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Purchase Requisition Workflows in Acumatica
Description and demonstration of requisition workflows in Acumatica. Includes three flows demonstrating internal requests, internal requests with vendor bidding, and a customer request-quote-order process. Shows how workflows are created.
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Acumatica Manufacturing - Build to Order
Acumatica Manufacturing Suite overview. After a brief overview, see now to produce items directly from a sales order using inventory from the Acumatica Distribution Suite.
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Acumatica New User Interface in 2017 R2
Demonstration and explanation of the new Acumatica UI including workspaces, user configuration, search, and help.
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Overview of Acumatica Cloud CRM Software
Overview and high level discussion of Acumatica CRM architecture
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Acumatica Purchase Order Management
Overview of Purchase Orders using Acumatica Cloud ERP software. Shows end to end flow including placing order, approving PO, workflow notification, and receipt of order.
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Importing Excel data into Acumatica Cloud ERP
Demonstration of how to import sales orders from an Excel spreadsheet. A sales order can have a single line or multiple items. The import is done using Acumatica integration tools. These tools allow you to map Excel spreadsheets and other input sources to Acumatica screens.
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Acumatica Customization - Adding a Button
Demonstration of how to to customize screens in Acumatica by adding buttons and controls.
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Reconciling bank cash accounts in Acumatica
Demo how to reconcile bank statements in Acumatica Cloud ERP. See how to import transactions, match transactions, add transactions, and mark transactions as cleared and reconciled.
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Processing Landed Costs in Acumatica
Demo of landed costs in Acumatica. Reviews process of entering PO, receiving goods, and entering vendor invoices after goods have been received.
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Acumatica Fixed Assets Overview
Overview of fixed assets in Acumatica. Shows creating an asset from a vendor invoice or purchase order, running depreciation, changing asset salvage value and expected life, and disposing an asset.
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Acumatica Integrated Ecommerce
Overview of integration with Acumatica Cloud ERP and Magento eCommerce. Video shows managing inventory items, placing an order that instantly appears for shipping, merging online and offline orders on a shipment, getting shipping status and tracking numbers from the eCommerce site, and receiving progress updates via email.
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Acumatica Mobile Field Services Preview
Upcoming preview demo of mobile features which will soon be available in the Acumatica Field Services Edition software. The demonstration example shows how dispatch, field workers, and finance can complete a customer while sharing real time data
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2016 Acumatica ERP Outlook Integration
Demonstration of Acumatica ERP integration with Outlook via an Exchange plug-in. The Acumatica 6 feature makes it easy for sales and support personnel to quickly add contacts and information received via email to Acumatica ERP.
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Link a Web Form to Acumatica Using Web Services
Create a form on any website and use it to publish information to Acumatica using web services. Watch a simple 3-step process of: (a) locating and linking Acumatica web services to an ASPX website, (b) creating a simple web form, (c) using C# code to publish the form results to Acumatica.
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Shipping in Acumatica
Demo of shipping enhancements in Acumatica 2018 R2. Includes international shipments using USPS via Stamps.com, UPS, FedEx, and other carriers. See how to process shipments from prepaid orders obtained from commerce, point of sale, or other external systems.
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Using Credit Cards for Customer Payments in Cloud ERP
Short video showing how to collect payments using a commercial credit card with Acumatica in conjunction with Authorize.net.
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Printing from the Acumatica Cloud
Acumatica has pre-released something called Device Hub which allows you to print pick lists and invoices to a local printer. You can also use Device Hub to connect other devices such as scales.
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Localization Features in Acumatica Cloud ERP
Demonstration of Acumatica localization tools that allow the selection of different languages and reflect regional formatting preferences. See how to add languages and perform translations in Acumatica. Localize text on screens, reports, error messages, and even data within the database. Manage date and time formatting according to the country where you are located.
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Cloud ERP - use Acumatica to consolidate financials across systems and currencies
This video provides 12 steps to create a financial consolidation using Acumatica Cloud ERP. The steps involve creating companies with different charts of accounts, creating currencies, uploading currency rates, creating reporting ledgers, account mapping, entering transactions, creating the currency translation, importing data, and creating a consolidated report.
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Inter Company Accounting in Acumatica
Overview of inter-company accounting options in Acumatica Cloud ERP 5.0. Includes comparison of related entities (branches) and stand-alone companies. The demo shows a GL transaction as well as an inventory transfer between entities.
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Corporate Structures and Inter-company Transcations
Setup a corporate hierarchy in Acumatica 2018 R1. Video shows how to convert 2 branches in 2017 R2 to a 3 company hierarchy in 2018 R1. Learn how to process an AP Bill across multiple companies and setup a unit set to see the reporting results.
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Customizing Cloud ERP - Adding Fields and Modifying Screen
This short 5 minute video shows how you can add a new tab to a Purchase Order screen and add 5 new fields to the database. The video shows that the fields are immediately available for order entry and reporting.
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Assigning Work in Acumatica Cloud ERP
Demonstration of assignment rules and approval maps in Acumatica. Assignment rules allow you to define who is responsible for following up on sales leads, responding to customer service cases, approving expense claims, verifying time sheets, and many other tasks.
