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How to sync Outlook with iCloud
Mark Copeman from http://www.being-smarter.com talks through what iCloud is, how to set it up with Outlook and a live demo of it working in real time - it's an extraordinarily good service which will make your life eaier if you set it up and take the plunge...
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My Hairy Cell Leukaemia story
I was asked to record my story for a conference in New York this coming weekend. Was really pleased the way it came out - thought it might be an interesting watch for those living with the disease.
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Outlook 2010 screenshot tool
Always scratching around for a screenshot tool when you need to send someone something? Look no further. Outlook 2010 already has one within it and I bet you didn't know it. Advicelet from www.being-smarter.com
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Painting a green screen in 60 seconds
http://www.berkshiregreenscreen.co.uk Berkshire Green Screen studio is available for hire in Bray Village. We offer full studio facilities, crew hire and equipment hire. We also thought it would be fun to record us painting it for the first time!
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Putler review - the best Paypal app ever
Mark Copeman reviews the new Putler app and explains how to get your API details from your Paypal account which you need to set up your account within the Putler app.
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The perfect consultant's office setup
Mark Copeman from http://www.being-smarter.com talks through the perfect office setup. You can find out more about the software and hardware he talks about on the blog post itself at http://www.being-smarter.com/2011/11/the-perfect-consultants-office-setup/
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Personalized URL marketing with Targets to Prospects
Want to get noticed? Want to impress your targets? Want more Prospects? Our personalized URLmarketing system generates personal landing pages and gets you conversations with your prospects. See www.targetstoprospects.com for more details.
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How to create amazing product screenshots without Photoshop
In this advicelet, Mark Copeman from http://www.being-smarter.com shows you an amazingly simple technique to create product screenshots on iPhones / iPads or computer screens without the need for Photoshop. You'll see it's a 15 second drag and drop and the results are stunning. Find out too how to take a screenshot on your iPhone and automatically transfer it to your PC in seconds.
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My story on BBC1
This is the clip from the BBC's Great North Run programme which went out on 16th Sept 2012 featuring 'my story' and the challenge we've set ourselves.
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How to share your screen for free
In this video, Mark Copeman from http://www.being-smarter.com shows you why and how you to share your screen (screenshare) with a client. No software downloads - completely free and very cool.
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The day I was interviewed by Denise Lewis
The Great North Run, 2012 was pretty special for me... I was interviewed by Denise at the half way point. Sadly, it never went out on live TV - but this is the next best thing...
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The best present ever?
http://bit.ly/best-present-ever for all the details you need on this amazing new service. Your friends and family will love you to bits!
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Philippe Dubost interview - how to get 1m web visits in 8 days
In this advicelet, Mark Copeman from http://www.being-smarter.com interviews the Amazon online CV Internet sensation, Philippe Dubost. Philippe was looking for a job, was sick of having to fire off his CV and be another 'number' on someone's desk, and so he decided to go about things differently... got a little creative... thought outside the box. Mark asked Philippe about his situation late last year, what drove him to coming up with this idea, the sequence of events on how it went viral, about some of the incredible metrics over the course of the mad couple of weeks... and, of course, the question on everyone's mind - has he got himself a new role yet?
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The day I high-fived Mo Farrah
The start of the Great North Run 2012 was pretty special - seeing Mo Farrah and Kat Copeland, Olympic Gold medalists on the start line. They would have had pretty sore hands after this...
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