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2  Using a Brunton Compass
This video demonstrates the Use of a Brunton Pocket Transit (Brunton Compass) for measuring angle of rock strata in the field
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1  Using a Hammer
This video shows how to use a Geological Hammer (pick) on hard rock
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Colca Canyon, Peru
Travel down Colca Canyon in western Peru. It is the deepest canyon in the world and the trek is considered one of the best...and most dangerous.
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8. Open Pit Coal Mining
This video was taken at an open cut coal mine near Ipswich, Australia and shows how the coal is mined.
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8.  Gold Mine
Go below into a working, underground gold mine in Ballarat, Australia and look for gold in the veins of quartz.
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Join Dr Peter Scott on a voyage from Ushuaia in Tierra del Fuego along the Antarctic Peninsula onboard the former research vessel MV USHUAIA. A variety of wildlife and conditions are encountered.
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1  Cross Polars
A demonstartion of how Cross Polars are used in identifying minerals in thin section through a Petrological Microscope. The video uses two pieces of polaroid plastic to show how a multiple layer of transparent material (tape - simulating a rock thin section) will produced characteristic colours.
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5.  Open Pit
Come to one of the world's most efficient Gold and Copper Mines at Cadia Valley, central New South Wales, Australia. Here the ore is mined by the Open Pit method using explosives and large earth-moving equipment in a coordinated way alowing for low-grade ores to be mined.
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4. Glaciation
Walk across glaciers in the Swiss Alps and in New Zealand
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2  Sedimentation
A simple demonstration in a stream tank showing how particles settle in water as sediment
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3.  Mica Thin Section
This video looks through a Geological Microscope at a metamorphic rock (schist) and shows the effect of rotating the stage of the microscope under crossed polaroid filters.
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2.  Hardness
A video demonstrating how to test a mineral for Hardness using Mohs' Scale of Hardness. This is a very useful geological skill in identifying minerals.
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A short video showing the effect of a sandbar at the mouth of a river
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4.  Hallein
Hallein Salt Mines in Austria have been mined for their valuable material from the days of the Celts. Come up to the top of the mountain and then descend underground to this mine which contains a large underground lake used to dissolve out the salt.
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1  Streak
Thgis video demonstrates the skill of finding the STREAK of a mineral - the colour of the mineral's powder. This can be a very useful tool in identifying minerals which have several colours.
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6.  Panning
This video shows how to pan for gold in a stream.
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2.  Santorini
Come to the island of Santorini (Thera) and into the large cauldera now filled by the sea. Sail to Neo Kameni, the new volcano in the centre and walk to the dormant crater of the King George volcano.
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2  Triassic Representation
The remote cool, wet rain forest of Tasmania resembles the possible rain forest which covered much of the southern hemisphere in the Triassic Period
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Iguassu Falls
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1  Antarctica
Explore the bleak but beautiful Wilhelmina Bay in the Antarctic Peninsula and get VERY close (1 metre) to MInkie Whales.
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1  Collecting Fossil Specimen
A short video showing the method of collecting delicate fossil specimens in the field
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2  Yasur volcano
This is a video excursion to Yasur volcano on Tana Island, Vanuatu. The island is partlt covered in ash from this volcano. Visit just before a major eruption
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2. Caves
Go deep into the Earth and explore the world of Limestone Caves
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7.  SovereignHill
Experience the excitement of a 19th Century Gold Rush town by visiting the re-enactment village of Sovereign Hill, Victoria, Australia. See how the miners of the 1840s looked for gold above and below ground. See how the gold is separated from rock and then smelted into a gold bar.
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Sailing the Outer Reef
Sail in a replica of a 19th Century Schooner to the part of the Great Barrier Reef of the northeastern coast of Australia. Once there, navigate through the dangerous shoals and then dive on the reef.
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1.  Pompeii
Visit the destroyed city of Pompeii, covered by the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 AD
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7. Thuston  Lava Tubes
Come under ground through the Thurston Lava Tube in Hawaii.
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1  The Sacred Waters
Come to Baños de Agua Santa high in the Andes of Ecuador. It is a popular religious site for the people of this country and is situated on the slopes of the active volcano Tungurahua (meaning "Throat of Fire" in the Quechua language)
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5.  Solfatara
A solfatara in the inner crater of Kilauea, Hawai'i.
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2 Inner Reef L
Dive the inner reef around Lifou, one of the Loyalty Islands - a French territory in the Pacific. Explore the many types of coral and other creatures which abound here.
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3.  Cleavage
This video demonstrates how minerals can be cleaves and this skill is used in mineral identification
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8.  Seismogram
A simulation of a seismogram of a typical earthquake
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1 Windjammer
Join the crew of a 19th Century-style Windjammer (a Brigantine in this case) and sail 1000 km. down the eastern Australian coast from Brisbane to Sydney. Swab the decks, take a trick (duty) at the helm and climb aloft to change the sails.
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4.  Deception Island
Sail through the narrow openiong (the bellows of Neptune) into the flooded cauldera of the active volcano which is Deception Island, Antarctic Peninsula
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6.  Geyser
Come to Rotorua, the thermal area of North island new Zealand and witness the continual eruption of the Pohutu Geyser
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Join Dr Peter Scott and wife Wendy as they travel to Puerto Maldonado in Peruvian Amazonia and travel down the Madre de Dios river and into the Amazon Rainforest.
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3. Colca Canyon
Trek down the treacherous path into Colca Canyon, western Peru along a sheer cliff two kilometres deep. This is one of the deepest canyons in the world.
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