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Woocommerce Attributes Search Filtering Tutorial
Using attributes within Woocommerce to filter search results to enhance the user experience.
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Using Wget To Copy A Website Locally
This screencast tutorial shows how you can use wget to easily copy an entire website locally.
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Google Analytics Remove Ghost Referral Spam
This tutorial will show you how to filter out bogus ghost referral spam which interferes with the integrity of your analytics data.
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How to Add a Product to WooCommerce Shopping Cart - WordPress Tutorials
Quick Screencast showing you how to add a new product to the WooCommerce plugin of WordPress for eCommerce shopping cart solutions.
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Seblod introduction to storage and app creation part 1
Part 1 of the 2 part series that briefly goes over the basics of app creation & how storage using Seblod works.
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Webapps work offline
Introducing a new product by Cloud Radix of Auburn, Indiana - Webapp ! ( who says us cornfield coders can't hang with the out west coders! **Seriously though - this project couldn't be made, this webapp concept couldn't be done if not for the Open Source communities and projects - tons of work done by others... We're good at finding the new and getting it to work but it's the work of others that get the credit for this technology.** A big thanks to GOOGLE - for leading the web...) Want one? https://cloudradix.com and lets talk! Combine the best of the website and the best of the mobile app and remove all the crap you don't want... and you've got yourself the Future of the Web today! Webapp works offline, it is installable on mobile, tablet and desktop - even tv - and much, much more for a First Class User Experience (with proof of modern browser) but for those with the old school browsers, you'll see the app just as you'd see an old school website. We'll be making more videos about these lovely little webapps, so please subscribe to our channel. For you developers out there thinking whaaatttt??? We're going to provide screencasts showing you just how to start making the future of the web today! So stay tuned. *** Please Note *** This is super advanced technology and it's not even available yet in IE, Edge or Safari but each of those browsers have stated they will be updating to the latest web standards making use of Service Worker very soon! For those of you with Chrome, Firefox or Opera browsers, you'll find the progressively enhanced user experience! Fear not, this is a web standard - not proprietary and ALL browsers will support this technology in the near future. Imagine that... your webapp waits for the browsers to update rather than your website being outdated in a year? This webapp is incomplete and under construction currently but it was far enough along we posted it for the client. (They wanted it posted in its current state despite our apprehension. We have several elements to add and build onto this webapp, so if you check back, you'll see it filling in more.)
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Woocommerce Variable Group Product With Gravity Forms Product Add On
This tutorial will show you how to bypass the limitation of the regular group products for woocommerce. By default you can only have grouped products with simple products but not variable. This shows you how to get around that pesky problem.
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Plesk - Change File Upload Limit
How to change the file upload limit via Plesk Control Panel.
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Seblod introduction to storage and app creation part 2
Part 2 of the 2 part series that briefly goes over the basics of app creation & how storage using Seblod works.
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Progressive web app design - Fort Wayne - Polymer - PWA
Introducing another Progressive web app by Cloud Radix https://cloudradix.com/web/work. This PWA pulls all videos from our YouTube Channel and displays them in lists we setup in the code using the Google YouTube API. Interested in the bleeding edge tech most haven't heard of yet? Progressive web apps are what will replace websites and mobile apps together! Watch this video to see why we put this latest web app on a domain called "Web Design Spartans". Hubris runs strong at Cloud Radix; we are Web Design Spartans! Inspect our code, test our code throw the kitchen sink at our code. You'll find we meet and often beat the RAIL standard: Respond: 100ms Animate: 8ms Idle work: 50ms chunks Load: 1000ms to interactive One second to load something that a user can interact with.
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How to shut the app-drawer in polymer-cli
Screencast showing the code necessary to shut the drawer when the drawer is not persistent. Using polymer-cli starter-kit code is the same as this version which is the older app-drawer-template.
