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Installing an Arma 3 Exile Server using a Hosting Company Such as HostHavoc
Installing an Arma 3 Exile Server
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How to navigate your firestick
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Amazon Mturk Video #2: How To Make More Money!
A how to video on Amazon Mturk showing how to find hits and make more money as well as discussing the basics of multitasking hits to keep income rates higher even when working with small paying jobs.
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Sample firestick
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Unreal Engine 4 tutorial #2 Mesh Coloring and Duplicating
Shows how to change the mesh texture of objects in your scene. Discusses concepts of design such a duplicating and using arrow tools on the axis to align objects.
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Adding Different Variations, sizes, colors , and options to products using WooCommerce
A WooCommerce Tutorial on adding variations to products such as size, shape, color, and other attributes and how to set them up to reflect the prices you want. I was doing a project for a client and decided to add this after seeing many people in the forums complain about not having enough information on adding different sizes, colors, or other variations to products. This guide steps you through how to add those variations and set up different pricing for your shop items.
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Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial for Beginners FPS
This video series will demonstrate how to build scenes and program objects to interact in a FPS game setting. We will discuss tricks and tactics to begin our programming journey. You need no prior knowledge of programming as I will provide links to videos and content that will help teach you concepts we should know. I will also go into detail about these concepts. These videos are not short and we will have growing pains as I have never posted on youtube, i will get a pop filter asap as well. Ty and lets build something. Unreal Engine 4 Download Link- https://www.unrealengine.com/dashboard Visual Studio Community- https://www.visualstudio.com/downloads/download-visual-studio-vs
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Unreal Engine 4 - Kings & Cowards -Progress Update Week 1
This is a video demonstrating the making of the game Kings & Cowards. There is no post processing or graphic accelaration added to this , what you are seeing is purely realistic textures without the trick. Post processing will just make this look amazing when it comes. I will provide weekly updates on the game. If you follow my Unreal Engine 4 Tutorials, even though they are slow, you can learn to build scenes and games like this. We have a long way to go but so far so good. PS, Don't ask me why this song played, I just ran with it. Kings & Cowards Description- An Open World MMROPG that will work on the concepts of games like Reign Of Kings but with a new engine feel on the graphics and totally unique game play. A combination of game elements will be added to make this a competitive MMROPG where Kings will be born and Cowards will be exposed. Sia- Elastic Heart is the song used in the video(THOUGH I did not choose it) Sia is in no way associated with this creation of this game nor do I own the rights to her music. The music you here is played for entertainment purposes only and is not associated with my YouTube Channel. For more information buy her album.
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Video Evidence One- How to get banned from ROBOCRAFT for no reason
So my friend introduced me to a game called Robocraft. I am a developer who plays games from time to time. I decided to try it out. Much to my liking the PVP mechanics seemed a lot like old school Halo, sort of a strafe and shoot, use your shield, run and gun, style of game with sniping and melee. I did pretty awesome, how awesome? I have been banned twice now. No reason give, just a ban. I play CSGO all the time and I suck at it. Never been banned from that. I get 20 kills in this game, though this video starts torwards the end , others show the entire game and I even bring up task manager, alt tab to steam, desktop, and show my taskbar. There are no hack programs running , my aim and play is legit throughout , no teleportation , no speed rush, no autolock, no incredible shielding , nothing. I just want to say FUCK YOU VALVE, your anticheat system is a joke. Oh, and you can just go make another account, go figure.
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searching for shows tutorial on exodus
search for shows
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Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial #3 , Duplicating and Re-scaling to fit your needs
This video shows you how to use duplicates and scale to make similar objects of different sizes. It demonstrates a puzzle like approach to building your environment.
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Kings & Cowards Update Week 3
Week 3, finishing Castle Valley scene with some help from Renegade Gaming Studios who provided us with a great little height map and some extra architectural meshes. Coming along pretty nicely, I apologize to those who are waiting on more tutorial videos, we are getting there but I have launched a business and I have also been working on this project so , time has been consumed.
