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2008 Lumberjack World Championship Log Rolling Win
With a torn ACL, Shana Martin defeats Jenny Atkinson for her third log rolling world title. Shana is sponsored by Duluth Trading Company: http://www.duluthtrading.com A special thanks to Kristine Ochu of Windigo Productions for the production of this video. http://www.windigoproductions.com
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Diamantina Christensen Trading Company - Diamond bits
Surface-Set Diamond Bits Impregnated Bits Casing Shoes Reaming Shells Wireline Core Barrels and Overshots Wireline Underground Core barrels and Overshots Drill Rods & Casing Standar Core Barrels Water Equipment Recovery Tools Hoisting Tools Miscellaneous
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FRM: Forecast volatility with GARCH(1,1)
We can forecast volatility with GARCH(1,1). The key parameter is persistence (alpha + beta): high persistence implies slow decay toward the long run average. For more financial risk videos, visit our website! http://www.bionicturtle.com
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Longhouse Trading Co. - FSC Chain-of-Custody Member
Longhouse Trading Co, a specialty sawmill on Vancouver Island, is a member of Ecotrust Canada's FSC Chain-of-Custody Group.
Views: 554 Ecotrust Canada
Account Management Software for Independent Brokers
Independent Broker: Wallstreet Electronica offers several services to support expansion and marketing to take you the next level. Wallstreet*E provides web design to develop your public web pages... from an inexpensive template to an elaborate, premium labeled platform with customized web pages. Wallstreet*E will private label its trading platform with your company's logo and banner... So, when customers on your site log into the platform, they'll see the same color scheme, same look, same feel of your public website. Wallstreet Electronica will also set up email with your company's domain, host your website and your private labeled platform. This way, you KNOW your service is always running. Your private labeled platform will have the same upgrades as the Brokerwebstation platform, so your technology's always on the cutting edge... And cutting edge is good.
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Canada Vignettes - Trading Post
Canada Vignettes - Trading Post An animated film about the Hudson's Bay trading post, and the relationship between fur traders and Indians. Production Agency: National Film Board of Canada http://www.nfb.ca Production Year: 1978 Canada Vignettes: Compilation Reel 1
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FRM: Three approaches to value at risk (VaR)
This is a brief introduction to the three basic approaches to value at risk (VaR): Historical simulation, Monte Carlo simulation, Parametric VaR (e.g., delta normal). For more financial risk videos, visit our website at http://www.bionicturtle.com!
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FRM: Black-Scholes versus Binomial
The world's quickest summary comparison between the two common ways to price an option: Black-Scholes vs. Binomial. For more financial risk videos, visit our website! http://www.bionicturtle.com.
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training farmers, conans
Views: 146 Strengthsport
Small log line
Small log line quad saw
Views: 28556 fredk7
190kg farmers 15m
Farmers walk
Views: 900 Terry Hollands
Canada Vignettes - Voyageurs
Canada Vignettes - Voyageurs An animated film about the hardships of voyageurs' lives in the early Canadian fur trade. Production Agency: National Film Board of Canada http://www.nfb.ca Production Year: 1978 Canada Vignettes: Compilation Reel 1
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2.  Configuring eSignal for Trading at Gateway Capital
Second video in the series on eSignal's trading integration to TT at Gateway Capital. Points covered: Configuring the TT interface in eSignal, logging into your account, and various functional features.
Views: 459 Brent Threadgill
STIDC Corporate Video 02
Sarawak Timber Industry Development Corporation (STIDC) - The Leader and Catalyst of the Timber Industry
Views: 192 caremy80
Lupes Trading
promo filmpje Lupes Trading Netherlands
Views: 141 sjibbiekulu
Climax with 'disconnect' logging cars
Climax locomotive with 'disconnect' logging cars on a modular model railroad layout in 0n30
Views: 20016 Pit KARGES
The Robin Road Kitchen
Beautiful custom rustic kitchen by Don Hansen at The Adirondack Trading with carvings by Vern Hestand III at Bear Mountain Woodworx.
Views: 470 Vern Hestand
250 farmers
A sad display.
kentucky 320lbs farmers
80ft around 11seconds
Views: 742 David Beers
Starting a Startup (Step 3)
Discussion about the relationships between a startup company and early employees, consultants, advisors and Board members, with a focus on the economic relationships and the "best practices" for intellectual property protection and hygiene.
