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Thierry Robin - Katchur Khan
"One of the most interesting French gypsy guitarists today" Los Angeles Philharmonic / Hollywood Bowl Thierry Robin, known as "Titi", the self-taught musician born at the end of the fifties in western France, has created a musical world for himself instinctively assimilating elements in response to his need to express himself. The two worlds in which he has navigated daily and that have both directly and deeply influenced him are the gipsy and oriental cultures. Before the World Music trend was born, these communities were open and encouraging to him while French mainstream music struggled with his approach. Arab and gipsy community celebrations provided him with the opportunity to test his original musical sound against these rich traditions from which he took his inspiration while never imitating them, obstinately looking for the best way in which to express himself as a contemporary artist. The musicians accompanying him were almost all from these minority groups. The two artists of major importance to him were the flamenco cantaor Camaron de la Isla and the Iraqi master oud player Munir Bachir. http://www.thierrytitirobin.com/anglais/biographie.php
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Angie Stone — What U Dyin' For
What U Dyin' For" (Stone, Ali Shaheed Muhammad) off the album Mahogany Soul. Mahogany Soul is the second studio album by American R&B-soul singer--songwriter Angie Stone, released in the United States on October 16, 2001 by J Records.
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Kuniyuki Takahashi - Precious Hall
Often best known simply as Kuni or Kuniyuki, Kuniyuki Takahashi is a well known Japanese DJ and music producer. He records under many different aliases including Forth, Frr Hive, Koss, and used to be joint member of the group DRP (Deutsches Reichs Patent) along with other member Tomoyuki Murastige. His productions tend to fit mainly within Future Jazz & Deep House. KUNIYUKI's works are in preponderant quality constantly creating a new style of music, and is like classics of the 21st century overflowing universal charm, attraction and magic. KUNIYUKI dedicated this song titled "Precious Hall" to his local and deep house Mecca in Sapporo and the song was released from the "Natural Resource"; the sub-label of the Spiritual.
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Leela James - Rain
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Michael White - The Blessing Song
Pure Fire: A Gilles Peterson Impulse! Collection Impulse records nothing but a dream immaculate music with form and sight will there ever be such a thing again perhaps ecm — I don't think so coltrane, sanders, lateef, ellington, barbieri, roach, alexandria and so much more. vocals, violins and modal madness! The best spines, no question. Perhaps one needs to have flown through blue note, prestige, riverside and cadet to have landed on impulse with onward connections to strata-east and ovation. I'm at my happiest here — this is my preferred destination — just a turntable and brother john at my side. Music is the healing force of the universe. never a truer word spoken. albert ayler's words on impulse. Avant garde music in the truest sense. a freedom to play. artist and repertoire. perhaps its only now that the vision is realised. thats art. My songs were picked with respect to other collections and with hopefully a few surprises. Yes 'wise one' is up there alongside equinox and a love supreme in my coltrane song book of choice. no Alice this time — just get the full lengths — no excuse. The blessing song, enchanted lady and see you later all pin point electric impulse at its finest. alamode swings back to dingwalls, 3 flowers and patterns add a waltz and archie introduces us to chinalin sharpe — must be someone else — can you guess? what about abbey and max — pure fire! Quite simply a gift of a label. the most pleasure!
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by ขวัญจิต ศรีประจันต์
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Anton Makotpate
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