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Persecusion Policial Lima Peru
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Nokia N8 and N900 GPS.
Here a comparison about the OVI maps between the Nokia N8 and N900 plus a test drive with the N8.
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Subaru Legacy GT PCV Valve Replacement
PCV valve assembly replacement. Cost is about $38 at my local Subaru dealership. 2005 Subaru Legacy GT
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Sony Ericsson k700i Original Commercial
K700i ad
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Valvula pcv Subaru
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Legacy GT exhaust sound - No mufflers
Inside camera 2005 Legacy GT Removed the 2 mufflers to see how it would sound. Stock Cat and 3" STI down pipe
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Unboxing Moto G6 Plus - Perú
El nuevo celular de Motorola. Moto G6 Plus. Exclusivo para el operador Claro Perú.
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Cant Touch This Compilation
Car memes via Facebook
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Subaru Legacy GT Exhaust Runs - Hogzaust
My 2005 Legacy GT exhaust sound clip Hogzaust System; 8 washers total
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Pontiac G8 with straight pipe.... loud!
Recorded with the Galaxy S i9000
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Mark Higgins Isle Of Man 2014 - Subaru STI
Credits go to Danielle Matthews. Original Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_HReTlVk_dY
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Nokia N8 WiFi problem & Fix
*Update*... In order to avoid this problem you need to have all apps that connect to the internet to be in manual mode and not automatic, otherwise the wifi will kick on.
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Xperia Arc S Night Video Test
Soap and detergent factory. Lima, Peru
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Subaru Legacy 2.5i Exhaust Sound - No Mufflers
2009 Subaru Legacy 2.5i Removed Mufflers to see how a NA 2.5 boxer engine sounds.
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Android Calendar Sync Problem Fix
How to make your additional calendars show up on your phone. Using the Samsung Galaxy S I9000.
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Toyota Prado Snorkel Install
Some tips on how to install a snorkel yourself. Prado 120 4.0 1GR-FE
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Storm Coming - July 4th - Miami 2013
Strong winds announcing the storm coming quickly. People getting out of the park.
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Align Trex 470L Tail Wag - Oscillation - Vibration
How to fix the tail Oscillation or Wag.
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Align Trex 470L Wag/Oscillation Fix Update and Flight test
An update of the fix for the tail wag or oscillation for the 470LP. At minute 6:55 you can see it fly and hover.
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Subaru Legacy GT Gold Rims
Painted my stock rims. Lot of work but it was worth it. Enjoy. Recorded with Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S
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Nokia n900 video sample
Shot with my Nokia n900. Driving under the rain. Quality is good and looks like it is not dropping too many frames.
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Samsung Galaxy S Gallery Problem
The Gallery does not show the full resolution of the pictures taken with the phone. This may be a problem in other Android devices since its the stock android gallery.
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Storm/Tornado Under The Bridge
Copans Rd And I95. South Florida. Shot with Xperia Arc S
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Nokia n900 vs Panasonic Lumix: video test
Hey everyone, This is a comparison between my N900 and a Lumix pocket camera about their video capabilities. Notice that the audio in the Lumix is trash compared to the n900's crisp audio.
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Xperia Arc S Lt18a Video Test Indoors
Inside the house
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Toyota Prado 120 4.0 Exhaust Sound - No Muffler
Removed the stock muffler and replace it with a straight through resonator. Toyota Prado 120 4.0L AT.
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Subaru Legacy GT Exhaust Sound with resonators.
2005 LGT. Doing a quick exhaust clip. No mufflers, a couple of resonators instead. Catless up pipe and down pipe.
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Jeep Cherokee Straight Pipe
I do not know the owner. A bit loud. Recorded with Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S.
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Subaru Legacy GT exhaust sound - Hogzaust
2005 Legacy GT 3" Invidia down pipe Sti Uppipe Hogzaust System; 8 washers total
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Align trex 470 Beginner Flight + Radio Settings
Here is a video of my Trex 470LP showing the Futaba settings and a short flight. PD. I actually changed the D/R for CH4 to -10 in order to have a more responsive tail.
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July 4th - Downtown Miami Fireworks - 2013
Downtown Miami Fireworks. Impressive!
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