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2008 Lumberjack World Championship Log Rolling Win
With a torn ACL, Shana Martin defeats Jenny Atkinson for her third log rolling world title. Shana is sponsored by Duluth Trading Company: http://www.duluthtrading.com A special thanks to Kristine Ochu of Windigo Productions for the production of this video. http://www.windigoproductions.com
Views: 82180 Shana Verstegen
Gareth Worsfold - 105Kg Incline Log Press
Done at the Pompey vs Devon bash held at Strength-Tec on 12/01/2008
Views: 107 StrongmanChalky
Diamantina Christensen Trading Company - Diamond bits
Surface-Set Diamond Bits Impregnated Bits Casing Shoes Reaming Shells Wireline Core Barrels and Overshots Wireline Underground Core barrels and Overshots Drill Rods & Casing Standar Core Barrels Water Equipment Recovery Tools Hoisting Tools Miscellaneous
Views: 14621 boylesbros
420lbs farmers(840lbs total)
short distance for max effort
Views: 1433 John Conner
Canada Vignettes - Trading Post
Canada Vignettes - Trading Post An animated film about the Hudson's Bay trading post, and the relationship between fur traders and Indians. Production Agency: National Film Board of Canada http://www.nfb.ca Production Year: 1978 Canada Vignettes: Compilation Reel 1
Views: 33630 NationalFilmBoardFan
Coffee, Cocoa and Lumber Trade Analysis
Erich Senft, CTA of Traders Helping Traders with a coffee, cocoa and lumber market analysis tutorial. Each week Erich publishes an ezine full of video trades, analysis and trading tutorials.
Views: 497 Erich Senft
Lupes Trading
promo filmpje Lupes Trading Netherlands
Views: 141 sjibbiekulu
FRM: Basis risk is the mother of all derivatives risk
The basis is the difference between the spot and futures price. Basis risk attaches to all derivatives. For more financial risk videos, visit our website! http://www.bionicturtle.com
Views: 74267 Bionic Turtle
Climax with 'disconnect' logging cars
Climax locomotive with 'disconnect' logging cars on a modular model railroad layout in 0n30
Views: 20076 Pit KARGES
FRM: Value at Risk (VaR): Historical simulation for portfolio
This example is a portfolio of three stocks: GOOG, YHOO, and MSFT. Process is: 1. I calculated for each stock the historical series of daily periodic returns (bottom left, below). 2. For each historical day (e.g., Friday 7/18), I calculate the portfolio gain/loss as if I held the current portfolio on that day. This is the essence of the idea: run historical returns through the current portfolio allocation. 3. This produces an historical series (right column, green) of simulated portfolio returns. Now I can treat as with the single-asset; e.g., if I want 95% VaR, then I need = PERCENTILE(range, 5%). For more financial risk videos, please visit our website! http://www.bionicturtle.com
Views: 139972 Bionic Turtle
ALPA équipements promo-film
ALPA equipments is a Canadian Hyundai Construction Equipment dealer. The company made a promotional film on their business and are clearly proud to represent Hyundai.
Ashmore Logging Contractors, Lincohnton, Georgia
A short video close up of Michael Ashmore of Ashmore Logging taking down a large pine close to Chigoe Creek, Leah Community, Georgia
Views: 559 cynastaffs
Small log line
Small log line quad saw
Views: 28597 fredk7
Information on Voyageurs
This information and content is from the Tri Cities Museum Youth Docents.
Views: 366 TriCitiesMuseum
STIDC Corporate Video 02
Sarawak Timber Industry Development Corporation (STIDC) - The Leader and Catalyst of the Timber Industry
Views: 192 caremy80
My fleching company
this is basicly a advert telling people about my company and asking them if they want to join it (you get lots of sales for yew longbows and such).And you can also order things like flax and so on you can order: flax(max=3000) bowstrings(max=3000) and type of bow(max is 10000!) any type of log(max is 10000 for all and 500 for yew logs)
Views: 117 danrhw
Wireline Wiper Demonstration
Wireline Wiper Demonstraction
Views: 10089 kailuakine
Make Money Online Trading Stock Symbol BKD 20080318
http://www.SupportLineAlerts.com This is today's BobChart for Brookdale Senior Living Inc. Brookdale Senior Living Inc closed at 22.73. The nearest support is 6.1 percent below the close at 21.34. The nearest resistance is 10.68 percent above the close at 25.16.
