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Beer Battered Fish recipe | The Craft Beer Channel
Jim uses Tribute to make a beer batter for his lump of haddock. Loads more beer reviews, brewing, pub tests, cooking and beer cocktails to come in the next few weeks.
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The Dog's Nose beer cocktail | The Craft Beer Channel
Jim from the Craft Beer Channel watches mixologist Ben making up some old Victorian drink thing called The Dog's Nose, with London Porter, gin and nutmeg.
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Wheat beer clams and beer bread | The Craft Beer Channel
Jim Tanfield from the Craft Beer Channel whips up a gorgeous clam dish using wheat beer and Jonny Garrett bakes a beer bread. Loads more to come on the Craft Beer Channel - subscribe now. We're drinking: St Austell Tribute Brewdog Punk IPA Hackney Brewery Golden Ale
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Beer & bacon pancakes with Blueberries | The Craft Beer Channel
You can have beer for breakfast says Jonny, as he whips up this fluffy beer pancake recipe with bacon, blueberries and maple syrup. #mypancakeday Use Jamie's one cup recipe for your batter: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JPdpSAvmnHY Enjoy!
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Top of the Hops: Mr Trotter's chestnut beer
Jim travels to the Cotswolds to try Mr Trotter's chestnut beer created by beer hero Rupert Ponsonby.
The Bitchelada Michelada
So you iron-tongued warriors thought our michelada wasn't man enough. Well get this in your insides: hot sauce, beer, chilli powder, hot sauce, lime, chilli flakes, pepper and more hot sauce. Hotter than the fires of hell, and boozier than... well, actually it's about 5%.
Camden Town Brewery - how beer is made
Jonny from the Craft Beer Channel visits Mark at London's Camden Town Brewery to discover the secrets behind the brand's brewing technique. Jonny, wearing his school blazer, learns about grain, hops, mash and filtering in this wonderful place.
Beer Gin Fizz
Another beer cocktail courtesy of Ben and his hair. Jonny provides some glamourous support. This time a Beer Gin Fizz made with Freedom Brewery's Liberta.
Mikkeller beer Christmas cake | The Craft Beer Channel
Our master beer baker, Bee, kicks of Christmas with a beautiful Beer Christmas cake. No more dry, boring fruit cakes - the addition of a 18% Mikkeller Black means serious beer, malt and chocolate flavours, not to mention properly moist sponge. And then we fed it with Mikkeller black aged in whisky barrels... For more from Bee go to http://beesbakery.co.uk/
Beer & food: chocolate matching (part I)
Jonny heads to Rococo Chocolates in Marylebone, London, for a beer and chocolate matching session. From white chocolate and trippels to salted caramel and oak-aged beer, it all gets a little bit sensual.
Pilsner & elderberry cocktail
As we're pretty sure Brewdog would say, kirs are for old people. Try our punk pilsner & elderberry liqueur cocktail - perfect with antipasti for kicking off parties and pretending to be posh... while still drinking lager. Beer courtesy of the heroes at http://www.alesbymail.co.uk/
Halloween pumpkin beer cocktail
Ben with the hair mixes up a spookily good pumpkin beer cocktail perfect for Halloween and winter parties, using Beavertown's brilliant Stingy Jack and bacon infused bourbon. BACON INFUSED BOURBON PEOPLE.
Introducing the Craft Beer Channel
Welcome to the Craft Beer Channel. Join us for weekly adventures as we drink, brew, cook with and review great craft beers from around the world. From Belgian dubbels to US-hopped palate smashers, we'll be finding the world's best lagers and ales, and showing you what to do with them -- mostly drink them. Beer is the third most popular drink on earth. Let's make it the first. Subscribe now!
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Beer cocktail 2 - Mexican Michelada with unfiltered lager
Our Mixologist Ben whips up a spicy little number called the Mexican Michelada. Using Hot seasoning and unfiltered London lager, this is a lip-tingling lovely from Latin America; just ask Jonny. Loads more beer reviews, cooking with beer and general ale derring-do on The Craft Beer Channel.
Cherry beer cupcakes
No-one can accuse us of ignoring the bandwagon as Jonny and his pal Bee from Bee's Bakery (www.beesbakery.co.uk) get to work on some craft beer cupcakes made with Kriek (cherry) beer. Perfect things working in harmony - and Bee's cupcakes as well!
Name our homebrew
Name our homebrew and win international recognition and a barrel-load of Craft Beer Boy respect. In this video a surprising twist as Jonny drops his aitches and Jim tastes fudge. Write your suggestions below.
Beer & food: smuggling for burger matching
We smuggled some amazing beers into Barbecoa to try and match them with their awesome burger. Did we succeed? Did we get rumbled? What's the rubber hand all about? In this video we're drinking: Ilkley Brewery - Siberia Little Creatures - Pale Ale Freedom - Dark Lager Kernel - Pale Ale (chinook) Harviestoun - Ola Dubh 12 Beavertown - Gamma Ray Cornish Orchards - Heritage Cider Einstock - White Ale
Mulled fruit beer
We team up with Steve Livens, beer sommelier extraordinaire and self-confessed yeast fetishist, to mull some gorgeous cherry beer. More quaffable than wine and less alcoholic too, it's a festive hit with mince pies and warms the cockles of your heart.
Daiquiri with Meantime's raspberry wheat beer
Watch Ben mixing up a raspberry daquiri with Meantime's glorious, famous and fruity Raspberry Wheat Beer. How very Del Boy!
Meet the brewer: Skinner's
Jonny heads to Cornwall's Eden Project to meet Steve Skinner, founder and head taster of Skinner's Brewery. Learn about why cask ale is great, and a new hop the UK has never seen before! Bear in mind they have had a few Betty Stogs... Damn that's a lovely bitter. Get some beers here: http://www.skinnersbrewery.com
Beer & food: chocolate matching (part II)
The second part of our epic chocolate and beer tasting episode at Rococo. We try bourbon stouts and dark chocolate, cherry beer and salted chocolate, and it all gets a bit saucy -- it seems Rup likes chocolate even more than Sam.