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Let's Play Final Fantasy VII - 15 Mythril Mines, Grinding Limit Breaks and Finding Yuffie HD
In this episode we continue with our journey to the Mythril Mine and find out where Sephiroth is going next on his quest. In this episode I acquire: 1x Character: Yuffie Kisaragi 1x Long Shot Materia 1x Flamethrower Enemy Skill All level 2.1 Limit Breaks. Cloud's level 2.2 Limit Break - Climhazzard Aeris's level 2.2 Limit Break - Fury Brand
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Final Fantasy 7 Walkthrough #14 - Limit Breaks
Mithril Mines and leveling up limit breaks.
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Final Fantasy VII "Yuffie Warping"
Randomly found out how to warp to various parts of the game using the fight with Yuffie. How it works: Die on a fight outside of the world map. Load a save that can fight Yuffie in one fight. Fight Yuffie on the first battle after loading. Enjoy the warp. Tested quite a few areas, Could not warp to the world map, you can even warp to Safer Sephiroth. Some tirggers don't load properly tho. You could use to this get many boss items as well. Not so useful in a speed run sadly. -- www.twitch.tv/neohart/c/2266897&utm_campaign=archive_export&utm_source=neohart&utm_medium=youtube
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Final Fantasy VII Playthrough #037 Supplement F, Limit Training (6/7)
This is supplement F to video #037 in my Final Fantasy VII playthrough. As the limit training continues, Tifa trains for her first Level 3 Limit, Dolphin Blow, learned at 26:40. Then, Aeris trains for her first Level 3 Limit, Planet Protector, learned at 48:05. In the meantime, at 44:10, Cloud learns his second Level 3 Limit, Finishing Touch, and Yuffie starts working on hers. Thank you for watching! This video is part of my Final Fantasy VII Playthrough playlist. All characters, story, music, artwork, and other copyrighted and trademarked components of this game are the property of their respective owners. Videos uploaded are educational and commentary in nature, as defined under the 'fair use policy' of copyright. Produced with CyberLink PowerDirector 9.
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FFVII Sephiroth Solo Part: 2
Hundred & Heli Gunner: Unfortunately there's not much you can do here other than use limit breaks. Motor Ball: Decided not to use a limit break at all here. Midgar Zolom: Yeah. Bottomswell: Sephiroth deals this much damage because of the long range materia(He is constantly in the back row for some reason) and Choco Mog=Elemental. And yes, he does indeed kill the boss with his mind.
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FFVII - LLNIIENACMO Challenge - Midgar Zolom
LLNIIENACMO is short for "Low Level No Items Initial Equipment No Accessories Command Materia Only". Read description of the first video of this playlist to learn more about it. I had to redo this battle this battle to keep it under 10 minutes. First time Yuffie didn't get blown away, so she didn't receive the inactive party EXP (half EXP) like Cloud did. That battle went way better than this one. I kind of messed up after using Meteorain, but wasn't really interested in redoing it again. The reason for fighting Midgar Zolom is to learn Beta. All you need is some luck and knowledge his AI. When you bring him under 3000 hp he will change to his upright position and there's a chance he blows away a character. If that happened, it meant I had to reset. When he goes under 2000 hp he counters with Blown Away. I got him as close to 2000 hp as I could, unleashed Meteorain on him getting him under 1500 hp (which means he would counter with beta next time I attack him) and removing Cloud from battle. Beta would surely kill Aeris and Yuffie. But since I didn't spend hours leveling Aeris' Limit Break for nothing, I make Aeris and Yuffie immune using Planet Protector. I attack with Yuffie and Zolom counters with Beta. Now that I've learned Beta, Yuffie needed to be either dead or blown away and Aeris needed to succesfully use Beta twice. Luckily, despite Aeris being under Fury, both Beta's connected. Current LVL's: Cloud 15, Aeris 13, Yuffie 17
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FFVII Sephiroth Solo Part: 1
This is something I wanted to do for quite a while but never did because having a proper Sephiroth that is equippaple, controllable, not at Level 50, has a limit break, levels up properly and most importantly doesn't glitch out every five minutes takes quite a few codes and while I'm no beginner when it comes to gameshark codes, I'm by no means an expert, so that took me a while, but alas, here we are. Sephiroth uses Vincent's stat gain, is equipped with the Masamune and uses Meteorain as his limt break. There are still a few discrepancies however, for one, Sadness and Fury don't work outside of battle which means he'll never enter a fight with one of those stats, the same with his limit break, he will always enter the battle with an empty bar, changing rows also seems to have no effect on him.(He seems to be constantly in the back row and changing rows does have an effect inside of battles, though it's quite a humurous one) So there are still a few things that need to be optimized but it's good enough for now. As you can probably tell, this is a Sephiroth Solo challenge and although I don't want to add "Low Level" I certainly won't go out of my way to level up, I just want the freedom of beating up whatever I want when I feel like it. I probably will also refrain from using items as Sephiroth has no animation associated with it and it just doesn't look cool when he does use them, I may pop some Hero Drinks when I feel like it, though, we'll see. As you might guess, this won't be super hard, but it's not supposed to be anyway, it's just a fun thing I wanted to do besides the level 2 Aeris series. So that's how that is. Music: FFVII Crisis Core - The Price of Freedom
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FFVII Hard Mod - Leveling Up in the Cargo Ship
I wanted to level up in the Mythril Mines, I really did, but I couldn't. You can't go to the Mythril Mines with a full party before getting Shiva (defeat Bottomswell, rest in the old lady's house, and talk to Priscilla) and since you really need somebody to summon Shiva and somebody to summon Choco/Mog, this is the best place to do it. Everything is described in the video (turn annotations on!) Music: Ludwig von Beethoven - Symphony No. 5 (Allegro)
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FF7 Random Battle Mechanics Guide
A video on how random battles work in Final Fantasy VII. Glossary: 02:02 Hostile Field 02:23 Step Counter 03:27 Mode of Movement 03:58 Battle Check 04:56 Danger Value 05:10 Encounter Rate 10:04 Stutter Walking 10:55 Encounter Skipping 11:26 Repeating Boss Glitch 11:43 Pre-emptive Flag 14:09 World Map 16:10 Type of Terrain 18:19 Zolom Square
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FFVII Lost Wing Mod - Demonstration:  Sephiroth Limit Breaks and More!