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Illegal timber from Northern Burma
China is making a mockery of its own rule of banning timber import from Northern Burma that it imposed in late 2005. Over 100 log trucks cross from Kachin State to China's Yunnan Province. The timber was seen in Ying Jiang in Yunnan.
Views: 713 zeenaw08
Adam 286lbs farmers
farmers today 285lbs
Views: 29 Arnell Casteel
Timber Harvest Part 1 of 2
Describes the activities which take place at a logging camp. We learn how wood is cut and delivered to the mill. Much emphasis is placed on the food loggers ate at camp. 1950s Color Part 1 of 2 Photographer: Walter Hastings For full clip, please visit: http://vimeo.com/2564638
Views: 1424 LookAboutYou
Curbing Pollution is Serious Business
ANCHOR: Industrial pollution is on the rise. In a profit driven world, it seems normal to put profits before the environment. However, in Jakarta, Indonesia, this trend is finally changing. Let's take a look... STORY: On June 29, twenty-four directors of top companies in Jakarta celebrated World Environment Day, by signing a declaration letter agreeing to voluntarily limit the pollution their respective companies produce. The declaration letter was approved by the Minister of Environment, Rachmat Witoelar, and Jakarta governor, Fauzi Bowo. Mr. Witoelar, was hopeful that all Indonesia entrepreneurs would follow the lead set by these companies in voluntarily curbing pollution. One initiative that is gathering a lot of public support is Jakarta's "car free day," which some say is having a significant effect on the air quality in this sprawling city of 200 million people. Environmental degradation from human activities compounds the many natural risks posed by Indonesia's environment. Heavy logging, mining, fires, and the creation of large plantations have reduced the natural environment's capacity to withstand the challenges posed by nature. Furthermore, large populations often live in disaster-prone areas, due to the difficulty in locating fertile soil in floodplains or in cities with compromised natural ecosystems. According to Indonesia National Disaster Control, since 1998 to 2004, close to 10,000 lives have been lost due to environmental disasters with an estimated $63 million dollars in damage. NTDTV, Jakarta, Indonesia
Views: 1537 NTDTV
Google must divulge the viewing habits of every user who has ever watched any video on YouTube, a US court has ruled. The ruling comes as part of Google's legal battle with Viacom over allegations of copyright infringement. Digital rights group the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) called the ruling a "set-back to privacy rights". The viewing log, which will be handed to Viacom, contains the log-in ID of users, the computer IP address (online identifier) and video clip details. While the legal battle between the two firms is being contested in the US, it is thought the ruling will apply to YouTube users and their viewing habits everywhere. Viacom, which owns MTV and Paramount Pictures, has alleged that YouTube is guilty of massive copyright infringement. The UK's Premier League association is also seeking class action status with Viacom on the issue, alleging YouTube, which was bought by Google in 2006, has been used to watch football highlights. Legal action When it initiated legal action in March 2007 Viacom said it had identified about 160,000 unauthorised clips of its programmes on the website, which had been viewed more than 1.5 billion times. Following the launch of its billion-dollar lawsuit, YouTube introduced filtering tools in an effort to prevent copyright materials from appearing on the site. We urge Viacom to back off this overbroad request Electronic Frontier Foundation The US court declined Viacom's request that Google be forced to hand over the source code of YouTube, saying it was a "trade secret" that should not be disclosed. But it said privacy concerns expressed by Google about handing over the log were "speculative". Google's senior litigation counsel Catherine Lacavera said in a statement: "We are disappointed the court granted Viacom's over-reaching demand for viewing history. "We will ask Viacom to respect users' privacy and allow us to anonymise the logs before producing them under the court's order." The ruling will see the viewing habits of millions of YouTube users given to Viacom, totalling more than 12 terabytes of data. Viacom said it wanted the data to "compare the attractiveness of allegedly infringing video with that of non-infringing videos." YouTube and Google had "compelled" it to go to court, Viacom said, "by continuing to defend their illegal and irresponsible conduct and profiting from copyright infringement, when they could be implementing the safe and legal user generated content experience they promise". It said it would not be asking for any "personally identifiable information" of any user. "Any information that we or our outside advisors obtain will be used exclusively for the purpose of proving our case against You Tube and Google (and) will be handled subject to a court protective order and in a highly confidential manner." 'Erroneous ruling' Leading privacy expert Simon Davies told BBC News that the privacy of millions of YouTube users was threatened. The chickens have come home to roost for Google Simon Davies, privacy expert He said: "The chickens have come home to roost for Google. "Their arrogance and refusal to listen to friendly advice has resulted in the privacy of tens of millions being placed under threat." Mr Davies said privacy campaigners had warned Google for years that IP addresses were personally identifiable information. Google pledged last year to anonymise IP addresses for search information but it has said nothing about YouTube data. Mr Davies said: "Governments and organisations are realising that companies like Google have a warehouse full of data. And while that data is stored it is under threat of being used and putting privacy in danger." The EFF said: "The Court's erroneous ruling is a set-back to privacy rights, and will allow Viacom to see what you are watching on YouTube. "We urge Viacom to back off this overbroad request and Google to take all steps necessary to challenge this order and protect the rights of its users." The body said the ruling was also potentially unlawful because the log data did contain personally identifiable data. The court also ruled that Google disclose to Viacom the details of all videos that have been removed from the site for any reason. Story from BBC NEWS: http://news.bbc.co.uk/go/pr/fr/-/1/hi/technology/7488009.stm
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We Want Our Old Cable TV Back!!!!!
It also goes 20% of its height beneath the surface = 110 feet, But what do you want to bet me since this group of would be masons who are not really Masons they are just using Masonic guilds as a front for a Dark form of the Occult. Since the really like their 11's, I would be willing to bet you it actually goes a 111 feet beneath the surface. That would be 111 feet + 555 feet = 666 feet. Have you read House Resolution 666. Log on the Library of Congress's website and put in H.R. 666. Interesting Legislation and also UnConstitutional. How about in the Internal Revenue Code Book: Code # 666 which requires everyone to take the SS mark (social security) of course codes aren't Laws. U.S. Highway 666 leads to Dulce, New Mexico where there is a massive underground facility. It is called Nightmare Hall. (for a good reason) When the Boy Scouts of Amerika end their motto they say: Everything is A-OK in the Boy Scouts. Then they do the OK sign with their right hand and place it on their forehead. Do it. Then turn your hand around. Do you see the 666 your hand forms. Pretty sneaky little freaks aren't they. Remember in prophecy: the mark of the beast on your right hand or forehead. There are 660 rooms in Windsor Castle. Did someone miss 6 rooms? The Euro coin has 6 stars with 6 rods with 