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Job Hazard Analysis Training
Visit https://goo.gl/SJxAqd to view the full video and purchase access to our other Health & Safety (EHS) courses. This course provides basic guidelines for performing a job hazard analysis (JHA) in a variety of industrial workplaces. Based on industry best practices and OSHA guidelines, this course offers insights into why a JHA is a critical part of any safety program. From identifying common workplace hazards to accepted means of hazard control, this course provides the fundamental elements critical to establishing safe work habits for yourself and your team.
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Risk Assessment Made Easy
A simple guide to Risk Assessment as required by Section 19 of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005. A simple animated guide showing how to develop roisk assessments and implement a heirarchy of controls. Part of the Taking Care of Business Initiative
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The BowTie method in 5 minutes
This is a short video to explain the basics of the BowTie method for risk assessment of major hazards. For more information, visit https://www.cgerisk.com/products/bowtiexp/
Job Safety Analysis - JSA DVD (Trailer)
Preview and purchase the full film @ http://www.falckproductions.com/ Job Safety Analysis - JSA (12 min) A Job Safety Analysis (JSA) is a structured process that focuses on the relationship between the worker, the task, the tools, and the work environment. The JSA process helps workers identify the hazards of the job, and then introduces steps to eliminate or reduce hazards to an acceptable risk level. When a JSA is performed correctly, it can be an effective accident prevention tool that increases workplace safety. Our DVD, Job Safety Analysis (JSA) teaches how to correctly perform the entire JSA process. Available with an optional training kit, this film serves as a valuable introduction or refresher to the Job Safety Analysis Process. The easily navigable DVD menu allows for selection of individual chapters, making it ideal for safety meetings or behavior-based safety programs. Training Points: • JSA Process • JSA Benefits • Selecting Jobs for a JSA • Prioritizing Jobs for a JSA • Job Step Sequence • Hazard Identification • Prioritizing Hazards • Hazard Controls • Revising the JSA View the free online full preview of this and all available titles @ http://www.falckproductions.com
Job Hazard Analysis and Human Performance Improvement
An initial overview of how latent errors should be considered when completing the Job Hazard Analysis
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Risk assessment and method statement manager
Product demonstration video
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Job Hazard Analysis -- Making a List, Checking It Twice
As discussed at http://www.myjobhazardanalysis.com - A brief overview of the "Pocket Mod", a free product that allows you to turn a sheet of paper into a neat little 8 page booklet that easily fits into you pocket. It has potential for a variety of uses when customized
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Alliant Job Hazard Analytics
Alliant Job Hazard Analytics™ (JHA™) is a web-based tool with leading edge technology used to develop job hazard analyses. By accessing its relationship database for job steps, hazards, and controls, JHA™ guides the user to consistently and systematically create job hazard analyses. Start your JHA™ 60-day FREE trial today! www.jobhazardanalytics.com
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Hazard Assessment
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Why most risk assessments are wrong and dangerous by Tony Ridley
http://tony-ridley.com/ Tony Ridley explains Why most risk assessments are wrong and dangerous
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Risk Assessment
Learn about the different kinds of agriculture permits and what kinds of operations need them.
WSH   Risk Assessment
Know more about the Workplace Safety and Health Act andd how it affects your business http://www.ascendo.sg/cms/index.php/vland
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OHS healthcare Hazard Identification
OHS healthcare identify hazards
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last minute risk assessment
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Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment for Complex EE-Architectures
Almost all new functions in a modern car have to be integrated into the existing EE-Architecture of the automobile. It is a challenge by itself to achieve a correct functional behavior across a complex network of various communication systems, gateways and multifunctional electronic control units. For more details access: http://video.sae.org/event/
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WSH   Risk Assessment
Know more about the Workplace Safety and Health Act andd how it affects your business http://www.ascendo.sg/cms/index.php/vland
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Risk Assessment
Diane Smith Howard, Esq. from the Disability Rights Center of Maine discusses Risk Assessments and how they impact students in Maine.
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Construction Hazard Perception Challenge®
Interactive training shows construction workers how to handle job site hazards. For more information and ordering options, please visit jjkeller.com: https://goo.gl/g2lQGx
Hazards in the Workplace
An evaluation copy of an OHS animation informing workers what they should do when they spot a hazard in the workplace. To access the full range of OHS animations (risk management, ergonomics, hazardous substances, etc) visit our website www.mryscribe.com
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The BeSMART Risk Assesment Tool
Taking Care of Business Tool - A Short animated guide to the BeSMART Risk Assessment Toll at www.besmart.hsa . Part of the Taking Care of Business Initiative.
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JSABuilder - Activity Hazard Analysis Video Tour
A brief tour of some of the features JSABuilder offers for the creation of Activity Hazard Analysis worksheet (required by the US Army Corp. of Engineers or USACE). See http://www.jsabuilder.com for additional information.
