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Sync   Download All Your Facebook Friend And Contact Detail to Yahoo Mail, Windows Live, Gmail
Everything about Facebook seems driven toward getting more data into the system, but it's always been a lot harder to get data out. Now that Yahoo! Mail has integrated Facebook Connect, though, you've got one more option for importing your friends' email addresses from Facebook. To grab your Facebook friends as Yahoo! contacts, just head over to your Yahoo! profile and go to the contacts tab. For now, there's a Facebook import prompt on that page, but in case you close it or Yahoo! removes it, you can also find the import link under " tools import." You'll have to approve Yahoo! to connect to your Facebook account, but the import process is pretty seamless after that. Check out these sites; Ireland: http://www.ontraz.ie Uk: http://www.ontraz.co.uk America: http://www.ontraz.com
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Michael Jackson & Notorious BIG - Billy Jean (Remix)
subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/user/gmanireland Rate, Comment & Subscribe. Check out these sites; Ireland: http://www.ontraz.ie Uk: http://www.ontraz.co.uk America: http://www.ontraz.com
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Shivon Handmade Soap Donegal
Welcome to Shivon the Handmade Natural Soap shop. Owned and operated by Siobhan and Kevin Harkin. All our soaps are handmade in Donegal situated in the northwest peninsula of Ireland. Inspired by the stunning shoreline, sea and beach. Website: http://www.shivonsoap.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/ShivonSoap
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Facebook Live Chat for Pages and Profiles, Clobby Chat Set Up
Fun and exciting group chat rooms for your Facebook Pages or Profiles. Link: http://www.facebook .com/group.chat Fun chat rooms for people with similar interests to chat with each other. Please Rate, Comment & Subscribe. my facebook page i have added it to, go see how it works.. http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#!/pages/Im-from-IRELAND-and-Im-PROUD-to-say-IM-IRISH-/237809553799 Check out these sites; Ireland: http://www.ontraz.ie Uk: http://www.ontraz.co.uk America: http://www.ontraz.com
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Discover Ireland I'm from IRELAND and I'm Proud to say **** I'M IRISH ****  Feat: Enya. Part 1
Beautiful Scenes of Ireland, taken by the FACEBOOK fans of I'm from IRELAND and I'm PROUD to say **** I'M IRISH **** http://www.improudtosayimirish.com
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Learn to Code / Program, Alice is great for Visual Learners. 3D Programming.
Alice is an innovative 3D programming environment that makes it easy to create an animation for telling a story, playing an interactive game, or a video to share on the web. Alice is a freely available teaching tool designed to be a student's first exposure to object-oriented programming. It allows students to learn fundamental programming concepts in the context of creating animated movies and simple video games. In Alice, 3-D objects (e.g., people, animals, and vehicles) populate a virtual world and students create a program to animate the objects. http://www.alice.org/ Meet the Team behind Alice http://www.alice.org/index.php?page=people/people Like, Share, Comment & Sub. Enjoy!!!! http://www.gmanwebdesign.com/
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LoK8me - Indoor Location - Android using WiFi Trilateration Technology Project 2015
Final Year Project 2015 Aims Develop a smartphone application to help locate people in a building in the event of an Emergency. Overview of experiment Test Area Rendered test map to work with the device. 6 Wi-Fi Access Points (Test Area) 1 Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (Running the Software) Amazon Cloud (1 VPC, 2 Subnets, 1 Web Server, 1 Database) 1 Dell Inspiron 15 Laptop (Analyse Data Visually, Tables and Graphs) Lok8Me Testing Fingerprint Algorithm - Live Environment. Trilateration Fingerprinting Ekahau Site Survey Overall Test and Results Test Results The Path Loss Exponent Path loss, reduction of power (attenuation) as it propagates through space Influenced by the environment, walls, steel distance between transmitter and receiver One Meter Reads Map 2025 m2, Custom View 800px by 800px Map Custom View Calculate location of APs on UI Custom View Grid 20X20, 40px each 45 / 20 = 2.25m, 800 / 45 = 17.8 = (1m) Scan Points for collecting Data Compared against "Fingerprinting" and "Ekahau" Average reads from each AP at different locations 15 Locations (A - O) Trilateration Indoor Location system for generic Mobile devices using 802.11 Wi-Fi signals 3 Components to calculate results Future Projects Sensor Fusion - Integrate of Sensors Machine Learning / AI - Algorithm, Path loss Map whole College - Create an Emergency Evacuation APP Conclusion Created an Android APP that listened for Wi-Fi signals and estimated a users location. Built a fingerprint algorithm. Built Amazon Cloud infrastructure to manage data. Built a dynamic website to visualize data in table and charts. Android, AWS Cloud Services, XML, Java, Linux, GIT, Bootstrap, Bit-Bucket, PHP, PDO, SSH, JavaScript. Aims Reconfigure layout and addition of more Access Points Data Comms Indoor Location Outline Aims Experiment Test Area Test Results Video Demo Conclusion Questions
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Man gets a punch in the face on TV's Winning Streak, Nation
Watch the chap in the middle...
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Donegal Scenes Ireland 2010, Discover Donegal - Dont Dream, Go.
Beautiful scenes of Donegal provided by Facebook fans. Thank You, A Friend who Shares, is a Friend who Cares. Please Rate, Comment & Subscribe. All details of Pictures & their Location can be found on our Website & Facebook Page. Website: http://www.discover-donegal.com Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/manage/#!/pages/Discover-Donegal-Dont-Dream-GO/184369934948
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Set up a Facebook PAGE for your Business & Set your Url ( Facebook Web Address )
A short video on how to set up a facebook page for your Business or Yourself and how to set your Url to the one you would like, not the one facebook give you. Please Rate, Comment & Subscribe.
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rip a Phonebook in half in 17 Seconds
Anyone can rip a phonebook in half. This was my first go, done in 17.5seconds.
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Discover Donegal Don't Dream, Go. discover-donegal.com
For the latest up to date information on what is happening during your visit, whether it be activities, events, entertainment or attractions in Donegal. Scenes of breathtaking natural beauty
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Angry Birds 1000s of them Like something from Alfred Hitchcock The Birds.
Angry Birds 1000s of them Like something from Alfred Hitchcock The Birds Check out these sites; Ireland: http://www.ontraz.ie Uk: http://www.ontraz.co.uk America: http://www.ontraz.com . . http://www.facebook.com/ProudImIrish
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Google SEO - onTraz ADS reach Number 1 on Google
This video shows an Example of how YOU can be Number 1 on Google Ranking... http://www.ontraz.ie http://www.ontraz.co.uk Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/ontraz Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ontraz
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Prank : Leaflet Boys Worst Nightmare, Feat: Jaws Prank
Young Man Putting out Leaflets gets the Fright of his life.. ha ha ha..... website, http://www.gmanwebdesign.com
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