6 more stars = 666 The Eur a PEON Union has 13 countries or 13 colonies The universal partition code, the bar code on all the products in Amerika, if you know the code the first number is always 6, the middle number is always 6, and the last number is always 6 666. The company was questioned about this and they said it was a coincidence. Yea Right! The new bar code in Russia to track their people also = 666 ( that was even on ABC in Amerika) See the 666 in these logos and pictures Proctor & Gamble has filed lawsuits against several people believed to be responsible for spreading the allegations of devilism. But, in at least one of the lawsuits, the company raised eyebrows when the news came out that Proctor & Gamble was seeking exactly $66,600 in damages! Look the masons even have their own Bible. Masonic Motto: ORDO AB CHAO means Order out of Chaos. Who's really creating the caos on your earth? And we have all seen these dolts doing the Horned God symbol. Now let's move to 33's. The start of every Indy 500 race always starts with 11 rows with 3 cars in each row = 33. Bill Gates logo for Microsoft ( I think he was talking about a part of his anatomy Micro----soft) it has 7 dots in each row and you can also sometimes see an 11 and 13, but you can always see a 33. He got as many of them in there as he could, eh In the movie with Mothman Prophecies about a winged creature with red eyes and seeing on a different level, (interesting) the map in the movie of Point Pleasant West Virginia showed highway 33. The movie "Vanilla Sky" starts with his 33rd birthday, the main character has 7 board of directors called the 7 dwarfs and they still see him as though he is an 11 year old boy. The Bush tax cut plan would reduce taxes on the upper class from 38.5% to 33% The Queen Mother of the United Queendom death time was 3:15 p.m. Both hands pointing at 3 = 33 The Olympic Park Bombing occurred in Atlanta, Georgia (named after Atlantis). Which of course sits on the 33rd degree latitude line. Nebs retail supplies celebrating their 50th anniversary were offering not 25% off everything, not 40% off, not 30% off, but 33% off. Did you see the Bank of Amerika's new logo in the last year? 2 blue stripes, 2 red stripes, then 2 more red stripes = 11 11 11 = 33 They killed that boy. Placed him on the plane with a note in his pocket and flew the cessna with remote control into the Bank of Amerika. Count the number of spaces on the U.N. logo (don't forget the center one) = 33 Agilent Technologies has 32 circles on its logo, but center one forms the 33rd. Hiel Clinton bombed that plant in Sudan (that was only producing half that nations medicine supply ( Do we extradite for Murder Bill? or are you above the law?) on the 7th of August on the ..............yep 33rd degree longitude line. Can you say "Ritualistic Murder" children. Yep, Bill Clinton may not have inhaled. But a Porker in the White House...........he truly nailed. "I did not have sexual relations with that woman."..................LIAR! The Southern part of the No Fly zone in Iraq is on the 33rd degree latitude Source....ABC News.
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KNG TV, April 29, 2008: China imports illegal timber from Northern Burma
China is illegally importing timber from Kachin State in Northern Burma. More infos: www.kachinnews.com
Views: 6161 Kachinnews
Lumber Sales Training Video
Every wonder what its like to be a salesman in the exciting industry of residential construction? Well, this training video gives you an inside look into what it takes to be a successful lumber salesman.
Views: 6636 jordanwilliams11
River Valley School Forest Timber Harvest - April17 2008
The GreenSquared Building Association is doing a demonstration harvest in our School Forest to promote using the annual growth of the timber for many benefits to the School and local community. The smallest possible equipment is used to accomplish this work, to protect the forest. www.GreenSquaredBuilding.com has more information.