!!!!ATTENTION!!!! IF THE MUSIC SUCKS, THEN TURN OFF YOUR VOLUME!!! So here we see FFVII Lost Wing v1.0 Sephiroth and Young Cloud are now 95% fully usable. I have a ton of new spells and materia which have not been shown yet due to lack of time. Everyone has some new weapons. Cloud has the most comphrensive set of new weapons, Tifa and Yuffie have a decent number of new weapons, Red and Aeris have had many of their weapons tweaked. I plan to give Young Cloud and Sephiroth their own weaponset (All Sephs will look like Masamune and all Clouds will look like Buster Sword...well they don't have to I guess, but he can already equip Normal Cloud's weapons). I have lots of new spells. THey dont all have the ideal attack animation because since this is PSX version many forced animations crash the game in one way or another. New materia and spells include, Holy, Laser, Psych, Osmose, Drain, Apacalypse, Toxic, Holy Flash, Water, and Aero. Enemies have been powered up in various ways. In addition to new Elemental Strengths and Weaknesses, they all have at least double Hp, at least double Stats, and at least Double level. each of these on their own doesnt make a powerful monster, but when all combined it makes somthing decent. Many enemies have been tripled or quadrupled in difficulty with many bosses powered up even further. Bottomswell has 9000 Hp, is level 50, and has str and mag in the 80s or 90s. Thats 4x Hp, 2x Level, and 2.5x Stats (roughly). The enemy AI has been changed as well, although I can't take cedit for that, i used FF7AV scene.bin initially and changed it quite a bit afterwards. I could say more, but future videos will explain what hasnt been said here.
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Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough Part 24 - Mythril & Learning important Enemy Skills HD
Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough Part 24 - Mythril & Learning important Enemy Skills HD This is a let's play walkthrough with commentary for the Steam edition of Final Fantasy VII in HD for the PC. Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvv1mA3UKy9PD2JcrlP98HMgqH9KP5H_u Final Fantasy VIII Walkthrough: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvv1mA3UKy9NlC04lT6VEIduYHFievIZE Final Fantasy IX Walkthrough: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLF02D69667E5D6E9A Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/JimmyPMV Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mike-Bettencourt/401209540001984 Twitter: https://twitter.com/pmvbettencourt Google+ page: https://plus.google.com/101519922983651720670/posts IGN page: http://people.ign.com/jimmypmv Final Fantasy VII (ファイナルファンタジーVII Fainaru Fantajiī Sebun?, stylized as FINAL FANTASY VII) is a role-playing video game developed by Square (now Square Enix) as the seventh installment in the Final Fantasy series. It was released in 1997 for the Sony PlayStation, in 1998 for Microsoft Windows-based personal computers, in 2009 on the PlayStation Network, in 2012 on PC Digital Download, and in 2013 on Steam. The game is the first in the series to use 3D computer graphics, featuring fully rendered characters on pre-rendered backgrounds, and was the first game in the main series to be released in Europe. Final Fantasy VII follows protagonist Cloud Strife, a mercenary who initially joins the eco-terrorist rebel organization AVALANCHE to stop the world-controlling megacorporation Shinra from draining the life of the planet for use as an energy source. As the story progresses, Cloud and his allies become involved in a larger world-threatening conflict, facing off against Sephiroth, the game's main antagonist. Development of Final Fantasy VII began in 1994. The game was originally intended for release on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, but was moved to the Nintendo 64. However, since the Nintendo 64's cartridges lacked the required storage capacity, Square decided to release the game for the CD-ROM based PlayStation instead. Final Fantasy VII was produced by Hironobu Sakaguchi and directed by Yoshinori Kitase. The music was composed by Final Fantasy veteran Nobuo Uematsu, while the series' long-time character designer, Yoshitaka Amano, was replaced by Tetsuya Nomura. Helped by a large pre-release promotional campaign, Final Fantasy VII became an immediate critical and commercial success. It has continued to sell solidly—10 million copies were sold by May 2010, making it the best-selling title in the series. Final Fantasy VII was praised for its graphics, gameplay, music and story. Criticism primarily pertained to its English localization. It has retrospectively been acknowledged as the game that popularized the Japanese role-playing video game style outside of its home market, and has frequently ranked highly on various top game lists. The popularity of the title led Square Enix to produce a series of prequels and sequels for different platforms under the collective title Compilation of Final Fantasy VII.
