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How to close your network marketing business end of month
It's end of month, you're freaking out, you need another $2k in sales... so what do you do? Your sponsor has told you to go and contact everyone you know (standard) or to "just keep going" or "do more" (even more standard). But is that really going to work? Here's another point of view on network marketing end of month & how you can take all the stress away & stop feeling like you have to pressure everyone and their dog to buy from you... www.katacser.com/6-steps-to-awesomeness see more FB lives, blogs & more at: https://www.facebook.com/KATAtheBrand/
6 Steps to Awesomeness Badass School Crash Course - Week 1, Who Are You?
Enjoy a little taste of KATA the Brand's 6 Steps to Awesomeness, also known as Badass School! If you are in network marketing this is the PERFECT course for you to define your leadership, business style, refine your social media strategies and build yourself into the person you need to be to build and sustain a huge, happy, authentic, fun team of Badasses. Enjoy this 6 part mini series & try before you buy as Kata showcases each week of what's covered in Badass School. Week 1 is all about WHO ARE YOU. It's about digging deep and uncovering exactly who the f*ck you are, what you actually like doing, are good at and more importantly, how you can best promote your strengths to attract the people you need to your business. If you want more you can download just this module at: katacser.com/buy-just-friends or check out the entire course at: katacser.com/6-steps-to-awesomeness
How to get out of an emotional hole in network marketing
Enjoy this Facebook live recording from earlier today about HOW TO GET OUT OF AN EMOTIONAL HOLE? 🌈☀️ Here’s the short version... ✖️ identify what hole you’re in - how do you actually feel? Anxious? Tired? Frustrated? Scared? What’s the actual emotion or physical feeling you feel that’s making you feel shit ✖️ how’d you get there? Did you hit a wall where you need to level up your skills? Have you been flexing in new territory for so long you’ve moved in to your terror zone & have frozen? Did you not sleep for like 2 weeks and your body’s legit shutting down? Did you just leave your husband and are emotionally going through hell? ✖️ what do you want to do? Do you need to sit in that feeling for a while..? Do you want to just, be sad for a day? It’s okay to give yourself permission to be shit sometimes. By giving yourself the permission you’ll let go sooner and get back up faster. But if you DO want to get up right away... ✖️ how are you going to get out? Do you need to ask for help? Do you just need to give yourself a few days of rest? Does your favourite song pick you back up? Know your triggers. Know what puts you down (and sometimes it’s a WHO... notice how people make you feel) and what lifts your mood and energy. Have those tools ready to pull out for the days you want to get back up ✖️ ask for an objective point of view. Sometimes coaching yourself just ain’t going to cut it. Reach out to your upline, mentor, coach or someone who knows you that you trust that can give you advice or feedback on what they think you need based on their observations of your past behaviours For more blogs follow my channel or check out my Facebook page KATA the Brand! www.katacser.com
Why you're not getting ahead in your network marketing business aka survival mode
It's one thing procrastinating on things, but it's another thing beating yourself up and feeling awful for not being able to move forward in your business no matter how hard you try. Sometimes, you're genuinely not doing anything wrong. Sometimes it's not YOU, it's your timing. Survival mode. A place a lot of us fall in to and never get out of. If you're constantly going to your sponsor asking "why isn't it working?!" and are doing the do, talking to people, asking, following up, and honestly working hard, yet... nothing... you might be stuck in survival mode. It's so normal to go through plateaus in your business but the way to get out isn't always to work harder. Sometimes you need to recognise and appreciate WHY you're stuck. Have a watch and let's work out if you're currently stuck in survival mode, or if any of your team are. Xx www.katacser.com/6-steps-to-awesomeness see more FB lives, blogs & more at: https://www.facebook.com/KATAtheBrand/
KATA Facebook Live Replay: How to get what you want when you're not getting what you freakin want...
