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UW Pole Vault Team Profile Shana Martin
Shana was one of the first female pole vaulter at the University of Wisconsin. Here's a profile on the team done by the local ABC affiliate, WKOW-TV
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50/50: A Huntington's Disease Documentary with Shana Martin
A documentary I was honored to take part in with actress Andrea Anders. This is a short clip from the movie that was filmed in 2003. To purchase the entire movie (which I strongly encourage) please visit: http://www.cstar.com/jerseydocs/all_jersey_docs_movies/100f2e00-8ab2-4203-8477-79821957f641
Views: 106552 Shana Verstegen
Shana Martin Runs the Boom: ESPN Great Outdoor Games
2004 ESPN Great Outdoor Games in Reno, Nevada. Shana's boom run to get her into the medal round!
Views: 8782 Shana Verstegen
Shana's 2007 Fitness America Routine
Shana's 2007 Fitness America Routine
Views: 14856 Shana Verstegen
Shana Martin Women's Tri Fitness Obstacle Course Fall 2007
The hardest 55 seconds ever! The WTF contests include an obstacle course and fitness skills on top of the usual fitness routine and bikini rounds. This makes for an exhausting weekend!
Views: 31598 Shana Verstegen
Shana opens the Wayne Brady Show!
Shana helps Wayne get his show started in 2003. Yes, I am a dork.
Views: 6269 Shana Verstegen
Shana Martin: Channel 15 Huntington's Disease Profile
Huntington's related profile from Channel 15, 2001
Views: 53177 Shana Verstegen
2008 Lumberjack World Championship Log Rolling Win
With a torn ACL, Shana Martin defeats Jenny Atkinson for her third log rolling world title. Shana is sponsored by Duluth Trading Company: http://www.duluthtrading.com A special thanks to Kristine Ochu of Windigo Productions for the production of this video. http://www.windigoproductions.com
Views: 84748 Shana Verstegen
Shana Martin Fitness America 2007 Bikini Round
I placed in the top 5! Although I am no master heel-walker, and my name isn't Shawn...
Views: 117409 Shana Verstegen
Huntington's Disease Society of America PSA with Shana Marti
A PSA I did a few years back for HDSA. If you know of any markets willing to air it, please get in touch with me or HDSA! (No laughing at my bad hair or acting... it was a work in progress)
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Shana Martin STIHL 2005 Timbersport Series Boom Run
Shana Martin winning the 2005 STIHL Timbersport series boom run in Virgina Beach, VA.
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Shana Martin Channel 3 Fitness Profile
I got a chance to stop into the Channel 3 studio before I hopped on the plane for Fitness America Hollywood 2005. Apparently I thought it would be cool to wear a wife beater top on the news...
Views: 30948 Shana Verstegen
ESPN Profile: Shana Martin and Huntington's Disease
My few minutes of fame back in 2000. Please don't ask what that thing hanging out of my hair was...
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Lisa Mueller Fitness America Bikini Round
Lisa lookin' hot!
Views: 39210 Shana Verstegen
Lisa Mueller Fitness America 2007
Lisa competing at Fitness America just days before doctors found a 15cm tumor in her chest. She is amazing.
Views: 2728 Shana Verstegen
Shape Up with Shana Success Story
Our Channel 3 "Shape Up With Shana" winner is making progress!
Views: 1259 Shana Verstegen
Shape Up With Shana Outdoors!
One of my "Shape Up With Shana" segments where we talk about how great it is to be outside in Madison! I think I had something itchy on my nose...
Views: 705 Shana Verstegen
Great Outdoor Games Profile: Shana Martin
Shana's feature on ESPN's "Great Outdoor Games" July 2000
Views: 3970 Shana Verstegen

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