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How To Make Money On Amazon Mturk - Video Proof
I didn't record the hits because I haven't figured out how to edit personal information out of recordings yet. In the future I will provide a video of me doing hits. I have had this micro job site for about a week. I have made almost 100$ while spending an average of 45 minutes a day on it. I have made up to 31 an hour which was pretty fluke. I have constantly been able to make around 10-14 an hour which is more consistent. I go in to detail about how you can make that much in an hour on here.
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Jean-FireStick example
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September 23, 2018 Planet Niribiru , Rapture, New Evidence!!!David Meade style
I got over the new evidence that details that September 23, 2018, will signal the end of the world. It's going to happen. It's only a few days away. The signs will trigger the end! Shocking evidence reveals the truth about the number 23. David Meade would be proud! WARNING: Details In This Video May Be Disturbing And Inappropriate For Children.
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No Monthly Fee cable TV
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Why The World Didn't End Sept 23,2017 as David Meade Predicted. Shocking New Computer Evidence!
David Meade is a fake. The world will never end, it will be being as it is long after humanity is gone. A computer program explains why Mayans , David Meade, and Nibiru believers are wrong. Michael Jordan Saves The Earth
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Programmed Firestick Short Video
Short Video displaying content on a programmed firestick. Check the longer videos labeled as so in my channel to see examples of streaming , live tv and other features. No subscription needed, no fee after purchase.
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Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial #4- Quickly adding texture
This video explains how to quickly texture things inside of your environment.
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I don't hack, yall are just bad!! #1
Show the true heart of a smurf!!!!!!!!
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All in one I3 Computer In action
just showing the computer works, its fast, it can run multiple HD videos at once while surfing in a different browser.
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BlueHost For WordPress Explained
Using BlueHost for Web hosting with WordPress. How to and how it will work.
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"jailbroke/unlocked" firestick features and examples (long video)
this is the longer example of the firestick shows live tv, movies, shows, and all sorts of other goodies
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Programmed firetv stick example - medium video
displays features of the firestick , no subscriptions, free
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ThePaintedCow Airbrushing
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Watch Football without paying monthly fees!!
How the standard build uses addons to watch football. This is an example of streaming live football games. For more information see my kodi hub, my tutorials, or if you just want to buy the builds I offer visit my website at Kingwoodtechkings.com , I do charge 3 dollars to ship.
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free movies over 200k available
How to access free movies and use search arrays as well as examples of the streams. You can go to my blog or follow my tutorials, if you want access to these programs and this device without the hassle and with all my features, go to Kingwoodtechkings.com and see the fire your cable company section. I offer custom packages and programming, hd quality sports, live local tv and news, and an array of other addons you wont find anywhere else. I also offer support for the device and I will take time to answer your questions and help you navigate as well as fix any issues that occur. I offer tutorial videos on everything from installing to how to access programming.
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international live tv
I can customize the international section by the language you want and make it easier to access. I offer tutorials on my blog and on youtube, if you don't want to go through the hassle of that, you can visit my website at http://kingwoodtechkings.com/t/fire-your-cable-company and i can offer you an amazing build, support, tutorials, and more . You can also upgrade to the custom package for HD sports , HD PVP Adult streams, live local TV and news and much more.
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Desktop 07 03 2016   13 25 17 96
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Jack In The Box Philly Cheese Steak Review
I eat it! Watch to see if it's a hit, miss, or ehh... spoiler alert it's a ehh
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Building Your Own Website With Word Press Video 1
30 minute video on getting started, setting up a theme, setting up your pages, finding and using background , logo, header images. Adding menus and sub menus. Checking for responsive programming and using the desktop, tablet and phone tool to view your page. Changing site identity and colors of your theme. Getting Started with WordPress!
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navigate sports
example of sports navigation for client
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live tv example, no monthly fees.
