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Bonafide necessity of landlord By Advocate Ravinder - Lawzgrid
There are various grounds on which a landlord can demand a tenant to evict rented premises.Bonafide Necessity is one ground on which a landlord can evict a tenant. Here, Advocate Ravinder talk about the concept of bonafide necessity. The concept of bonafide necessity is one where the landlord is allowed to evict the tenant on the grounds that he needs the premises for personal use by himself or his dependants.
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How to use Lawzgrid App - Legal Advice Online
https://www.lawzgrid.com/ is an online legal portal that helps the user connect to lawyers, thus providing them with an easy and secure legal experience. hire the best lawyers in City. Users can also ask free legal questions which will be answered by LawzGrid verified lawyers. Once you sign up, you can find a lawyer of the required category. your issue over an email, a video chat session, schedule an office meeting, or consult with any of the listed Lawyers at your home / office. We are ready to help you, as per your convenience. We also bring to you blogs on legal issues, legal guides and all the legal news of the nation. So for a hassle free and secure legal experience. Ask a lawyer pertinent questions related to your case and get prompt replies. Talk to a lawyer and connect directly to get legal advice from top lawyers of the country. Let them guide you through all you legal tangles. Sign Up Now! You can download it on Play/App store. Website www.lawzgrid.com for more details.
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Why should you choose law? By Advocate Akshita Mehta - LawzGrid
Akshita Mehta talks about the benefit of choosing law as a profession. She further goes on to explain the meaning of Public Interest Litigation.
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Cheque dishonoured: A step-by-step guide - LawzGrid
Cheques are used in almost all transactions, be it repayment of loans or day to day business transactions. At LawzGrid we provide you with free legal assistance in an issue of cheque bounce. We connect our user to experienced top Cheque Bounce Lawyers, to provide Free Legal advice on legal matters and also prosecute upon them. Dishonour of a cheque is a criminal offence and can be reported under section 138 of the Negotiable Instruments Act. When a cheque is dishonoured, the drawee bank immediately issues a ‘Cheque Return Memo’ to the banker of the payee mentioning the reason for non-payment. The payee’s banker then gives the dishonoured cheque and the memo to the payee. The holder or payee can resubmit the cheque within three months of the date on it, if he believes it will be honoured the second time. However, if the cheque issuer fails to make a payment, then the payee has the right to prosecute the drawer legally. For any further assistance, Sign Up now! Read More click here https://www.lawzgrid.com/legal/What-is-the-meaning-of-cheque-bounce-or-dishonour-of-cheques/42
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The Delhi Rent Control Act By Advocate Ravinder - LawzGrid
Advocate Ravinder talks about the 1984 amendment to the Delhi Rent Control Act. This amendment enabled both the landlord and tenant to directly approach a civil court in case of a dispute where the rent is higher than 3500.
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How to close a non functioning company
Here in this video Mr. Deepak kumar explain how to close a non functioning company and why you should close that.
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LawzGrid Introduction How Does LawzGrid Work
Welcome to LawzGrid online legal platform where you can ask a FREE Legal Question, search and hire Top lawyers in your area just by a single click. LawzGrid provides Free Legal Advice From Top Lawyers. Your one-stop solution for all your legal related issues. More Detail: - http://lawzgrid.com/
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Tenancy Agreement - Advocate Imran Ahmad | LawzGrid : Legal Services Simplified
Are you a landlord, who is doubtful about renting out your property or fearful of losing your property to the tenant altogether? Or, are you a tenant facing arbitrary demands from your landlord including exorbitant rents or eviction notice before the agreed tenure? Here, Advocate Imran Ahmed talks about all the cautions you need to take before keeping a tenant. For further information on tenancy laws, click here https://www.lawzgrid.com/
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Know Your Legal Rights: Divorce laws in India By Advocate Narendra Kalra - LawzGrid
Marriages are made in heaven, divorces are not. We at LawzGrid bring to you a plethora of top lawyer to solve all your matrimonial disputes. Be it alimony, child custody, dowry demands, cruelty, maintenance, LawzGrid Verified lawyers are well equipped to provide you with the assistance you need. Divorce under the Hindu can be obtained on the grounds of cruelty, dissertation for a period longer than 2 yrs., contracting of a virulent form of leprosy or a venereal disease, renouncement of the world, unsoundness of mind, sexual intercourse outside of marriage, charges of rape, bestiality or sodomy. For any further assistance on matrimonial disputes, Sign Up now Read More: https://goo.gl/gEH8vi
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Right to Maintenance(CrPC) By Advocate Anil Kumar - LawzGrid
Here advocate, Anil Kumar, talks about the right to maintenance(CrPC) of spouse, children and elderly parents. With growing urbanisation, values have somehow lost they are important, thus it’s imperative that one must know their rights pertaining to maintenance and the procedure to claim the same.
