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Vonage Account Login
Instructions - http://securelogin.net/vonage-account-login/ Description - Vonage is a telephone company that uses a computer for what is called Voice Over IP to connect with others by telephone. They are able to offer lower cost services by providing broadband call services. In order to use Vonage, you must maintain a high speed internet connection. Changing to Vonage does not mean that you must change your phone number, your number will remain the same. Vonage services are available by PC and offers the capability to link your Android or iPhone to your account for mobile user ability.
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JPay Email Login | www.jpay.com
Instructions - http://securelogin.net/jpay-email-login-www-jpay-com/ Description- JPay is a communications and provisions system, within the United States corrections system, that allows family and friends of inmates more access by email, VideoGram and/or video visitation than any other service in the country. This service helps keep inmates and families in closer contact than conventional traveling visits. The company also offers other convenient services. Email and video service may be accessed by PC and/or supported mobile devices.
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Netspend Account Login | www.netspend.com
Information - http://securelogin.net/netspend-account-login-www-netspend-com/ Description -Netspend is a company that provides clients with a prepaid, re-loadable card that acts like a bank card. One may receive direct deposit or load the card with funds. They may then use the card to get gasoline, pay bills online, purchase groceries, pay insurance bills or whatever a debit card may be used for. Netspend services are offered on a PC or on a mobile device.
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TurboTax (Intuit) Login | www.turbotax.com
Instructions - http://securelogin.net/turbotax-intuit-online-login-www-turbotax-com/ Description - Turbo Tax is a self-service tax preparation software system that is based on the American taxation system and changes as tax laws change to keep individuals and businesses current and in compliance. This tax program is considered to be the best and easiest tax calculation system in the U.S. This system can be utilized by PC and/or mobile device.
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PayPal Account Login | www.paypal.com
Information - http://securelogin.net/paypal-account-login-www-paypal-com/ Description - PayPal is a U.S. based payment and merchant service. This service replaces traditional paper transactions and works entirely on the Internet. For a fee, it offers a convenience that makes it easier to transfer funds from the comfort of a home and/or home office environment. PayPal is accepted by some of the largest companies world wide and is used by individuals to purchase, send and even receive funds. PayPal is accepted world wide and is provided in many different languages.
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Charles Schwab Client Login | 401k
Instructions - http://securelogin.net/charles-schwab-client-login-401k/ Description - Charles Schwab very basically, is a banking and investment company that specializes in all types of investment for future use. They focus strongly on retirement, but offer all of the same trading and investing opportunities that other investment banking companies offer. For the most part, there are no commission fees, there are some low online EFT fees. Individuals are able to invest or contribute to their accounts by PC and/or mobile device.
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American Express (Amex) Credit Card Login
Information - http://securelogin.net/american-express-amex-credit-card-login/ American Express is a United States based company that was once known for it's popular travelers checques but is now known for provision of credit lines for individuals, small businesses and corporations. Today, they also offer their own line of financial services. American Express cards are accepted by businesses and merchants world wide.
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Walmart MoneyCard (Prepaid) Login | www.walmartmoneycard.com
Information - http://securelogin.net/walmart-moneycard-prepaidreloadable-login-www-walmartmoneycard-com/ Description - Walmart MoneyCard is a prepaid and reloadable debit card that acts much like a bank debit card. Anywhere that a debit card can be used, so can this prepaid card. Simply acquire a card online or in any of the stores place funds into it's account and use it to make purchases, pay bills, shop online, get gasoline or even cash from an ATM. Create an online management account and track your balance and purchases. Your card can be managed online or on a mobile device.
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Progressive Auto Insurance Login | www.progressive.com
Instructions - http://securelogin.net/progressive-auto-insurance-login-www-progessive-com/ Description - Progressive Corporation is considered one of the largest and most progressive providers of auto insurance in the U.S. By offering quotes from several partnered companies, a client would have an opportunity to choose from several companies, prices and policy options. One would also have an opportunity to select various policy options for Commercial insurance, RV insurance, boat or motorcycle and even home insurance policies from the various companies that Progressive provides. Selection, implementation and even payment can be accomplished by PC or even supported mobile devices.
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eHarmony Login Page | www.eharmony.com
Information - http://securelogin.net/eharmony-login-page-www-eharmony-com/ Description - eHarmony is an online dating website specifically designed to bring couples together according to compatibility. The compatibility system that eHarmony has implemented claims to create more long lasting relationships and marriages than any other dating service. This service is available by PC and/or mobile device.