Views: 15173 James Birkemeier
Ballmark - The Core Orientation System (2)
* BALLMARK® eliminates uncertainty when orientating diamond drill core. * BALLMARK® allows continual drilling production. * BA * BALLMARK® eliminates uncertainty when orientating diamond drill core. * BALLMARK® allows continual drilling production. * BALLMARK® is cost effective. * BALLMARK® is accurate. * BALLMARK® is reliable. The system requires no extra maintenance. The system does not require extensive training to put into use. A permanent record (the disc) is produced The system is compatible with most types and sizes of coreing systems in use today. www.ballmark.com.au
Muathe.com Market Update 11/07/2008
http://www.muathe.com/ REMEMBER WE WERE MAKING BIG PROFITS DURING THE CRASH OF 2008!! Log On To Muathe.com For More Exclusive Videos. Get The Latest Stock Picks NOW! Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS) Yen Cross Trade Hedge Fund Redemption Libot, Repo Market Ultra Short ETF's Stock Market Crash Volatility Index VIX, VXO, VXN, VXV Depression Two GOLD Scam Cascading Crush Preferred Shares Financial Select Sector SPDR (XLF) Ultra Financials ProShares (UYG) UltraShort Financials ProShares (SKF) Wachovia Corporation (WB) American International Group, Inc. (AIG) Ambac Financial Group, Inc. (ABK) Freddie Mac (FRE) Fannie Mae (FNM) GS, DTO, UYM, DUG, DZZ, SMN DXD, EEV, EFU, FXP, SDS, SIJ, SJF, SJL, UltraShort, Xinhua, Proshare, Market crash, VIX, SKF, UYG, XLF, WACHOVIA, WB, LEHMAN BROS HLD, LEH, Bear Market, Wachovia, Oil & Gas Drilling & Exploration, Minerals, Solar, Crude Oil, Alternative Energy, Internet, Momentum, Bubble, Crude Oil, Alternative Energy, Renewable, China, IPO, Initial Public Offering, Master Card, StockPickr, Cramer, TheStreet, Moody's, Bear Market, Breakout, momentum, technical analysis level 2stock technical analysis, japanese candlesticks, China, Boom, Rally, Housing, Builders, Recovery, Credit, Sub-Prime, Rebound, Oversold, Caps, ANNB, BHRT, CCPCN, CMLS, CROX, CSUN, CTDC, EDCI, ESLR, ETRM, GRMH, GRRF, GVHR, HABC, MECA, NOBH, OSHC, PEDH, PTIL, SIEB, SOLF, STEM, THRM, UFPT, YRCW, ADG, CUR, CVP, ECB, FEP, FUE, GAN, GRH, ILX, IMA, KWT, LNG, MHH, MLV, NGD, NLP, RCR, RDR, RFR, SRO, SVA, THM, TRT, TSR, UVE, ABR, AGM-A, AHT, BNE, CAR, CVD, CVI, DDT, EYE, FNM-PP, FRE-PB, FRE-PO, FRE-PX, GU, HIG, KFS, LDK, PRM, S, SB, SCR, SOL, TSL, TVL, YGE, TAGS M0 M1 M2 M3 Ma And Pa Shop Maastricht Treaty Mac Crawford Macaroni Defense Macaulay Duration Macro Accounting Macro Environment Macro Manager Macro Risk Macro-Hedge Macroeconomic Factor Macroeconomic Stabilization Fund - FEM Macroeconomic Swap Macroeconomics Macromarketing Macroprudential Analysis MAD MAD (Moroccan Dirham) Mad Hatter Madeira Escudo Madrid Fixed Income Market .MF Madrid SE CATS (MSE) .MC Madrid Stock Exchange (MAD) .MA Magic Formula Investing Magna Cum Laude Magnet Employer Magnetic Ink Character Recognition Line - MICR Main Home Main Street Mainstream Economics Maintenance Bond Maintenance Expenses Maintenance Margin Major Fraud Act Of 1988 Major Pairs Majority Shareholder Make A Market Make To Assemble - MTA Make To Order - MTO Make To Stock - MTS Make Whole Call (Provision) Make-Or-Buy Decision Making Home Affordable Malfeasance Malpractice Insurance Man-Year Managed Account Managed Currency Managed Forex Accounts Managed Futures Managed Futures Account Managed Money Management And Employee Buyout - MEBO Management Audit Management Buy-In - MBI Management Buyout - MBO Management By Objectives - MBO Management Discussion and Analysis - MD&A Management Fee Management Investment Company Management Risk Management Tenure Manager Of Managers - MOM Manager Universe (Benchmark) Managerial Accounting Mancession Manchester Business School - MBS Mandatorily Redeemable Shares Mandatory Convertible Mandatory Mortgage