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How to add Pinterest to your Blogger sidebar
This video is a tutorial showing how to add a Pinterest widget to a Blogger (blogspot) blog. We'll build the gadget on Pinterest's own website, and then I'll show you how to copy and paste the code right into your blog. For more Blogger tips, go to http://meynewebsites.com/category/blogger/
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WooCommerce adding product options
How to add product options to WooCommerce (like different sizes or color variations). In your WordPress admin page (with WooCommerce installed), select Products, Attributes from the left menu. Add a new attribute name, such as "Size." Click Add attribute. On the right side, you'll see the attribute you just added, click on the gear icon. Then add a name for a variable (such as "small" "6.5" "blue"). Click the blue, "Add new __" button. Repeat for each option your product has. Now add or edit the product you have options for. In the edit or add screen, there is a box that says "Product Data" In the dropdown menu, where it says Simple Product, select "Variable Product" instead. Then click on Attributes, and select the option you need. Click "Add," then check the box "Used for variations." Under values, click "Select All" Save it. Then click Variations. Select "Create variations from all attributes" and click "Go." Say okay to both pop-ups. Now, for every single variation, click the row to expand your options. Add a price to the price field for every single variation. Click Save. (It will not add your product to your shop unless you add a price to each one.) Now back towards the top of the screen, click either "Publish" or "Update" and your product will now have options!
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How to add Instagram to a Blogger blog
In this video, I'll show you how to add your latest Instagram widgets to the sidebar of your Blogger blog. We'll use Snap Widgets (snapwidgets.com) to create the widget, and then copy and paste the code into Blogger.
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How to insert a PowerPoint presentation into a blog post
1. Sign up for an account on SlideShare.net (I am in no way affiliated with them), and confirm your email address immediately. 2. At the SlideShare site, click on the "Upload" button (the big orange one in the top right of the screen), and upload your PowerPoint presentation. 3. Click on the button under the video that says "Share." Then click inside the "Embed" box. The code will automatically be selected, right click and copy it. 4. Back in your blog post or page, switch from the "Visual" tab to the "Text" tab in the top right of the area you write your post in. Right click where you want to insert the presentation, and select "Paste." 5. Preview your page or post to make sure you like it, and then publish it.
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How to add pattern to text in Photoshop
It's quick and easy to add a pattern or texture to text in Photoshop using a clipping mask.
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How to add an image to your sidebar (without a plugin)
***Just after publishing this video, WordPress released an update with a native image widget. The code is still valid though, and it's still necessary to do it this way if you want to add text underneath or above your image since the new widget doesn't allow that.*** Adding an image to your sidebar literally requires one line of code. Visit the blog to read more detailed instructions: http://meynewebsites.com/how-to-add-an-image-to-your-sidebar/ The code is: img src="IMAGE ADDRESS HERE" YouTube won't let me put in opening and closing brackets, so you'll have to remember to do that! Opening carrot bracket at the beginning and a closing one at the end.
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How to optimize your images for WordPress
If you're a blogger and haven't been compressing and re-sizing your images before uploading them, you have likely slowed down your blog to dangerous levels as far as your visitors and Google are concerned. Thankfully, there is one plugin that is quick and easy to install that will do the bulk of that work for you and speed up your blog dramatically in a matter of minutes. Here's how to install it and set it up.
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How to change the font size in WordPress
There is a great simple plugin that will allow you to change font size, fonts, and colors and I'll show you how to install it.
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How to add and edit categories in WordPress
How to add a category to a post or page in WordPress
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How to avoid glare from glasses in video (for girls)
I finally figured out last night how to avoid glare from glasses when recording videos. It's a super-simple trick that will work as long as you have hair and 2 bobby pins. This is great alternative to dimming your screen (which those of us who share our screens in our videos can't do).
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How to turn the read more link into a button in Blogger
When you use the "Read More" link (or jump links, or truncated posts) in Blogger, it just shows as a tiny little link that's easy for readers to miss. And it doesn't look pretty either. Turning it from just a link into a button is VERY easy, and I'll show you how in just a few minutes.
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Blocking Food Blog Ads
(Sorry for the low quality video and ugly background...there's a new studio coming soon!) To block horrible ads on food blogs using Google Chrome: * Copy the food blog URL * Click on the menu (3 bars in the top right), and select "Settings" * At the bottom, click "Show advanced settings" * Under Privacy, click "Content Settings" * Under JavaScript, click "Manage Exceptions" * Paste the food blog URL in the empty box, and then select "Block" in the drop down menu. * Click "Done" That's it! You can now read and cook in peace.
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How to install WordPress in less than 4 minutes
How to install WordPress on your domain once your hosting is purchased.
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Daisy the jumpy puppy
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How to install a Genesis child theme
How to install a child theme in WordPress. This tutorial is showing a Genesis child theme, but it applies to any child theme--and it can be done in under 5 minutes, including breaks for puppy shenanigans.
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The puppy and the lemon
Roscoe had a love hate relationship with lemons when he was a puppy.
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How to remove object from a photo with photoshop
How to remove an object from the background of an image using Photoshop--it's super easy and takes about 10 seconds.
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Setting up a MailChimp account and creating your list
How to set up a MailChimp account and create a list. Parts 2 and 3 coming soon, where we'll go through how to create your sign-up forms and install them on your website, and how to create your first newsletter.
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How to move name and email labels to the inside of contact forms
How to move name and email from outside a form to inside it: Place your contact form by clicking the “Add Contact Form” button. If you need to change the fields on the form, do that by clicking on the contact form that was added, and then selecting the little pencil icon to edit it. Once you have it how you’d like it, click “Update form” at the bottom. Now we’re going to hop over to the “Text” (HTML) view of your post or page so we can see the shortcode or HTML. (In Jetpack’s case, it is shortcode.) Find the fields you want to change. They will look like label="Name" Highlight label for each one, and replace it with the word placeholder. They will now look like placeholder="Name" Save your work, you’re done!
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Writing a WordPress Post
A quick, basic tutorial of how to write a blog post in WordPress. And here's the post about how to optimize your images: http://meynedesign.com/blog/optimize-images-blog-posts/
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