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Strongman Sunday's - Dave v.s. Paul
Dave and Paul are competing together in two competitions later this year. First time as novices and the second time they are stepping up to the Inters. They practiced two of the events against each other in training today: Axle Clean & Press for reps - 1 minute at 90kg Farmers Walk for distance - 90kg per hand maximum 1 minute Training at The Strong Room, Isle of Wight: http://www.strongroom-iow.co.uk/ Music by Puritan Slain: http://puritanslain.net/
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35.1 - Log Clean & Press against 20kg bands
Dumbbell shoulder press (including a PB) Log Clean & Press against 20kg bands Abs and Triceps Shoulder finisher on Viking Press machine
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Matt Ball - 250kg Deadlift x 3 reps
PB triple.
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22.2 - Deadlifting 250kg +20kg Chains
Deadlifts Box Squats Abs
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Grzegorz Brodowski - Sandbag Loading
120kg, 130kg and 140kg over 10m and 54" bar.
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Grzegorz Brodowski - 280kg deadlift for reps
Max time 60 seconds.
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Axle Clean & Press Away (AC/DC Method)
Clean & Press an Axle with 70%-80% until an AC/DC song ends.
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Matt Ball - 280kg Deadlift
A bit hitched at the top, but whatever. Been a long heavy week.
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Having a Ball 16.3
Bench Press Farmers Yoke Stones
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Matt Ball Squat - 175kg x 5
Last set of 5 doubles, had an easy 5 reps left to give.
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49.3 - Full Events Session
Yoke Farmers Deadlift Log Press Atlas Stone - weights and rep ranges varied from the comp... but it was 115 minutes of insanity!
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Matt Ball Deadlift 240kg Double
At The Strongroom Isle of Wight
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Matt Ball - 100kg Natural Log (60s AMRAP)
Inner Strength 80s Competition
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Grzegorz Brodowski - 140kg Log Press
After a 120kg and 130kg - this 140kg is a personal best.
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Matt Ball - 140kg Bench Press PB
Finally! First time ever touching it and only about 12 weeks of benching all year.
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Andrew Jackman - 120kg Bench Press (+7.5kg PB)
Jackman cashing in on the work he's put in on the bench. He followed this up with another 125kg bench which was also pretty comfortable. Well done buddy!
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Matt Ball - 250kg Yoke
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Matt Ball Squat - 170kg x 5
Final set of 3x3, gave another two reps.
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Grzegorz Brodowski - 260kg Frame Carry
30 metres with a turn.
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Matt Ball 270kg Deadlift (missed)
First ever attempt at 270 for a pre-xmas cheeky PB attempt. Not quite ready.
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Having a Ball - 6.1
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21.2 - 260kg Deadlift x 3 and some Box Squats
Deads - with chains and without, finishing with a triple at 260kg Box Squats Abs Hams
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Matt Ball - Incline Bench Press, including 120kg PB
Max Effort Monday. Did a tonne of volume because I had no idea what my 1RM would be on this incline. Ended up at 120kg which I was happy with.
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Matt Ball - Arm-over-arm Truck & Tyre Pull
Truck only small but has a tyre tied to back causing drag and stops momentum. Still very light but slows it down some. Inner Strength 80s Competition
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Matt Ball - Safety Squat 170kg x 6 (Beltless)
Set 4 of 4, each 6 reps.
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27.1 - Log Ladder
Log Clean & Press Ladder Log Clean & Press Superset with Shoulders/Triceps Bench Press Abs Rear Delts
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24.2 - Out on the pull
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Matt Ball - Squat 220kg x 1 PB
I say a PB - I hit this (and higher) several years ago. But since you're only as good as your last lift, this is a PB.
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Having a Ball 13.3
Running around - strongman style
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Matt Ball - Shitty Axle Clean Fails
I don't know what gives... sometimes I'm on point, other times I'm not. But I'll throw this video up anyway.
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Log Press 85kg x 5 (clean & press)
Last set of 6 sets
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