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My fleching company
this is basicly a advert telling people about my company and asking them if they want to join it (you get lots of sales for yew longbows and such).And you can also order things like flax and so on you can order: flax(max=3000) bowstrings(max=3000) and type of bow(max is 10000!) any type of log(max is 10000 for all and 500 for yew logs)
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Illegal timber from Northern Burma
China is making a mockery of its own rule of banning timber import from Northern Burma that it imposed in late 2005. Over 100 log trucks cross from Kachin State to China's Yunnan Province. The timber was seen in Ying Jiang in Yunnan.
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KNG TV, April 29, 2008: China imports illegal timber from Northern Burma
China is illegally importing timber from Kachin State in Northern Burma. More infos: www.kachinnews.com
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Forest Operations
Timber Harvesting and forest management are discussed by alumni from the Department of Forest Products at the University of Idaho
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FRM: Basis risk is the mother of all derivatives risk
The basis is the difference between the spot and futures price. Basis risk attaches to all derivatives. For more financial risk videos, visit our website! http://www.bionicturtle.com
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Coffee, Cocoa and Lumber Trade Analysis
Erich Senft, CTA of Traders Helping Traders with a coffee, cocoa and lumber market analysis tutorial. Each week Erich publishes an ezine full of video trades, analysis and trading tutorials.
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Steve's 300 lbs Farmers
Strongman Training - 7/6/08 Farmers Walk 600 lbs (300 lbs each hand) 70 feet
Views: 692 Steve Ferreira
Berlin PR Farmers 02*03*08
285lbs X 90ft
Views: 226 bcb153
Make Money Online Trading Stock Symbol BKD 20080318
http://www.SupportLineAlerts.com This is today's BobChart for Brookdale Senior Living Inc. Brookdale Senior Living Inc closed at 22.73. The nearest support is 6.1 percent below the close at 21.34. The nearest resistance is 10.68 percent above the close at 25.16.
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Triple Diamond Energy Corp.
This video is a part of video series. This specific video is titled, "Adding Pipe To The Drill String". For addtiona information, please visit. www.triplediamondenergy.com
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Trade Rag - 3/26/08
Here is the Trade Rag for tonight - Enjoy
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Keynote Speaker: Trends analyst - Construction, real estate, buildings design: energy saving
http://www.globalchange.com How long buildings last -- scandal. Scandal of short life of commercial buildings. Building and demolition costs and lifetime energy use of corporate real estate. 30 -- 40 year life expectancy of buildings. Buildings decay, poor design of corporate real estate. Head of corporate real estate. Corporate real estate portfolio management an facilities management Retrofitting costs to increase buildings energy efficiency. Short-termism, failure of long term planning. Building controls and building regulations. Visionary architecture. Example of Sydney Opera House. Re-engineering offices and factories. Home ownership and maintenance costs. Criminal activity and unethical business real estate practices. Pressure on short term profits and bottom line. Listed and protected buildings. Good building design. Memories and emotional connections with buildings of character. Poor foresight of high rise anonymous buildings made entirely of metal and glass. Building skyline icons, building communities, neighbourhoods, building tomorrow. Building longevity is a moral issue. Economy, global warming, energy conservation and real estate industry. Environment, environmental change, climate change. Risks in real estate development. Operational and management risks and role of a Futurist. What is a Futurist? Identifying new opportunities in buildings control, environmental regulation. Keeping pace with change in real estate planning and corporate real estate demands. Impact on corporate real estate of mergers and acquisitions. How world getting faster, client demands growing faster. How clients behave illogically in longer term real estate planning. Buildings controls, heating and cooling, retrofitting high rise, office blocks and factories. Building regulations and government action. Longer term real estate planning. Market research limitations and customer expectations, client demands. Architects and buildings design, living space, partitions, ventilation systems, balancing and rebalancing air conditioning. ARBS. Business management video by Dr Patrick Dixon, conference keynote speaker lecture, author of Futurewise and Building a Better Business. Global warming impact from offices and commercial buildings, skyscrapers, tower blocks and corporate real estate. Energy efficiency and energy consumption of commercial buildings and office blocks. Balancing air conditioning systems with better building control systems (integrated temperature monitoring) can save over 30% of energy costs each year. Johnson Controls and other companies provide specialist technical advice on heat loss reduction and air conditioning management systems. Issues of ventilation, fresh air, "tight" buildings, carbon dioxide levels, heat