You can use live tv like this, i offer advanced tutorials on accessing networks and addons. My personal addons are not on this build as it is standard. Live local tv and news is only on my addon and due to the cost i take on for my server and repo, i do charge a little extra for it. You can look up my blog, check out my tutorials, or if you want this device without having to program it and you want all my features, go to kingwoodtechkings.com , i charge 3 dollars for shipping.
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How to navigate your new UI firestick
the newer firesticks i have programmed ill have navigation instructions here
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Make Your Own Website At Home Using Word'Press- Hosting Options
This is the first video in the series covering how to make a website at home for your small business or blog. We discover web hosting I recommend and the start up cost as well as exploring options. I apologize for the sports casters in the background I was streaming the Olympics and didn't realize the sound was on low until about 1/3 the way through recording.
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Entertainment Section and Cool Features Discussed
Shows Fitness, festival, concerts, stand up comedy, how to videos, and much much more. You can follow my blog or view my tutorials, if you want this device and my programming without the hassle or time, visit kingwoodtechkings.com see the fire your cable company section. I offer support for the device, tutorials, i also have custom packages and programming, including HD sports and live local tv as well as news. You wont find that anywhere but here. I am a business so I am always here. I am a computer programmer and website developer with a BS Computer Science working on an MS Computer Science. I offer an array of tech and programming services as well as how to and blogs that go in depth on several topics.
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Never Let A-Train Drive......He literally breaks game physics.
So we decided to set off on a journey, test out the allegedly improved hatchback sport. If you listen to the video , our doom is foretold. The amazing journey of spinning in circles for no apparently reason makes this story even more exciting.
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The End- The conclusion of the banned from Robocraft saga
Banned from robocraft several times for no reason. I finally got an actual answer from admin Dan. His answer was investigated and found to be false. I suspected Dan is the admin I killed who banned me in the first place. I think he has been manually banning my IP on new accounts. I am pretty sure this is why i get banned within 24 hours most of the time while im off line, yet one time it took three days.
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Theme Options For ThePaintedCow.com
theme options
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Fix the UI issue on your firestick
quick fix for the UI reset
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HubPages KODI Example! What You Get
This is my video on what KODI does. It goes over some of the ways to get access to every network LIVE TV free. It goes over the movie section which features over 200 thousand movies and the TV Show On Demand section that features over 10 thousand shows, every episode FOR FREE. THE IS COMPLETELY LEGAL , you are breaking now laws unless you record the content for greater than 5 minute intervals. Get rid of Cable , you can watch HD, 4k, on demand streams for free!
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How to get banned in Robocraft for nothing- umm team?, video 2
sorry, i did no editing on these videos so my mic quality is horrible and you get full unedited videos . Valves anti cheat has been my twice now for nothing more than playing well. They refuse to listen to me so i'll post this and trash them as much as possible. Yes people will still play but it's not without point. Maybe some people will realize what a joke this is and not play the game or, the less likely scenario that Valve implements a real anti cheat and not just ban people for having insane games.- UPDATE- so apparently VALVE says the ban is not originating from them. It appears the game itself is some how banning me for strange reason. Thank you, VALVE, for the quick response. I will keep updating this until we get an answer. I have contacted the technical support for Robocraft and expect a reply shortly.
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Morgan Freeman vs Dayz
Best Frankie promo ever.
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Website Security matters
divide and conquore, tricking a host to give you access to a website and upload files using batch commands and cmd as well as p2p interface `
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Knight Of Sadonia- Ubers Police Force- Executing people on DAYZ Standalone
Dayz Standalone, Uber God unleashes my sword upon a man! May he rest in piece. Elecktro is once again, a friendly zone.
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Free on demand tv shows, all of them
an example of the tv shows offered and how to navigate to them. You can follow my blog or my tutorials, if you want the device and programming without the hassle see my websites at kingwoodtechkings.com i ship for 3 dollars. You can custom sections and add my own addons such as HD sports, local channels and news, and tons of other cool features with my upgraded packages. You pay no cost after purchase, it is free, no monthly fees
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Neo fell asleep .....
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