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Tabeel trading - a timber harvesting company
Mt Gambiers timber harvesting industry has many players - one is Tabeel trading dealing with both hardwood & softwood in the green triange area
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115kg farmers
115kg farmers 40m
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spybrook speed farmers 5x325X100ft in 14min23sec o
wanted to challenge my grip this week so i did all 5 in 14min
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Burning Green Dollars in Cambodia (part one of two)
A film exploring Cambodia's potential for ecotourism and how it can benefit local communities as an alternative to logging and illegal wildlife trading. Areas visited include Angkor Wat, Phnom Penh, Phnom Tamao, Kratie, Rattanakiri province, Virachey, illegal logging camps and wildlife trading markets.
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Cardi Core drilling
Core drilling with continuous core bit technique. Up to 24 mt in rocks.
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Novia Trading International Inc.
Novia is a leading MLM company in the Philippines, the owner of this company is also the owner of the manufacturing laboratory Goldwin since 1990, owned by Filipino. The products are purely organic(natural) and hypoallergenic.
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Beyond Test Driven Development: Behaviour Driven Development
Google TechTalks March 17, 2006 Dave Astels Dave Astels (co-author of "A Practical Guide to eXtreme Programming" and author of Jolt Award winning "Test-driven Development: A Practical Guide") has over 2 decades of experience in the software field, most of that involved with object-oriented technologies and techniques. Dave has been studying, practicing, teaching, evangelising, and coaching XP and Agile Processes since 1998. Dave's experience ranges from embedded process control systems to consumer products (both consumer electronics and shrinkwrapped software) to energy trading systems. Dave is an independant software consultant specializing in the areas of agile process, programming practices,...
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Scott Porter - 355 farmers
355 farmers 65 ft.
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Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)
Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is a non-profit organization devoted to encouraging the responsible management of the world's forests. FSC sets high standards that ensure forestry is practiced in an environmentally responsible, socially beneficial, and economically viable way. Landowners and companies that sell timber or forest products seek certification as a way to verify to consumers that they have practiced forestry consistent with FSC standards. Independent, certification organizations are accredited by FSC to carry out assessments of forest management to determine if standards have been met. These certifiers also verify that companies claiming to sell FSC certified products have tracked their supply back to FSC certified sources. This chain of custody certification assures that consumers can trust the FSC label. Trusted environmental organizations including Greenpeace, National Wildlife Federation, The Nature Conservancy, Sierra Club, and World Wildlife Fund all support and encourage FSC certification. Consumers wishing to support healthy forests and communities should look and ask for the FSC label when purchasing wood or paper products. FSC-US, based in Washington, DC, is the U.S. "chapter" of FSC International, based in Bonn Germany. For more information about FSC at the International level, please visit www.fsc.org. www.fsc.org.br
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johnny gold farmers
gus lohman memorial 4
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mcnease farmers
gus lohman memorial 4
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Ten Thousand Villages
Ten Thousand Villages, Ravenna, Seattle, WA
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Blueridge Cabin Home
Clip from Mae & Jerry Hinton's Annual Christmas Picking held in Leeds, Alabama
PENTAGON 2000 Software , Inc.
PENTAGON 2000SQL ERP Systems provides a complete, user-friendly, feature rich and fully integrated environment that supports all of an enterprise's general business and industry's specific activities -- including accounting and financial reporting. Pentagon 2000 Software provides industry specific solutions catering to the Aerospace, Defense, Electronics, Power Systems , Metals and Raw Materials Trading. The system runs in the Microsoft® SQL Server environment and fosters user compliance with FAA, EASA, TC, U.S. DoD, APICS, Six Sigma, IFRS and GAAP regulations, guidelines and recommended procedures.
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Lara's Theme...Played On Tyros 2!
