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➡Soulverse -Minecraft server series
Hey guys this video is about a soulverse server series I am playing with AwesomeFighter and uh.. IDK
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⬅First Vlog - You had one job to do and you FAILED!!
Whats up peoplez welcome back and to my vlog Ps. The girl who said " Dont Upload this to anything instagtam nothing!" Is Crazzy. Pss. Sarah sucks
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Ah ha this is so funny😂
This is so funny and shes only 3 months! Idk if this is natural tell me what you think and leave a like and subscribe and leave a comment
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➡Treasure News - Were off to Minnesota
Wassup everyone today were headed off to Minnesota and were going just to get my moms car but nonetheless im sure it will be a great trip!
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➡Battle Block Theater
Hey guys this game is super fun I'd recommend you check it out Outro Music:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHrS5jZGwFI
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➡Building a base - The Forest Update 0.52 ep3 s1
Hey guys and gals im playing THE FOREST and i get Shabataged by a CANNIBAL and later I find other cannibals sleeping its a good thing I diddnt wait or pay attention other wise it would have been UGLY ===================== Subscribe and leave a like ===================== AND comment below Tell me your ideas on what To build =====================
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Fortnite glitch
I was trying to join my friends and then this happend
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➡This kid is trying to steal my youtube account
I just dont know what to think this kid thinks he'll delete my youtube account but I know him hr goes to my middle school and yes i said middle school and he is a kid with red hair glasses sweats ALOT and is ( Dont be offended by this) Racist Sexist and really really f***ing weird Subscribe for more videos and Merry Christmas and a happy new year Its almost 2017 tell me your thoughts about my channel and what im hoping for is to get 40 or atleast 50 subs before the end of the year See ya TC out
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Rainbow sun
I look up and see a perfect raincircle around the sun
Building Bowser - speed build
Hey guys in today's video I'm Building browser now I made the whole build Shout out to the owner xX_Pakins_Xx
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Peace - xox_Lynx_xox (Original)
This song was not made by me but by my friend, Check out his channel @ youtube.com/xox_Lynx_xox or just look up xox_Lynx_xox
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Crazy Neighbors
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➡SOUTH DAKOTA - TreasureAdventures
Hello everyone on this video we went to a water fall now sadly I DONT remember the name of it but I held a snake in this day ☺
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UPDATE - am I back?
I made this video explaining about why I've been absent . And yeah that's all I'm also making a mod trolling account More info soon I'm ded
Playing MC
Taking a Break of youtube
So I'm not gonna be posting ANYTHING for about a year or half a year and the reason why is because I'm gonna be saving up for a ROG STRIX GL753 (This is 1k $$) and I am using a new recording software XSplit Broadcaster and XSplit is really good but I'm not recording because XSplit makes my gameplay slow so to stop this I'm buying the ASUS ROG STRIX which has 1 TB Memory
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➡Soulverse part 2 -Minecraft server series
Welcome back to Soulverse now I am playing with FINAL_STRIKE Final_strikes channel:
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Sapphire - TreasureCat
Tell me what you think ======================== This took 10 months to make Hope you guys like it Also happy late 4th of July ======================== Copyright 2018 TC Records LLC. Please wait I'll be more active of YT and all of that in time just wait TC OUT!!
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My new intro
This was not made by me but rather my cousin who is the best ========================= Check out his yt channel Youtube.com/xox_Lynx_xox Or look on featured channels ========================= Subscribe to both of use and like Still reading Ya damn nerd
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Off The Grid  - TreasureCat (ORIGINAL)
I hope you enjoyed my little song. This is my 3rd song that ive made in Garageband. Any ways tell me your thoughts, comment and subscribe
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➡Moar armour -Minecraft 1.10 command IJA  Minecraft
Hey guys this video is a command video and it is a REALLY cool command Command:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bisMdyf7zqk Music NCS:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkUweq5FAcE&index=7&list=PLwjzn_mAkqlM6Yu9ceHycLTZWapRkKwGe
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Kasi - TreasureCat (ORIGINAL)
I hope you enjoyed my little song. This is my BEST sounding song that ive made in Garageband. Any ways tell me your thoughts, comment and subscribe
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