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Stacking Logs For Seasoning
A short video showing the stacking of logs for air-drying. Traditional Log Company www.traditional-logs.co.uk
Log Splitting - Traditional Log Company
In this video we show you the process of our log splitter. Here we split our hardwood into 1 metre long pieces, which can then be used to create a bale of logs. These bales are then left for two years to air dry. http://www.traditional-logs.co.uk/
Log Processing - Traditional Log Company
A video of the processing of or air-dried hardwood logs here at the Traditional Log Company. www.traditional-logs.co.uk
Arrival Of The Log Trailer
A short video showing the arrival of our log trailer. These logs will then be split, to be air-dried for two years. www.traditional-logs.co.uk
The Log Crane
A short video showing the unloading and manoeuvring of the trunks using The Log Crane. http://www.traditional-logs.co.uk/