Videos uploaded by user “New Mexico Shadow Seekers Brenda Harris”
Tse Daa K'aan Yells (Hogback)
Brenda Harris and Jon Lee go out to the Hogback area for a stakeout night for bigfoot activity. These are their recordings of that night.
Investigation River Monster
Brenda Harris and the team investigates a family's horse being bothered and injured by a possible bigfoot.
Late Night Visitor
Our first video footage of an unknown creature, possible juvenile bigfoot?.
Hut Found in City Limits
Dave Ozz, Jeff Osgood, and Brenda Harris checkout an area where a hut and foot prints are found.
The Ghost Wolf
This is our first uploaded video but more investigation videos to come.
A Tricked Visitor
Watch as Brenda checks out a fellow follower and his trick with bleach amongst a bigfoot visitor.
Dineii - The Other People
Randy speaks about his personal experience with bigfoot and the relationship with the Navajo culture.
Investigating Family Farm
Garden being raided and a Bigfoot sighting in the area
The Bigfoot Window Watcher
A investigation done by the Shadow Seekers of the Four Corners, of a local resident.
Cave Watch
The team sets up cameras and examines footage believe to be a Bigfoot along the San Juan River by a Cave.
A frightening Night in the Four Corners Mountains
A local fan of the Shadow Seekers team inform us of high Bigfoot activity. Brenda Harris and Jon Lee are on seen and catch a startling recording of vocals.
This a recording caught with a cell phone in May of 2012.
Mysterious Claw Markings
Brenda Harris, Hoyt Velarde, Dave Ooz, Jon Lee and Ryan Harris investigate a call involving some markings on a camper trailer. Watch the team make their conclusions. Art work done by RobRoy Menzies, Thank you.