www.katacser.com/6-steps-to-awesomeness see more FB lives, blogs & more at: https://www.facebook.com/KATAtheBrand/
Choosing your culture & leadership style in network marketing
Network marketing, or intrapreneurship can be daunting. Especially when your upline or sponsor tells you to be a "leader"... like... wtf is that... We're so used to our bosses, managers & higher up's telling us what to do, delegating to us, and basically operating out of an employee mindset that when we're asked to LEAD, not MANAGE it can all get a bit grey. Leadership is the side of you that you want the world to see. It's your opportunity to help, guide & inspire others. But there's more to it. Leadership is your ability to connect with others in their "language" to help them get to where they want to go, without disempowering them or doing the work for them. Teaching people to be independent thinkers, consultants, business partners and humans in general takes time, confidence and clarity about who you are and how you operate. After all... the first person you have to lead is yourself. If you need more help figuring out WHO YOU ARE or what your leadership style is download my module here: katacser.com/buy-just-friends www.katacser.com/6-steps-to-awesomeness see more FB lives, blogs & more at: https://www.facebook.com/KATAtheBrand/
Death to Network Marketing Copy Paste Messages - KATA the Brand Facebook Live
There is literally NOTHING more annoying than receiving a copy paste message, from a random, to your private social media. Perhaps receiving a copy paste message from a mate to your private phone number... but either way, it's effing annoying. Dear network marketers, it's time for copy paste messages to go die. You have to stop. Please, for our sake as an industry and for your personal relationships, professional reputation and just humankind in general... Don't stress, there are ways to build your business without pissing everyone off and having people unfollow you within seconds. I promise. I go all in on the topic of copy paste messages in the network marketing industry here on my Facebook live recording. Have a listen (you 'gon learn today!) and if you're not in network marketing but are sooooo over your mates sending you these, feel free to share this video. I've got your back. Xx Kata katacser.com/prospecting
6 Steps to Awesomeness Badass School Crash Course - Week 3, What's My #Image...?
Okay so if you're not already massively using social media to build, grow and promote your business (without being salesy, spammy and straight up annoying), you better get on it like... now. Social media is the BEST promotion tool EVER. As long as you know exactly how to use it - strategically. I'm not talking about posting *buy now* or *dm me* or *flash sale* messages, statuses and posts. In fact, I will backhand you if you do any of those things as well as if you go through anyones friends list and message their mates without knowing them and send them a copy paste message. Backhand. You were warned. There is a time and a place for social media use and a very definite strategy on how to use it appropriately, to your benefit and not to others detriments. Have a peek at this mini Badass School Crash Course facebook live chat I had about week 3 of my online course... What's Your #Image...? If you want more you're welcome to either try my FREE network marketing personal branding/social media training: katacser.com/brand-me or go all in and check out Badass School: katacser.com/6-steps-to-awesomeness Let's make network marketing the classiest sexiest most badass industry out there! Go team! Xx Kata
What is Badass School? KATA the Brand 6 Steps to Awesomeness Network Marketing Gen Y Badass Course
Heard about this "Badass School" in the network marketing world but don't really get what it is... or if you need it...? My 6 Steps to Awesomeness course is a 2 month online program designed to clear all your mental blockages, crystalise your focus & goals, set achievable steps how to get there & teach you the skills both mental & physical to boom your business, while remaining authentic to YOU & working in your STRENGTHS (hallelujah no more awkward phone calls!) Here’s what you’ll get: 6 modules to get you CONFIDENT, KICKING ASS & CLEAR on who you are, what you want & have you dominating your business! You’re going to learn how to get more Gen Y's buying into you & gain more support from those around you to make your empire boom as well as actually ENJOYING IT (holy sh*t I bet you didn’t know that was possible huh?). Have a listen to this facebook live recording as I go through what each module is & let's figure out if this is your next step to building your biz bigger, better & tapping in to your inner badass. You can check out all the info at: katacser.com/6-steps-to-awesomeness
How to grow your network marketing business in a cold market