exchangers and air ducting. Electricity use and power generation on buildings. Green roofs, open spaces, shade, natural light. Impact of global warming and CO2 reduction on building design, architecture, building regulations and government standards. Special tax relief and concessions, reductions in stamp duty for energy compliant 5* and 6* commercial properties. Activist campaigns to reduce carbon emissions. Carbon trading and offsets. Energy in construction and demolition as proportion of life-time energy use. Future of corporate real estate and corporate real estate management companies. Outsourcing buildings management. Energy saving, corporate, real estate, property, cost, management, electricity, power, consumption, air conditioning, buildings controls, heat, cooling, light, air circulation, warming, carbon dioxide, gas emissions, reduction, green roofs
Improved WNBD CW Video
Winning Brands Corporation is a manufacturer of advanced environmental cleaning solutions and personal care products which are marketed to consumers and industry internationally under a variety of brands and strategic partnerships. It is an emerging public company with shares quoted under the trading symbol WNBD at www.PinkSheets.com Winning Brands solutions are kind to your skin and less harsh in the environment than traditional cleansers. Despite this gentleness, they still perform as well or better than many brands that are more familiar. The result of this work is a portfolio of consumer and industrial cleaning products that have eliminated undesirable pollutants such as phosphates, nitrates, enzymes, and artificial dyes. Winning Brands products are hard working cleaning agents that get your home or workplace clean while being more responsible to rivers, lakes and oceans than ordinary products that have been in widespread use for the past several decades. Beginning in 2008, Winning Brands products are made in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities which meet or exceed the highest government standards for good manufacturing processes and provide a safe workplace for the people who produce these products for you. By choosing Winning Brands products, consumers support such sustainable and ethical practices. Winning Brands imposes these standards upon itself as a commitment to continuous quality improvement. Our product formulations evolve in order to work with the environment wherever possible, not against it. Continuous research and development is intended to keep our products kind to you and the earth. Being familiar with theoretical and practical research in Universities and by independent scientists is a key to Winning Brands remaining up-to-date. We are agile and can respond quickly to growing insights by international experts as to how to make best use of natural elements and processes. If you are a scientist or inventor who is looking for a way to apply advancements that you have made technically, Winning Brands Corporation is prepared to consider an ethical basis on which to commercialize beneficial developments. Are you a consumer with chemical sensitivity? People who have experienced adverse reactions to enzymes, bleach or artificial ingredients used in ordinary cleaning products may find a reduction or elimination of those unwanted reactions when using one or more of our products. Winning Brands Corporation is proud of these products and provides a Purchase Price Refund guarantee of satisfaction to the consumer direct, regardless of the store in which the purchase is made. The reason for this extraordinary refund policy is simple -- if there is dissatisfaction then there is room for improvement. The most authentic and rapid access to such information for the purpose of continuous quality improvement is from the consumer directly. As a result of close communication with consumers over many years, Winning Brands products have gained a loyal following that continues to grow. By choosing Winning Brands Corporation products, you the consumer and our public shareholders become stewards of the natural world for the benefit of future generations. WNBD has designed its business plan to pass through 6 Phases; Initial Operations Phase (Annual Sales less than $1 Million), Implementation Phase (Annual Sales of $1 Million to $3 Million), Growth Phase (Annual Sales of $3 Million to $5 Million), Self-Sustaining Phase (Sales between $5-50 Million), Established Phase (Sales between $50 Million and $100 Million), World Phase (Sales over $100 Million). In 2007, Winning Brands is in the Initial Operations Phase. The Initial Operations Phase is characterized by more research than sales and more testing than actual distribution. In general terms, this can be thought of as the phase during which the starting foundation is laid for the subsequent phases. It is expected to be approximately one year in duration. The Initial Operations Phase is not a profitable phase. Operational developments of a material nature during the Initial Operations Phase are disclosed by means of News Releases. The Implementation Phase for WBC is targeted to commence during 2008. It is important for investors in an early stage firm of this type to realize that the company's potential resides in its growth prospects within the increasingly important environmental sector related to market developments in this sector - not the company's balance sheet or current financial strength. An investment in Winning Brands Corporation is highly speculative but takes place within a sector widely regarded as growing.