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FF7 Boss fights [Hundred and Heli Gunners]
No Cloud or Tifa in this battle, so be sure to equip the others with the best of what you have. Aeris should be equiped with Bolt, as this battle is long range. (meaning only Barret can hit the enemies with the 'attack' command. I show this by attempting to steal from one.) As with most robot-type enemies in the game, both of these have a weakness to lightning based attacks. Just a heads up. The battle starts with Hundred Gunner blasting down the glass between the two elevators. My best suggestion, low level or grinder, just to do the safe thing and toss Spider Web on em, and the Speed Drinks on every party member. Hyper on all isn't a requirement, but as you can see it enables the limit breaks alot quicker. Grenade is a best friend in this battle, as it's hit ratio is higher then the magics you can cast. Try to use items that are consistent when you have long range battles like this. About halfway through the battle I take a minute to decide to either heal Barret of poison or just continue fighting. If you are lower level you'll want to heal status effects, but for someone that has grinded to higher levels won't worry so much. Continue to Bolt and Grenade your way to victory on both robots, using whatever limit breaks pop up for you.
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FF7 Debug Room Warping Glitch (PC only)
00:00 - Intro 00:32 - Making of the Glitched File 06:50 - Setting up the Warp 09:25 - Arrival in the Debug Room This will forever change the PC version of Final Fantasy VII, both for speedruns and casual playthroughs. The underlying wrong-warp, an extended Battle-Mode Warp (EBMW), was discovered by Neohart (http://www.twitch.tv/neohart). Whereas Yuffie Warping (YW), discovered by Neohart in May 2013, and Battle Mode Warping (BMW), discovered by me in late 2013, both allow you to wrong-warp to locations of previous Game Overs, EBMW allows one to warp to locations associated with one's most recent escape. In fact, EBMW works like this: You die on the Mt. Nibel exit field on the glitched file (that file has the "No EXP/AP/Gil screens after battle" Battle Mode, which can be used for BMW), then load the file on which you wish to access the debug room. This has to be a savefile on the world map, otherwise the Battle Mode from the glitched file will be automatically updated when loading the file, in turn making it impossible to BMW in the first place. Afterwards, winning any world map battle will BMW you to the location of your previous Game Over, which is the exit screen of Mt. Nibel. As you enter that field via warping from the world map, the Battle Mode will not be updated. Therefore, upon leaving the Mt. Nibel exit field for the world map, you will keep the "No EXP/AP/Gil screens after battle" Battle Mode on the world map. Leaving for the world map and intentionally engaging in additional world map battles constitutes an extension of simple BMW, for now, if you win a battle, the game will no longer warp you to the location of your previous Game Over. Instead, it will warp you to the field whose fieldID is equal to the battleID of the battle you most recently escaped from (in FF7, every battle and every field have a unique ID). This means that if you win a battle immediately after leaving the Mt. Nibel screen, the game will crash as is there no field to warp to because you have not escaped from a battle yet. If you are familiar with how FF7's battles (aka "scenes" aka "formations") and fields are stored within the game code, you know that almost all world map battles have battleIDs of less than 288 (some special world map battles like the Midgar Zolom and the WEAPONs have higher ones) and the Debug Room fields have fieldIDs between 65 and 112. This permits one to warp into the various Debug Rooms, among them the Debug Room lobby, from which one can access all other Debug Rooms, by simply escaping from the according world map battle and then Extended Battle Mode Warping. Here is a list of the Debug Rooms, their fieldIDs, the equivalent encounters and information on where to get said encounter: Debug Room - fieldID/battleID - encounter - location, chance to get encounter in location #00 (lobby) - 65 - 2 Nerosuferoth, 1 Formula - Junon Grass, 1/4 #01 - 93 - 4 Beachplug - Corel/Gold Saucer/Gongaga Beach, 1/4 each #02 - 97 - 3 Flapbeat - Gold Saucer Grass, 21/64 #03 - 94 - 3 Beachplug (Side Attack) - Corel/Gold Saucer/Gongaga Beach, 1/4 each #04 - 95 - 2 Spencer - Battle Square (impossible to activate) #05 - 96 - 3 Spencer, 1 Flapbeat - Gold Saucer Grass, 11/32 #06 - 98 - 1 Chocobo, 2 Flapbeat - Gold Saucer Chocobo Tracks #07 - 99 - 1 Chocobo, 2 Spencer - Gold Saucer Chocobo Tracks #08 - 100 - 2 Joker - Gold Saucer Grass, 21/64 #09 - 110 - 2 Grand Horn - Gongaga/Cosmo Grass, 21/64 each #10 - 112 - 3 Gagighandi (Pincer Attack) - Gongaga/Cosmo Grass More information on the different Debug Rooms: http://tcrf.net/Final_Fantasy_VII/Debug_Room Feel free to follow my Twitch channel to see the glitch in action in FFVII speedruns: http://twitch.tv/xerokynos
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FFVII - Debug Room Fun [4-8Live]
The debug room is truly a mystery. If you'd like to see me access the debug room without any cheats or changes to the games code, you can help donate towards the Wrong Warping Demonstration! Want more of us? Join our Patron Club and get exclusive videos, news and sneak peaks that won't be on YouTube! Go to https://www.patreon.com/48Productions to learn how to join! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please visit the following for news, updates, and more. Main Website: http://www.4-8productions.com/ Live Show: http://www.twitch.tv/death_unites_us Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/48Productions Store: http://www.4-8productions.com/4-8Merch Forums: http://4-8forums.forumotion.com/forum Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/4GetTheH8rs -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4get the h8rs. Always. 4-8Productions
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I love ff7 this is prob my fav rpg so this time around I just wanted to do everything that you can in the game. So for fun I just wanna level up and farm shit.
