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Pilates Chair Workout: 17 Minutes
Total body Pilates Chair workout just under 20 minutes! The Pilates chair is the smallest apparatus making it perfect for at home workouts. Follow along with your chair at home or watch the video to see how versatile and challenging this small apparatus can be.
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Pilates Workout with the Resistance Band
Join me for a 12 minute Pilates workout with the resistance band. The resistance band is an awesome Pilates and fitness prop because it doesn't take up much space but adds so much value to a mat routine. The band is excellent for travel or keeping in your desk drawer at the office. Enjoy the workout!
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Beginner Chair Workout
20 Minute Beginner Pilates Chair Workout. Tone your entire body with this quick, beginner style Pilates workout. Don't forget to apply all of your foundations to this workout. Visit www.thousandfoldlotus.com to get my free foundations course.
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VMO Exercises on the Reformer
Quick demonstration of 4 exercises on the Pilates reformer that strengthen your VMO (Vastus Medialis Oblique). Strengthening the VMO is a great exercise for women to do to help keep the knees strong. With wider hips creating a "Q-angle," a strong VMO with provide extra security for the knees.
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15 Minute Glutes and Legs Barre Workout
15 Minute Barre Workout that will get you toned up legs and lifted booty in no time! Barre workouts are awesome because they imitate Pilates reformer workouts, creating long & lean muscles. The best part is, you don't even have to get on the floor, this entire workout is done on your feet in 15 minutes! No props are necessary for this class, it doesn't even doesn't require a ballet barre, use your chair or countertop at home OR if your balance is amazing- nothing at all!
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10 Minute Arm Workout With the Resistance Band
Here's a 10 minute are toning workout with the resistance band! This workout targets shoulders, triceps, and biceps! Since it's Pilates, you'll absolutely feel your core as well ;-) The resistance band is one of the best props to travel with so use this workout on your travels or when you want a quick arm toning workout!
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30 Minute Reformer Workout with the Ball
In this video, I'm leading you through a 30 minute reformer workout with the ball! The ball adds a stability challenge on the reformer and spices up the classic, essential exercises. You'll also get extra adductor recruitment and hip extensor work by adding in the ball. Have a great time with this fun workout!
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Join me for an 18 Minute "Yogalates" flow workout which combines a yoga flow with Pilates intervals for a well balanced workout under 20 minutes.
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3 Eccentric Hamstring Exercises
Here are 3 eccentric hamstring strengthening exercises you can do on the Pilates Reformer. Eccentric strengthening requires applying resistance while the muscle is lengthening. It is great for ACL tear prevention and rehabbing hamstring tendon injuries.
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Mat Pilates Workout: 17 Minute
Mat Pilates Workout that's full body and moves you through all of the fascial lines in under 20 minutes. No props needed for this workout, grab a mat, click subscribe so you don't miss upcoming workouts, and let's get this party started!
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Pilates on the Foam Roller
This video is great for creative exercise inspiration or for following along and getting a challenging stability workout in. The foam roller provides an excellent stability challenge and identifies any muscular imbalances in the core (you'll fall off if you have imbalances!) I use this routine as a warm up and with clients that have significant muscle development differences from left to right in the back and abdominals (especially scoliosis clients). Put your foam roller to good use while you're not rolling your fascia & enjoy the workout!
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IT Band Relief without rolling IT bands
We can't get length in the IT band, nor should we try. Use these techniques to get relief from IT band tightness. Here is my article on fascia as well for some background information, while you're there sign up to receive all the other great content I'll be sending out on this topic: http://www.thousandfoldlotus.com/fascia/
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Core & Upper Body Mat Workout 13 Minutes
Join me for a 13 minute core & upper body workout! It requires ZERO props- so theres no excuses for completing this one! This is one of the workouts in my monthly membership, which provides 4 of these EVERY WEEK! Check it out here: https://courses.thousandfoldlotus.com/p/thousandfold-lotus-membership/
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Fascial Tissue Release for Diaphragm to Benefit Breathing, Core & Pelvic Floor
In this video I'm showing you 3 fascial release techniques you can do for improving diaphragm function and releasing abdominal fascial tissue which connects to the pelvic floor. Freeing up this tissue results in better biomechanics of the core and set up for strengthening. *For more information on Fascial Tissue, start learning here: https://www.thousandfoldlotus.com/fascia/ *For more information on Pelvic Floor, start learning: https://www.thousandfoldlotus.com/pelvic-floor/
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