ModuleThe chart module is highly interactive.The navigation basics include panning and scaling.To pan the chart click anywhere in the chart area, hold and drag it horizontally.To scale the chart click and drag either the horizontal axis [pause] or the vertical axis.You can change the charted instrument by selecting a new one in the instrument field.To change the timeframe of the chart simply use the timeframe drop down.The type dropdown allows you to change between the different chart types.The curser tool is a selection tool.The crosshair button and drop down menu contain the measuring tools.Use the magnifying glass to zoom to a specific area, and the restore button to restore the chart view after zooming or dragging.The technical indicators drop down menu contains a multitude of technical indicators to be applied to the chart -- This functionality will be explained in more detail later.The drawing tools drop down menu contains the tools that allow you to add custom elements to the chart area.Use the remove selected or all annotation buttons to delete individual or all custom added elements on the chart.The view/hide trades and related orders buttons will display trades and related orders on the respective instrument graphically on the chart.3 Chart SettingsTo customize the chart to match your personal preferences edit the settings of the current chart by right clicking and selecting any of the options from the Settings section -- but note that this only applies to the current chart.To change the default settings for all charts select the 'Default Settings' option.Here you will be able to customize the chart in great detail.Please note that these settings are only applied to all new charts opened after the settings are applied.4 Add/remove technical indicatorsTo add a technical indicator to the chart, simply open the technical indicator drop down menu and select one from the list.You can edit the details for the selected indicator. Select OK to add it.You should now be able to see the indicator in the chart area.Notice the name for the recently added indicator showing up in the upper left corner.You can click the indicator name to edit the properties.Or select the Delete option to remove it from the chart.You can create custom lists of your favorite indicators, and add them to the chart with one click, by using the 'Studies Group' function.Click 'Customize Toolbar' and click the 'Studies Group' button.Here you can add any technical indicator to the list and customize their properties.A new icon representing your grouped studies now appears in the toolbar. Try turning it on and off.This concludes this session. (Exit text)
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Momentum and Oscillators - TradeMentor - Chapter 7
Tom Hougaard teaches the basics of momentum indicators and shows practical examples of how he uses these tools in his own Forex trading.
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Fundamental Analysis  - TradeMentor - Chapter 3
Tom Hougaard discusses fundamental analysis and how it can be used in Forex trading. Learn which factors affect the currency markets and why it is important to keep ahead of economic developments.
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SaxoTraderPRO HERO 50 sec.
Introducing SaxoTraderPRO - our new, fully customisable, professional-grade trading platform. SaxoTraderPRO, our largest development and innovation project in recent years, has been built on the latest front-end technologies, in-depth face to face interviews with existing clients, A/B testing with in-lab usability studies and has required development centres in Copenhagen, the UK, India and Poland working together around the clock to deliver the desired functionality. Learn more: https://www.home.saxo/platforms/saxotraderpro Read about the development process of SaxoTraderPRO: https://www.home.saxo/insights/content-hub/articles/2018/04/04/saxotraderpro
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Vedvarende energi på 1 minut - SaxoInvestor
Fald i priserne på sol- og vindenergi gør vedvarende energi stadigt mere konkurrencedygtigt. Se mere om SaxoInvestor investeringstemaer: https://www.home.saxo/da-dk/investor/themes?cmpid=social_organic-youtube-theme_videos
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The Saxo Collection
Today the Saxo Collection comprises of around 550 pieces spread across our offices, as well as centered at our headquarters in Copenhagen. The Saxo Collection includes works of contemporary art, from canvases and sketches to sculptures and art installations, and represents the work of more than 60 established and emerging artists, with a focus on current Danish artists such as Kristian Hornsleth, Bentemaie Kjeldbæk, and Sys Svinding.