My arrangement of Lara's theme...written by the French composer, and conductor Maurice Jarre. The pictures are of the state of California...Fort Ross, the town of Mendocino, and the Mendocino Headlands. They were taken in the "Spring" of 2005. Some history of Fort Ross.....The settlement of Ross, the name derived from the word for Russia (Rossiia) was established by the Russian - American Company, a commercial hunting and trading company chartered by the tsarist government, with shares held by the members of the Tsar's family, court nobility and high officials. Trade was vital to Russian outposts in Alaska, where long winters exhausted supplies and the settlements could not grow enough food to support themselves. Alexander Baranov, the Chief Manager of the Russian American Company, (RAC), in Sitka, Alaska...directed his chief deputy, Ivan Alexandrovich Kuskov, to establish a colony in California as a food source for Alaska and to hunt profitable sea otters. After several reconnaissance missions, Kuskov arrived at Ross in March of 1812 with a party of 25 Russians, many of them craftsmen, and 80 native Alaskans from Kodiak and the Aleutian Islands. After negotiating with the Kashaya Pomo people who inhabited the area, Kuskov began construction of the fort. The carpenters who accompanied Kuskov to Settlement Ross, along with their native Alaskan helpers, had worked on forts in Alaska, and the construction here followed models of the traditional stockade, blockhouses and log buildings found in Siberia and Alaska. The Company holdings extended as far south as Bodega Bay, where Port Rumianstev at Bodega served as their main port. Over 200 hundred ships came through this port during active trading years. Most supplies and furs were kept in warehouses at Port Rumianstev. Other RAC holdings extended to inland areas where several farms were built up. Farallones Islands, west of San Francisco, was used as a hunting base for the Company. I hope that you enjoy my musical arrangement, and the photos! Please feel free to comment, and to rate the video...thanks!!!
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How can we better understand customers?
Google TechTalks July 18, 2006 Ely Dahan At MIT's Sloan School of Business, Ely Dahan taught high tech marketing and new product development. He now develops new models and methods for developing products at UCLA's Anderson School of Business. Dahan has developed internet-based market research methods, mathematical models of parallel and sequential prototyping, the economics of cost reduction, and strategies for mass customization. Prior to entering academia, he was national product manager for W.R. Grace and NEC until 1984, when he founded a computer networking company in Maryland, serving as CEO until the firm was acquired in 1993. He is the recipient, along with his coauthors, of the INFORMS...
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Champions of Industry Hardwoods of Michigan
hardwood, lumber, flooring, exotic lumber, moulding, millwork, mill, softwood, planing, sanding, dado, rabbet, quarter, sawn, quarter-sawn, birch, cedar, hickory, hard maple, walnut, maple, red rip, cherry, soft maple, ash, the, hardwoods of michigan, tri county logging, walker lumber, blanks, dimension, rip, logs, boards, cheap lumber, best lumber, michigan, saw, redi chop, redi, redi blank, forestry, kiln, dried, kiln dried, random lumber, gang rip, ripped lumber, champions of industry, pat summerall
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Carrolls Timber TV Commercial
Carrolls Timber commercial
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sal farmers guys in white dead
gus lohman memorial 4
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450 Farmers
Ricky LaRocca takes the 450's for a 45 ft. ride.
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Real-time auditing to support a well managed forest
Helveta's CI World™ technology provides fully auditable traceability, asset tracking, resource mapping and chain of custody control for extended supply chains in the timber and food production sectors.
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305 farmers
strongman training 305 farmers
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Office worker hits and kicks computer
Office worker is using computer, then he becomes angry. He hits and kicks computer.
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An homage to The Big Lebowski's 'Logjammin', with a geological twist.
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Illegal timber exports in Dar es Salaam
This video just in (filmed earlier this month): Teak is the only hardwood timber that can be exported in log form from Dar es Salaam, in Tanzania. However, the timber that you see in the video is quite clearly another hardwood species, and not teak. The exportation of other timber species in logs is illegal in Tanzania. The material being stuffed into containers have been cut into cants, the export of which is prohibited under FBD regulations. http://www.forestsmonitor.org
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Riggers Job Description
Riggers Job Description
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Baker Hughes 10K
A clip of me running in the baker Hughes 10K
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Rustic Living with Ralph Kylloe Promo
Ralph Kylloe is recognized as the leading authority on rustic design and with nineteen books published and sold around the world, Ralph Kylloe has earned himself the title "King of Rustic" among his fans and peers. This promo for Ralph's new tv show depicts rustic artists and absolutely stunning rustic homes around the country.
