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LA PAZ | Entering Bolivia, taxis and great views
We got a very, very early morning taxi to see sunrise from our penthouse airbnb over La Paz, then it was onto eating traditional Bolivian cuisine, some cow heart and just exploring this wonderful city!
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HAVANA | Arriving in Havana, Cuba and crazy Airbnb owners
We arrived in Havana not knowing what we were in for. What followed was the impossible challenge of withdrawing from an ATM, not knowing what the difference between CUC or CUP was and trying to understand our drunken old Casa Particular owner. Ended up drinking Mojitos at El Dandy.
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MEXICO CITY | Markets and Airbnb insanity
Went to some markets and wandered more around Mexico City and David left to go to Cusco. Garys laundry gets stuck in the washing machine and the door is locked while we try to use Spanish to communicate with the building owner to open it. Will he get his clothes before his flight to Merida? Find out.... Ok he does.
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MEXICO CITY | Walking Tours, Grasshoppers and Rooftop Bars
Arriving in Mexico City where we checked into our Airbnb and hit the wild streets of Mexico. Joined a walking tour to hear about the crazy history of the city, tried some fried crickets and found a rooftop bar, and had a load of great tacos.
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BANFF | Lake Moraine In The Snow
The lads wake up to unexpected snowfall the first day in Banff. The day is spent hiking over icy rocks at Lake Moraine, dealing with Bus drama, avoiding enormous tourist swarms and basically just looking at snow. Banff tip: Walk like 2 minutes away from where the buses drop you off and you will get away from the huge amount of tourists and have hikes almost all to yourself. Also plan ahead with the buses...
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YOSEMITE | Mirror Lakes & Road Trip to Monterey
We spent our last day in Yosemite by checking out of Housekeeping Camp and visiting Mirror Lakes before heading back on the road and checking into a Hostelling International in Monterey, on the way to Big Sur and Los Angeles.
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UYUNI SALT FLATS | How to book a salt flats tour by winging it
We booked a flight to Uyuni the night before, grabbed a taxi to the airport at 4am, walked to the city center of uyuni, after finding no success with any reputable company to offer one day tours of the Salt Flats we were looking at the worst... But we discovered a tour group targeted towards Japanese and Korean tourists for a low price, and along with our group member, the South Korean 'Son', and Spanish speaking driver took in the beautiful sights of the salt flats. Ended the night by taking an overnight bus back to La Paz.
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Silicon Valley Driving Tour and exploring Stanford University
Leaving San Francisco, we drove through Silicon Valley visiting a few tech giants like Google and Apple as well as Stanford before heading to Yosemite. Stayed the night in Los Banos at a random motel with plans to leave for Yosemite National Park early in the morning.
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Taking the Greyhound Bus to Austin, Texas (do not take megabus)
We arrived in Houston at 5am on the Megabus from New Orleans, then after getting failed by our next Megabus we waited all day around downtown Houston for a Greyhound instead.
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INCA TRAIL | 2 Days 1 Night, Gringo Killers, visiting the Sun Gate and Winay Wayna
Gary and Kieran take a bus at 4am with the Sam Travel tour group to begin the Inca Trail. Visiting all the classic landmarks on the way, Winay Wayna, hydroelectrica, the Sun Gate and Alpacas. The lads spend the night at Aguas Calientes before heading off to Machu Picchu tomorrow...
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Exploring Fordingbridge
Took the train from London to Salisbury and the bus to my old town of Fordingbridge
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Road to Mount Cook from Lake Tekapo | New Zealand roadtrip ep 2
We drove from the beautiful weather and views of Lake Tekapo through to the stormy Mt Cook and were met by rain wind and mist. We continued to hike to Sealy Tarns for a glacial view and spent the night in the freezing car to get out of the cold. https://www.instagram.com/ke_taylor/
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BANFF | Surprise Corner Viewpoint & FREE hotel
Visiting Vermillion Lakes and the Surprise Corner in Banff before taking the bus to Calgary Airport where we were surprised with a free hotel room for the night. Includes harrowing footage of Garys repeated shoelace incidents.
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San Franciscos Most Dangerous District | The Tenderloin District & Fort Point Sunset
Wandered to the famous Painted Ladies in San Francisco via the most dangerous area of the city, the Tenderloin District, where we almost witnessed a murder. Later on to say goodbye we hiked up to Fort Point overview for a great sunset over the Golden Gate Bridge.