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FFVII - Level 99 Enemies Challenge, Part 28: Train Battles
This is a nice optional challenge. You have to get through five battles and there's also a time limit for an added challenge. The first battle is no problem. Gas Ducters like to double attack, and a critical hit can hurt, but there's only one of them here. With limit breaks ready, it should go down in one turn. The second battle is more dangerous and you have two options here. Play it safe with Barrier and everything, or just go full offensive mode. I chose the second option. Then we have Wolfmeister, the most dangerous opponent here. Here, you really need Barrier, because you can't survive a critical hit. Next, Eagle Gun is a bit of a disappointment. He's hardly dangerous at all, but he's got a lot of HP. No problem staying within the time limit, though. Finally, there's one Attack Squad and one S-mine will take care of him. In case you're wondering, S-mines are bought in Costa del Sol for 1000 Gil each. I sold off a lot of equipment to afford them.
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FF7 Mythril Location
Access to *Mythril* for Great Gospel right after leaving Gold saucer when you get Buggy. You need your battle total number to end at 00, 11, 33, 55, 77, 99 for *Mythril* If it ends in 22, 44, 66, 88 you can also get a *Bolt ring* Follow directions in video just travel to Costa Del Sol hop on the Boat back to Junon. Catch the Heli-taxi to outside of Junon. Then around the corner and across the river to the Cave and done until you have access to the Tiny Bronco. Then you must use the Plane to reach the weaponsmith to give Mythril and choose the small chest for Aeris's Final limit break. Ad free channel Subscribe it help's moral and the channel stay free of commercials or follow on Facebook 18+ page. No Commentary videos and if something needs to be explained will leave it in the videos description. Channel run by myself so will try my best to keep it spoiler and troll free. Peace Buzz!
Final Fantasy VII Playthrough Part 29 Rocket Town & Great Gospel
http://awkwardpwners.com This is part 29 to my Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough / Playthrough for Sony Playstation (PSX). In this part we being at Rocket Town where we try to borrow the Tiny Bronco from Cid but he says no. Then Shera tells us how he crushed Cid's dreams of flying into outer space. Then Rufus and Palmer arrive and wants to take the Tiny Bronco. We then meet Palmer in the backyard of Cid's home and defeat him in a boss battle. Afterward we take the tiny bronco and Cid jumps on but its gets shot down and lands into the water. Afterward we travel all the way back to Junon to wake up the sleeping guy in order to get the Mythril. Then after an hour of power leveling I go and get the "beta" enemy skill from the midgar zolom and we then travel to the random house near Gongaga and the man there tells us we can get to the temple of ancients with the keystone that he sold to Dio from the Gold Saucer. We then trade him the "Mythril" for "Great Gospel" which is Aerith's level 4 limit break.
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Final Fantasy - Let's Play Final Fantasy VII Episode 36 - Getting Aerith's Final Limit Break
My Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/WhiteBoy5294 FaceBook Page: http://www.facebook.com/DaWhiteBoy503 Rate Comment Subscribe!
