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Hazards and risks
What's the difference between a hazard and a risk?
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Introduction to developing & managing performance management systems
Introduction to BSBHRM512A Developing & managing performance management processes
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Recruitment, selection & induction
What is recruitment, selection & induction?
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What is a HR Service?
Sparkol Video Scribe
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How to join a zoom meeting
Learn how to join a zoom meeting as either a staff member or student
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Student Introduction to Moodle
Need help with Moodle? In this video you will learn how to navigate moodle, access the most common activities and resources, submit assignments, review your assessment results and change your student profile
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What is Zoom & how can I download the software?
Learn about the benefits of using zoom and how to download the software so you can book and join zoom meetings
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Joining a zoom meeting as a student or a teacher
Learn how to join a zoom session that you've been invited to either as a teacher or as a student.
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Resetting your Moodle course
Learn how to re-set your Moodle course
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How to back-up your moodle course
Learn how to back-up your moodle course in five easy steps
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Maximise your productivity
Are you maximising your productivity in this on-line course? Watch this video to see all the on-line tools available to you to maximise your productivity and minimise your stress
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Your mission should you choose to accept it.....
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Girls night out
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How to schedule a zoom session
Learn how to schedule a zoom session for your students (or anyone else) and how to invite your participants to your zoom session.
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Saving your moodle back up file to efiles
Learn how to save your moodle back-up to efiles for safe keeping
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Moodle participation report
How to download a participation report for your online moodle course
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