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Using your digital SLR's aperture priority mode
We'll show you how to use aperture priority mode when using your digital SLR camera. There are several unique uses for this mode, including increasing your depth of field and taking pictures low light. Learn more @ butterscotch.com: http://bit.ly/9M8Ty1
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Computer Basics 101 - What is a buffer?
In chemistry, a buffer resists changes in pH. Michael "Doctor File Finder" Callahan describes the definition of a buffer and how buffers can affect your digital life @ butterscotch.com: http://bit.ly/auFbxv
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How to rip a CD on your Windows PC
You've got a bunch of CDs, but you'd like to have the music on your computer and mix it up a little. So, all you need to do is "rip" the music from the CD and save it to your computers hard drive @ butterscotch http://bit.ly/cu1Tk3
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What is DSL?
Today you hear the term DSL quite a bit. The phone company wants to know if you want to upgrade to it, your friends want to know if you have it... and you may not know quite what they're talking about. A Internet tutorial by butterscotch.com.
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Understanding your digital SLR's mode dial
The mode dial is one of the most important things to learn about how to use a digital SLR camera. The mode will determine the aperture value, shutter speed and more, which are key to taking a good photo @ butterscotch.com: http://bit.ly/9bONeC
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Using the MacBook Air
The keyboard and trackpad of the MacBook Air are both intuitive and easy to use, as we'll demonstrate in this tutorial. The keyboard is full-size and the trackpad allows users to use gestures to interact with the MacBook. We'll also be showing you the new and improved sleep function @ butterscotch.com: http://bit.ly/fMb1R7
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How to encrypt a USB key with TrueCrypt
If you have a USB drive you can carry quite a bit of information around on it. Documents, passwords, bookmarks, and more. If you have something like PortableApps installed on it you could have even more information. It might be wise to encrypt your USB drive just in case you lose it. A Internet tutorial by butterscotch.com.
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Understanding your motherboard
We look at what the motherboard does and at the various motherboard components. We take a look at how it is attached to the other components of a desktop computer, turn in and learn more @ butterscotch.com: http://bit.ly/9OctYn
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What is virtual memory?
You've heard the term, but what is virtual memory. Learn more in this Internet tutorial by butterscotch.com.
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Installing your power supply
When building your own computer, it's going to need power. We'll show you how to install a power supply unit (PSU) and, perhaps more importantly, how to pick the right PSU using a power supply calculator @ butterscotch.com: http://bit.ly/bmZ8s7
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What is a batch file?
Batch files let you run a series of commands without having to type them in one by one. Batch files, usually with the extension .BAT, are an important part of your Windows computer. Michael Callahan explains @ butterscotch.com: http://bit.ly/db5aFC
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Transferring files between your PC and Android phone
Android phones offer either internal USB storage or microSD cards. The storage space is user accessible and can be used for your music, videos, pictures or just about anything else. We'll show you how to manage that space and transfer files from PC to Android @ butterscotch.com: http://bit.ly/pQG6np
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How to use manual mode on your digital SLR
For those who want to control shutter speed and aperture settings at the same time there is manual mode. This mode is used by professionals and takes a bit of getting used to when using your digital SLR camera, but allows for greater control. Basically all of the features of shutter priority and aperture priority modes are here but without automatic compensation @ butterscotch.com: http://bit.ly/bbtFtt
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What is streaming video
You may have heard of "streaming video" or streaming audio and wondered what it is. A Internet tutorial by butterscotch.com.
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How to uninstall programs in Windows Vista
Many people like to download programs and try them out on their PC's. If you don't use a program, however, it's just taking up space on your hard drive. A Internet tutorial by butterscotch.com.
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Understanding lossy and lossless compression
When you're saving pictures to your hard drive or saving pictures to post online or email, you're going to want to know about lossy vs. lossless image compression. Stacy Reed explains this important computing concept. A Internet tutorial by butterscotch.
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Making your own ringtones from Voice Memos
We'll show you how to create your own iPhone ringtone. Using the voice memos application you can record your voice or record a song to use as a ringtone, then email the memo to yourself and change the file extension before loading it into iTunes @ butterscotch.com: http://bit.ly/gSRV6V
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Connecting the PlayBook to an external display
The BlackBerry PlayBook is capable of connecting to an external display like an HD television using its micro-HDMI port. Learn how to get it connected in this episode using a micro HDMI to HDMI cable and how to change your display settings in this episode @ butterscotch.com: http://bit.ly/mgzNH1
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Get your PC to see your Mac on your home network
The Mac makes networking really easy. However, for PCs in your house, it can be very difficult to "see" your Mac on the network. Connecting from the Mac to the PC is generally pretty easy. Once you know what to look for it's really easy to be able to let the PC see the Mac and connect to it. A Internet tutorial by butterscotch.com.