There is nothing I recommend less than harassing your friends and family when you start a network marketing business. It's the fastest way to make people uncomfortable, lose friends, alienate your family & make people avoid you. Yet so many network marketers are told to do just that. To be clear, your friends buying your products is not supporting you. It's not helping you build a legitimate client base or learn how to attract, connect with and keep your clients. If you're serious about building, growing and sustaining your network marketing business you need to get good at meeting people aka leveraging your cold market. It's not as scary as it sounds, in fact I prefer it. Cold market prospecting is NOT calling random people or sending copy paste messages to hundreds of strangers on facebook (please PLEASE don't do this!). Cold market prospecting is about leveraging your existing lifestyle and meeting people wherever you naturally go. It's about connecting, building relationships, listening and finding genuine ways to help people with your business or product. Here's my step by step on cold market prospecting. If you need more help download my systems mini ebook which goes in to step by step how I move my prospects through exposures without pressure: katacser.com/download-katas-system-book www.katacser.com/6-steps-to-awesomeness see more FB lives, blogs & more at: https://www.facebook.com/KATAtheBrand/
How to not be a weirdo with sales in network marketing
The worst thing ever when you get involved in network marketing is being given scripts & copy paste messages that just feel weird... they seem super salesy, super awkward and a lot of the time they just don't feel right. One of the biggest challenges I hear from my clients is they just don't know what to say or how to say it without being weird. You want to talk to people but you don't want to make them feel uncomfortable or pressured. I get it. And you're right. There's a right way, and a high pressure & impersonal way to connect with people in your networks. Let's have a chat about how to connect with people to grow your network marketing business without being weird and salesy. If you need more help with verbiage or want to see a different perspective on network marketing, download my FREE mini ebook: katacser.com/download-katas-book www.katacser.com/6-steps-to-awesomeness see more FB lives, blogs & more at: https://www.facebook.com/KATAtheBrand/
Dear Network Marketers: You are not a CEO or Entrepreneur
Dear Network Marketers Please stop calling yourselves entrepreneurs and CEO's. That's not what we are... like... at all... I know you're proud of running your business and I know you want to shout to the world that you're different, your'e badass, you're a "mumpreneur", you're not NORMAL (ew). And I totally get it... But you incorrectly promoting something you're not is not helping your business. You, my friend, are something way cooler than an entrepreneur or a CEO (unless you legit have built a business from scratch or hold the title of CEO in a company you own or work for)... You are an INTRAPRENEUR. Something to be very very proud of. So have a watch of this facebook live recording and learn why you need to change your verbiage ASAP to make the most of your smart decision to leverage network marketing. If you need more help on explaining what network marketing is or how it works, download my free mini ebook at: katacser.com/download-katas-book katacser.com/6-steps-to-awesomeness More mini blogs & facebook live videos at https://www.facebook.com/KATAtheBrand/ @katathebrand
Should you poach in network marketing?
Some Network Marketers can have questionable tactics, morals & values, I get it. If you're new in this industry maybe you're just doing what you're told because you "should find the people who are already successful & offer them something better!" right...? Hell nah. There's a lot to be said about HOW you find your team of consultants & how you play in the network marketing business arena. After all, how one of us plays affects ALL of us so please, play nice. You absolutely CAN be successful in network marketing without being pushy, salesy & by being authentic, ethical & chilled out. To learn more about how to build your network marketing business without poaching consultants, annoying people & pushing your friends & family far far away from you download my FREE mini ebook, "Build Your Business Like a Badass - How to Build Your Network Marketing Biz Without Being Weird & Salesy" HERE: www.katacser.com/download-katas-book It'll take you 45 mins to read, seriously, it won't take long but the feedback I've had tells me it's totally worth your time. Here's what Mel had to say about it: "I have just come across your page & would first like to say I feel like I have hit a pot of gold. I just watched your video on poaching. OMG. I am in network marketing & have to say after listening to that, which mind you hit super hard and now has me frustrated, angry, all the rest of it as I have been trying to tell people in my upline all these very things etc. I now know my approach is totally wrong and I'm going about it totally wrong. I wish I could get people to only listen. We are encouraged to do all the posts you are saying not to. I have known this is not right. I now can't wait to read your book and gain the right knowledge. Thank you for providing informative content" I'm telling you, there IS A BETTER WAY to build your business which doesn't include annoying others! See ya on the other side! Xx Kata www.katacser.com/6-steps-to-awesomeness see more FB lives, blogs & more at: https://www.facebook.com/KATAtheBrand/
Why do people fail in network marketing? aka why do people stay shit?
