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Felt Roller
My recently acquired and fabulous felt rolling machine working on a couple of Nuno scarves. It has taken the grunt work out of felting my work.
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Brother Garter Carriage KG 89 with Magnets
Just a short clip of my garter carriage at work on one of my designs in my studio. Converted from Punchcard to Electronic with two magnets added.
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Tour Passionat Artisans IMG 0289
A casual walk around Passionate Artisans shop/gallery, located at 28 Bath Road, Kingston ON.
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Magic Hat
Using Abracadabra yarn I knit magic stripes into this hat..what fun! http://www.skacelknitting.com/Abracadabra-a-thru-c/
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Felt Rolling Machine - Bike!
In lieu of the expensive felt rolling machine I can't afford (yet), I've devised a rolling method, at least on fine days. There's a vest in that roll!
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Sunrise over Avon NC.
Sunrise at 6.20am on the beach at Avon North Carolina. Got up early to watch and record.
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Breakfast on the Deck
Friends relaxing on the deck of our rental house in NC
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Garter Carriage
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Day at the Beach
On the beach at Cape Hattaras National Seashore, North Carolina. At Avon. Late morning, tide coming in April 23rd 2007.
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SUP Lake Ontario
A beautiful Summer evening paddling of Lake Ontario Park.
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Seaside Lunch in Low Newton
Family and cousins eat lunch in the beautiful tiny village of Low Newton by the sea.
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Okracoke NC
A view around Silver Lake in the heart of this tiny village on the Southern end of Oakracoke Island on the Outer Banks NC.
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Cardigan Walkabout
Carolyn M. Barnett handloomed cotton cardigan shown on the runway in the One of a Kind show fashion show March 2007.
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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge-Carolyn
I'm accepting this challenge from Jayne Eyre and dedicating it to Deb. I'm challenging Sandy McRae, Tasha Thorpe & Sheila Ortiz.
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A Flying Model
Thanksgiving '07 at Kingston Modellers flying Clint's model airplane, Brian navigating really. An out of gas landing.
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Wind Ensemble - Queen's U.
First wind ensemble Music 2007
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Turning Sixty!
Singing Jimmy Buffett's 'Margeritaville' sung by Garth at Carolyn's 60th birthday party.
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Loon Family
Long zoom, hand held in a boat on a wavy Canadian lake! This family of loons were not very disturbed by us and just spent their time introducing their two chicks to the water and the great outdoors. Sometimes the babies swam, sometimes they rode!
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Eli's Mummy Sings
Alana Kurtis sings 'Poor Little Bug on the Wall' to her son Eli which seem so amuse him and give him hiccups!
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Ladie's Washroom in L'Avenue Montreal
A great place to eat, very trendy, in Montreal but the washroom is the great surprise!
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Look who showed up in our garden. Is this a Cooper's Hawk?
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Curry Potluck 2011
Curry Potluck 2011
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Shooting the Sunset over Avon
Friends at the Avon house enjoying the sunset and capturing it on film
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Art Fest Kingston
Art & craft fair in City Park Kingston. The show which is to replace the old Fadayr.
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Linda Lundstrom at PA
This video is about Linda Lundstrom clothing at Passioinate Artisans Store, Kingston ON.
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Fly Zone on Loterie Farm, St Martin. GP030112
Zip lines and tree walking for an hour...this is the last leg.
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Annie's Puppet
Puppetmaker Annie Milne brought one of her larger than life puppets to the latest Artist Round Table gathering and Tina Roeder helped animate it.
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An April tour of Passionate Artisans
Passionate Artisans Art and artisan store/gallery in Kingston ON Canada
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First Morning in Avon
Karen, Bill and Clint get started playing their music.
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Spring Swan Family
Driving along the 1000 Island Parkway I watched this swan couple await whatever was in the large nest she was sitting on. They day I stopped to photograph them I find the whole family is hatched.
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New Puppy
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Sandy Whitton Gallery
View of our available walls for show.
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Passionate Artisans Dec 2015
Holiday shopping uniqueness at it's best. Hand made work of local artisans. 'Gift Local...even to yourself.'
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Hallelujia Flash Mob.MPG
Members of the Kingston Choral Society and Symphony surprise lunchers as they stand up and sing the Hallelujia Chorus from Handel's Messiah!
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Beach Walk on Mother's Day
Yvonne and Carolyn enjoy a hearty walk with Nuggett on Avon beach.
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Pelican Lunch
Pelicans and seagulls vying for a huge fish head on the fish cleaning docks at Ocracoke harbour North Carolina.
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