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International Wharf Construction, Motukea Island, Papua New Guinea
International Wharf construction, Motukea Island, Papua New Guinea by Curtain Brothers
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Curtain Bros Corporate Video
A one minute Curtain Bros corporate video
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Mt. Moss Mining
Mt Moss Mine is the largest magnetite deposit on Australia's east coast. The mine is situated in the old Ewan mining field, 110km west of Townsville in North Queensland, which saw pioneer Australians explore and mine rich copper and tin in the area from 1890 until the 1930's. Since 1958, various international mining companies including BHP and MIM have explored the area for copper, lead, zinc and tin mineralisation. In 2005 Curtain Bros bought from Jervois Mining NL (a small, publically listed exploration company) mining lease ML10171 and set up a subsidiary company called Mt Moss Mining. From acquisition, Curtain Bros commenced the construction of site workshop facilities, offices, laboratory, camp and accommodation facilities as well as 50 km of roads to a standard suitable to haul large tonnages of iron ore product. During the construction phase, over 30,000 meters of combined percussion chip and diamond core drilling was completed to delineate a magnetite iron ore resource in excess of 20Mt. The potential for significant additional resources containing copper and zinc credits is very high. Mining commenced from the Willett's Knob, stage 1 pit in 2007. A stage 2 pit cutback commenced in November 2007 and was completed in early December 2008 to a depth of approximately 70 meters. Mount Moss Mining is processing stockpiled magnetite ore through two separate benification circuits to produce two saleable product streams. The mine employs over 75 personnel working across all mining areas including mobile and fixed plant operators, and mechanical and electrical trades, geology, mines engineering, metallurgy, administration, catering and housekeeping.
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CB Builders
Curtain Bros have been undertaking major building projects throughout Papua New Guinea for over four decades. CB Builders Limited commenced operations in 2010 as a result of splitting the existing building operations of Curtain Bros PNG Ltd from the parent civil company to a stand-alone construction company. Existing construction personnel employed by Curtain Bros were transferred across to the new construction company and seamlessly continue as an established building construction division of the Curtain Bros Group. CB Builders have a commitment to providing a quality product. We recognise in PNG that the key to providing this is to maintain direct control over the building process. To this end, as many of the elements of construction as possible are carried out directly by the company. This includes the civil works, concrete production, joinery work, structural steel and metalwork, hydraulic services, carpentry, tiling, plasterboard, render and painting are all undertaken through the Curtain Bros' Group of companies. Group Managing Director, Sir Michael Curtain is directly involved in the whole process from project selection, financing, construction and dealing with Clients. It is this determination to stay close to the whole process that ensures the quality of our end product.
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Papua New Guinea Dockyard
The Papua New Guinea Dockyard is ideally located in the North-West corner of Port Moresby's Fairfax Harbour, on Motukea Island - a 106-hectare World Class Prime Industrial Park now boasting a 150m by 70m International Wharf Facility. Papua New Guinea is cyclone free and is ideally situated at the shipping cross-roads of Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the South Pacific. The Dockyard operates to international standards servicing local clients as well as attracting business from international trade routes. Papua New Guinea has for over 30 years seen some of the world's largest resource developments and with the PNG Government's recent LNG Project announcement, PNG is assured of another 30 years of successful resource projects. These developments have created both opportunities and growth for shipping maintenance and support services in the region. The PNG Dockyard's international management and engineering team, supported by industry partners and a local workforce, has secured its place in the region as a competitive alternative for ship owners worldwide.
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The Papua New Guinea Advantage
The Papua New Guinea Investment Promotion Authority (IPA) -
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Starwest mining and civil contractors operates in the rugged and unforgiving Star Mountains in Papua New Guinea's largest and most underdeveloped region, the Western Province. Starwest is a diversified mining and civil construction company with expertise in owning, operating and maintaining all the loading equipment, including the 500T mining shovels (O&K RH200) for 24 hour production operation 365 days a year at the 90,000 TPD copper and gold mine, Ok Tedi Mining Ltd. This means that Starwest is an integral, in fact the primary, component in enabling Ok Tedi to reach and maintain its daily production targets. Starwest's civil construction activities include aggregate and concrete production, steel and concrete construction, hard rock tunneling, pipeline construction, road construction and maintenance, airstrip construction, pile driving, marine structures, crane ownership and operation, mine and environmental support activities, dredge support services and water and sewerage reticulation. All of these activities are undertaken in one of the world's wettest environments with more than 10 meters of annual rainfall and one of the most inaccessible regions in the country. This however would not be possible without the dedicated, well trained PNG national and expatriate Starwest staff which exceeds 500 and with the outstanding safety record the company has achieved.
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PVM Show Reel April 2010
A short one and a half minute show reel of some of the video production projects undertaken by PVM Advertising based in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.
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