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Limestone cutting the old way demonstrated
Eric & Ian Smith from Allendale / Port MacDonnell got out their old saws and show us how limestone blocks were cut out of the ground in the 1950`s before mechanisation changed the job.
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Ann Bressington Exposes Agenda 21, Club of Rome
Ann Bressington Exposes Agenda 21, Club of Rome, Sustainable Development, at the Lord Monckton Launch 2 Feb 2013 at the Adelaide Convention Centre.
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Climate change - Is CO2 the cause? - Pt 2 of 4
Part 2 - Professor Bob Carter examines more of the data concerning climate change and Global warming. Inconvenient Truth author Al Gore would find his presentation contradicted by this presentation? Will kyoto`s greenhouse reduction goals be in vain?
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Lord Monckton exposes the Agenda of Agenda 21
Lord Monckton explains the ideas involved with making Agenda 21 the UN process that removes the rights and management or the worlds resources and freedoms Disguised as a sustainable developement Agenda, it pressures councils and governments to sign over management to centralised unelected faceless UN bureauacrats
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Today Tonight report on Miracles with International Evangelist John Mellor
Matthias is one of many people who were given little hope of improved health or recovery, but Jesus has intervened through John Mellors prayers
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Dramatic re-enactment of the current and emerging DOWNFALL of the United Nations IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) following their latest debunked Report.
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Leon Ashby`s farming & property rights experience pt 1
Leon Ashby highlights some of the events faced during farming in SA & Qld. it features Mt Gambier, Springsure & Aramac properties with dairy, beef, sheep ostriches goats, timber, irrigation, waterspreading & wild pigs Lots of photos
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Trout Farm at Millicent Pt 1
We visit a trout farm in Millicent SA to see how it all works
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Leon Ashby Property Rights & Farming explained pt 2
Leon Ashby is president of a new political Party The Climate Sceptics. He explains how important secure property rights are to the world
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Climate Change - Is CO2 the cause? - pt 3 of 4
Part 3 - Professor Bob Carter continues looking at the things which are problems to the idea that CO2 is driving climate change and global warming.Inconvenient Truth author Al Gore would find his presentation contradicted by this presentation? Will kyoto`s greenhouse reduction goals be in vain?
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Prof Stewie Franks - Climate Change, floods & droughts
Professor Stewart Franks from the University of Newcastle looks at climate change over the last 100 years & identifies the likelyhood of more floods & droughts along with what he considers the driver of changing climate - the Sun
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Climate Change - Is CO2 the cause?-  pt 4 of 4
Part 4 - Professor Bob Carter examines examples of the scientific data being ignored over popularist views about CO2 causing climate change and Global warming. Inconvenient Truth author Al Gore would find his presentation contradicted by this presentation? Will kyoto`s greenhouse reduction goals be in vain?
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Apocalypse? No! - Why there is no Global Warming Crisis
Lord Christopher Monckton was an advisor to Margaret Thatcher & has been following the Global Warming issue with growing concern the facts have not been properly revealed. This nine minute excerpt of his New DVD gives you some good information to think about
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Climate Change - Is CO2 the cause? - Pt 1 of 4
The first of four parts where Professor Bob Carter uses the scientific method on the popular theory with global warming being linked to CO2 levels. He examnines the hypothesis and it fails the test. Inconvenient Truth author Al Gore would find his presentation contradicted by this presentation? Will kyoto`s greenhouse reduction goals be in vain?
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Chatting to a drover in Qld
Rick Powell meets a drover with 1,000 head of cattle going to one of Australias important saleyards
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Sheep Dairy in Tasmania
Alan Irish explains how his sheep dairy operates
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Cattle station work - RITE Virginia Park part 1
RITE teaches people cattle station work so they can get employed in the cattle industry in Australia
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The Media & the global warming Hype - John Stossell
John Stossel from ABC News shares why the media loves to beat up the hype about global warming even if it is not true
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Ian McCormack`s Story part 3
5 Box Jellyfish Stings and he lived to tell the tale
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Climate Change - Bob Carters 5 Tests of CO2 part 1
Professor Bob Carter makes an examination of whether Climate change is due to CO2 emissions with 5 straight forward tests a must see video
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A Current Affair  Tv program checks the miracles following John Mellor
John Mellor has a gift from God where people often receive healing from Jesus.
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President Vaclav Klaus - Climate change & freedom
Czech Republic President Vaclav Klaus gave a speech at the Climate Change conference in NY receiving a standing Ovation - here are some highlights
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Farmers forced to Meter Bore Water on their own Property.