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(28/1/01) CNN report on Liberia's diamond trade (Part 1)
Features then-Liberian foreign minister Monie Captan in a discussion with Alex Yearsley from Global Witness about Liberia's illicit diamond trade under the Charles Taylor regime. Hosted by Richard Roth.
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265 farmers
Mike Gill from ChasingKaz.com doing an farmers walk at the 2007 Western New Yorks Strongest Man contest.
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Forestry - Hidden Talents
A look at the opportunities the forest industry in SE of SA presents to people with good machinery skills
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Matrix Engineering ice cream stuffed sticks
this is a modern extrusion line for ice cream production. Can produce sticks, cones, sandwich, cups, logs.
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Farmers Holds
exacty what the title says.
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Smart Drink Coasters
These drink coasters (beer coasters) are so smart, they know when a drink has been placed on them and whether it is full or empty. They can notify the bartender when you need a new drink, and even be used to play drinking games.
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Final 8 Minutes Of Phone Call From Flight 11 On 9/11
Betty Ong, a flight attendent on Flight 11, calls American Airlines from an airfone from the back of the plane. this is the final 8 minutes of a 20 minute call...
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Hannah McHardy - Brower Youth Awards 2004
Hannah won Earth Island Institute's prestigious Brower Youth Award in 2004 for her environmental work. Hannah led demonstrations protesting timber giant Weyerhaeuser Corporation's destruction of old growth forests and hand delivered 2,000 letters to Weyerhaeuser's CEO at the company's headquarters. She successfully lobbied the state to reform logging practices on state-owned lands. She and her classmates also convinced their high school to switch from using virgin fiber paper to 100 percent recycled paper.
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Network Marketing Comp Plans: 3 The Matrix
Webinar: Matrix pay plans explained. Daren Falter, author of How to Select a Network Marketing Company, presents his Webinar series "Network Marketing Compensation Plans: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. This is the most comprehensive MLM or multi-level marketing compensation plan training on the web.
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FEMA for Marin and the North Bay Area
Imagine five feet of mud, water and debris covering your new carpet and floor after a massive flood. Tree logs the size of telephone poles protruding through your windows. To whom do you turn for help? Reporter Myles Cameron guides you through the process of how to file a claim with FEMA.
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Teeter Board-Duryea Days 9-1-07
boyertown park,PA
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New Search Engine & Features on Alibaba.com
New Search Engine and Features on Alibaba.com Makes Global Trade Even Easier Over the last few months, Alibaba.com's products and services have been improved substantially. The goal, as always, was to provide additional value to members, and personalize the sourcing experience. Alibaba.com is now faster, safer and easier to use than ever before. Here's a summary of what's new on Alibaba.com:  Our homepage has been given a fresh new look.  Our new search engine is even more efficient than ever by allowing buyers to refine a search by export destination, supplier type and product category.  A Safe Trading Advisors section has been added to our homepage to promote safe trading practices and trust between members. The section includes tips on how to identify trustworthy trading partners and information on how to source securely on the Internet.  The layout of supplier storefronts has been improved to make navigating between mini-site sections faster and easier. Some of our members say that their Alibaba.com storefronts are now even better than their own websites!  Gold Suppliers can now post an unlimited amount of products on their sites. Since this change took place, over 200,000 new products were posted online in just two weeks.  New information such as contacts, forum posts and account settings can now be accessed from MyAlibaba accounts. MyAlibaba account security has also been enhanced with HTTPS encryption and a personalized security question.  The new Buyer Directory is designed to make sourcing even easier. Buyers can list the products they are looking for in the Directory, which is available to Alibaba.com suppliers. Suppliers can then contact Buyers based on the requirements listed in the Buyer Directory. Buyer or seller, large or small, companies of all shapes and sizes can take advantage of the services that Alibaba.com has to offer. Learn more about the all-new Alibaba.com here, or log on to Alibaba.com today and start enjoying the new services.