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Acumatica and Exchange - Setup and Sync
Demonstration of how to configure Exchange (Office 365) to synchronize email, contacts, calendar items, and tasks with Acumatica. Three parts: 1. Setup and configuration of server, policies, and users 2. Demo of syncing Outlook and Acumatica via Exchange 3. Demo of using a mobile Android device to sync with Acumatica
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Customizing Workflow - Automation Steps 2
Video describing how to use automation steps to create unique workflows inside Acumatica Cloud ERP. This is a follow up video to the workflow overview that provides examples of different automation steps features.
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Advanced Reporting using GL Subaccounts in Acumatica
Acumatica provides flexible account and subaccount structures to match your business needs and provide powerful reporting features. This video shows how to create segments and use them for reporting purposes.
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Acumatica Migration Mode for AP and AR documents
Demo and discussion of how you can quickly import historical AP and AR documents without impacting the Acumatica GL entries or the customer and vendor balances.
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Managing Acumatica Themes / Skins
Short demo of how to create and modify themes in Acumatica so you can pick a unique look and feel for your cloud ERP application. Since Acumatica is a web application, applying skins/themes is easy.
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Credit Card Payments using APS and Acumatica
Demo showing how Acumatica ERP supports PCI compliant credit card payment processing using American Payment Solutions. The video shows examples of processing and a short description of how to setup the process.
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Acumatica OData feed to Power BI
Use Microsoft Power BI to publish data visualizations for Acumatica Cloud ERP data. Learn how to create the data feed using Power BI Designer and create basic visualizations using the demo data.
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Customizing Dashboards in Acumatica
Demonstration of how to customize dashboards using pre-configured widgets. Video shows adding wiki articles, graphs, and charts directly from the Acumatica application.
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Scheduling Work in Acumatica
Explanation and demo of how to schedule work in Acumatica so you can process recurring tasks.
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VAT Taxes in Acumatica
Overview of tax logic in Acumatica with short example of setting up Canadian VAT (GST, HST, PST) taxes.
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Acumatica Journal Entry Process
Demonstration of the efficiency of making a journal entry into Acumatica Cloud ERP. Shows making an entry into the general ledger and some of the accounting features that are included with Acumatica.
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Customer inquiry navigation and drill down in Acumatica
Create SQL-like inquiries in Acumatica without SQL or programming skills. Create custom navigation paths so you can click on results and expose more detailed data, more detailed reports, or the source document.
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Consolidating Accounts for Financial Reporting
Acumatica automates the process of consolidating accounts from subsidiaries. In this video I describe the consolidation process for financial reporting. See http://youtu.be/WEWgPa30H_g for setup process.
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Acumatica Cloud ERP Overview
ERP software overview demonstration. Covers key Acumatica value propositions: customizations, unlimited users, multiple deployment methods, workflow, mobile devices, 100% web based, B2B portal, integrated CRM, drill down reporting.
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2017 Salesforce integration
Demonstration of the real-time synchronization of products, contacts, customers, and opportunities between Salesforce and Acumatica.
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Centralized payment and financial allocation in Acumatica
Acumatica allows you to pay bills centrally and allocate expenses to other operating entities. l demonstrate how to make a single rent payment and allocate expenses evenly over 4 different branches. This process is simplified through the use of allocations and automated inter-entity transactions.
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Salesforce CRM Integration with Acumatica ERP
Discussion of how to synchronize leads and accounts in Salesforce CRM with Acumatica Cloud ERP. Video explains concepts and then provides a demonstration of a data import and data change. Acumatica Partners: if you want setup document, email me.
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Creating a customer invoice in Acumatica ERP
Acumatica makes it easy to issue invoices to customers. In this video I will demonstrate the process of creating and issuing an invoice.
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Data Filtering in Acumatica Cloud ERP
Demonstrates different types of data filters in Acumatica Cloud ERP that provide rapid access to data. Filters can be saved, shared, and set as default within an organization.
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Approve and Pay Bills in Acumatica
See how the workflow engine inside Acumatica allows you to route bills to the appropriate people for approval. After approval, process the bills according to vendor terms, payment methods (such as ACH and check), and due date.
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Installing Acumatica On-Premises
An accelerated view of installing the Acumatica Cloud ERP software on a Windows Server running IIS and a Microsoft SQL Database. The process shows installation wizards as well as installation options.
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Generic Inquiries for rapid data reporting
Demonstration of how to use the 'generic inquiry writer' for building database queries. Inquiries can be saved, added to the Acumatica menus, and added to dashboards for real-time reporting. Inquiries are run against the Acumatica data access classes so that all business logic and security rules are preserved when running a SQL-like inquiry.
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Inventory Transfers
Demonstration of performing a 2-step transfer using Acumatica Cloud ERP software.
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Cloud ERP - Setup web portal for customer self service
Instructions on how to create a customer portal in Acumatica Cloud ERP 4.1. Video also shows how to grant access to your portal from inside Acumatica.
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Restricting Access to data in Acumatica Cloud ERP
Acumatica allows customers to restrict access to specific data values. This demonstration shows how to restrict data access to specific customer accounts based on the user who is currently logged in. Other videos (such as http://youtu.be/8PSMdwIE_4M) show how to restrict access to screens, reports, and entire objects.
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2017 Project Simplified Billing
Demonstration of simplified Project Accounting in Acumatica 2017 R2. Two examples are explained: - Time and Materials project - Progress Billing with initial payment, fixed contract plus materials
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Support and Case Management Automation
Demonstration of adding support cases through a customer web portal. The case is worked, closed, and billed. In addition, the video provides an overview of how cases are completely integrated with Cloud ERP software components.
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