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Gunnedah - Koala Capital of The World
We're proud to be home to one of the largest and healthiest Koala colonies in the world. You can travel to Gunnedah on any budget, and stay anywhere from 4 star motel accommodation to a caravan park. There's a rural museum, a historical museum, arts & crafts, bushwalking, camping ... Nip out to Lake Keepit for some fishing, sailing, water-skiing or gliding at the soaring club. The landscape is striking with hills dotted around on through the sweeping plains -- the landscape that inspired Dorothea Mackellar to pen "My Country". http://www.infogunnedah.com.au
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Gunnedah - Health & Education
Gunnedah is a great town for educating your children. They can have both a general education and a well rounded whole education. There's also great continuity of healthcare with GPs from the two medical practices rostered on at the modern and fully equipped 49 bed hospital. http://www.infogunnedah.com.au
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Gunnedah - Enjoying the Lifestyle
Friends who come to visit us always want to come back again. There's a great climate, tons of sports to play ... it's just a great place to live and grow up as a family. You can still get a great cup of coffee but you don't have to wait in peak hour traffic. http://www.infogunnedah.com.au
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Gunnedah - Events
From the national tomato contest to the annual Christmas light show spectacular, from AgQuip to the Picnic races, there's always some kind of event on in Gunnedah. http://www.infogunnedah.com.au
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Gunnedah - Business & Jobs
There's an opportunity to have a challenging career as well as a great lifestyle in Gunnedah and job seekers and prospective business owners are welcomed with open arms. It's a progressive town that's still growing with great potential for your future. http://www.infogunnedah.com.au
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Gunnedah - The Land of Opportunity
We love Gunnedah because it has a great feeling of community spirit. There's also the beautiful landscape in North West New South Wales, Australia that inspired Dorothea Mackellar's poem, My Country. It's a great place for kids to grow up and there's a variety of jobs and opportunities for business. It's also home to one of the largest Koala populations in the world. http://www.infogunnedah.com.au
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Gunnedah - Housing & Real Estate
Gunnedah has a great range of attractive, modern and affordable homes and you can enjoy a great lifestyle that's not all that expensive compared to living in a big city http://www.infogunnedah.com.au
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Gunnedah Koala Capital - It's your favourite town TVC
People asked me, "where was you favourite town?' I went 33,000 kms around Australia to find out it was Gunnedah. The rivers, the plains - the stuff that inspired Dorothea Mackellar. It's the Koala capital of the world in the heart of North West New South Wales (NSW) Australia. (Not Canada) http://www.infogunnedah.com.au
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Gunnedah Business Investment - Land of Opportunity TVC
When you're starting up a business it's great to know that Gunnedah is a community that people like. There's initiatives for businesses to come to town and invest. And there's enormous potential for young people to start out. Gunnedah is the land of opportunity. http://www.infogunnedah.com.au
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