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What is Blu-ray
Here we explain what Blu-ray is and why it is superior to DVDs. If you know why DVDs are better than CDs, then you're pretty much on the right track. Blu-ray discs can store much more data than DVDs but require special drives to use. This makes Blu-ray discs ideal for housing HD video like movies and is the reason Blu-ray drives are becoming commonplace @ butterscotch.com: http://bit.ly/gGI3Sr
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How to use zoom and telephoto lenses on your digital SLR
We'll talk about how to use zoom lenses and telephoto lenses. We'll look at some of the benefits and drawbacks of zoom lenses, such as the weight. Still, zoom lenses are invaluable to photographers using them @ butterscotch http://bit.ly/cuL1Qe
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How to restore files in Windows 7
If you've used the Backup and Restore program that comes with Windows 7 you're in good shape. If you need to restore any files or folders it's a quick and easy process. Michael "Doctor File Finder" Callahan explains. A Internet tutorial by butterscotch.com.
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How to hide email recipients using BCC
Sometimes you have news or information that you want to share with lots of people, or everyone you know. In doing so, however, you'll reveal all of their email addresses to everyone on the list. A Internet tutorial by butterscotch.com.
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What is cache
You hear the term "cache" all over. People will ask, "How large is your cache?" or "Have you cleaned your cache out?" Well, first it helps to know what the cache is! Michael "Doctor File Finder" Callahan explain. A Internet tutorial by butterscotch.com.
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Understanding expansion slots
We'll focus on expansion cards, specifically video cards. We'll show you how to remove a card and how to install a card safely. Using these steps you can easily install a sound card, USB card or most other cards @ butterscotch.com: http://bit.ly/acsl3u
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Kiwi U-Powered solar and USB portable charger
There's a big burning orb in the sky whose sole purpose it seems is to charge up our tech gear. Kiwi U-Powered solar and USB portable charger is the latest solar powered battery backup to hit the scene. Learn more @ butterscotch.com: http://bit.ly/bkcXSX
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Connecting your PlayBook to a Wi-Fi network
In this episode we show you how to connect to a Wi-Fi network while using the BlackBerry PlayBook. Unlike other BlackBerry devices the PlayBook is unable to connect to 3G networks and instead uses Wi-Fi as its main means of connecting to the Internet @ butterscotch.com: http://bit.ly/kIbSHP
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Understanding and upgrading your hard drive
Your hard drive is where your computer stores long-term memory all of your files and programs. We show you how to remove a hard drive and explain the difference between connections like IDE and SATA @ butterscotch.com: http://bit.ly/c3Cruc
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Installing the sound card
We show you how to install a sound card into your custom computer. Though most motherboards have adequate on-board solutions for audio you might want to upgrade to a higher quality sound card for THX certified sound and top of the line audio.
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How to set your Firefox Home pages
Firefox allows you to set your Home page screen to whatever page you want. Sometimes you find a page so useful, you want to see it every time you fire up your web browser. Perhaps it's a favorite search engine or online email service, a site you check every time you log on or a personal or business site you need to keep tabs on. If you want, you can also set Firefox to open multiple home pages each time the browsers is run. A Internet tutorial by butterscotch.com. Distributed by Tubemogul.
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How to add a hyperlink to Word 2007 documents
In Microsoft Word, you can add Internet links right into your Word documents. A Internet tutorial by butterscotch.com.
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SanDisk Sansa Fuze Plus video review
For people in the market for an inexpensive MP3 player that's expandable, SanDisk has updated its two year-old Fuze player with a larger screen, capacitive touch navigation and more @ butterscotch.com: http://bit.ly/djbKIl
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Understanding and upgrading your RAM
We explain your computer's short-term memory and how to install RAM. We'll show you how to find information on your RAM, upgrade your RAM with compatible memory sticks and we'll explain the different types of RAM @ butterscotch.com: http://bit.ly/ca37BY
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Apricorn Aegis Padlock Drive
Andrew Moore-Crispin shows off the Apricorn Aegis Padlock Drive on this episode of Gadget TV. A Internet video series by butterscotch.com.