Lock Mandatory Redemption Schedule Manderson Graduate School of Business Manifest Variable Manipulation Manual Execution Manual Trader Manual Trading Manufactured Housing - MH Manufactured Payment Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price - MSRP Manufacturing Cells Manufacturing Production Manufacturing Resource Planning - MRP II Maple Bond MAR Ratio Márcio A. Cypriano Margin Margin Account Margin Call Margin Creep Margin Debt Margin Loan Availability Margin Of Safety Margin Pressure Marginal Analysis NAB Business Confidence Index NAD NAD (Namibian Dollar) NAHB/Wells Fargo Housing Market Index Nakahara Prize Naked Call Naked Option Naked Position Naked Put Naked Shorting Naked Trust Naked Warrant Naked Writer Named Beneficiary Named Fiduciary Named Perils Insurance Policy Nanny Tax Nano Cap Nanyang Business School Naoyuki Akikusa Narrow Basis Narrow Moat Narrow Money Narrow-Based Weighted Average NASD Rule 2790 Nasdaq Nasdaq 100 Index Nasdaq Composite Index NASDAQ Global Market Composite NASDAQ Global Select Market Composite Nasdaq Intermarket Nasdaq National Market Securities - Nasdaq-NM NASDAQ OMX 100 Index Nasdaq SmallCap Market Nasdaq-100 After Hours Indicator NASDAQ-100 Equal Weighted Index Nash Equilibrium National Association Of Certified Valuation Analysts - NACVA
Views: 438 Eric Muathe
cutting trees
harvesting timber
Views: 203 silvergate6
John Nakovich 300lb farmers @ 180lbs bodyweight
His power lies within his massive tree trunk legs!
Views: 1228 Joshua Davis
190kg farmers 15m
Farmers walk
Views: 900 Terry Hollands
Motorcycle Scramble, Elsworth, Cambs, 1956
Here is some home movie footage from over 50 years ago.
Views: 14156 Paul Sparrow
HUNgaroCELL union trade CN-SM attacked
During our union trade some traders got disconnected, so the hunters divided in 3 teams to escort the traders who are logging back to game. As the first and biggest wave of the trade arrived at Samarkand, player thiefs followed the hunters to the other two trade teams, and attacked us. The thiefs took the loot, but we got it back! (^_~) Az unió trade alatt pár traderünk DC-t kapott, így a hunterek 3 csapatra oszlottak, hogy azoknak is legyen kiséretük, akik vissza tudnak jönni a játékba. Amikor az első és egyben legnagyobb csapat megérkezett Samarkandba, a thiefek követték a huntereinket és megtámadták a másik két karavánt. Elvitték az áru egy részét is, de mi visszaszereztük! (^_~) Killed thiefs: *GoToHellTurk *asgsag *__sSNn__ *Black_Power *_SLeePy_ *BaD_ *VoY_To_FuMaO Music: Cardigans - My favorite game Bruce Springsteen - Radio Nowhere Bloodhoundgang - I hope you die HUNgaroCELL union guilds: HUNgaroCELL lvl 5 Devilish_Hun lvl 5 KivegzOsztaG lvl 4 HuN_KaRAvaN lvl 4 Hun_Lords lvl 4 HUN_StarS lvl 4 OdaBaszHUNk lvl 5 ROFLMAO lvl 3 Köszi mindenkinek, aki ott volt és segített!
Views: 1300 edem81
Trade Rag - 3/26/08
Here is the Trade Rag for tonight - Enjoy
Views: 341 t5trading
Views: 1215 jared spybrook
Make Money Online Trading Stock Symbol BHI 20080307
http://www.SupportLineAlerts.com This is today's BobChart for Baker Hughes Inc. Baker Hughes Inc closed at 67.87. The nearest support is 7.7 percent below the close at 62.65. The nearest resistance is 5.94 percent above the close at 71.90.
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runescape how to make multiplay login in
better vid my mike was too close so turn the voice little down
Views: 139 Sevo Rohtla
Ye Daulat Bhi  Le Lo - Jagjit Singh
jagjit singh
Views: 19122737 sanny kim
On Halloween Don't Be Tricked...Social Security Privatization is No Treat
Here's a light-hearted look at Social Security privatization and a warning to young people...dont be tricked into trading your guaranteed retirement benefit for a risky ride on Wall Street. Produced by the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare.