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Final Fantasy VII Remake - Mythril Mines
Welcome to Choco Bills Chocobo Farm where Chocobo are bred and raised here for Chocobo Racing. To reach the Mythril Mine you must cross the Marsh and avoid the deadly Midgar Zolom. To do this Cloud must catch a Chocobo using greens as their are faster than the Giant Snake. At the Mythril Mine you encounter The Turks who are also looking for Sephiroth who is heading towards Junon. Before you get to Junon, Cloud comes across Fort Condor, home to a small band of rebels fighting against the Shinra! Level Link - https://lbp.me/v/qtt8qg9 Thanks for Watching, Subscribe for more of my Remake and for more LittleBigPlanet 2 and 3 Levels! Final Fantasy VII Remake, FF7, FFVII, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy 7, LittleBigPlanet 3, LBP 3, LBP2, LittleBigPlanet , Little Big Planet 2 videos, LBP 3, LBP 2, LittleBigPlanet 2, Little Big Planet, Little Big Planet 3, LBP, LittleBigPlanet3, LittleBigPlanet2, LittleBigPlanet 1, LittleBigPlanet1 Created in LittleBigPlanet 2 for LittleBigPlanet 3! FFVII Remake Playlist - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLF9D7EDF22859E9D2&feature=mh_lolz Level Playlist - https://lbp.me/t/11eq Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Final-Fantasy-VII-Littlebigplanet-2-Remake/283517788472744 PSN ID - BRRPPPPPPPPPPPPP http://lbp.me/u/BRRPPPPPPPPPPPPP Twitter Account - https://twitter.com/Jamiecolliver My Upcoming Website- http://finalfantasyviilittlebigplanet2.weebly.com/index.html Made By Me - (Jamie Colliver) TheJamster1992, Credit to Following People For Help With Music - BAILE_FLAMENCEO
FF7 learning limit breaks quickly
Best spot by far FINAL FANTASY VII https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-ie/tid=CUSA01847_00
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FFVII Sephiroth Solo Part: 5
A late happy Easter to everybody!
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Final Fantasy VII Limit Breaks: Aerith - Great Gospel
Great Gospel: you have to do this on Disk 1. (this is a long process) Once you have the Buggy, go back to Costa Del Sol while in the Buggy and take the ship back to the first continent, go east from Junon and follow the river until you reach a place where you can cross it, go north and you see a cave, go inside and check how many times you've fought, if the number of times you've fought has the last two digits the same (like 388 or 511) then the boy there will give you an item, if you go in with say, 244 and you get a Bolt Ring, go outside, fight exactly 11 times and go back in, he should give you Mithril, if he gives you Mithril first time, great. Sometimes he just says how many times you've escaped... so go outside, battle once and go back in, after getting the Mithril, go through the game and get the Tiny Bronco. Once you have that, go to the right of Gold Saucer and you'll see a hut, go in the hut and give the boy there the Mithril, then go to the second floor and open the safe-like thing there to get Great Gospel. this Limit is about Aerith making all party members invincible for the battle and restores all their Hit Points and Magic Points (for awhile).
Final Fantasy VII - New Threat Mod v1.4 Playthrough, Part 78: Learning Level 3 Limit Breaks
Let's get this shit over with. I was gonna do Junon Leagues next, which is why I went to Junon and saved there, but I'll wait until all four brackets are available. Like last time, this is just fighting in the Mythril Mines and I sped up most of the fighting since it took more than an hour. There's really no point watching this. Download: http://forums.qhimm.com/index.php?topic=14938.0 The creator: https://www.youtube.com/user/segachief1
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(015) Final Fantasy VII (7) 100% Walkthrough - Mad Skills
In this part, we head to a nearby beach, learn the Enemy Skill "Big Guard", return to Costa de Sol and hitch a ride back to Junon, return to the world map, learn the Enemy Skill "White Wind", talk to the sleeping man in the cave to get Mythril and the Bolt Ring, train up a few Materia in a special area in Junon, cross the sea back to the Gold Saucer area, go to Gongaga, fight Reno and Rude, and arrive at the fallen reactor. Tips: - The Enemy Skill "Big Guard" casts Barrier, MBarrier and Haste on the entire party. - The Enemy Skill "White Wind" heals the entire party of minor damage and cures all status ailments. - To get the Mythril from the sleeping man, talk to him when you have an odd amount of battles fought by the last two digits, for example: 233, 55, 1077 - To get the Bolt Ring from the sleeping man, talk to him when you have an even amount of battles fought by the last two digits, for example: 266, 44, 1088 - The special training area in Junon allows us to fight special enemies after setting off the alarm system nearby, these enemies give a high amount of AP to level up materia. This is the best place so far if you want to use it, I used it for about 30 minutes. There is an Inn to the left exit and in the first house. -
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FF7 - How to Get Yuffie
Yuffie is available immediately in the first forest you see in the game. You need to get out of Midgar, go to the Chocobo Farm and get past the Midgar Zolom (via Chocobo), then go through the cave. Out of the cave, you are located near the Condor Fort. To the right are the forests, where you can get Yuffie*. It sometimes takes a while for Yuffie to show up, but sooner or later she does. She doesn't have much health either, so it's an easy battle. Once you defeat her, it is IMPERATIVE that you do NOT open your menu or go to the save point. If you do, then she WILL leave. You also need to answer the questions EXACTLY like I do, otherwise she will leave. You can meet up with her as many times as you like, so you can choose to answer the last question wrong many times, so that your chance of going on a date with her at the Golden Saucer will increase. However, you will need to be nasty to both Aeris/Aerith and Tifa, so that Yuffie will have a higher "date value". *Note: You can get Yuffie in any forest, but the first one available is near the Condor Fort* *Note2: I keep my characters in the Fury status so that my limit bar fills up faster. For some reason, the normal status just doesn't let my limits happen enough, so I can sometimes get the level 3 limit break before I get the second level 2 limit break*
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Yuffie Warp Glitch Demonstration.
