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NEW Mack Granite Snow Plow with Epoke Salt Spreader
Here's a sneak peak at a new Mack Granite plow truck with a removable Epoke salt spreader in the box. This is the first salt spreader of this type I had seen on a DOT truck. This truck works over in the west and just happened to stop at Tim's for a coffee the same time I pulled in. Below is the link to Epokes website with these salt spreaders if you want more info. .http://www.epokena.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/Bulk-Spreader-Brochure-2014.pdf
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Cat D11R~Ripping Rock
Dash Rip Rock uses a Cat D11R to rip rock at a local construction site.
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D-11 Feeding Crusher
D-11 feeds crusher that sends material up the belt line half a mile to stockpile.
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Jacking up a Skidsteer for Track Removal
Here's a little video showing how I jack up my skidsteer for track removal. When you take the tracks off these machines, you don't want them too high off the ground as the weight of the tracks hanging will make them tighter against the sprocket and idler. You only need enough space for the teeth on the tracks to pass under the rollers. To see how to remove the tracks, click on the link at the end of this video. Thanks for watching!
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D11 and 365 CAT Working Together
365 Cat excavator bails out material to be pushed away by a D-11 Cat dozer.
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Filling French Drains with Clean Stone~Bobcat E50
Here I am using my Bobcat E50 to put clean stone in a french drain I dug along the driveway.
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Bobcat MT55 installing irrigation line
Apple Hill Golf Landscaping Inc. owner Dan Marchand uses his Bobcat MT55 to install an irrigation line at Pictou Golf Club.
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Track Removal on a Bobcat T190
In this video I will show you how I removed the tracks on my Bobcat T190. The first few times I took the tracks off the machine it was quite a struggle so I searched YouTube and found some videos showing an easier way of doing it. After I took the first track off, it was so easy that I thought I would make a video showing how I done it. I hope this video will help others as this used to be a miserable job before I knew what I was doing. The reason I took the tracks off were to repair a damaged drive motor on one side and to change the oil in the other motor. I hope to make more how to videos in the future as I do some maintenance and repair work on my Bobcat equipment. I hope this video will help other. Thanks for watching. P.S. I now use three pieces of pipe instead of wood when I take my tracks off. The teeth on the tracks slide much easier on steel than on wood. They both do the job but I will be using the pipe method from now on. Check out this video to see how I now do it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yUCbefKlJKk
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Get the Duck Off the Road
Did you ever see a duck playing chicken? This little fellow just didn't want to move out of my way while I was trying to plow the road. After I drove away, I looked in my mirror and watched him turn around and land back on the middle of the road in front of another vehicle.
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Shaving High Spots with my NEW Land Plane
Here I am testing my new land plane, shaving off some high spots on some land I cleared. Once I got it smooth, I used my soil conditioner to fluff up the soil to get it ready for seed. I know could have done it all with my soil conditioner, but was anxious to try out my new land plane. I think it worked pretty good so far and look forward to putting it through some more vigorous testing soon.
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Bobcat T190 Drive Motor~Preventative Maintenance
Although a little labor intensive , this procedure may just save you a lot of money in drive motor repairs. I only learned about this procedure after one of my drive motors started grinding and destroyed the outer housing. Luckily I have a smart machinist friend who was able to rebuild the outer housing and save me thousands in the process. Fortunately I was able to repair it for under $1000, but might have been able to prevent failure all together if I had done this preventative maintenance. Hope this help somebody and Thanks for Watching!
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Bobcat Soil Conditioner~Baseball Warning Track Reclamation
The word is out that I have a new toy to work with and I was asked to try it out on the local ball field warning track. The track was overgrown and it was a perfect job for the new soil conditioner! I made several passes with the conditioner and brought in a little bit of new material to freshen it up a few spots I thought it would be a one day job, but mother nature dumped about 40mm (1.5inches) of rain on us about one hour before we were able to finish up. I hope you enjoy the video, please comment and let us know what you think!
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Restored 1959 GMC 660 Tractor
Kelly and I were out for a bike ride on the weekend when we met a nice gentleman with a beautifully restored 1959 GMC tractor. This truck has a 4 cylinder Detroit diesel and purrs like a kitten.
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Winging It with a Snow Plow
Here are some wing view shots from previous winters....we are still anxiously waiting for snow here in Nova Scotia! I hope you enjoy the video!
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CAT 777G
Triple 7's hauling overburden at local strip mine at the edge of town.
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Off Road Single Axles Hauling Topsoil
Off road single axle trucks hauling topsoil for new golf course in Timberlea, Nova Scotia.
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Trying Out my NEW Bobcat Soil Conditioner
I just purchased this new 84 inch Bobcat Soil Conditioner. I am very impressed so far! I recently cleared some land and used the conditioner for the first time. It really chewed through the soil and separated the larger materials leaving a nice seed bed. I think I am gonna have a lot of fun with this new attachment! I hope you enjoy the video.
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Resurfacing a Ball Field with my Bobcats
Resurfacing the Old Timers Ball Field in Stellarton.
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Building French Drains with a Side-Shooter
Putting in french drains in using a Side-Shooter bucket attached to a Bobcat T190 at the Abercrombie Golf and Country Club in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia,Ca.
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FORD F750~Swaploader
Here's a nice little Ford F750 with a swaploader that I had out for a test ride last fall.