Agenda 21 coming to a town near you folks. Farmers forced to meter Bore Water on their property against their will, and forced to pay for the installation of the Meter.
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Mt Gambier`s Blue Lake Aquifer Tour - Part 2
Garry Turner continues with his Aquifer tour to the edge of the Blue Lake
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Leucaena Network Promo
Australia`s cattle industry benefits from the Leucaena plantings
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When the city makes rules for Country Australia
Ian Mott describes several situations where the rules the city community puts on country Australia are vastly different to their own regulations
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Limestone carving symposium Mt Gambier
Each Year sculptors do their stuff in Mt Gambiers famous limestone. People from all over the state and across the country show us their brilliance
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Why the IPCC models are wrong - Part 1
Roy Spencer explains his research into discovering that precipitation (rain) is the regulator of the earths temperature and this has not been factored into any IPCC models
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35 Inconvenient Truths part 1
Lord Monckton points out 35 errors in Al Gores movie
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Tabeel trading - a timber harvesting company
Mt Gambiers timber harvesting industry has many players - one is Tabeel trading dealing with both hardwood & softwood in the green triange area
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Poatina village rehabilitating young people
Mike Cleary & Mal Garvin have established a village which is a former hydro electric construction village into a community which assists young people becoming skilled members of society with vision
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The regrowth forest next to Logan City
Glen Shailer lives next to the Logan city and manages a forest with trees that have been harvested 4 times in 80 years
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John Mellor - Healings & miracles in Australia
John Mellor is an ordinary Aussie guy who is being asked to visit places all over the world because people get healed by Jesus christ whenever he prays over them.
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The history of the notorious "Shaft" sink hole
Brendan & Nathan Ashby discuss the sink hole that is on Brendans farm & has had one of Australia`s worst diving tragedies in it
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Professor Fred Singer on Climate Change Pt  1
Fred Singer was one of many scientists who spoke out at the international conference in New York about the scientific data that dispels the myth that CO2 drives Climate Change
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Today Tonight investigates Richard Testers miraculous Healing
John Mellor has an amazing healing gift. Richard tester was almost dead with several life threatening conditions, but has recovered amazingly.
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Mt Gambier`s early days - Stan Moody Pt 1
Stan Moody was born in 1901 & he talks about the early days in Mt Gambier
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Matthias was destined to be a "vegetable"
Matthias was left to die as a baby but constant healing has him talking and running
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Why Rural Australia should have a TV channel
Rural Australia has very few options to communicate to itself & to the rest of the world - A community tv channel is the obvious answer
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Lord Christopher Monckton interviews Peter Manuel Part 1 of 5
Lord Christopher Monckton interviews Peter Manuel from (FLAG AUSTRALIA) about the Draconian Bureaucracy and the devastating effects to the Primary Producers. If you thought Agenda 21 was just a Document sitting somewhere in the United Nations, think again. Agenda 21 is longer a conspiracy theory, its nearer than you think.
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Lord Monckton and others discuss Agenda 21
At Wagga, Lord Monckton has an informed audience who put questions and their knowledge of Agenda 21 to him. The amount of UN control that is being snuck into our lives is alarming and most are unaware. Some local Councillors are becoming aware, but more need to know
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David Archibald - Global Warming & Sunspots explained
Scientist David Archibald explains in detail the phenomonen that sunspots have more to do with the earths climate than other factors
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Polar Bears & Global Warming - Dr Mitch Taylor
Dr Mitch Taylor has researched Polar Bears for 30 years & talks about many of the issues claimed in the media about their vulnerability to climate change / Global warming
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What happens on a dairy milking cows
Nathan Ashby visits his cousin Brendan`s dairy farm to see how a rotary dairy operates
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Malin Bowman healed from Chronic Fatigue & Fybromyalgia
Malin was in so much pain she had to stop work until...
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Bill Kininmonth - Analysing the IPCC`s climate change models
Bill Kininmonth, the head of Australia`s National Climate Centre from 86 - 98 looks at the climate change issue and the IPCC`s projections to see if they are logical or not
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History of the South East Drainage system - pt 1
Kelvin Smibert has produced this excellent history of how the drainage system of the south east came about
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AEF Highlights - Jennifer Marohasy
Jennifer Marohasy looks at the salinity and water levels of the River Murray system.
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Mt Gambier`s Blue Lake Aquifer Tour
Garry Turner explains what the history & the issues are with his Blue lake Aquifer Tour
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