This is a very basic video showing that the Yuffie Warp Glitch works (only on PC versions) and in the link below is a Steam forum with all the details. There is also a work in progress to use this glitch to keep Aeris without using any hacks, mod's codes, ect, ect and still get a 100%(+) game http://steamcommunity.com/app/39140/discussions/0/540732596654445281/?insideModal=1
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MobiusFF 4K - Final Fantasy VII Sephiroth Encounter Multiplayer 4-Star
Fighting Sephiroth in Multiplayer 4-Star. Shinobi Ultimate OP! Aww, I had to use a Phoenix Down on my Shinobi Master AI. Please LIKE the video and SUBSCRIBE! Cheers! http://bit.ly/12Txiqs Follow and AMA on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/Steparus Latest News and Reviews on my main site. http://www.steparu.com/ My personal list of games for your phone or tablet. http://app.steparu.com/
FFVII Lost Wing Sephiroth Young Cloud Limits Revised
Ok, so if you've watched my other videos then you have seen the evolution of Sephiroth and Young Cloud's limit breaks. In the previous version they used a very nice set I think. However, now they've ascended to a higher level. Just take a look and judge for yourself. Unfortunately at the end I test some of my new items and it makes Young Cloud do nothing forever...that sucks, but the good news is that i can use it on Sephiroth without that happening. Tell me what you think because I think these are fucking sweet.
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Let's Play Final Fantasy VII - 64 - The Great Grind
We grind for limit breaks. This video shows the rest of them for Aeris, Red XIII, Vincent, plus some misc stuff.
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Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough Part 26 Mythril Mine
Part 26 - Going through the mines. Some decent enemies to battle here if you want. As you can see, the Summon materia is pretty powerful! Make sure you grab it while you can! And as pointed out, I'm NOT gonna do anything at Fort Condor, I just had to grab a few things from the shop.
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How to get Cloud in Final Fantasy Tactics (Part 3 of 8)
1. To get Cloud you must be in Chapter 4, and you must have Mustadio in your (active) party. 2. Go to the bar in Zeltennia Castle located in the Northeast part of the map. Listen to the rumor of the Cursed Island, Nelveska. When you return to the world map, you should see a path extended to the north. Don't bother going there now. 3. Buy a flower from the girl that looks like Aeris in Zarghidas Trade City. 4. Go to Goug Machine City. Mustadio and Basrodio should discover a ball-shaped machine found in the No. 57 mine. 5. In the bar at Goland Coal City, listen to the rumor of the "Ghost of Colliery." 6. Go to Lesalia Imperial Capital. When you talk with Beowulf, take him into your party. 7. Go to Goland Coal City, and there will be three battles you'll have to face in the underground floors of Colliery. Now, when the fourth battle begins, you will need to protect the Holy Dragon. At the end of the battle, the Holy Dragon will join your party, and you should receive the Aquarius Zodiac Stone from Beowulf. 8. When you go back to Goug Machine City, a Steel Giant will transform from the steel ball. 9. Go to Nelveska Temple (the place which you could not go to before) and once there you'll fight a robot and get another Zodiac Stone and the Holy Dragon will transform into the Dragoneer. 10. Return to Goug once again. The new Zodiac Stone will allow the usage of the time machine, which will summon Cloud into the new world. 11. If you have not already, fight your brother Dycedarg and then the monster he transforms into, Adramelk. 12. Go to Zarghidas Trade City and some thieves should be picking on Aeris, then Cloud should stand up for her and then they attack Cloud, so protect Cloud. When you get Cloud he has no weapon, but you can fix this problem. 13. Go to the active volcano at Bervenia and get into a battle. In this battle, have someone with the Move-Find Item skill. Have that person climb the highest rock tower on the battlefield, (and must have a level 3 jump or higher) and you will receive the Materia Blade the only sword that Cloud can use his Limit Breaks with.