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US Bank Online Banking Login | www.usbank.com
Information - http://securelogin.net/us-bank-online-banking-login-www-usbank-com/ Description - US Bank is a U.S. based banking institution that serves their clients, from individual personal accounts to large corporations, with an array of products, services, loans and lines of credit. One may do banking business with US Bank at one of the physical locations, online or with a mobile device.
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TIAA CREF Home Login | www.tiaa-cref.org
Instructions- http://securelogin.net/tiaa-cref-home-login-www-tiaa-cref-org/ Description- TIAA CREF although well known for it’s reputation in assessment and implementation of retirement investment funds individually and through employers, is actually a far more diverse organization. They also offer services with various other products and services such as guidance and advice services with insurance, mortgage loans, non profit services, healthcare and these are only to name a few. Over time, they have even become significant philanthropists for various important organizations.
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Walmart Credit Card Login
Information - http://securelogin.net/walmart-credit-card-login/ Description - Walmart Credit Card - Walmart is an American based multinational chain of discount stores. It is considered the largest chain of stores in the world. The Walmart credit card is a store card that may only be used at one of any Walmart stores world wide. Walmart allows purchases in store, online and/or mobile device
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Weightwatchers Online Login | www.weightwatchers.com
Information - http://securelogin.net/weight-watchers-online-login-www-weightwatchers-com/ Weightwatchers is a diet program that is implemented both online and offline. As a member of Weightwatchers, one would have the benefit of actually going to local meetings where others are also having the same experiences in their efforts to lose weight and become more healthy and balanced. They offer on and offline meetings, sponsors, classes and much more.
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Corrlinks Inmate Email Login | www.corrlinks.com
Login - https://www.corrlinks.com/Login.aspx Instructions - http://securelogin.net/corrlinks-inmate-email-login/ Corrlinks is a email secure server that helps individuals who have family or friends in prison to be able to contact through their e-mail system. In partnership with ATG (Advanced Technologies Group), corrections facilities allow their inmates to communicate to outsiders with an email address.
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Chase Credit Card Login | www.chase.com
Instructions - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iO2tH36mt-k&feature=youtu.be&hd=1 Description - Chase is a credit card company that provides various lines of credit to credit-worthy customers and businesses that allows them to make purchases and repay their debt at their convenience on a monthly basis. Chase bank creates revenue partially by charging interests rates until the balances are repaid. Users can login to their online account to monitor charges and purchases, online or by mobile device.
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TD Bank Online Banking Login | www.tdbank.com
Instructions - http://securelogin.net/td-bank-online-banking-login-www-tdbank-com/ Description- TD Bank takes pride in their ability to provide a more human approach to their client services. The offer all of the same financial services to their clients as any large banking system but when it comes to customer service, this is where they set themselves apart. They don't mind staying available a little bit after business hours and they are aware that real human beings often cannot do business until the weekend. They remain available on weekends to continue to provide some of the much needed banking availability online and in person. Online banking is available on PC and supported mobile devices and in person services are extensive if needed.
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Kaplan University Student Online Login
Instructions - http://securelogin.net/kaplan-university-student-online-login/ Description - Kaplan University is what is considered a, for profit, distance learning institution. This institution creates an environment where students can learn on line an acquire degrees. It is an accredited institution and is also a member of the NCA also known as the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.
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Quickbooks (Intuit) Online Login
Instructions - http://securelogin.net/quickbooks-intuit-online-login/ Description - QuickBooks is Intuit’s suite of software that has been designed to manage human resource and payroll tasks to include inventory, sales and other small business needs. Some of the features provided by QuickBooks also include marketing tools, product and supply management, merchant services and even training solutions. This suite of software has the ability to be customized to accommodate various industry needs.
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Verizon Wireless (myVerizon) Login
Login - www.myverizon.com Instructions - http://securelogin.net/verizon-wireless-myverizon-login/ Description - Verizon Wireless is a company that specializes in wireless cell phone service. They also provide wireless TV, high speed Internet and email service. This company not only provides wireless services domestic within the United States but also provides international service to residents and businesses in more than 200 countries globally.
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Geico Auto Insurance Login | www.geico.com
Instructions - http://securelogin.net/geico-auto-insurance-login-www-geico-com/ Description - Geico Auto Insurance is one of the top 3 auto insurance companies in the United States. The company offers an array of policies and services. One may acquire one policy or bundle several policies with this company. You may also shop and manage your account online by PC and/or any supported mobile device.
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Hotschedules Employee Login | www.hotschedules.com
Information - http://securelogin.net/hotschedules-employee-login-www-hotschedules-com/ Description - Hotschedules offers a cloud-based suite of integrated POS applications that assist any restaurant owner and/or manager with various tasks ie; scheduling of employees, tools to assist with work force management, hospitality, retailers and more.