9 reasons people stay shit when it comes to network marketing: the back-of-receipt-because-I’m-travelling edition 🙃 Here’s what you missed... the answers to why people say no to a good opportunity, why they start the business and do nothing, and why people ultimately choose to stay shit and live a meh life instead of thrive using network marketing as leverage. Short version: 🧐 we all have choices and some people just straight up choose to stay unhappy instead of do all the things necessary to make a change. 🧐 freedom and responsibility go together. Most people prefer to avoid responsibility and sacrifice their freedom as opposed to learn discipline and take responsibility but have complete freedom 🧐 people are lazy AF and will usually find the easy way to do things.. like survive, not thrive 🧐 people are like 💯 impatient and have totally unrealistic expectations of what’s required and how long it takes to build the business or life they’re wanting and give up way to early 🧐 they don’t know HOW to do the thing required (lack of skills) 🧐 they don’t have the tools to do the thing required 🧐 there’s too much resistance pushing back (environment, people, or internal) 🧐 or... they don’t actually know what they event want, where they want to go or why they’d do it or are doing it.. 🧐 If you want more help definitely get your hands on my prospecting module! KATACSER.COM/PROSPECTING @katathebrand
Network Marketers - do you really need to do the 5am club?
Should you really be getting up at 5am? What's this miracle morning business and is it REALLY that important...? What if you like... really really like sleep... What's the deal? How do you actually get your energy in peak condition to grow your business and still remain a sane person? All these questions answered plus more recorded on this FACEBOOK LIVE! In network marketing our whole goal is to create a life of both time freedom and financial flexibility. As a young person, without kids, it always annoyed me when I was told that if I wasn't getting up at 5am I obviously wasn't serious about my business. 6 years and 3 businesses on from that day do I get up at 5am...? Nope. Do I still get stuff done? Absolutely. Let's have a chat about the good old "5am club" and see if we can figure out if you should be following it or not. Xx For more help SCHEDULING your business & life download my time management & goal setting module at: katacser.com/sexy-scheduling katacser.com/6-steps-to-awesomeness
KATA Facebook Live Replay: Answering your questions about my 6 Steps to Awesomeness badass school!
www.katacser.com/6-steps-to-awesomeness see more FB lives, blogs & more at: https://www.facebook.com/KATAtheBrand/
6 Steps to Awesomeness Badass School Crash Course - Week 2, Cut the Sh*t
Welcome to week 2 of Badass School Crash Course! Cut The Sh*t is all about uncovering and removing the negative messages we carry around with us. Whether it's our parents telling us there's never enough or our upline telling us people don't like us and that we "should" be more like this or that, these messages literally do not serve us at all. Most of my badass graduates find they carry between 30-100 of these negative messages and beliefs around which is so crazy...! Through this module we focus on bringing all your unconscious blockers to the surface and on to paper and then addressing each one with.. "is this true?" When you're aware of your beliefs you get to pick and choose what to allow in. After all, if the only thing in life we really get 100% control over is our mind, wouldn't you want to make sure you know exactly what's going on in there? Give it a go. katacser.com/6-steps-to-awesomeness
6 Steps to Awesomeness Badass School Crash Course - Week 4, The Realities of Business
If you're anything like I was when I started network marketing, I was totally unaware of the impending challenges and struggles I was about to go through in my business. I 100% didn't even consider the fact that people would judge me, be mean about my business, hope I failed and even worse... unfriend me for doing network marketing (and I don't just mean on social media.. I mean for real unfriend). Why did no one ever prepare me? Week 4 of my 6 Steps to Awesomeness Badass School is all about the realities of network marketing. I hope you'll never encounter any of these challenges but my spidey senses (and 6 years experience coaching hundreds of women...) tells me that more than likely, you will. And if it's not you, it'll be your upline, successline or sideline sisters. Now you may be the kind of person that prefers the "ignorance is bliss" approach but I personally prefer the "tell me everything I need to know so I can be prepared and identify it when it comes" way of doing things. So here it is... a short, Facebook live snippet of some of the challenges you can expect (and how to get over them) as you build your business. For more, visit: katacser.com/6-steps-to-awesomeness Xx Kata
6 Steps to Awesomeness Badass School Crash Course - Week 5, Wine not Whine