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Progressive web app design Fort Wayne - Polymer - PWA - webappdesign.io
The future of the web, today! Progressive Web Apps combine with Accelerated Mobile Pages to form Progressive Web AMPs! PWAMP if you prefer... It's what we do. Best website solution available on the web - objectively measured and tested with website quality auditing tool Lighthouse. https://cloudradix.com/web/showcase/video Progressive Web Apps provide offline use, add to homescreen (shortcut that goes on your mobile phone that opens a full screen 'mobile app like' experience. They offer bluetooth discovery services (this will be a big thing in the Living Web), location services, push & notifications, they are discovered on the web rather than a mobile phone app store, they don't run the battery down in the background and 'only' ask for permissions when you use function such as taking a photo "This site would like to use your camera" will pop up 'when' you first try to use the camera function. The list of positives goes on and on... The greatest news? Major companies across the world are going to progressive web apps and they are experiencing massive / staggering gains in user engagement, user re-engagement and online conversions. Now... There's a Web App for ALL - Ken W. Button January 2016
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How to use Gulp and Google Chrome to develop in Polymer 1 0
Shows how to be sure the dependencies are correct for Gulp and Google Chrome development. Subscribe if you like our videos! Follow the build of our new site. First, we'll build it on poly. Then we'll set it on Fire =)
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Voice Memos Progressive Web App
Progressive Web App power is demonstrated with the Voice Memos PWA as we show the creation of Voice Memos while online and offline, retrieval of Voice Memos while online and offline, saving the Voice Memos to your device and much more. https://buttonblock.com/ Voice Memos: https://voice-memos.appspot.com/ Voice Memos Author: https://aerotwist.com/blog/voice-memos/
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Use Flexbox to style Polymer 1.0x
Using Flexbox classes, we show how you can place the location of various objects, such as paper material, using div tags. Subscribe if this video was helpful!
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Progressive web app design Fort Wayne - Polymer - PWA - itemapp io
Future of the web - today! In our first iteration of itemapp.io: Database backend to app User authentication to app with Google (will add more auth later; Facebook, Twitter, Email/Pass etc...) Store user data when offline App is installable to homescreen We've got some more work to do to itemapp.io but we release early and often at Cloud Radix~!
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Business Process Management Automation - Making Google Apps Dance
In this video we make the claim that great improvement to the 'results' of creating, storing and sharing Business Processes can be achieved by the 'new way' - Google Apps. This particular application isn't a sexy illustration of the power of Google Apps - you need to use your imagination here and figure out how to use this stuff. Want quotes out from your website? It's not just the automatic quote that's the 'key'... it's the TRIGGER that's the key! Once your mind is wrapped around saving yourself the drudge of daily business chores and around the idea of your people becoming better at their jobs - you'll begin to see value in taking the time to 'imagine' your workflow. A great workflow doesn't just solve one problem - it solves MANY. Challenge yourself to grow your business in a new way (make more or spend less are not your only options..) - EFFICIENCY makes an organization MORE PROFITABLE by simultaneously affecting both categories of Make More AND Spend Less AND the Possibility for Innovation... We first 'dream up' the perfect scenario... Wouldn't it be nice to fill out a form and hit submit and an army of tasks were completed - but not just competed - completed 'correctly' each and every time, regardless of who submitted. Seems unlikely right? I'd want to see the proof! So give it a watch... I'm sorry if the video was a little long, my verbosity does get the better of me when I'm talking tech. Form is submitted Spreadsheet is populated Document is created Document is stored - in the 'correct' department/processes folder PDF is created from the document PDF is stored along side the document - again in the right spot! Email is sent to the entire team with PDF of new process attached PDF is printed at each department (exact amount of copies per department - pulled in from user count of another spreadsheet) I didn't put it into the Video but we feed the new processes through our Intranet. If you're intrigued by this video please consider following the Cloud Radix channel. We'd be most pleased if you did - we'll even take the time to say "thank you!" Sincerely - Ken W. Button Proud Team Member Cloud Radix
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Kaufmann Property Management Fort Wayne Video
Drone video done for Kaufmann Property Management
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New Park in Auburn Indiana - Drone Aerial Footage
Drone footage of Auburn, Indiana's new park downtown. Drone pilot Ken W. Button and Lucas M. Button.