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Capital One Card Login | www.capitalone.com
Information - http://securelogin.net/capital-one-credit-card-login-www-capitalone-com/ Description - Capital One is a credit card company that offers a broad variation of credit cards and credit lines. They also offer banking and loan services to individuals, small businesses and commercial clients.
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AT&T Wireless Login | www.att.com
Information - http://securelogin.net/att-wireless-login-www-att-com/ Description - AT&T Wireless is one part of the larger AT&T network. The wireless division specializes in mobile devices and service for mobile devices such as cell phones, pads and tablets .
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Discover Credit Card Login | www.discovercard.com
Information - http://securelogin.net/discover-credit-card-login-www-discovercard-com/ Discover is a credit card, issued by Discover Bank and used for the most part by those with higher credit ratings. This card is primarily issued and used in the United States.
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BlackPeopleMeet.com (BBPeoplemeet) Online Login | Mobile
Instructions - http://securelogin.net/blackpeoplemeet-com-bbpeoplemeet-online-login-mobile/ Description - BlackPeopleMeet.com is considered the largest African- American online dating sites available online today. It’s basically a fun site where black people can meet one another online or perhaps eventually in person, to connect and perhaps create friendships and/or relationships. The mission of the site is to maintain a fun place online for African-American people to communicate in various ways. This site can be used by PC or even on supported mobile devices to communicate with singles in communities everywhere.
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Wells Fargo Online Banking Login | www.wellsfargo.com
Information - http://securelogin.net/wells-fargo-online-banking-login-www-wellsfargo-com Wells Fargo Bank is an American and multinational banking and financial service, holding company, based in San Francisco, California. Wells Fargo Bank offers various personal, commercial and small business accounts, products and services.
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ADP Payroll Portal Employee Login
Information - http://securelogin.net/adp-payroll-portal-employee-login/ Description - ADP Payroll Portal Employee Login is an employee portal that will allow employees to go into the portal and make changes on their own without having to sit in line at the human resources office. One would be able to perform functions like viewing pay statements,setting up their own direct deposit, manage a retirement account, update contact information, change benefits information. An employee would also be able to record life change information iel; moving, marriage, birth of a child that now needs benefits coverage and much more. An employee would also be able to use online tools to manage various accounts and even use payroll calculators. Any of these functions are available online or on a mobile device.
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Plenty of Fish (POF) Login | www.POF.com
Information - http://securelogin.net/plenty-of-fish-pof-login-www-pof-com/ Description - Plenty of Fish also known as POF.com is initially, a free online dating web site that can easily be upgraded to premium services. This company is based in Vancouver BC and is very popular in Canada, but is available in other countries as well to include the United States. The site has been featured on the cover of many popular magazines, news publications and in many celebrity videos. Create an account and begin communicating with other singles on PC or mobile device,who are registered on the web site, free of charge.
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eTrade Portfolio Login | www.etrade.com
Information - http://securelogin.net/etrade-portfolio-login-www-etrade-com/ Description - Etrade is an electronic trading company that is designed to provide a service to investors that will actively manage their portfolios. The service executes trades only at their discretion by computer or mobile devices, thus making trading happen rapidly. Once a trade is executed the data is routed to the dealers and/or exchange specialists that are appropriate for specific trades. This company offers low margin rates, low pricing and the client has much more control over the transactions they choose, than if they were working with traditional brokerage firms.
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SeniorPeopleMeet.com Online Login | www.seniorpeoplemeet.com
Instructions - http://securelogin.net/seniorpeoplemeet-com-online-login-www-seniorpeoplemeet-com/ Description - SeniorPeopleMeet.com is a provider of online access to seniors who would be interested in exploring the possibility of dating those of their own age group. The general age group is around 50 years and up. Seniors have the opportunity to post photos and create profiles then interact with others who may be interested and visa versa. The site can be accessed free or upgraded for other services if one so desires. The site is available by PC and/or supported mobile devices.
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eBay Online Login | www.ebay.com
Information - http://securelogin.net/ebay-online-login-www-ebay-com/ Description - Ebay is an online global marketplace where individuals around the world buy and sell products and services. This is accomplished by listing items in an auction style format, but can also be purchased immediately with a set price or through eBay store listings.