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SaxoTrader Quick Start 3: Enter, Modify and Exit a Trade
Learn how to enter Forex and CFD trades with the SaxoTrader trading platform, modify orders, place related Limit and Stop orders and close your positions.Transcript:Welcome to the introduction video for our trading platform. These episodes will introduce you to the trading platform providing an explanation of all its features.In this episode we will be looking into how you can:Enter a tradeClose a positionPlace an orderModify an orderPlace related orders1 Entering the tradeThe trading platform offers several ways to place a trade.To enable trading, click the 'Enable Trading' button in the top.From the Prices and Trade module locate the instrument you wish to trade, verify the desired amount, and click either the sell or buy button to enter the market long or short.Alternatively you can use the Trade module. Try opening the Forex menu and select Forex Trade.From the Trade module you can select which account you wish to place the trade from, which instrument you wish to trade, the value date, the amount and whether you wish to place related orders.After verifying the trade details you can click either the buy or sell button to enter the market long or short.After placing a trade you will then be able to see your new position in the open positions module.2 closing a positionTo close a position, locate the position you wish to close in the open positions module.Expand the position details by clicking the '+' sign.Click the blue 'X' to open the 'close position dialogue'.Click the close position button to close the position.3 Placing an orderIn some cases you may want to place an order to buy or sell an instrument.To open the Order module you can either select it from the drop down menus, or you can right click any instrument and select the Orders option.After verifying the details you can click 'Place Order' to place the order.You will now be able to see your new order in the open orders module.4 Modifying ordersAny time after placing the order you will be able to change it, unless the order has already been executed.Simply locate the order you wish to change in the open orders module -- select it -- and click change order.Click 'place order' to confirm the change.5 Placing related ordersRelated orders can be an important tool to minimize risk and to ensure potential profit.Related orders can be added to open orders, open positions as well as added when making a trade or placing a new order.To add related orders to a Forex trade, open the Forex Trade module, and prior to executing the trade, tick the checkbox "Open 'related orders' dialog after trade".This will now display the Related orders dialog where you will have the option to place both a limit and a stop order.Click 'Place Orders' to continue.It will be confirmed by a popup -- and the new orders will be visible in the open orders module.You can also add related orders to open positions.In the open positions module, simply locate the position you wish to add related orders to and click the '+' sign to expand the detailsClick either the stop or limit icon.This will launch the related orders dialog for the specific position.Verify the parameters and click Place Orders to continue.This concludes this session. (Exit text)
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Forex Trading - TradeMentor - Chapter 1
Tom Hougaard explains the basics of Forex trading, how FX is used in global commerce and essential currency trading terms such as pips, spreads and leverage. Introduction Foreign exchange trading is not only the largest market in the world, with a daily turnover in excess of 3 trillion dollars. it's also the fastest growing traded market amongst private traders and speculators. We'll be looking briefly at the history of FX, how it's used in the world of global commerce and tourism, but most importantly we want to show you how foreign exchange trading works, the terminology behind foreign exchange trading - but most importantly, how you go about placing your trades. Find more educational videos and complete forex and CFD trading course on: http://www.saxobank.com/education/tradementor/lessons
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Tinkoff Bank new co-title sponsor
CEO Oleg Tinkov announces at apress conference on 25 June that from this year's Tour de France throughout 2012 and 2013, Tinkoff Bank (also known as Tinkoff Credit Systems), the only Russian online bank, has decided to become co-title sponsor of Riis Cycling.
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SaxoTrader Quick Start 1: Setting Up Your Workspace
Learn how to set up your workspace on the SaxoTrader trading platform, customise views, change settings and manage Forex, stocks, CFDs and other trading instruments.Transcript:Welcome to the introduction video for our trading platform. These episodes will introduce you to the trading platform providing an explanation of all its features.In this episode we will be looking into how you can:Set up your workspaceAdd and remove viewsManage Instruments1 Setting up the workspaceThe workspace is made up of several modules, each serving a different purpose.Here you see an example of a layout in the platform, featuring some of the more important modules.In the Prices and Trade module you can view the prices of your favorite instruments as well as trade them with 1-click.This is also easily turned into a price list.In the open positions module you can see your current positionsYour margin infoChat and chartThe modules can be organized and arranged to suit your preferences.To close a module click the 'x' in the top right of the module.To resize it click and drag the horizontal or vertical bar surrounding it.The modules available can be found in the drop down menus in the top of the screen.Try adding the News module. Here you will be able to view the latest news related to your trading.For more news sources, please visit the subscriptions price list.Most modules can also assume the state of a panel if you wish to move it elsewhere. You simply right click the module's heading and select the "Panel" option.Modules are easy to dock -- just try dragging it and drop it over one of the highlighted docking indicators.Furthermore, you can also completely detach a module from the platform. This is very useful for multiple display setups.In panel mode, simply right click the header and deselect 'Minimize with platform'.To save your workspace, click File and Save.Remember, you can both save and load workspaces and alternatively always revert to a default workspace by clicking File, New and 'Workspace'.2 Adding and Removing ViewsThe trading platform features multiple views which can be accessed through the tabs in the top section of the platform.You can Add tabs by right clicking next to the row of tabs and selecting 'Add View'You can Rename tabs by Right clicking the tab and selecting 'View Properties'You can Remove tabs by right clicking the tab and selecting 'Delete View'By using this method the platform can be customized to suit your personal preference.3 Managing InstrumentsA central element of the platform is the Prices and Trade module, which is available from the Tools menu.From here you will be able to view and trade your preferred instruments.You can add instruments either by typing part of the instrument name into the 'Add Instrument' field, and then selecting it from the drop down.Alternatively you can open the instrument explorer for a more thorough overview of the instruments available.From here you can add instruments individually, CTRL clicking to select multiple instruments or simply dragging an entire category onto the prices and trade module.To remove an instrument from the list, simply right click it and select Delete.For one click trading, the pricelist also features a Tradeboard mode, which is easily switched between.This concludes this session. (Exit text)
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Inside Saxo - Risk Associate
Meet Áslaug Gunnarsdóttir, one of our Risk Associates. Learn more about how it is to work with Risk Management at Saxo Bank. Find out more about a career at Saxo Bank here: http://bit.ly/1HUMEOQ
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Digitaliseringsaktier på 1 minut - SaxoInvestor
Antallet af personer, der dagligt anvender digitale tjenester, forventes at stige markant i fremtiden. Se mere om SaxoInvestor investeringstemaer: https://www.home.saxo/da-dk/investor/themes?cmpid=social_organic-youtube-theme_videos
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Market second guessing FOMC reaction - SaxoStrats Global Morning Call 1 February
Tune in to today's Morning Call to hear how the dollar is fighting back having weakened broadly on Wednesday's Fed meeting, how Amazon shares dropped 5% despite an earnings beat and why the market has hit the pause button on gold's rally.
