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Tackleberry Missed the Gunplay
This is what I feel like when I show up late to a good internet fight.
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Defiance Nim Shondu Final Boss Fight Last Mission How To - Part 1 of 3
I used a Tacmag Pulser for the entire fight (except the first part where I forgot I had my sniper rifle selected. oops! :)
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Defiance Keep Overcharge Alive with Killing Spree
This isn't the best example of a practical application but I wanted you to see how Overcharge stays up using the Killing Spree perk. The key here is kills, not damage. Do not underestimate the value of Killing Spree!
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Defiance Killing a Hellion with an Orange BMG
Defiance Killing a Hellion with an Orange BMG
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Guild Wars 2 - Consortium Harvesting Sickle - Unlimited Gathering Tool
Clip of using the Consortium Harvesting Sickle, an unlimited gathering tool that does special animation when you use it. Available at the Black Lion Trading Company for 3000 gems (on sale for New Years 2014 2250 gems)
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Defiance Rampage Dark Harvest Gold 400k+ How To Guide
The key to this Rampage is cover. You might think you can commando it but there's just too many enemies, and they spawn real fast. You can see the spots I chose. I still move around a lot. The trick is to not be too careful, but just careful enough. There's a time limit so you want to work fast. You don't want any gaps between killing guys. Try to get a feel for where they spawn. Each round has several spots and they move quick. Most of the enemies will take a while to get into position before they start shooting you. Pay close attention to you radar so you can pick off stragglers who sneak up behind you, especially between "stages". The last stage just keeps going, theoretically. NOTE ON SCORES. My best score is like 475k. I think that's damn good, but as you can see, the top scores are 1.2 million and 2 million+. I don't believe it's possible to legitimately get a score like that. Even if there was no time limit, I think you would run out of bullets before hitting 1 million, let alone 2. So, like most of these, the top scores are most likely glitches or possibly hacks. I know most of the hotshots and rampages have glitches. I don't know what this one is or if it's reproducible. My clan is an honor clan, so we have an official policy against using known. exploits. If you like the idea of an honor clan, but still want to play with fun people and never have to PUG a Co-op, check out Angels of Death. We are recruiting. Apply here: http://www.clanaod.net
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EverQuest Next Landmark Alpha Harvesting Burled Wood Weird Trailblazer
I don't always fly through the air but when I do I chop down trees. Fun glitches in alpha! :)
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Guild Wars 2 - Chop-It-All Logging Axe - Unlimited Gathering Tool
Clip of using the Chop-It-All Logging Axe, an unlimited gathering tool that does special animation when you use it. Available at the Black Lion Trading Company for 3000 gems (on sale for New Years 2014 2250 gems)
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Contraption Maker - Feed the Beast
I think it tastes better that way anyways.
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Defiance Scrapworks Expert Co-op Walkthru
A decent Scrapworks expert run. Those formidable Scrappers are tough! -- www.twitch.tv/sinrize/c/4602261&utm_campaign=archive_export&utm_source=sinrize&utm_medium=youtube Expert mode is no joke. Best strategy is to stick together, as with all the expert instances. Take a conservative approach and make defense and crowd control your priority. You don't really need a healer, as long as you keep an eye on each other. If you're doing experts, you should have a good idea of how threat works. If you can keep constant pressure on mobs, you'll do fine. If you split up, or someone tries to be a hero, you'll get flanked and gunned down before you know what's happening. One person can ruin it for the group in these experts. When you run into Dark Matter, take out the snipers first and fast. It's best to have at least 2 snipers in the group. Take cover and keep the other mobs busy. The snipers will ruin your whole day if you don't get rid of them fast. The end "boss" isn't too hard, if you work together. One person should be on the arm. Be in position and ready to get it's attention before it's nodes become vulnerable. Immediately start circling to turn the arm around 180 degrees from where it starts. Keep it there, while taking conservative opportunities to do damage to it. Take your time and prioritize keeping the arm from pointing towards the rest of the group, who should be keeping the Forges and Mongrels away from the arm. Again, focus on staying alive and keep constant pressure on the Mongrels. Once the arm is down, go 2 on each forge until they are down, and do not ignore the Mongrels, OR the Nanos. Those little bastards alone can take down your shield and kill you if you let them. Once the Forges die, at least 2 Helibots will show up. Easily defeated if you just keep moving and take cover as needed. Watch out for their stupid rockets. This instance is fun.
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Landmark Beta - NEW PhysX Particle FX - Tree Harvesting
This is just a quick demo of the newest Landmark update that takes advantage of PhysX capable graphics cards!
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Air Banner Circle
Banner planes circling during the Long Beach Grand Prix
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It's all about control. Think for yourself. Question authority.