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Web design Auburn - Polymer - Website - appforest.io
https://project-2752111660485914892.firebaseapp.com/ website (formerly we had this on https://appforest.io but we've since decided to change the domain), a desktop website application for viewing secure websites and progressive web apps with shareable link. This viewer helps us test the responsive layouts of various web projects and share those results with our clients. This is a clone of Google's "Resizer" website found here: https://material.io/resizer/
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ACD Festival 2014 Promotional
ACD Festival in 2014 for more details visit http://acdfestival.org
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Progressive Web App by Cloud Radix - Web Chat App
Fort Wayne web design and development company Cloud Radix is building some pretty cool web apps these days! This one is a progressive web app chat application allowing users to login with their Google account to authenticate and authorize them to post text and photos to the global live chat.
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Web design Fort Wayne - Twitter Bootstrap - Website - Midwest VoiP
Built using Twitter Bootstrap CSS framework, this static HTML5 website is fast and responsive, providing a great user experience. Cloud Radix specializes in custom static HTML5 websites and Progressive Web Apps. We're building in AMP HTML (accelerated mobile pages) as well. Cloud Radix also builds websites in popular CMS framworks like Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, ExpressionEngine, PageKit and Ghost when customers request them.
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Who Is Lookup - How To Find Out Who Owns A Domain Name
Every wanted to find out who own a specific domain? Watch this video to see how easy it is!
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How to Audit Internet Presence
How to measure your website and Internet presence in one easy to perform step. One of the first steps in the Cloud Radix new website process is to capture the current status of the client's Internet presence. Using http://woorank.com is one of many ways any individual can quickly check the status of an Internet presence at a high level. There exists many more diagnostic testing tools for more granular anlaysis, tweaking and improving - but WooRank offers a speedy and easy means of quick overview. http://cloudradix.com/blog/your-website-a-good-employee-or-bad-employee/
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Structured data testing tool - WDE
Search discovery is greatly enhanced when you add structured data to your website or progressive web app pages. You'll want to test the structured data using the Structured Data Testing Tool by Google. https://webdesignexperience.com/2016/10/22/how-do-I-add-structured-data.html
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Web Design Fort Wayne Indiana
Maybe you have a website or are in need of a website, either way, it's supposed to increase your sales, make it easier for you to get more customers with less work. Is your website doing its job? Find someone serious about Web Design, like us! We don't just build websites, we build companies. http://cloudradix.com
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Seblod Computation Introduction
This screencast explains how to use computation to create powerful applications using Seblod.
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Classic Car Cloud - Auburn Indiana - Mobile View - PWA - Web App Design
https://classiccarcloud.com mobile view #classiccars #cars
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How to install Polymer 1.02 on Windows with Yeoman
*Correction* Polymer 1.02 - NOT 1.04. Please forgive the honest mistake. Don't want to pull it down over that... Welcome to our screencast series on Polymer. Here is the first video! Installation of Polymer 1.04 using Yeoman =) We like Yeoman at Cloud Radix - and if you've not used this little scaffolding beast, you're in for a real treat! Be sure to subscribe if you like the video and are interested in the plastic web =)
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How to Screencast and Screenshot with Free App and Extension
Cloud Radix video screencast on the process of getting an app and extension from the Chrome Web Store, installing it in Chrome Browser and using the App for Screencasting while using the Extension for taking Screenshots. Shows how to screenshot a region of the screen and then annotate and save / share the photo. Shows how to screencast using the App and how to save / share the video.
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Jimmy dronin' in the 260
Jimmy Gould tests out the DJI Inspire 1 for the first time. First flight showed he has the finesse touch to record 4k video from the air super stable, super awesome!
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Web design Huntington - WordPress - Website - Huntington Nursery & Florist
Huntington Nursery & Florist wanted a website that showcased their extensive selection of floral and nursery products as well as their landscaping services. They wanted to be able to login and update their site and they wanted the site to contain lots of photos at higher resolutions. They wanted the site built in WordPress and wanted social automation setup as well. Cloud Radix took most of the photos on the website. The project was complete in one month and the client was very pleased with the results. Interested in web design or development in Fort Wayne area? Call us 260.577.3009 or visit us on the web https://cloudradix.com We're building Progressive Web Apps and AMP HTML websites predominately in Material Design.
