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Welcome to Whitehaven Coal
Employee induction video for Whitehaven Coal based in Gunnedah NSW, Australia
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Songs from WhiteHaven Coal AGM Protest - Australian Stock Exchange Sydney - 4th November 2013
It's time Whitehaven coal shareholders understood that degrading ecosystems, dividing communities and damaging the climate is a risky business. Together with our friends at Quit Coal, on Monday the 4th of November, we'll gather outside Whitehaven's AGM, to explain exactly why. Right now, Whitehaven is progressing plans for its Maules Creek mine - a 2000 hectare open-cut coal mine in NSW's beautiful Leard State Forest. The mine will see 1600 hectares of unique bushland and farmland cleared, 700 hectares of which is classified as critically endangered. When fully operational, Maules Creek and its neighbouring Boggabri coal mine will destroy habitat for 396 native species, drain the local water table by up to 6-7 metres, pump 18,000 tonnes of coal dust onto surrounding communities and release 60 megatonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year - more than the emissions of 165 countries, including Sweden, Hungary and Finland. The annual emissions from Maules Creek alone will be almost equivalent to that of New Zealand. By progressing Maules Creek, Whitehaven is locking us in to a future of angry summers, degraded ecosystems and divided communities.
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Leard State Forest
The Leard State Forest will be flattened if the Maules Creek coal mine is allowed to go ahead. This mine, and the expansion of adjacent existing mines, will devastate local communities. It would dump 18,000 tonnes of dangerous dust per year on local farms and drain the water table by five to seven metres -- not to mention the social problems associated with a fly-in-fly-out population. Who are the people set to profit from the destruction of this forest and the nearby farmlands? None other than the infamous Whitehaven Coal. Some of Australia's most eminent ecologists claim that the company used false and misleading information in order to satisfy environmental assessments, prompting the Federal Court to start an investigation. Now, they are only days away from bringing in the bulldozers to flatten the forest.
Whitehaven Hoax media release
On 7 January 2013, environmental activist Jonathan Moylan distributed a hoax press release to Australian media, temporally wiping A$314 million from the company's share value. Sydney Partner Philip Podzebenko discusses the legal ramifications of this case.
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They're Un Australian
In Australia we are seeing big mining companies and corporation forcing their greed based agendas on the traditional Australian battlers, our farmers. Mining and CSG Fracking are destroying our natural resources. This is a protest song highlighting this travesty and calling them out as "Un-Australian!" A song with some Frockin Frickin Frackin attitude! lol
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Whitehaven coal loses money HAHAHA
whitehaven coal loses money HAHAHAHHAHHA, JON MOYLAN deserves the hero of australia award
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Aboriginal elder: "ANU, get out" of Santos CSG
The Australian National University is a big investor in Santos, a coal seam gas company planning massive expansion in the Pilliga forest of north west New South Wales. As the ANU administration develops a "socially responsible investment" policy, we asked Auntie Pam, an elder from the Gomeroi people, for her own submission to the process! Make your own submission HERE: http://fossilfreeanu.wordpress.com/carbon-budget-consultation/ And follow our campaign HERE: https://www.facebook.com/FossilFreeAnu https://twitter.com/FossilFreeANU
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Idemitsu Coal Boggabri
Idemitsu Coal Boggabri is getting ready to get much bigger
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Maules Creek Call to Arms  Leard Act Up!
4 SEATS !!! going to LEARD ACT UP !! and PILLIGA GET THERE NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!! calling all paintball skirmish players, horse riders, MOTO-X riders. quad riders. bush walkers. hikers. mountain climbers.. stunning rock walls in LEARD !! ROBBOs REBELS.. bird watchers, mountain bike riders, anyone that understands what is really going on and THAT THE TV is now fully lying to us... after that BRISBANE BRONCOS TV ad from their ENERGY COMPANY !!! sponsor. -who is killing people, spoil, crops, cattle, kids bring out the FAKEST AD I have ever seen... that ALSO had a AUTHORISED BY message at the end - NO AD NEEDS AN AUTHORISED BY MESSAGE AT THE END !!!!!!! unless a fake lie from our government.. - EVERY health minister has been contacted - cannabis cures cancer.. didn't wanna know about that either - All Premiers. and all the last 3 Pms ... all puppets.. all a joke.. all a show !!! LEARD ACT UP time !!!!! RUN-A-MUCK with the LEARD LEGENDS !!! and you will never feel so awesome again in your life. !!!! I am going back !!! I have to go finish the Aquaponics system.. and pick up my bloody trailer !!! Hopefully whoever the two were going to help me with the car can get that done in the next 5 days or so... so I can GO TO LEARD and PILLIGA !!!! 4 SEATS !!! going to PILLIGA I will be leaving on about the 10th..... Matilda and I are off folks.... for TRIP THREE TO LEARD !!! not towing anything down... so will be a quick trip there. as THEY NEED US !!!! don't go camping anywhere else this XMAS but LEARD STATE FOREST !!!!!! this is your chance to not only pick up a free koala - joking - but they are ripping down every tree... every rock gone.. every animal about to be murdered.. and lots of hidden aboriginal; artefacts about to the wiped out forever... BRING YOUR CARAVAN !! CAMPER TRAILER MOTORCROSS BIKES HORSES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! those LEGENDS that went to CANBERRA !!!! can yoouss head a little further north back to LEARD !?!?!!?!!!! THIS IS OUR CHANCE... we on the verge of full social REVOLUTION !!! and we need every aussie with a heart.. that actually cares that THIS IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN AUSTRALIA WIDE and get VERY VERY VERY close to the cities !!!!!!! LEARD is very NRTHN NSW... inland a little... great trip down if your friend filled donation filled box trailer does not snap on the way down... 4 seats spare !!! going to be one hell of an XMAS !!! join your fellow aussies.. trying to stop this before it comes to YOUR TOWN !!! cheers RdY
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Big Australian Insolvency Stories Media October 2013 -- Pmf Legal
Lifestyle Rewards - liquidation at the hands of the ATO? If you have unclaimed rewards -- better get something / anything now rather than nothing later! The Tinkler saga -- Will it ever end and why oh why didn't he start his own party and run for parliament! Let me count the ways that Tinkler entertains us. The latest Tinkler company to fall into the hands of the insolvency industry is Aston Metals Group. Which insolvency firm was appointed? FTI Consulting. See the news story in last months September video on FTI Consulting. Bell Resources case settled. Who knows how much the settlement was for? I can say that when the banks appealed from orders to pay the liquidator $1.56 billion, they ended up with new orders to pay $2-3 billion. Not a good outcome! Was the settlement any better? Bell Resources has been running since almost before I was born -- 1991. Lehman Bros only a new one at 5 years but what about the creditors? 5 years since it was pronounced dead and its still breathing -- well, labored breathing. In the US creditors have been paid back $43 billion dollars. The Australian administration is being handled by PPB. So far $0 has been paid to Australian creditors. But a scheme of arrangement is being put together. So its now 2013 -- payment should be some time soon. Well soonish. Well maybe some time in 2014 -- or later. Paul Fordyce Pmf Legal Limited Suite 1101, 84 Pitt Street, Sydney. NSW. 2000. Ph: 02 9221 9888 Mob: 0417 067 058 [email protected] http://www.pmflegal.com/blog/ Flipboard Magazine INSOLVENCY BANKRUPTCY RECONSTRUCTION TURNAROUND-- get Flipboard App here if you need it to access the magazine: http://flip.it/C3wCV 15 October 2013.
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Stock Trading Tricks  Bullish on Coal Stocks
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