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FF7 New Threat Mod [v1.2] Episode 13: Materia Caves Part 1
In this short episode, I'm going to go around the world map to gather powerful materia from the caves. There are some unique bosses that guard them! Vorpar and His Crew: Great battle. Cast regen on Javy and Dones and let chaos unfold :P Kactuar: He has crazy speed as you would imagine, but bad defense. He has an interesting array of attacks, unfortunately I killed him quickly. King Bub: Royal Decree grants invincibility and lucky 7777's to his minions Are you playing the mod too? A good place to level EXP wise is in the forest surrounding Mideel, equip FLASH for instant death, or use beta. EXP Plus speeds up the process. The best option is to farm the disc 2 bosses available in the highwind once you are able to output good damage. For AP: Movers and pots in the crater give the best AP. Best to fight them with triple AP growth. For the movers, they can be tricky, best way to take them out is with powerful summons. You can get lots of gil from selling Mastered All materia. Limits: Mythril Mines are a good place. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Welcome to a video featuring Sega Chief's Final Fantasy VII Mod: New Threat Mod Sega released a major update, version 1.2, and totally refined his mod. As I said throughout my videos that feature this mod, I would give it a shot, as it brings a whole new experience to the game. I found it astonishing and worth while, as it got me into playing my favorite game again! Features (from Qhimm) -)Easy to install: Steam or Non-Steam -) 100+ new bosses and eneåmies, new moves and AI -) Unique Models for enemies -) Quick but rewarding random encounters coupled with longer tougher boss fights -) An Extra Battle added to the Battle Square that's a bit like the Monster Arena in FFX -) Extra save points, merchants, and the option to skip the lengthier cutscenes and flashback sequences to make the game go by a bit smoother -) Extra end-game boss fights to unlock Lv4 Limits and Ultimate Weapons -) Change party leaders from the Operations Room once the party has reached the bottom of North Cave -) Choose battle or field music -) Balanced Equipment, Materia, Exp Curve -) Fixed the age-old 'perfect game' dilemma of whether to use the third battery or not -) Extra Sidequests -) A foundation has been set for a New Game+ that is being worked on. Go and download it, you won't be dissapointed :-) You'll appreciate the amount of effort put into it, and he takes feedback to heart. Download Link in this thread: http://forums.qhimm.com/index.php?topic=14938.0 Or watch this installation video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I7JlJHP4xb0 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As always thanks for watching! Feel free to leave questions, comments, feedback, they are always appreciated ^^
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FF7 Yuffie-escapes-from-battle Glitch (PC only)
This works on any PC version (original 1998 version, Square Enix 2012 re-release, Steam Version). It appears to be completely useless.
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Final Fantasy 7: P19: Getting the Mythril + Enemy Skills
Starting out from finishing the events from Corel Prison, where I have just received the Buggy from Dio. Everything in this video is optional, but I highly recommend doing these things as you get some very valuable items and skills from this. Time Codes: [1:26] Getting into battle with a Harpy [1:49] Battling the Harpy [2:43] Proceeding to get into battle with Beachplug [3:03] Battling the Beachplug [4:17] Traveling back to Costa Del Sol [5:00] Back inside Costa Del Sol [6:35] Back in Upper Junon [7:43] Trippin' the alarm [8:54] After the battles [9:09] Calling the Air Taxi [10:03] Outside Junon [11:01] The Zemzelett battle (To learn White Wind) [11:52] Back inside and through the Mythril Mine [12:29] Midgar Zolom preparations [13:07] Battling Midgar Zolom (To learn "Beta") [15:33] Before Reentering the Mythril Mine [17:32] Back in the Mythril Mine [17:56] In the Limit Break level grinding room [20:03] Travelling to the "Sleeping Man Cave" [20:55] How to get the Mythril item (and bolt ring) [23:57] Going back to Junon [24:37] Back inside Junon [26:39] Going back to the Desert area
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Final Fantasy VII: Sephiroth/Cloud Date Scene
Alternate description: Yay! Cartoon foreplay! Actual description: Okay, we lied, it's porn. Actual Actual Description: Cloud and Sephiroth, mortal enemies, go on a date in Gold Saucer... it's crack to the end... gotta love it! (No, stop getting your hopes up, you randy sods. No porn included).
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FFVII - LLNIIENACMO Challenge - Mystery Ninja
LLNIIENACMO is short for "Low Level No Items Initial Equipment No Accessories Command Materia Only". Read description of the first video of this playlist to learn more about it. I pick up Yuffie in the Junon Forest. Not much to say about this. I learned Flame Thrower from Ark Dragon in the Mythril Mines, which is put to good use for the first time. Yuffie joined the party at LVL 17. Current LVL's: Cloud 15, Aeris 12, Nanaki 13
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Let's Play Final Fantasy VII - Episode 22: The Mines of Moria-..er.. Mythril
In this episode we catch a chocobo and go through the Mythril Mines to meet up with some old friends! Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/Sephiroth1204 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sephiroth1204/159042444159477 Thanks for watching!