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Cat Trucks on a slippery slope
Music by The Billy Bell Band http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/billybell
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Live Bottom Trailers
A couple of live bottom trailers hauling reclaimed ashpalt to DOT shen in MacLellan's Brook.
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Bobcat MT55 Trencher
Bobcat MT55 using a trencher attachment to cut French drains. We used 2 inch big-O in the trench with clean stone and ran it into a catch basin.
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Plowing Snow~Part Two
Riding shotgun with Dave as he wings back some snowbanks on my plow route for me. He's driving a brand new Volvo with an Allison automatic transmission. This truck ain't no feather duster. Watch for my next video. Hero GoPro mounted on the side of the truck for an awesome behind the wing view.
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Too Cold for a Watertruck
Dust control at minus 20
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Multi-tasking Bobcat
Multi-tasking Bobcat. Music by The Billy Bell Band.
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Fast Track Removal~Bobcat T190
Here's a little time lapse I did of jacking up and removing the tracks on my Bobcat T190. It took about 20 minutes in real time.
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Old Rock Truck Hauling Fill
An old rock truck hauling fill at new industrial park in Stellarton, NS.
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Knocking Down Trees with my Bobcat E50
Having a little fun knocking down trees to make way for a storage shed.
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Climbing a Round Bale~Polaris Ranger
Having some fun in the Ranger.
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Snowplow Life~5 Deer a Duck and a Dog
Here are some animals I encountered while out in the snow plow! And they aren't the type that drive cars! Not much snow to plow so I had to give you something to look at!
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Western Star 6900XD~Planetary Drive Truck
The Western Star "Planetary Drive" truck is designed to be a proven winner in the mining industry. A variety of configurations make this off-road work horse able to tackle any job. Planetary Trucks can be designed to have up to quadruple frame rails. With Engine options of up to 625 hp, even the toughest road terrain is no match for the Western Star 6900XD.
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Largest Open-Pit Gypsum Mine in the World
National Gypsum (Canada) Ltd. operates the largest open-pit gypsum mine in the world in Milford Station Nova Scotia Canada.
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Back Filling at the Mine
D11 Caterpillar dozer works with a Komatsu PC2000 excavator and two 777G Cat trucks to fill in a small open pit mine across the road from the large open pit in Stellarton, NS.
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Bobcat E50~Digging Out a Concrete Wall
Here I am digging out an old retaining wall that had seen better days.
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Two Rare Piebald Deer~Pictou County, NS
This pair of piebald deer was spotted in Pictou County Dec. 2014. I believe the larger one to be the mother of the two fawns. A piebald deer is a deer with a brown and white spotting pattern. They can appear to be almost entirely white."Piebald" is a generic term for an animal that has a pattern of large unpigmented fur, feathers or scales, along with darker pigmented areas. ATV News interview. http://atlantic.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=512285
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Angle Blade Makes Picking up Dirt Easy
I find the angle blade on my E50 Bobcat comes in quite handy for cleanup when you want to pick up all the dirt on the ground.
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Raglan Ejector Style Trailer
Raglan ejector style trailer. Material is pushed out the back of the trailer by a large cylinder at the front of the trailer. The rear wheels of the trailer slide back for better load distribution.
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Single Axle Plow Truck Tackles Big Snow Drifts
Punching a road through some big snow drifts with my little single axle truck. The boss was with me and was impressed with the little truck. I guess I won't be getting a tandem any time soon, dammit.
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Pouring the Slab for my New Shop
A few of my buddies and I helped Josh pour the slab for my new shop. It got dark around 5pm so he had to work into the night to finish the floor.
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BOBCAT E50~Clearing A Road
This is a short video I made while clearing a roadway into a piece of land I bought in the country. Some type of flying insect tried to block the video, so I thought I would have a little fun with it. The video portion took about 15 minute to film in real time including a few parts I edited out.
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E50 Bobcat Angle Blade
Here's my 5 ton Bobcat excavator doing a little digging and dozing using it's handy angle blade to spread fill.
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6X6 Western Star Plowing Deep Snow
I went over to another district to help open up some roads and wing back drifts. This road was a sheet of ice under the snow so I chained up just to be on the safe side. That was only two weeks ago and we had three major snowstorms since then. I wish it would stop snowing...we are running out of room for it.
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High Dumping Hay Wagon
Gotta make silage when the sun shines.
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DANGER Open Pit coal mine. Don't fall in the hole.
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"EPIC!" Heavy Equipment working in Tight Quarters
Lots of big gear working in a tight area.
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Time Lapse Bobcat Building a Pad
Just trying out the time lapse function on my Hero GoPro. Original music written recorded and performed by Billy Bell
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Bobcat T190~BREAKING TRAILS for the Ranger!
It was a beautiful afternoon so Kelly and I decided to shoot some videos as we plowed some trails around our property. The snow was starting to get heavy and a little too deep for the Ranger, but was not enough to stop the Bobcat T190! Thanks for watching and give os a thumbs up if you enjoyed the video!
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Le Tourneau 950 PIT BULL~Close Up
Here's a close up look at a LeTourneau 950 PIT BULL front end loader. It was used at the Pioneer Coal strip mine in Stellarton for years and ended up here at a Richie Brothers auction in Truro, Nova Scotia. Video recorded on April 16, 2014
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High Speed Bobcat Plowing Snow
Playing around in the skidsteer pushing snow.
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