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Keiser M3 Bike Fit
Fitting your Keiser M3 Bike Seat Height: Knee angle between 25 and 35 degrees Seat fore and aft: Plumb line hangs down to crank/pedal junction Handlebar height: always higher than seat height- even higher up for people with low back pain or tight hips.
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TRX Baby Intro
Use the TRX Suspension Trainer to make exercises easier or harder, depending on what YOU need and feel safe with! As baby grows, you will become stronger and stronger! Designed for women and men of all fitness levels, these exercises are a bonding experience with baby and a chance to regain strength after pregnancy, labor, delivery, and the demands of mommyhood. The TRX Suspension Trainer is used to help guide moms through a variety of safe and fun exercises – engaging the core at all times!
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Shana Martin on Bizarre World
Andrew Zimmern tries his hand at some lumberjack sports in Hayward, Wisconsin.
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Shana Martin Runs the Boom: ESPN Great Outdoor Games
2004 ESPN Great Outdoor Games in Reno, Nevada. Shana's boom run to get her into the medal round!
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Shana Martin: Channel 15 Huntington's Disease Profile
Huntington's related profile from Channel 15, 2001
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Peter & Shana Verstegen's Backstreet Boys Wedding Flash Mob
Epic. Wedding. Moment. It started as our first dance/wedding party dance to "Storybook Love" and turned into a crazy party! I know my friends and family love me when I asked them to do a dance to Backstreet Boy's Everybody at the wedding and they actually agreed! A huge thank you to Jessica Boggs for helping these crazy kids learn the dance and to Little Fry Films for this great video clip. How many brides get a boom cam at their wedding??!!
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TRX for the Neurologically Impaired
TRX Senior Instructor Shana Martin is also the National Spokesperson for the Huntington's Disease Society of America. Here she introduces some Suspension Training exercises that focus on balance, leg strength, and core stability to help those with neurological brain disorders such as Huntington's Disease, Parkinson's, ALS, and MS be more functional and mobile for a longer time.
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TRX Backstage for Bodybuilding, Figure and Fitness
2 Perfect TRX Suspension Trainer exercise combos for bodybuilding, figure, and fitness athletes to do backstage before showing off their hard work! These exercises are guaranteed to bring blood to the muscles allowing you to look your best for the judges. No dumbbells required!
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Instant Pot & Once a Month Meals
I finally took the plunge and purchased an Instant Pot on Amazon Prime Day! For fun, Peter filmed my first experience just IN CASE I blew up the kitchen. I'll let you watch to see what happened! I taught myself how to cook 2 years ago so that my son wasn't living on the fast food and pre-packaged meals that I had my entire life. I discovered Once A Month Meals where I spend one day cooking a month- and freeze 30 meals that are ready to go when we are ready to eat! They are big on the Instant Pot so I decided to give it a try. Seriously, this program has enabled me to FINALLY cook my own healthy meals that Greyson actually enjoys AND still have time to be a busy Under Armour Mom! Check out the program at: https://secure.onceamonthmeals.com/affiliate/shanaverstegen (if you sign up through my link I get like $1) #IWill #UATrainingTeam #FitFam
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Shana's 2007 Fitness America Routine
Shana's 2007 Fitness America Routine
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2008 Lumberjack World Championship Log Rolling Win
With a torn ACL, Shana Martin defeats Jenny Atkinson for her third log rolling world title. Shana is sponsored by Duluth Trading Company: http://www.duluthtrading.com A special thanks to Kristine Ochu of Windigo Productions for the production of this video. http://www.windigoproductions.com
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Chatting with the Backstreet Boys in Vegas
After 20 years of my strange obsession, I finally had a chance to speak to the Backstreet Boys (and Kathy Griffin!). Surprisingly I was able to speak in full sentences and didn't even cry until later in the day. :) My question to them? "Do you work with a trainer on the road, and if not, do you need one?" Apparently they don't... Brian was kind enough to come off of the stage to chat with me, and just as the video cut he fell through the chair! No worries, he is a-okay. Thanks Hayley Hollander for keeping me upright and filming this!
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UW Pole Vault Team Profile Shana Martin
Shana was one of the first female pole vaulter at the University of Wisconsin. Here's a profile on the team done by the local ABC affiliate, WKOW-TV
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Shana opens the Wayne Brady Show!
Shana helps Wayne get his show started in 2003. Yes, I am a dork.
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Shana's ALS & HD Challenges
Today I took on two charity challenges while log rolling: The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge AND the Huntington's Disease Pie in the Face Challenge. Peter and I also donated to both organizations and are having such a blast watching these videos. For the ALS #IceBucketChallenge I nominate: Hayley Hollendar, Ami McMullen, and Caitlin Satala. For the #HDPieInTheFace Challenge I nominate Lindsay Meeker, Lauren Holder, and Jason Ritter. Feel free to participate AND donate!
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TRX Rip Rope Turbulance
Join TRX Master Instructor Shana Martin for this exciting and calorie burning TRX Rip Trainer and Battling Rope metabolic workout! This set only takes 20 minutes but will leave you and your body (especially your core) exhausted!
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Log Rolling on Australian TV Show
Check out Shana Verstegen, Olivia Judd, Libby Magnone and many other rollers teach Todd Sampson how to log roll!
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Huntington's Disease Society of America PSA with Shana Marti
A PSA I did a few years back for HDSA. If you know of any markets willing to air it, please get in touch with me or HDSA! (No laughing at my bad hair or acting... it was a work in progress)
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Two Girls. One Log. Part 2: Namekagon River Roll Off
Please join us in the exciting adventure as two lumberjills Shana Martin and Taylor Duffy share their crazy summer of living and training together. This weekend they are attending the Namekagon River Roll Off- one week before the Lumberjack World Championships.