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Web design Material Design Fort Wayne by Cloud Radix
Web design company serving the greater Fort Wayne, Indiana region with custom development in Material Design, multi-device, responsive website development. Our focus is on creating a great user experience with great content, great design and super fast website speeds. http://cloudradix.com
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Introduction to the Powerful Google Forms
This form is not meant to be useful in any other way beyond showing the google form potential use case. The video should be asking for the first and last name of each submission and if it's possible, use drop down select boxes to ensure the data entered is how you like it. With the power of Google Apps Scripts, you can actually cleanse the data (make it uniform and as you prefer it) before it enters into the next record (row) within the spreadsheet.
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Setup Google Analytics - Wordpress
Learn how to easily setup Google Analytics and connect it to your Wordpress Website. No unnecessary plugins required.
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Web design Fort Wayne - Twitter Bootstrap & WordPress - Website
Cutting edge web design and development either 'invented' by us or so new that we've just not seen anyone else do it... Take the best of a static html5 website and marry it with the best of a WordPress blogging tool and setup Social Automation to launch from grand central station; your website. Your All-In-One Web Design and Development, Marketing Solution, Search Discovery and Online Customer Acquisition solution that continually innovates and improves daily - https://cloudradix.com This hybrid web design website was developed and deployed two years ago and our upcoming videos will show the progression and changes we've made in our Kaizen (continual improvement) efforts to become not the best development team in Fort Wayne - but one of the best in the country... 260.577.3009 - https://cloudradix.com
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Ken Button Personal Profile Page - $600.00
Who says you can't have highly optimized, quality code which meets RAIL (web performance measurement test) offers a great user experience on any device? If you're wanting better, more and wish to pay less - https://cloudradix.com 260.577.2009
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Classic Car Cloud - Auburn Indiana - Polymer - PWA - Web App design
Join the community free at https://classiccarcloud.com using your Facebook or Google. We've much work to complete on this web app but v1.0 is ready for use! Future version have some neat upgrades we're working on - stay tuned!
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Personal Injury Attorney Fort Wayne Delventhal Law
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Save Links and Share Easily with Diigo
(Sound issue resolves in seconds.) Screencast video showing how you can save and share website links to a list and to a group so those in the group receive an email update with the newly saved link.
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Why Buy from Vorderman VW
Vorderman VW in Fort Wayne, Indiana wanted a video that provided consumers reasons they might consider Vorderman Volkswagen for their next vehicle purchase. The Video Marketing Solutions by Cloud Radix are an effective and affordable way to tell your business stories. Video by Nicholas J. Photography and Cloud Radix.
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Wordpress - Import - Export Pages & Posts
How to export posts/pages and import into another Wordpress installation.
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DeKalb Eastern Schools How To submit items into "How To" app from front end of website
DeKalb Eastern Schools is seeking an easy way to add content to their website. By building several apps within the ZOO CCK for Joomla, Cloud Radix shows how to add a menu item with a submit form to add items from the front end of the website.
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Progressive Web App for CPA Dan Hodges of Fort Wayne   Personal Profile Page
CPA Dan Hodges gave us a ring the other day and asked if we'd do a personal profile page for his personal domain https://cpadanielhodges.com so threw together a Progressive Web App that lazy loads, stores offline, works offline and upon the second or third time visiting the page with the Nexus 6p, I was asked to "add to homescreen" the PWA.
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Web design Fort Wayne - Cloud Radix - WordPress - website
bigmikestruckstuff com is an inexpensive WordPress website solution featuring a shopping cart built in WooCommerce using a Yootheme theme. Big Mikes Truck and Stuff didn't want to spend a lot of money but wanted a clean site that gave credibility to their eBay store business. The site theme was their choice as was the framework of WordPress. We recommended the WooCommerce shopping cart which we're very familiar with using.
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Progressive Web App - Auburn Indiana - Mobile Screencast
AUBURN POST - Progressive Web App - Auburn Indiana - shows the power of Progressive Web Apps
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Web design Decatur - Joomla - Website - Adams Central Schools
Cloud Radix built this website in the Joomla CMS framework for Adams Central Community Schools in 2013. The site is hosted by the school and administrated by the school after we trained them on how to install & admin the website. This is a clear case of a great CMS application using Joomla, as everything needed for this website is within the standard Joomla core.
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