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Please like and subscribe! LOCATIONS - Krasnostav radio tower is located just north of the town Krasnostav which is just west of North east airfield. This Radio tower is not to be confused with the Olha radio tower - Novy castle is located directly west of Altar and directly north of Novy sobor. - The south servrograd church is located directly south of sevrograd and directly west of Gvozdno - The Devils shed is located east of devils between Devils castle and the servrograd church. However any other shed will work just fine. - The cherno Industrial is located just north west of cherno center, or directly north of vysotovo apartments. For more dayz base locations check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQIBAMY-FO0&t music : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DMyudUrFlQQ
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Please like and subscribe! For more dayz base locations check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQIBAMY-FO0&t music : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LCxSRegJmR0
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Dayz SA| How to make a ghillie green without spraypaint in Dayz 1.0 [Glitch?]
Currently there are no spraypaint cans in the game, therefore in theory you cannot get a green ghillie, however this is dayz and there is always a way. I don't know if this is intentional but when a ghillie is worn it becomes green instead of the default tan. Therefore damaging/repairing your ghillie untill it is worn creates a green ghillie. This is a bizarre bug.
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DayZ standalone - The final status report (OMEGA)
IT HAS TO BE! Don't take anything to Seriously, i still love dayz :)
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Dayz's Apollo program [How to fly in dayz BETA] [WORKING]
If you Enjoyed please consider liking and or subscribing. Thank you. Currently little physics for objects in the world, allowing you to juggle items and fly. This glitch/method works with most items however i find it works best with tires. music : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=feA64wXhbjo
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Dayz SA| "DayZ plus" MOD SHOWCASE [G18, G36C, M14, lee einfield + MORE]
This mod was made by KuroAkita. It adds 6 new weapons to dayz along with a functioning weapon rack. Personally i really like this mod, I found a few minor issues such as the m14 sight but there nothing game breaking. I think that the functioning weapon rack is a great addition. Currently is this state of dayz any gun mod is welcomed with open arms. Check out the mod yourself at: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1567720365 intro music : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pZhGLlJCXg
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DAYZ SA| So i started streaming | Stream highlights #1
Follower to be notified next time i'm live. https://www.twitch.tv/ravplays A few clips piled into one video which i captured while streaming, some of them i didn't shadow play so i had to download them off my stream which included my overlay. sorry :)
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Dayz SA [BASE] | HARD to raid base with DRAW BRIDGE
In this video i try to provide a solution to the very easy to raid dayz bases. This base is not unraidable but should prove more difficult to raid than the normal dayz bases. it works by using a gate as a draw bridge, locking this gate will give you full control of who can access the top of this bus station. This then creates a wonderful base spot. Music : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pZhGLlJCXg
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Dayz 0.63 | New Combat system with upper cuts, kicking , dodging and more
In this video i take an in-depth look into the new unarmed combat systems of 0.63. Check out my twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/ravplays
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Dayz SA| Infinite inventory glitch in Dayz BETA [PATCHED]
Please like and subscribe Attaching a gas stove to a pot decreases it's size from a 3x4 to a 1x3, which then allows you to place 4 pots inside of a pot. You can then repeat this process to fit vast amounts of pots inside a 1x3 area, it works like a tree branching out each layer you got deeper into. and on the last layer you fill it full of all your loot. This is useful for stashing vast amounts of supplies in hidden stashes and or transferring large amounts of loot. Music : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pZhGLlJCXg
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"You're bad at the game"| Dayz Best Moments (Goodbye .62)
These are some of my most epic and funniest moments of Dayz Patch 0.62. The Majority of clips in the video were filmed on the Dayz server "Chaos Crew. However some clips were filmed on 420gaming's pvp server. http://www.dayztv.com
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This is how you spell dominate | Rust Duo (Highlights)
This wipe i played as a duo on CND's Solo/duo server. I'm using the word dominate lightly but i considered this wipe to very successful. Made a lot of friends and enemies and did a couple of online raids to put people back in their place. If you liked the video please consider liking and subscribing Music; Vanic X K.Flay - Can't Sleep DROELOE - Looking Back Lets get ready to Rumble - Jock Jams
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My first caving experiences on THE FOREST #2 | Funny moments/ Rages
bailiff = cannibals This is the second episode of my first experiences on the forest. I decided to go caving this time and it was very dramatic and hilarious.
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My first experiences on THE FOREST with 7 people | Funny moments/ Rages
So i played Forest for this first time ever with 6 other people.... This is what happened.... Subscribe and like for a part 2!!!
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RUST Montage - Foreign Lands - I make a guy uninstall the game?!
Playing on CNDBLOODS solo only server this wipe, got some enjoyable moments. This was my first time playing on NA servers and i had heard myths that they were easier. Not going to say that was not true but it was lot funnier and i picked up a lot of cool kills and met some awesome people SONG: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R2ct_Gkq-HQ
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PUBG - Esports ready
10/10 best seller of 2017 would buy again!
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DAYZ | New Unlimited saline iv GLITCH!!! .62 | 2018 WORKING
Simply put you both crouch, press f to start giving the saline to your partner and then spam f and h afterwards. This glitch is currently working during .62 if it is patch i will update the video. Any problems in performing the glitch please comment below and ill try to help you. Music ; Epic Intro Music ♫ (Royalty/Copyright Free) Intro music; Jonathan Lloyd - Elephant In The Room
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Rust - 133m Crossbow kill on geared guy | Longest crossbow shot ever???
Playing on eu 1, in an intense 2v2 and manged to bag myself a semi with the amazing crossbow snipe, Possible one of the longest crossbow kills ever, atlest the longest ive ever seen.
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