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Sharekhan tutoirials- Download trade tiger and login
Here video for starters in share market... how to trade using Trade tiger by shrekhan... link from where you guys will get Trade tiger for free. : http://www.sharekhan.com/Products/TradeTiger/Default.aspx?sourceid=18&campid=61
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photoshop tutorial- Face swapping
Learn to Swap face in photoshop just in some simple steps...
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Sharekhan tutorials-  place order and sell shares
you will get to know about how to order and sell shares through trade tiger.... and what is sell against margin.. meansyou can sell shares even if you don't buy them earlier but you hav to buy same shares mans square it off till 3:15pm..... plz subscribe for more videos
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Photoshop tutorial- How to change color of eyes
Photoshop tutorial to learn to change color of ayes in simple steps...
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Sharekhan tutorials- use charts while trading
One must study chats for analysis before buying shares... really helped a lot while my intraday trading...
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Sharekhan tutorials-Cash report, net position and limit statement
how can you see your order status... profit and loss you earned or suffered... limit statement means how much more money do you have to invest In market....and unsettled postion as each transaction is settled after T+2 means transaction date and 2 working days and after that amount will be debited or credited in account....
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Sharekhan tutorials - Play boy
simple basics for helping you guys plz give suggestions and your querry by mailing me.... thanks
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Apache RTR 180 TOP SPEED
apache rtr 180 top speed ... doubling ;)
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Photoshop Tutorials-  how to change colour of lips in photoshop
video for beginners to learn photoshop just in secs.... in this videos we told you to change the color of lips in photoshop in simple steps.
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how to download video from youtube without any software
how to download videos youtube is very easy just have a look at this shot clip.... plz subscribe to my channel
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gta4 graphics render and texture problem in window 10 solved
Views: 138 RAEES
How to change backgroud of image in photoshop
Photoshop tutorial for begginer to change background of image in simple steps....
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Photoshop manipulation tutorial for beginners | how to Change background and colors correction
You will learn how to do basics of editing .
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