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Assessing Risk: Start to Safe Finish
The third of the 'Risk Assessment' series of films from Walport. The concluding film in our Best Selling Risk Assessment series: http://www.walport.com/public/catalogue.10.186.php This film follows on from 'Assessing Risk: Hot Work' by following through a Risk Assessment from the start of the job to its safe completion. The film looks at the reasoning behind carrying out a Risk Assessment rather than the specifics of how this is undertaken onboard any particular vessel. The exact methodology used onboard should be covered by the vessel SMS, and this film is designed to support training crew in understanding and following the SMS. This film is primarily intended to be shown in conjunction with part II of the series, 'Assessing Risk: Hot Work' as a final reminder of the reasons for carrying out a thorough Risk Assessment. We would suggest showing part II at the start of a training session, then discuss the subject and then close with this short film. The 'Assessing Risk' series of films are a major contribution toward understanding safety and the creation of a 'culture of safety' onboard any vessel. The concluding film in our Best Selling Risk Assessment series: http://www.walport.com/public/catalogue.10.186.php Fleet discounts are available for this and all our films. Call +44 (0)1375 489 792 and ask for Nick Brown to discuss your requirements.
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Identify The Safety Risks In The Site With Safe Work Method Statement
http://www.SWMSCentral.com.au - provides an induction document that workers must read and understand before starting a task. Visit the website and know more about safe work method statements or call 1300 729 881 to get in contact with safety consultants
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Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point
MVP-003 Video Presenter : M.K. Salooja
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Making Safety Training Fun
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Identify the Hazards
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Lesson 1:  Introduction to PDC & Early Warning for Active Hazards
Lesson 1 of the Disaster All-hazard Warning, Analysis & Risk Evaluation System training series
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CRS SAFETY LONDON. CRS SAFETY FIRE RISK ASSESSMENTS WWW.CRS-SAFETY.COM Ph: 02079932361 Mob: 07714305620 Managing Director: Paul Feely.
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Fire Safety Risk Assessment
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SEMS Update, Hazards Analysis Basics, and Practical Approaches
**Recorded on January 12, 2011** "Offshore Facility Process Safety Series -- "SEMS Update, Hazards Analysis Basics, and Practical Approaches" -- This interactive webinar features Steve Maher, PE CSP from Risk Management Professionals, commenting on upcoming trends in Offshore Platform Process Safety Regulation. Produced By Risk Management Professionals For a .pdf copy of presentation handouts, please e-mail [email protected] or call 877-532-0806.
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Spotting the Hazards
Taking The Risk Out DVD
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Risk Assessment Edit
This is the video for our risk assessment. Hope you like.
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Coffee and jsa.  *scaffold*
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Assessing Risk: Hot Work
This training film encourages crew to take another look at Risk Assessment, explaining not just HOW to perform a Risk Assessment, but WHY it ahould be done. The film looks specifically at Hot Work, but the lessons learned are clearly shown to apply to any area of work onboard. The film explains the difference between the terms Hazard and Risk, making it clearer to crew what it is they should be assessing, and why. Additional training materials are included on the DVD to aid the trainer in getting the best from the film, although it can quite happily be viewed individually. Full preview copies of the DVD are available by contacting Nick Brown at [email protected]
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Form JSA 3
This is the form the English government gave me to fill in because they have the wrong address in their computer system. They have sent me letters in the past so someone there knows where I am living but their computer does not. I first thought the member of staff had taken the entire pad of forms out of the cupboard and would tear one off for me - but no.
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Risk Assessment, Step Five, Review your risk asses
With the invaluable help of his good friend Gerry, Strips has completed his risk assessment. Now he needs to ensure that it stays up to date but how can he do that. Luckily Gerry knows how and explains it all to Stripes.
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CdRisk: risk assessment software
This application is simple to use and highly intuitive, in order to: - Calculate the risk of a building. - Generate a customized report containing a normative justification. - Request a detailed quotation. Find out the risk assessment for buildings or installations with our easy-to-use software, in line with the most relevant standards in lightning protection IEC 62305 and NFC 17102.
Repetitive Packing Operation Case Study 8
Case Study 8 Repetitive Packing Operation Text Version On Screen Text: Worker involved in repetitive bending activity during packing operations Scene 1 Worker bends down to lift part from a cage and then transfers the part to a box. The worker then lifts the box and transfers into another cage. This operation is repeated a number of times. On Screen Text: Need to carry out a risk assessment of this task Look at how the job is carried out Collect information: load weight, etc, Identify risk factors with the job Make changes to improve the job On Screen Text: Risk Factors/Problems Scene 2 Still image of the handler taken from scene 1. Large red ÒXÓ marks indicate the risk factors and problems with the job. Body in an unstable posture Excessive lowering distance Repetitive bending of the trunk On Screen Text The new system of work: Assess risk to reduce and reorganise manual handling Scene 3 The worker raises the cage handling unit to allow access at a safe height. The worker is able to lift part from cage at a safe height and place the part in a box. The worker then lifts the box and transfers it to the other cage, which is positioned at a safe height. On Screen Text: Manual Handling: Assess to Avoid, Reduce or Reorganise
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Disaster risk management: Advances and Controversies: Day 2
1st International Seminar in Risk Management of Disasters Bogotá, Colombia February 1-3 , 2011 This Workshop, organized by The Risk Management Division of the Colombian Ministry of Interior and Justice and the School of Military Engineers brought together over thirty disaster experts from the U.S., the United Kingdom, the World Health Organization and the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Assistance. Discussion focused on the following topics: enhancing community participation in emergency preparedness including hazard identification, vulnerability analysis and risk assessment. Participants in the workshop included physicians, nurses, other clinicians, academicians, Colombian government health and Ministry of Defense officials.
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