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AliExpress usb hub burns down MacBooks logic board / motherboard
I bought this usb hub from AliExpress. The description said it was compatible with MacBook so bought it, the seller suggested also to buy the power supply so I did it. After connecting to my MacBook it has burned my MacBook’s logic board down, because usb hub is reverse feeding current which is illegal and a engineering fault. This test shows the evidence of reverse current which jumps nearly up 6 volts. The test was performed with a multimeter and small thick wires where connected to the multimeter, it was hard to touch inside the usb cable that’s why it jumps in volts. The usb cable was taped duo to not interfere if plus and minus accidentally did touch each other.
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Automatic underground Parking dokk1 Aarhus 4,
Underground parking in Aarhus dokk1 Denmark 4K
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