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Dollar powers into the high ground - SaxoStrats Global Morning Call 22 May
Join our SaxoStrats experts as they discuss how the dollar has zipped to its strongest since 2002 against a broad range of currencies and why this is bad for global economic growth. We also look at at how gold is faring in light of the greenback's advance and what the latest Brexit twist has done to sterling.
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CFD Trading - TradeMentor - Chapter 2
An introduction to CFDs (Contracts for Difference), a flexible way to trade stocks, indices and commodities. Tom Hougaard explains how margin works and walks you through trading CFDs in both rising and falling markets. Find more educational videos and complete forex and CFD trading course on: http://www.saxobank.com/education/tradementor/lessons
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Equities running out of steam - SaxoStrats Global Morning Call 6 March
Today's edition of the Saxo Morning Call sees Saxo Head of Forex Strategy John Hardy and Commodities Head Ole Hansen discussing an apparent weakening of the bullish trend in equities with investors possibly nervous about the revival of central bank accommodation.
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'Something's got to give' - SaxoStrats Global Morning Call 22 March
In today's edition of Morning Call, our Head of Commodity Strategy, Ole Hansen, tells how an undecided dollar is stuck in a rut, as equities continue to gain and bond yields trade lower in the aftermath of the latest Fed meeting.
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Inside Saxo - Head of Sales, Nordic Region
In our latest series of videos, you will get a look Inside Saxo through employee stories. In this first feature our Head of Sales for the Nordic Region, Charlotte Skive will tell you what being a Saxonian means to her.
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Equities wilt on fading US-China hopes - SaxoStrats Global Morning Call 8 February
Equities are heading south as hopes for a breakthrough in China-US trade talks disappear over the horizon. Elsewhere, macroeconomic worries are weighing on crude oil and both CAD and SEK have weakened sharply against the dollar.
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Introduction to TradeMaker - TradeMentor - Chapter 9
Tom Hougaard introduces TradeMaker, the innovative tool from Saxo Bank that delivers real-time trading ideas for Forex and CFDs right to the trading platform.
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China data miss forecasts - SaxoStrats Global Morning Call 15 May
Join Saxo's Chief Economist, Steen Jakobsen, and Head of FX Strategy, John Hardy, as they discuss the US-China trade war in light of an unexpected downturn in Chinese industrial production and retail trade data. Complacency remains the dominant tone across markets but both gold and Bitcoin have shot higher, possibly on CNY devaluation fears.
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Beijing moves in to support slowing economy - SaxoStrats Global Morning Call 15 March
Today's edition of the Morning Call sees Saxo Chief Economist Steen Jakobsen discussing Chinese premier Li Keqiang's overnight policy address with Forex Head John Hardy and Fixed Income Specialist Althea Spinozzi.
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Contador joins team SaxoBank - Sungard - official press conference video
Saxo Bank announces in a press conference that it is continuing its sponsorship of Team Saxo Bank along with SunGard. Also announced is the addition of Tour de France winner Alberto Contador to the Team.
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Kinesisk teknologi på 1 minut - SaxoInvestor
Den kraftige økonomiske vækst i Kina betyder, at der nu investeres massivt i ny teknologi. Se mere om SaxoInvestor investeringstemaer: https://www.home.saxo/da-dk/investor/themes?cmpid=social_organic-youtube-theme_videos
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Aussie tumbles on Chinese coal ban - SaxoStrats Global Morning Call 21 February
Welcome to a busy session with multiple drivers at play, including a Chinese ban on Australian coal imports, some unexpectedly poor Japanese data and increased uncertainty about the Fed's rate trajectory. All the while, equities continue to "rally like crazy".
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Nordiske Forbrugsaktier på 1 minut - SaxoInvestor
Se mere om SaxoInvestor investeringstemaer: https://www.home.saxo/da-dk/investor/themes?cmpid=social_organic-youtube-theme_videos
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Risk rally could prove short-lived - SaxoStrats Global Morning Call 12 February
Asian equities surged overnight, led by a stunning 3% gain in Japan on the back of reports that US president Donald Trump is ready to return to the negotiating table with China. In Saxo Head of Equity Strategy Peter Garnry's view, however, leading indicators are flashing warning signs for the present risk-on rally.
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Setting Up Your Workspace - SaxoTrader Quick Start - Part 1
Learn how to set up your workspace on the SaxoTrader trading platform, customise views, change settings and manage Forex, stocks, CFDs and other trading instruments.
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