Views: 813 HeywoodFloyd77
Views: 794 catrina0315
First Nation's Treaty History in B.C., Canada
This was broadcasted in the 90's and gives us a timeless understanding of the challenges First Nations have faced in Canada. There are some scenes of great radio host and sadly missed Jack Webster (resident on Saltspring), interviewing a First Nations hero Frank Calder.
Views: 12207 saltspringpictures
Engaging Minds: Sylvia Abonyi
Sylvia Abonyi - CRC Aboriginal Health Sylvia Abonyi is Canada Research Chair in Aboriginal Health and a member of the Saskatchewan Population Health Research Unit where she looks for ways to involve northern Saskatchewan community members in improving health in their communities.
Views: 676 uofsresearch
Curbing Pollution is Serious Business
ANCHOR: Industrial pollution is on the rise. In a profit driven world, it seems normal to put profits before the environment. However, in Jakarta, Indonesia, this trend is finally changing. Let's take a look... STORY: On June 29, twenty-four directors of top companies in Jakarta celebrated World Environment Day, by signing a declaration letter agreeing to voluntarily limit the pollution their respective companies produce. The declaration letter was approved by the Minister of Environment, Rachmat Witoelar, and Jakarta governor, Fauzi Bowo. Mr. Witoelar, was hopeful that all Indonesia entrepreneurs would follow the lead set by these companies in voluntarily curbing pollution. One initiative that is gathering a lot of public support is Jakarta's "car free day," which some say is having a significant effect on the air quality in this sprawling city of 200 million people. Environmental degradation from human activities compounds the many natural risks posed by Indonesia's environment. Heavy logging, mining, fires, and the creation of large plantations have reduced the natural environment's capacity to withstand the challenges posed by nature. Furthermore, large populations often live in disaster-prone areas, due to the difficulty in locating fertile soil in floodplains or in cities with compromised natural ecosystems. According to Indonesia National Disaster Control, since 1998 to 2004, close to 10,000 lives have been lost due to environmental disasters with an estimated $63 million dollars in damage. NTDTV, Jakarta, Indonesia
Views: 1537 NTDTV
ALPA équipements promo-film
ALPA equipments is a Canadian Hyundai Construction Equipment dealer. The company made a promotional film on their business and are clearly proud to represent Hyundai.
Dudley Do-Right
Dudley Do-Right rescues damsel in distress.
Views: 330298 BlogPostVideo
Make Money Online Trading Stock Symbol BHI 20080318
http://www.SupportLineAlerts.com This is today's BobChart for Baker Hughes Inc. Baker Hughes Inc closed at 69.92. The nearest support is 10.3 percent below the close at 62.69. The nearest resistance is 1.93 percent above the close at 71.27.
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Ye Daulat Bhi  Le Lo - Jagjit Singh
jagjit singh
Views: 17458939 sanny kim
Kyle 300 Farmers.MOD
350 farmers attempt, turns into a 300 farmers walk... Limited Space so its a short run, Team Punish Gym Thunder Bay ontario
Views: 113 KYLERAYNER20
Google must divulge the viewing habits of every user who has ever watched any video on YouTube, a US court has ruled. The ruling comes as part of Google's legal battle with Viacom over allegations of copyright infringement. Digital rights group the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) called the ruling a "set-back to privacy rights". The viewing log, which will be handed to Viacom, contains the log-in ID of users, the computer IP address (online identifier) and video clip details. While the legal battle between the two firms is being contested in the US, it is thought the ruling will apply to YouTube users and their viewing habits everywhere. Viacom, which owns MTV and Paramount Pictures, has alleged that YouTube is guilty of massive copyright infringement. The UK's Premier League association is also seeking class action status with Viacom on the issue, alleging YouTube, which was bought by Google in 2006, has been used to watch football highlights. Legal action When it initiated legal action in March 2007 Viacom said it had identified about 160,000 unauthorised clips of its programmes on the website, which had been viewed more than 1.5 billion times. Following the launch of its billion-dollar lawsuit, YouTube introduced filtering tools in an effort to prevent copyright materials from appearing on the site. We urge Viacom to back off this overbroad request Electronic Frontier Foundation The US court declined Viacom's request that Google be forced to hand over the source code of YouTube, saying it was a "trade secret" that should not be disclosed. But it said privacy concerns expressed by Google about handing over the log were "speculative". Google's senior litigation counsel Catherine Lacavera said in a statement: "We are