So network marketing isn't the most *loved* industry in the world, we know this. There have been schemers, scammers, manipulators, users, and straight up weirdos that have probably approached the chick you wanted to ask to join you - and you have to be okay with this. If you really want to make it in network marketing (hell, in any business) you have to be totally aware, conscious and in control of what happens between your two ears. Yes, what you say, and more importantly, what you're thinking. Napoleon Hill put it perfectly in his book Outwitting the Devil when he summarised that humans are in fact not in control of anything at all, except our thoughts. Ponder on that for a bit... Transitioning from *normal human* to *business owner* and more specifically *network marketer* requires a thorough and definite mindset shift. It's about understanding the inevitables, what's to come, the realities of business and learning to read, empathise with, understand and communicate to others in a way that will allow you to progress, and still allow them to feel comfortable too. Wine not Whine is week 5 of my 6 Steps to Awesomeness online course, also known as Badass School. In this Facebook live I touch on just a few of the things you can do to ensure you are ready for network marketing domination. Check out the course at: katacser.com/6-steps-to-awesomeness Enjoy! Xx Kata
Things You Should Know Before Signing Up to Network Marketing - KATA the Brand Facebook Live
Things You Should Know Before Signing Up to Network Marketing is a Facebook live conversation I had with my KATA the Brand peeps to help you decide if network marketing is for you... It's tricky fishing through all Dr Google's info when you're considering stepping in to this industry. It's so different from traditional jobs or businesses and I think it's useful, and vital, to have all the information up front so you can make the best decision for YOU. What's the deal with company vs company? How does pay work? What's a "sponsor" or "upline"? Do I really have to flog products to my friends and family to be successful? Is it a pyramid scheme? And a few other questions I bet you never thought about asking. If you're already in network marketing, send your prospects this video to help educate them and allow them to make their own decision. And also be mindful to answer these questions or make sure that they're asking them and know the answers so they can step in to this awesome industry fully prepared and ready to absolutely slay! If you've never been involved in network marketing, here's 16 things you should know before you sign up, or walk away. If you want more, feel free to download my free mini ebook: Build Your Business Like a Badass which is PERFECT for Network Marketing newbies and goes over how to build a NWM business WITHOUT being weird and salesy... You're welcome katacser.com/download-katas-book Xx Kata
6 Steps to Awesomeness Badass School Crash Course - Week 6, Sexy Scheduling
It's the last week of Badass School Crash Course and of course, I saved the best til last..! You may not be as excited as I am about it, but I swear once you figure out just how important scheduling is to your business success you'll find it as sexy as I do! The words "I don't have time" are the killer of all things productive. Productive feels good. Productive provides results. Productive builds businesses. Productive makes money. Productive changes lives. So why are so many people running around accomplishing sweet FA and still complaining they don't have time...? I mean seriously... what are you doing with your 24 hours each day...? I tell my team all the time "we all have the same amount of time as Beyonce" and if she can be in a marriage, have multiple children and STILL slay a career in the most effortless, classy, sassy, feisty way possible - we can all manage to build a network marketing business. Just a little perspective. So... how though...? How do you actually manage to stay *consistent* when getting it all done? I'll tell you how... you can't. Scheduling is all about balance and strategy. When to dip in and out of your team, personal business, when to focus on your life, family, when to push yourself harder and when to rest. But you need to know exactly when to do these things. So let me help you. In Sexy Scheduling, week 6 of Badass School I work through exactly what my diary looks like on a daily basis and help you figure out your long term goals, short term goals, and more importantly help you physically find space for them in your existing life. No I don't make you get up at 5am and yes I believe in healthy family and personal time. I believe in building a plan you can change up on a day to day or week by week or monthly basis and STILL get sh*t done. Yay. Check it out here: katacser.com/6-steps-to-awesomeness Or if you just want to do my separate module, Sexy Scheduling which is NOT network marketing specific, you can check that out here: katacser.com/sexy-scheduling Let's get sh*t done! Xx Kata