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Make a bootable system repair disc in Windows 7
There may come a time when your computer just won't boot. With a bootable system repair disc you can access and perhaps fix your computer. Here we'll show you how to create a boot disk for Windows 7 @ butterscotch.com: http://bit.ly/cJTDDb
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How to use prime lenses on your digital SLR
Prime lenses are essentially fixed focal length lenses that are simple in design. What they lack for in versatility, they make up for by taking clear shots and by being lightweight and portable lenses @ butterscotch.com: http://bit.ly/9hjCFc
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Settings up the Wii console
Learn how to set up the Wii. We show you what you get inside a new Wii box, show you how to connect your Wii, and set up the sensor bar. We also talk about some of the accessories you can get for your Wii @ butterscotch.com: http://bit.ly/d9AmT9
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How to take close-up shots with your digital SLR
To take detailed pictures of objects using your digital SLR you'll need to use a macro lens. Macro lenses allow for clear close-up shots of very small subjects. You can take pictures close up with this lens @ butterscotch.com: http://bit.ly/cuwopg
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How to reserve IP addresses on your router
In our final episode of this 10-part series on advanced router techniques we'll show you how to reserve an IP address. It's a simple settings change that can be done in the LAN Setup of your router software @ butterscotch.com: http://bit.ly/cG8DrY
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Burning a Blu-ray disc
We'll show you how to burn a Blu-ray disc. With your Blu-ray drive installed with the appropriate software, all you'll need is a blank Blu-ray disc. We'll walk you through how you'd go about burning a Blu-ray disc using MediaSuite 9 in this episode and more @ butterscotch.com: http://bit.ly/gZ6jlP
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Seagate GoFlex Satellite video review
The Seagate GoFlex Satellite lets you take your content with you anywhere and pull it up on your iPad, iPhone, Android device or just about any gadget with a web browser and Wi-Fi connection, in seconds. Tune in to learn more @ butterscotch.com: http://bit.ly/nbaZEo
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Karotz video review
If you're in the market for a Wi-Fi connected bunny rabbit who is so cute you might just vomit, you need Karotz. It can read the day's news, read your Twitter stream, allow for two-way voice chat and lets you see when the kids have arrived safely at home @ butterscotch.com: http://bit.ly/kyuiTg
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Installing programs to your MacBook Air
To do more with your MacBook Air, you'll need to install programs on it. In this episode, we show you how to install programs onto your MacBook Air using USB keys, external hard drives and Apple's own Remote Disc feature @ butterscotch.com: http://bit.ly/e4Sihh
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How to set up a wired network
We'll show you how to set up a wired network in your home. All you need to do is connect your router to the Internet and from there connect your router to your computer. It's easier than you think, check it out @ butterscotch.com: http://bit.ly/c28ae0
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How to create an Etsy account
To use Etsy, you will first need to know how to create an account. You can either create a buyer account or create a seller account, or both. However, a seller account will need to have credit card verification @ butterscotch.com: http://bit.ly/cVAbOk
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Desk Pets Skitterbot and TrekBot RC toys video review
If there's anything to be said for life in a cubicle it's that it's drab. Deskpets Skitterbot and TrekBot aim to brighten up your day a little with their line of cool remote control desk toys. Tune in to learn more about these gadgets @ butterscotch.com: http://bit.ly/f5kO90
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Managing your ebooks
Once you have collected enough ebooks on your Kindle you might want to start organizing the files. You can create collections, which are like folders, that you can put your ebooks in. You can create as many collections as you want to sort your ebooks @ butterscotch.com: http://bit.ly/dHknHJ
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CES 2011 - Make your own ebooks with Book Saver
If you've ever wished that you could somehow convert books and magazines to ebooks then you're going to love Book Saver. Basically a book scanner that photographs two pages at a time, Book Scan allows you to easily make digital copies of your books and put them on an SD card. Sean Carruthers is at CES 2011 to talk to Adam Cohen of ION Audio about the Book Scan @ butterscotch.com: http://bit.ly/f4iz4a
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Sony Reader Pocket Edition PRS-300
The smaller sibling in the Sony Reader line. A Internet video series by butterscotch.com.
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How to set the media volume on your Android phone
On the Android phone you can set the volume for media to be different from your phone volume. A Internet tutorial by butterscotch.com.
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