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iTunes Store Account Login
Information - http://securelogin.net/itunes-store-account-login/ Description - iTunes is a software created by Apple that is used for media management. The software is used for both MacIntosh and Windows operating systems. One may use this software to manage video and audio files on a computer and/or mobile devices
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Netflix Login | www.netflix.com
Information - http://securelogin.net/netflix-login-www-netflix-com/ Description- Netflix is a monthly fee based, on demand, streaming video service that can be accessed by the Internet and viewed on a television, computer or even by mobile device. They also offer a by-mail video rental service all of which may be acquired with one monthly service fee. Netflix offers viewers of all ages movies and shows that appeal to all tastes and offers age appropriate selections for all. Based in the United States, Netflix serves 17 countries around the globe, where you will be able to use your account if you're visiting any of the countries where the service is available. If you're not currently a member, you will be eligible to try Netflix for 30 days, free of charge, just register at the website.
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Merrill Lynch Online Login
Instructions - http://securelogin.net/merrill-lynch-online-login/ Description - Merrill Lynch is a wealth management group that has been acquired by and is now a division of Bank of America. They provide financial and investment services among other financial products and services to individuals, small businesses and corporations domestic and global. These services may be accessed online or by a mobile device.
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Apple iCloud Email Login \ www.icloud.com
Instructions - http://securelogin.net/apple-icloud-email-login-www-icloud-com/ Description - Apple iCloud Email is an iCloud email account that allows you to send, receive and to organize email. This may be accomplished by using the mail application on the iCloud.com site from any Mac or Windows browser. It make it possible to use any device. It will keep all of your email in all of your devices current without having to sign into any specific device to update or organize your email among many other valuable functions. iCloud email works across all operating systems that are up to date and current.
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Merrill Lynch Edge Account Login
Instructions - http://securelogin.net/merrill-lynch-edge-account-login/ Description - Merrill Lynch Edge also known as Merrill Edge is a division of Merrill Lynch Investment and Bank of America. Merrill Edge is a system designed to allow investors to trade on their own from mobile devices or on PC’s. The purpose for the newer platform is also to attract younger, next generation investors to trade more on their own terms.
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Dish Network Account Login | Pay Bill
Instructions - http://securelogin.net/dish-network-account-login-pay-bill/ Description - Direct Network is an American based satellite service provider. This company provides services such as satellite television, similar to cable television and satellite internet among other services. Services can be navigated from a remote control to their satellite box provided when services are purchased and provided. Bill pay is available on their web site which is also accessible by supported mobile devices.
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Scottrade Login | www.scottrade.com
Information - http://securelogin.net/scottrade-login-www-scottrade-com/ Description - Scottrade is a U.S. based, discount retail brokerage firm. This company is headquartered just outside of St. Louise, Missouri and they have more than physical locations. They offer a complete line of investment products and services as well as well, banking services. One may access their products and services (and or trade), with one of the physical locations, online or mobile.
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Roblox Games Login | www.roblox.com
Instructions - http://securelogin.net/roblox-games-login-www-roblox-com/ Description - Roblox is described as an “online virtual playground and workshop”. It is a location online where children, no matter what your age, may create and interact, in a safe online environment. It’s considered a place to learn and enjoy creating. What seems to make the site unique is that nearly everything created on the site is designed, created and constructed by fellow “ROBLOXIANS,” in other words, members of the community. This gaming site may be accessed online by PC or on any supported mobile device.
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Sallie Mae Student Loan Login | Make a Payment
Instructions - http://securelogin.net/sallie-mae-student-loan-login-make-a-payment/ Description - Sallie Mae banking institution that is considered a leader in the provision of education loans and loan management for students who wish to continue to further their education. They also provide investment services to parents for the purpose of saving for their children’s future education. Loan application and repayment management services are available online and/or by mobile device.
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TD Ameritrade Account Login | www.tdameritrade.com
Instructions - http://securelogin.net/td-ameritrade-account-login-www-tdameritrade-com/ Description - TD Ameritrade is a U.S. based online personal brokerage account. The company is owned and operated by TD Ameritrade Holdings Corporation. This company offers services such as mutual funds, preferred stocks, ETF’s, margin lending , fixed income as well as cash management services. One would be able to participate in monitoring their private account by PC and/or supported mobile device.
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Phoenix University Student Login | eCampus
Instructions - http://securelogin.net/university-of-phoenix-student-login-ecampus/ Descriptions - University of Phoenix is a University that has physical locations around the U.S. but also offers degree and certification programs that may be attained both on campus and online. They offer schedules 24 hours a day wherever you have access to the internet either on PC or mobile device.
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Citibank Credit Card Login
Information - http://securelogin.net/citibank-credit-card-login/ Description - Citibank is an international banking institution. As a subsidiary of Citigroup, they offer credit cards for individuals, small businesses and corporations. They also offer a number of banking and financial services. Citibank is considered to be one of the largest banking systems in the world.
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