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Chinese man tries Panda Express for the first time
After visiting the John Hancock Observatory in Chicago for some epic views of the skyline at golden hour, we went to get Garys first ever taste of Panda Express. Tune in to see this Chinese guys review. https://www.instagram.com/ke_taylor/
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VINALES | Smoking cigars with Cuban farmers and coffee plantations
We organised a taxi to take us from Havana to the countryside of Vinales in Cuba. After waiting for over an hour on the streets for it to arrive, and then again for some reason, somewhere else on the way, and then again when our driver went to buy a sandwich, we got to Vinales and went on a bit of a walking tour. We all smoked cigars with the farmer who showed us his coffee plantation and then we had some cocktails and dinner.
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YOSEMITE | Campfires at Housekeeping Camp, hiking in Bridalveil Falls and Yosemite Falls
Driving from Los Banos to Yosemite National Park at 4am we hiked Bridalveil Falls and Yosemite Falls before checking in at Housekeeping Camp. At Housekeeping Camp we show you how to make a campfire and make some poor quality food.
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HAVANA | How to get Wifi in Cuba at night
The lads have major trouble accessing wifi in Cuba. If you are ever stuck on the streets of Havana at night needing to get on the web, this guide is for you.
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CUSCO | Eating Guinea Pig! (Cuy)
Our last day in Cusco we tasted the local delicacy... Guinea Pig. Got some good views and flew off to La Paz, Bolivia. #wanderlust
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LA PAZ | How to take the cable cars and where to find the best damn fried chicken
The plan for the day was to visit the best vantage point in La Paz, Mirador Killi Killi, from there we later went to take the traditional form of transport of the cable cars and encountered a delightful chickenny treat at the top...
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NYC | Katz Deli Pastrami Reuben review & 3am empty Times Square
We tell you what you should order at famous Katz Deli, NYC and the best time to get there. Also told is the fascinating story of the Herald Square owl and we spent some time in Times square at 3am with the place (almost) to ourself
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Flying all the way from Hong Kong to Vancouver where I met up with Gary in chaotic circumstances. We checked out Gastown, ate copious amounts of 5 Guys and saw the narrowest building in the WORLD!
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4am at the South Street Diner | BOSTON
We arrived late at night in Boston, so what else to do but head to the infamous 24 hour South Street Diner in Boston surrounded by strippers, partying college kids and lowlifes
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CUSCO | Markets, Inca Trail briefing and Ceviche
After visiting some markets we went to our Inca Trail briefing and Kieran took a taxi to the airport to collect his lost baggage. After changing clothes after 3 days he joined Gary to try out some classic Peruvian dishes and get ready for the 4am wakeup for the trek.
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Wanaka and the Cardrona Hotel | New Zealand South Island roadtrip
We finally left Queenstown to stay a night at the Cardrona Hotel via Arrowtown, then left in the morning to Wanaka https://www.instagram.com/ke_taylor/
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VANCOUVER | Totem Poles in Stanley Park
Explored Vancouver and visited Stanley Park for the day running into a few unexpected characters...
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SONY A7II Video Test | Sony Zeiss 35mm f2.8 | Puffing Billy
Tested out the video on my Sony A7II with the Zeiss 35mm f2.8 on my trip to Puffing Billy from Belgrave Station in Melbourne. Here is some footage. https://www.instagram.com/ke_taylor/
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3 Boys in vegas | Santa Monica to Las Vegas Roadtrip
Started driving to Santa Monica Pier and Venice Beach in Los Angeles including some road dramas, visited Muscle Beach then hit the road through the desert including a pit stop at Victorville. The lads then had a wild night on the trip with hilarious consequences.
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Queenstown | New Zealand Roadtrip & Fergburger review
We continued the South Island roadtrip of New Zealand by visiting Queenstown for a couple of days. Tried Fergburger, would it live up to the hype? https://www.instagram.com/ke_taylor/
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Arriving in NYC | Amtrak from Boston
Arrived in Manhattan via Boston on Amtrak and tried some Halal guys before exploring some of NYC at night https://www.instagram.com/ke_taylor/
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ponta delgada to porto
This video is about ponta delgada to porto
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took the train from edinburgh to london. then walked around in the rain and wind
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SAN FRANCISCO | Best sunset at Fishermans Wharf of the Golden Gate Bridge
Driving from Ukiah, California to San Francisco where we dropped off our car and visited the ruins of the Sutro Baths. Got an incredible view of the sunset over the Golden Gate Bridge at Fishermans Wharf and navigated the insanely steep hills on the way back to the hostel.
