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74hc4040 problems
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VHDL Implementation of 12 bit Ripple Binary Counter(CD4040BC)
VHDL Implementation of 12 bit Ripple Binary Counter(CD4040BC) You can find the code in:- https://vhdltutorials.blogspot.in/2017/06/vhdl-implementation-cd4040bc-12-stage-ripple-carry-binary-counter.html You can find all videos and updates in facebook page:- https://vhdltutorials.blogspot.in/2017/06/vhdl-implementation-cd4040bc-12-stage-ripple-carry-binary-counter.html You can contact me on whatsApp:- +91- 880-100-5610 Thank you.
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4040 ripple counter 3
hi i'm troy meclure you might remember me from youtube movies like: 4040 ripple counter 1 and 4040 ripple counter 2, enjoy the show
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8 step sequencer with 12 stage binary ripple counter
This is my first hard built out 'boxed' noise maker. It is based on a video tutorial from Casperelectonics.com. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t7JYOIYqMEY) Components: 40106 hex Schmitt ic 4040 12 stage binary ripple counter 2x 4051 8 channel multiplexers 741 op amp Casper's tutorial (watch all 3 they are great.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t7JYOIYqMEY (He is working on issues with his site at the moment, it says its unsafe, ignore that, its fine, but here is the YouTube link)
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Design a Counter With an Arbitrary Sequence (1/3)
This video is the first of three videos showing how to design a counter with an arbitrary sequence using JK flip flops. The count sequence is 7-3-1-2-5-4-6. Since the sequence requires 7 states, a minimum of 3 bits are required to represent all of the states. For this design 3 JK flip flops will be used. In part 1, a state transition table will be created. The state transition table shows how each of the flip flops changes from one state to the next.
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8 bit Binary counter
Sorry about the color, this was filmed during night time! Anyways, This is an 8 bit binary counter which basically counts the numbers 1 to 255. I used the 74HC595N IC which allows the 8 bit serial in to be converted to a parallel output.
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Binary Counter - Arduino
This project will demonstrate counting in binary through LEDs and in due process you will understand the value of binary! Check us out at https://techlab.education Also... check out our open source projects: https://apcs.io https://pseudocode.io https://curriulcum.io
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serial port 74HC4040
Простой пример, как можно использовать микросхему 74HC4040 мик. на али http://ali.pub/24i9gf
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Arduino, frequency counter by Sanjeok
Arduino nano, OLED, 74HC4040, 74HC4051
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Manual gearbox systems
Low-loss and easy to shift transmissions by ZF provide the transfer of torque and power during the vehicle's operation. Either 5, 6 or 9 speeds are available, depending on the engine rating, the series, or upon customer request. The 6- and 9-speed gearboxes are from the latest ZFgearbox generation which, among other things, is fitted with the revised light alloy housing. The basic model of the TGL 7.5 version is available with the reliable and competitively priced ZF-5-speed gearbox. A tighter gear ratio of this easy to shift ZF-6-speed gearbox is also possible. The 9-speed gearbox is the basic equipment for the TGM. It is used in the upper power rating range and is most suitable for transports in rough terrain. However, the display in all models informs the driver which gear he currently has selected. This is most beneficial for the novice driver and prevents the wrong gears from being used.
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VHDL: Lab #6: Universal Counter ... Part #3
This video shows how to implement a Universal Counter.
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Driving seven segment display with VHDL
This exercise explains basic construction and working of 7 segments display. It also explains the design of hexadecimal to 7-segment decoders that firther drives 7-segment display. Help us caption & translate this video! http://amara.org/v/5Pua/
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