disappointed the court granted Viacom's over-reaching demand for viewing history. "We will ask Viacom to respect users' privacy and allow us to anonymise the logs before producing them under the court's order." The ruling will see the viewing habits of millions of YouTube users given to Viacom, totalling more than 12 terabytes of data. Viacom said it wanted the data to "compare the attractiveness of allegedly infringing video with that of non-infringing videos." YouTube and Google had "compelled" it to go to court, Viacom said, "by continuing to defend their illegal and irresponsible conduct and profiting from copyright infringement, when they could be implementing the safe and legal user generated content experience they promise". It said it would not be asking for any "personally identifiable information" of any user. "Any information that we or our outside advisors obtain will be used exclusively for the purpose of proving our case against You Tube and Google (and) will be handled subject to a court protective order and in a highly confidential manner." 'Erroneous ruling' Leading privacy expert Simon Davies told BBC News that the privacy of millions of YouTube users was threatened. The chickens have come home to roost for Google Simon Davies, privacy expert He said: "The chickens have come home to roost for Google. "Their arrogance and refusal to listen to friendly advice has resulted in the privacy of tens of millions being placed under threat." Mr Davies said privacy campaigners had warned Google for years that IP addresses were personally identifiable information. Google pledged last year to anonymise IP addresses for search information but it has said nothing about YouTube data. Mr Davies said: "Governments and organisations are realising that companies like Google have a warehouse full of data. And while that data is stored it is under threat of being used and putting privacy in danger." The EFF said: "The Court's erroneous ruling is a set-back to privacy rights, and will allow Viacom to see what you are watching on YouTube. "We urge Viacom to back off this overbroad request and Google to take all steps necessary to challenge this order and protect the rights of its users." The body said the ruling was also potentially unlawful because the log data did contain personally identifiable data. The court also ruled that Google disclose to Viacom the details of all videos that have been removed from the site for any reason. Story from BBC NEWS: http://news.bbc.co.uk/go/pr/fr/-/1/hi/technology/7488009.stm
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Londons Strongets Man U105 95KG Farmers 50m
95KG farmers
Views: 175 james160381
308 Oak St, Neenah, WI - Micoley and Company
308 Oak St, Neenah, WI 54956 - Micoley and Company This home is an Outstanding value, with class and charm. The Entire home has been completely updated and is waiting for occupancy. This beautifully restored Victorian style home will warm your heart with raised panel doors, cabinets and french doors. It also features vanity bath sinks, wood framed mirrors, a new roof, windows, flooring, paint, kitchen and bathsThe home is Bank owned and wil be Sold as is. Please call Rcik Roundy at 920-617-9141 Micoley and Company, Wisconsin real estate, green bay real estate, de pere homes, luxury homes wisconsin, howard real estate, Oconto Wisconsin homes, Allouez real estate, Suamico homes
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Metallgesellschaft case on hedging disasters
In MG, the underlyings were short positions in long-term forward contracts to deliver oil. The hedge was a stack-and-roll hedge: long positions in short-term futures contracts that were rolled over consecutively. The strategy depended on the continuation of (i) stable or gently increasing spot oil prices and (ii) backwardation
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Lawrence Browne & Mike Walsh 130Kg Farmers
130Kg Farmers at BSM Southern Qualifier on 3rd May 2008
Views: 415 StrongmanChalky
Vermont Business Meeting Doubletree Burlington Hotel Vermont
DOn't stress over planning your next meeting. Enjoy Vermont charm and hospitality at the Doubletree Burlington Hotel featuring 161 well-appointed guestrooms with 33 suites and function space for Business meetings, Retreats, Weddings and Social Gatherings for up to 300 guests. Features include complimentary airport shuttle transportation, complimentary parking, complimentary wi-fi in all guestrooms, heated indoor swimming pool, whirlpool, sundeck and state of the art Precor equipped fitness center, Trader Duke's Restaurant and Lounge serving Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner - a locals favorite. Walking distance to shopping, dining and entertainment.
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LW Pro Dave Mihalov Central USA 2008 Farmers
Dave Mihalov answers West's great run, taking first in the event. 351 per hand for max distance.
Views: 982 bernreuther