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NYC | Is Di Fara Pizza really the best? And what a $57 haircut looks like
Gary gets a stylish haircut for an insane price while kieran and shanice meet him in brookly nfor famous Di Fara Pizza Then we head out at night to watch the Nets game and late times square action https://www.instagram.com/ke_taylor/
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We slept overnight at a rest stop | CANNON BEACH | Pacific Northwest Roadtrip Route 101 to Portland
Woke up at the rest stop in Astoria with trucks going past. We then drove to Cannon Beach early in the morning to see Haystack Rock in the fog. Also later on continued the west coast road trip on the 101 to Portland which was a pretty nice city.
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Pico island secret hike | AZORES
We woke up on Pico Island pretty lost, and the only backpackers on the whole island, so began a hike up the mountain, finding mysterious silos, crazy rebellious cows and mangnificent views https://www.instagram.com/ke_taylor/
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How to get money and WIFI in Havana & drinking rum
Got to fully explore Havana, but first up had to figure out where to find an ATM, how to get wifi and we will show you the options. Just explored the city, got some good views, drank some cheap rum.
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New Orleans | Jazz & Beignets review
We hit the streets of New Orleans, trying Cafe Du Mondes famous Beignets, seeing some creepy haunted stuff and street performers. Later on we went to Frenchman street for some more Jazz. Sorry about the unedited ending but Im not going to reupload it now.
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AZORES | Landing in Pico Island, stuck at the airport
After landing in Pico Island without any idea how to leave the airport, only one bus 3 hours away and nobody working at the airport we had to find a way to our accomodation and then we could walk around the volcanic island in almost pure isolation
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YOSEMITE | Vernal Falls, Glacier Point and campfires
Woke up from a freezing night in housekeeping camp and took the Yosemite bus to Vernal Falls where we hiked up and down the Mist Trail. Experienced sunset at Glacier Point and did some more cooking on the campfire at night.
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NEW ORLEANS | Catfish, Gumbo, Bourbon Street & Krystal burger review
The lads left sunny Miami for New Orleans, driving into the city at night to The Quisby hostel, having some cheap beers and hitting the town. We got some classic cajun ( or creole?) meal, took the trolley and hit bourbon street for some jazz and wild saturday night antics.
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Exploring the streets of Lisbon
Exploring all the little alleys and what Lisbon has to offer, with a chaotic protest at the end
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OREGON COAST ROAD TRIP | Brookings and Arch Rock Viewpoint
Slept in the car and started seeing some parks from Brookings, Oregon in the rain then drove through the Redwoods. Wound up in the town of Ukiah where we had In n Out burger and stayed at the Motel 6 for the night to leave for San Francisco the next day.
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Driving from Vegas to Grand Canyon to Los Angeles in one day
From the lights of Las Vegas to the Epic Grand Canyon and back to Hollywood, the boys drove insane amount this day, lets see what they got up to along the way...
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New Orleans | WWII Museum Dog Tag Experience
The 3 coys spend the last day in New Orleans by visiting the worlds most comprehensive World War II Museum and following their personal dog tag experiences. The day ends with a late night Megabus ride to Austin from the bus terminal.
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Lima to Cusco | Worlds Biggest Procession & San Pedro Markets in Peru
Gary stopped by Lima where a huge night time procession was happening. The lads met up in Cusco, Peru and had a bit of an explore and got prepared for the Inca Trail by stocking up and going to the hike briefing.
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Uyuni Salt Flats | The reflection of 4 men walking
View the wonders of the Bolivian Uyuni Salt Flats in HD. A crazy reflection of 4 legends walking. https://www.instagram.com/ke_taylor/
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Last day in Paris.
Our last couple of days in Paris. I wandered Montmartre in the rain.
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Mount Cook - Hooker Valley - Hike to myself | New Zealand roadtrip
After barely sleeping in Mt Cook in the car listening to the storm and being freezing cold we emerged at 6am still half asleep. But this allowed us to begin our hike before the rest of the hikers woke up and got it all to ourself. After crossing the three bridges I got to Hooker Valley with just a handful of other people and caught some great views before we left for another roadtrip to Queenstown. https://www.instagram.com/ke_taylor/
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