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Landmark Beta - NEW PhysX Particle FX - Harvesting Trees - Closer View
Another quick clip of the new particle FX PhysX mechanics! This is a closer view. You can see the particles slide down the hill!
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Defiance BMG Glitch
Weird BMG beam leftover after an Arkfall. It just sits there. It damages mobs if they happen by. Didn't get a clip of that, though. Sorry.
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This is my first title test. I'm messing around with After Effects and the amazing, free plugin from Video Copilot: Saber http://www.videocopilot.net/blog/?s=saber You really wouldn't believe how easy it was to do this... like, seriously.
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Puke Misbehavers Scene Tim Roth Four Rooms 1995
This is from the 1995 film 'Four Rooms' starring Tim Roth. It's an insanely funny movie. Check it out if you haven't seen it. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0113101/?ref_=nv_sr_1
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Contraption Maker - Recycling Day
Waaaaahaaaaay, different than the official, but still works fine.
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Defiance Snipe Chickens
A formidable enemy!
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Evil is Real
Unpoppable bubble pack. Proof that evil exists and we are all just wandering through Hell.
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Defiance Warmaster Takedown - How to Kill the Warmaster
Defiance. Defeating the WarMaster -- www.twitch.tv/sinrize/c/4605065&utm_campaign=archive_export&utm_source=sinrize&utm_medium=youtube
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Overwatch with Exel
Just Learning This Game
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Irving Twin Disrespects The Whale
AP drops some truth on Irving Twin but Irving isn't ready. #whalegang #frightkrieg
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To Kill a Monarch - Defiance PC
Angles of Death is recruiting! apply at www.clanAOD.net - put Sinrise as referall Using a green Tachmag Pulser SMG (3149) x1.10 Mag bonus. Electrical nano. Overcharge Monarchs have a lot of HP but they are a fairly easy mob to kill. They have a fairly predictable pattern. Don't waste bullets on their armored carapace. Wait for them to rear up or expose their backside, or an occasional shot from a momentary lean that exposes the belly a bit. Roll around to avoid the ranged/melee/aoe attack when he rears up, and when he charges/rolls. Roll back when he gets close to avoid his less melee attacks. He has another, rare attack where he spits a few big green blobs of corrosion that do some damage and knockback. Note: The Monarch in the 'Island of Lost Soldiers' instance will knock you back with his big attack and if he knocks you off the ledge, it's a long run back. There's no way to jump back up. You have to run all the way back.
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Guild Wars 2 - Molten Alliance Mining Pick - Unlimited Gathering Tool
Clip of using the Molten Alliance Mining Pick, an unlimited gathering tool that does special animation when you use it. Available at the Black Lion Trading Company for 3000 gems (on sale for New Years 2014 2250 gems)
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Defiance Floating Lights
Another little glitch
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Contraption Maker - Playing With Fire
That moment you realize rockets can be turned and launched in any direction :)
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Crazy wind & rain in Long Beach!
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Orson Meows
Stop filming and feed me!
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IMG 0592
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Clan AOD Defiance Jump-over Shot
Need to find a better location for something like this.
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omg so many characters! come watch me be an overwatch n00b
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Broken Hydrant
Right outside my office window, less than 100' a way. The police said the hydrant just popped off... no one hit it.
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Defiance Rampage Dark Harvest Gold 462000 points
Use cover! I think I did rather well. I think those 1mil and 2mil scores are glitches. I don't see how it's possible to get over 500k.
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My Molly
She was the best dog!
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Jamie runs
This little dude has too much energy!
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Contraption Maker - Large Nitro Collider
All you have to do is think out side the box-- of known physics! Silly me not thinking a laser could power itself!
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Cute kitten
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Contraption Maker - Tug O War
Ah, the trusty hamster in a cage. Often overlooked as a way to bridge a gap! Especially easy to overlook now that they're adding available components that are there merely to trick you into using them.
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Defiance Forge 24k Hit
Biggest critical hit that I've seen. 24k damage
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Defiance Hellbug Mature Hellion Arkfall Wide Angle
I just wanted to capture an Arkfall from a wider angle.
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Defiance Scrapper Uprising Arkfall Wide Angle
Another wide angle Arkfall. This time a Scrapper one.
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Long Beach Courthouse Demolition 01
This video was captured using a GoPro Hero3 in TimeLapse mode. There is a glare because it was shot from inside a building across the street.
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What IS this?
This thing rolls thru Long Beach at night. I've seen it 4 different times, never in the same place. Anyone have a clue?
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Defiance! Warmaster attempt. ALMOST!
This was looking really good, too. We needed maybe 10 more seconds. Definitely shoot his back. -- www.twitch.tv/sinrize/c/4602231&utm_campaign=archive_export&utm_source=sinrize&utm_medium=youtube
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Defiance levitating truck
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Defiance Roller 180
They said it couldn't be done!
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My other little nephew!
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