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Technorati Is Set to Index Video, Says Chair Peter Hirshberg
To me the most important implication of this whole online video revolution is that video clips can be effectively indexed and searched. This is one of the most exciting aspects of Beet.TV. Many visitors first find Beet.TV clips through search -- from Technorati, Google, Yahoo! and other search and indexing sites. Most new visitors come to view a specific post that is relevant to his or her search. I guess you could say that video consumption is non-linear, people don't tune into a "show" but watch what is relevant to them. At least, that's the we way we see it. I spoke with Technorati Chairman and CMO Peter Hirshberg in Palo Alto earlier this summer about the searchability of online video. He told me the company is putting a great deal of effort around this. It recently introduced a most popular video page. This page indexes the most blogged about videos on YouTube. Before too long, clips on other video sites will be tracked, I suspect. The next step at Technorati in making video more searchable is technology called Microformats which is being implemented with a few content producers. Technorati has taken the lead in developing Microformats. More on Microformats. Stay tuned. See this video on Beet.TV: http://www.beet.tv/2006/09/technorati_is_t.html
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Universal Chain Factory Tour - Maplewood NJ
This is where I worked back in 1987-89. I'm pretty sure they're out of business now. They made parts for machines back in WWI. When I was there they made mostly "fashion chain" and also some titanium wire for surgery.
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Edgecliff Bar and Grill - Langley, Washington
The Edgecliff Restaurant is one of the first things you see when you come into the town of Langley. Aptly named as it's located on the cliff above the Langley marina, it features sweeping views of mountains, sky and sea. It's not uncommon to see eagles, whales and harbor seals while you linger over dinner. The building itself is a local landmark that whispers a mariner's yarn from its century old walls. We invite you to join us for exquisite food in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Enjoy classic drinks and creative cocktails in our comfortable lounge as well as outdoor dining on our view patio during the summer season.
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ice cream or ice stick
The machine produces ice stick and double layer's ice cream stick
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Sky Sino Holdings(Cambodia) Ltd.
Factory side
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How To Break Web Software - A look at security...
Google TechTalks April 13, 2006 Mike Andrews Mike Andrews is a senior consultant who specializes in software security and leads the web application security assessments and Ultimate Web Hacking classes for Foundstone. ABSTRACT It all started out as a place to share physics documents, but has grown into potentially mankind's largest and most complex creation. The World Wide Web is a lot of things - a soapbox for everyone, a giant shopping mall, an application platform, and unfortunately a hacker's playground. As more applications get "web-ified" moving from the desktop or legacy systems onto the web, attackers follow the vulnerabilities. Without sophisticated tools or "1337 5x1llz", web...
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Oysters and Beer
Will Blog for Beer searches out the perfect Jimmy Buffet combination of oysters and beer.
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Search real estate online
CNBC Awaaz gives a sneak review of online real estate portals.
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Wuala - a distributed file system
Google Tech Talks October, 30 2007 ABSTRACT After three years of research and development on a distributed storage system, we are ready to unveil the result: Wuala. Wuala is a new way of storing, sharing, and publishing files on the internet. Unlike traditional online storage systems, Wuala is decentralized and can harness idle resources of participating computers to build a large, secure, and reliable online storage. This enables its users to trade parts of their local storage for online storage and it allows us to provide a better service for free. In the talk, I will explain what Wuala is and how it works, and I will also show a demo. All attendees will also get an invitation code to join the early alpha version. Speaker: Dominik Grolimund I am 26 years old and have studied computer science at ETH Zurich. In 1998, I founded my software company Caleido, and developed the Caleido Address-Book, a professional contact management software, of which over 35'000 licenses have been sold so far in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. In 2003, I did an exchange semester at the TU Delft, the Netherlands, as part of the Unitech exchange program, focusing on business and management. In 2004, a six-month internship followed with Siemens Corporate Research in Princeton, New Jersey in the US, where I worked in the 'Intelligent Vision & Reasoning' department, developing a prod...
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Plum Creek- Trust?
A television advertisement questions Plum Creek's forestry practices, and whether they should be trusted to develop nearly 1000 house lots around Maine's Moosehead Lake
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