Views: 5940 NationalCommittee
Disney Movie Magic stamp collection
Special edition of Disney stamps http://www.jodarl.com
Views: 1075 Francis Chan
Gtrading Russia
9-th International Specialized Demonstration Show CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT AND TECHNOLOGIES'2008 June 17-21, 2008 Moscow, Russia
Views: 308 takeuchimaster
Latimco - Modular Plus
La Union Quality Timber Manufacturing Corporation
Views: 1421 techbp
Sam Hogue Marbles
Ellenboro WV
Views: 3478 RitchieCountyEDA
The Carbon Connection
Two communities affected by one new global market -- the 'trade' in carbon dioxide. In Scotland, a town has been polluted by oil and chemical companies since the 1940s. In Brazil, local people's water and land is being swallowed up by destructive monoculture eucalyptus tree plantations. Both communities now share a new threat.
Views: 2506 greenplanetfilms
Eastern Silk Industries Ltd. - INDIA
The Kolkata based Eastern Silk Industries Limited is a company with multifaceted business activities. The list of activities include: • Manufacture of Silk Yarn • Fabrics & Made-Ups • Home Furnishings • Fashion Fabrics • Handloom Fabrics • Double Width Fabrics • Scarves, Laces & Belts • Embroidered Fabrics The present net worth of the company is about Rs 359 crores and it employs over 20,000 people directly or indirectly. In the year 1958, the export house embarked on its overseas business, with an export turnover of Rs 0.5 lacs. As on date, the export turnover stands at a voluminous figure of Rs 482 crores in the year 2007-2008. An added glitter in its crown is the number of awards that the company has bagged over the years from various Export Promotion Councils, such as: - HANDLOOM EXPORT PROMOTION COUNCIL - INDIAN SILK EXPORT PROMOTION COUNCIL - CENTRAL SILK BOARD - MINISTRY OF COMMERCE The company has been recognized as "Golden Star Trading House" by the Government of India. In the area of self sufficiency the in house Research Wing has successfully developed a technology indigenously of Fast Color printing on fabrics that is the basic need for selling in the overseas market. Modernization and adoption of new technology has been the watchword of the company down the years. To strengthen its diverse operations base, the Group has set up state-of-the-art manufacturing units at the following places: - Unit 1 411, Telugarahalli Road, Anekal Bangalore - 562 106. Unit 2 Kammansandra Agrahara Kasaba Hobli, Anekal, Bangalore - 560 106. Unit 3 11A, 2nd Cross Industrial Area, Nanjangud, Karnataka - 571 302. Unit 4 Falta Special Economic Zone, 24 Parganas (South), West Bengal. In this back drop, the company is planning to increase its export performance, commensurate to the extent of quantum increase in total Indian Export, which is likely to cross Rs. 500 crores by 2008-2009.
Views: 32508 Ajay Kumar
The Robin Road Kitchen
Beautiful custom rustic kitchen by Don Hansen at The Adirondack Trading with carvings by Vern Hestand III at Bear Mountain Woodworx.
Views: 470 Vern Hestand
Marshall Hardware
Cairo WV
Views: 1059 RitchieCountyEDA
Account Management Software for Independent Brokers
Independent Broker: Wallstreet Electronica offers several services to support expansion and marketing to take you the next level. Wallstreet*E provides web design to develop your public web pages... from an inexpensive template to an elaborate, premium labeled platform with customized web pages. Wallstreet*E will private label its trading platform with your company's logo and banner... So, when customers on your site log into the platform, they'll see the same color scheme, same look, same feel of your public website. Wallstreet Electronica will also set up email with your company's domain, host your website and your private labeled platform. This way, you KNOW your service is always running. Your private labeled platform will have the same upgrades as the Brokerwebstation platform, so your technology's always on the cutting edge... And cutting edge is good.
Views: 216 wallstreetetv