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My cat tries to revive his dead friend. (Sad)
My cat Chuey lost her battle with jaw cancer, and i showed her to Big Boy so he wouldn't go looking for her and get lost or hit by a car. It was "tough love", but the next day he was back to his normal, happy self.
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The making of a Volkswagon crash commercial
In March 2013, they turned a quiet San Francisco street into the scene of multiple car crashes. It took them 2 full days to film a 30 second commercial, which is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JlOhxJLDJ9M
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amazing gymnastics
Brandon McCuien doing some freaky freerunning at LoopKicks 2011
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It's time to dance! - "I love Merengue" by Arrow
A Caribbean classic!
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Cat plays dead to avoid owner
Big Boy tried to play dead, but his plan backfired.
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Good street drummer
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Silly cat likes mail dumped on her head
Chuey loves when i read junk mail
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"A Trip Down Market Street" - San Francisco in 1906 before the earthquake (HQ)
Filmed from a cable car traveling down San Francisco's Market Street in April 1906, four days before the devastating earthquake and fire that destroyed 80% of the city and killed over 3000 people. Songs by Scott Joplin - "Little Black Baby", "A Breeze From Alabama", and "Weeping Willow"
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Street band in SF
City of Trees Brass Band on Mission & 16th - "Steaming Blues" (Hot 8 Brass Band)
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