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TRX Balance
This short clip demonstrates just one of thousands of ways the TRX Suspension and Rip trainers can support or challenge balance. TRX Master Instructors Shana Martin and Casey Stutzman demonstrate the simple, yet effective, single leg balance.
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50/50: A Huntington's Disease Documentary with Shana Martin
A documentary I was honored to take part in with actress Andrea Anders. This is a short clip from the movie that was filmed in 2003. To purchase the entire movie (which I strongly encourage) please visit: http://www.cstar.com/jerseydocs/all_jersey_docs_movies/100f2e00-8ab2-4203-8477-79821957f641
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Midwest Log Rolling Championships Promo
Shana appears on WISC TV on June 11, 2009, to promote the Midwest Log Rolling Championships.
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TRX Suspension Trainer Demo
Shana demonstrates the TRX Suspension Trainer on WISC TV, September 25, 2009. Want your own TRX? Visit: http://www.shanamartin.com/personaltraining.htm and click on "Train like the Pros"
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Shana Martin Women's Tri Fitness Obstacle Course Fall 2007
The hardest 55 seconds ever! The WTF contests include an obstacle course and fitness skills on top of the usual fitness routine and bikini rounds. This makes for an exhausting weekend!
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Preben Gets a Gift
It is a little known fact that World famous Lumberjack Preben Palsgaard is a cat lover. Mark Dufrense presents Preben with a loving gift at the Walworth County Fair September 2013. Preben loves it!
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Shana Martin Fitness America 2007 Bikini Round
I placed in the top 5! Although I am no master heel-walker, and my name isn't Shawn...
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2003 ESPN Great Outdoor Games Boom Run
Shana Martin vs. Maggie Bulk in Reno, Nevada. Lumberjack sports at their finest!
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2003 Street Smarts With Shana Martin
Shana gets the Dunce Cap on "Street Smarts"
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TRX Call Me Maybe
TRX Rip instructors show how this song is REALLY done! @TRX Headquarters San Francisco, California June 2012
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Great Outdoor Games Profile: Shana Martin
Shana's feature on ESPN's "Great Outdoor Games" July 2000
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Shana and Matt Introduced on Street Smarts
Professional log roller is introduced
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World's Highest Bungee to Beat Huntington's Disease
Shana Martin bungee jumps 710 feet from the Bloukrans Bridge in South Africa to raise money for the Wisconsin Chapter of the Huntington's Disease Society of America.
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Shana at Lake Wingra 2008
A Channel 27 feature of "Joe's Journeys" filmed right after my 2008 World Championship win. Even my dad is featured! This is a VERY cute video, definitely worth a watch!
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TRX Team Head Coaches in for a grueling week of training and education. TRX Headquarters San Francisco, CA January 2012
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Capitol Splash 2009 News Clips
News clips (3 channels) of the 20th Annual Capitol Splash Log Rolling Tournament in Madison, WI
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TRX Monday Move: TRX Lunge with Med Ball External Rotation
#TRXMondayMove Try out the TRX Lunge with Med Ball External Rotation! Adjust your straps to mid calf length, stand facing away from the anchor point and place your right foot in the foot cradles. Holding the med ball tight into the chest, lower the back knee straight down to the floor. Extend the arms with medicine ball and (while maintaining stability!) rotate over the front leg. Return the medicine ball to the chest and return to a stand.
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Peter's ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
Nominated by Isaac Tomlinson, Peter Verstegen takes on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge - with a twist! He nominates: Olivia Judd, Brodie Birkel, and Cheryl Augustine.
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TRX Bali 'bout that Bass
This was our largest TRX Instructor Summit EVER, with 62 attendees, 8 staff, and 3 translators from all over the planet! 73 strong & 27 countries represented. And you know what we did? Learned, bonded, laughed, and DANCED!
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e-MOM Mother's Day Workout
A perfect Mother's Day Mom/Baby workout! Every Minute On the Minute! Begin each set on the top of the minute. Rest 3 minutes between rounds. Repeat 5 times (if baby will allow!) 15 Baby Squats 20 Baby Presses 20 Baby Rows 18 Baby Step Back Lunges 20 Baby Seated Rotations Link to the workout: http://tinyurl.com/kcdmlu9
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Twash Talking
Don't mess with Madison Log Rolling! A little bit of fun during class. :) http://www.madisonlogrolling.com
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Lisa Mueller Fitness America 2007
Lisa competing at Fitness America just days before doctors found a 15cm tumor in her chest. She is amazing.
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Olivia's Ice Boom Run Challenge
Olivia's Ice "Boom Run" Challege for ALS
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The best day of our lives. Thank you to Andy Garcia Productions and Little Fry Films for filming our special day. Check out youtube.com/shanaUW to see additional footage of our Backstreet Boys Flashmob and silly reception antics. :)
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Greyson's First Year
What a special year it was!
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Greyson Attempts Walking
He did get a few steps today - but he had more fun with the crashes!
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Log Rolling Challenge
A local sportscaster challenges several kids to a log rolling match. Video was taped circa 1990 at the West YMCA in Madison, Wisconsin. Starring Shana Martin, Tamara Miller, Tiffanie Hunt-Mark, Nikki Hynum, and George Martin.
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An Immune Boosting TRX Workout
One of the many fantastic benefits of the TRX is its ability to adapt to any level of strenuousness. So if you feel a cold coming on, or everybody in your house is coughing, give this easy to regress TRX workout a try. It may save you the misery of three weeks of a cold.
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Two Girls.  One Log.  Part 1: La Crosse
Please join us in the exciting adventure as two lumberjills Shana Martin and Taylor Duffy share their crazy summer of living and training together.
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Grey Sneezes
This video is about Grey Sneezes
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