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Procedure to follow in case of a murder By Advocate Deepak Arora- LawzGrid
Murder is a heinous criminal offence. In the video above Advocate, Deepak Arora explains what one should do when an offence of murder is committed.
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Constitution of India and Fundamental Rights  By Advocate Hansleen Singh
Hansleen Singh talks about the fundamental rights given to each of us by our Constitution.
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Maintenance and Welfare of parents and senior citizens By Adv. Imran Ahmad - LawzGrid
It has become a very common happening these days that grown up children are forcing their old parents to move into old age homes or harassing them and treating them like domestic help. Here, Advocate Imran Ahmed talks about Maintenance and welfare of parents and senior citizens. For further information, Sign Up on
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Top 8 Women Legal Rights
In this video, there are top 8 women legal rights in indian law. you must know. Get Legal Consultation at 01204519793 Or Consult To Lawyer at https://www.lawzgrid.com/hire-your-lawyer #Lawyer #LawzGrid #LegalConsultation
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Registration of marriage has many benefits By Advocate Shagufta Firoz - LawzGrid
Here, Advocate, Shagufta Afroz talks about the benefits of registration of a marriage. Marriage registration is extremely essential as it gives the supposes a legal recognition. Furthermore, registration of marriage has been made mandatory by the Supreme Court since 2006. The procedure to register a marriage is fairly simple and comprehensive. If, however, you need assistance to register your marriage, log on to https://www.lawzgrid.com/HireYourLawyer
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Offences Against Women Under the IPC  By Advocate Deepak Arora - LawzGrid
In India women have faced oppressed for an extended period of time. We live in a nation where gender equality is a myth and feminists are considered to be women who lack social values and morals. Woman are told to behave in a certain manner and wear certain kind of clothes to keep themselves safe. A lot of woman are underpaid even when they are qualified just because they are women. Furthermore, there a lot of well-educated women who are denied the right to work by their family in the name of safety. Here Advocate Deepak Arora talks about women and criminal law and protection or rights provided to women.
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How Companies should manage their tax from Mr. Kumar Aniket
Here Mr. Kumar Aniket, Director of Staava explains how companies which are investing in India or the Indian companies which are planning to invest outside should manage their taxes.
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Best Wises By Mr. Krishan Kumar
Here Mr. Krishan Kumar, Legal Council of Spectranet is telling about advantages of using LawzGrid platform for individuals and corporates. How everyone can take advantage of the platform for his legal needs.
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You need to Know Euthanasia By Advocate Anil Seghal - LawzGrid
Anil Sehgal talks about how euthanasia should be brought under a statute and how active euthanasia should be permitted in India. Euthanasia or Mercy-Killing is the terminology used for the painless killing of a patient suffering from an incurable and painful disease or in an irreversible coma.
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Best wishes from Mr. Deepak Kumar for LawzGrid
Best wishes from Mr. Deepak Kumar for the LawzGrid. Here he tells about the advantages of using LawzGrid. You can book an online consultation or book an appointment from good lawyers.
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Best Wishes from Mr. Kumar Aniket for LawzGrid
Best wishes from Mr. Kumar Aniket, Director of Staava for the LawzGrid which is best platform for any Legal Work . Users can search for lawyers and consult online or hire them for meetings. Companies can also take Lawzgrid help in managing their legal issues and their legal work at very affordable costs. For lawyers, they can signup on the platform and offer their services to users & signup is currently free for them.
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Benefits of LawzGrid for Corporate customers
Here in this video Mr. Deepak Kumar tells how corporates can benefit from LawzGrid & use its multiple features to manage their legal solutions. Check the real time progress of their legal cases, chat with the lawyer involved and use other features.
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What is Ransomeware and how to protect against it
Here in this video Mr. Krishan Kumar, Legal Council of Spectranet tells how you should protect your system against Ransomeware and what precautions should you take.
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Child Abuse and Trafficking By Advocate Tarun Arora
With rampant child abuse on the rise in our society, it is extremely important that parents take caution to keep their children safe and protected. Here, Advocate Traun Arora talks about the protection provided to children against abuse by the law.
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