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Final Fantasy VII (Part 12) - The Mithril Mines
After getting over the marshlands and avoiding the Midgar Zolom, Cloud and the gang navigate the Mithril Mines - and run into some old friends. ====== NOTES ====== - The Enemy Skill: "Flamethrower" is available from "Ark Dragon"s - Tifa's weapon, "Grand Glove" can be stolen from "Madouge"s (Optional) - The first battle can be fought at Fort Condor, for a "Magic Comb": http://youtu.be/z2_WUj99-NM (Optional) - 'Yuffie' can be met and signed up for the first time in the forest areas: http://youtu.be/ns8ObQMGPDQ (Optional) - The Mithril Mines is a good place to get "Limit Breaks", should you wish: - TODO -
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Final Fantasy 7 - LLSCNMIENRA challenge - Safer-Sephiroth
LL = Lowest Level (level 37 max for Cloud) SC = Solo Character (Cloud only, except 5 battles) NM = No Materia IE = Initial Equipment NRA = No Ribbon Accessory Look at playlist's description for more details : http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=328AFFB99FB3F4EA Musics : 1) FF7 - One-Winged Angel (18% faster) 2) S.H.K. - Red Sign 3) Basshunter - Loituma's Polka remix 4) DatA - Blood Theme 5) Killer Cuts - The Extreme This battle wouldn't be so epic if I hadn't done 2 mistakes during the challenge. ^^ Everything looks perfect during the first part. In fact, as in my previous Low Level, only Safer's physical attack can kill me if he gets a critical hit. It's only 12% of successrate though, so it's not a very big problem. For the beginning, I let Cloud's Limit Break activated, so I can start with some free damages ! ^^ Now, what is Safer's attack pattern ? 1) Wall 2) Shadow Flare 3) Wing 4) Ascend 5) Pale Horse 6) Super Nova 7) Break (Heartless Angel if less than 20000 HP) 8) Descend 9) DeSpell 10) Deen Then, he'll restart from 3) to 8), then from 1) to 10), then from 3) to 8), etc. Only exception : if Safer gets Slow (by a Spider Web for example), at the latest after Descent (I guess). He'll always do his next attack pattern from 1) to 10), with DeSpell to himself instead of Wall. So let's go about the battle. I firstly have to prepare Cloud. After a free Meteorain, I immediately use a Vaccine, cos Safer sends some bad status with Wing, Pale Horse and Super Nova. Shadow Flare is a good ally, cos it's reflected to Safer with my Reflect Ring, and even if he has Wall, it removes some damages. I take advantage of this attack to defend Cloud, to survive to Wing. With the Vaccine, I can immediately use a X-Potion. Safer's 4 next attacks can kill me, so I use my 4 Hero Drinks to increase Cloud's stats. After a cure, it's already time to use my 2nd Vaccine, as Safer arrives with DeSpell. Then, the 2 next attacks are Deen and Wing. Cloud must be always defending for Wing, so I have to survive to both attacks, that's not possible without Hero Drinks. In fact, only 3 Hero Drinks were needed, but with a 4th one, Meteorain gives luckily more damages, and you'll see the result the next time I'll use it ! ^^ So Cloud is defending after Deen, then he uses a X-Potion after Wing. It's only at this time I can start to attack ! S-Mines only, Meteorain when I can (look at the damages, thanks to Hero Drinks ! ^^)... and one Dragon Fang at 1:58. :-D About X-Potions, I have to cure Cloud just before each Shadow Flare, after each Wing and before each DeSpell to Cloud. As you can see, everything looks perfect, but a first problem arrives at 3:11, I'm using my last Vaccine ! In fact, I can have 5 Vaccines for this battle. But I used one of them against Carry Armor, and the second one... could be given by Yuffie in the Northern Cave. But I couldn't recruit her, cos of an awful mistake ! When you capture Yuffie, she gives some XP, and XP depend of Cloud's level. I kept in my mind it'll be 160 XP cos of my previous Low Level, but here, Cloud is level 37, and Yuffie gives... 640 XP at this level ! So if I wanted to stay to level 37, I had to recruit Yuffie before Cloud reaches level 26, that's mean before Carry Armor. That's a pity cos Yuffie would have given 240 XP, so that I'd have finished the game... with 1 XP left before level 38 ! :-( That's a mistake, but avoid DeSpell is still possible thanks to Spider Web. As I said, if Safer is affected by Slow, he'll always use DeSpell to himself. That's what I do at 4:31. I avoid DeSpell thanks to that, but as Safer doesn't put Wall to him (cos he used DeSpell instead), Shadow Flare is full damage on Safer ! Unfortunately... I have only one Spider Web left. Another big mistake when I did my preparations at Midgar ; I could take less Deadly Wastes and more Spider Web. So, as I'm not removing Safer's HP enough quickly, at 6:10 : DeSpell to Cloud and I can't do anything ! With Wing (Paralysis and Blindness), Pale Horse (Frog and mini) and Super Nova (31% to inflict Slow, Confusion and Silence), what I can do to survive and kill Safer ? Ha ha, look at the vid to know the end, I'll explain the rest with annotations. ;-) That concludes another Low Level. Maybe easier, but I had more experience too. I was also able to finish it without Omnislash and above all without any Source, and it wasn't an obvious fact, especially against Carry Armor !
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FF7 Yuffie Warping Glitch (PC only)
This is possibly the most powerful glitch in Final Fantasy VII. First of all, the Yuffie Warping Glitch only works on the PC version, on both the original 1998 version and the 2012 rerelease, and it was originally discovered by Neohart (http://www.twitch.tv/neohart). Triggering the glitch is rather simple. Die to a boss or a field encounter (a field encounter is a battle outside of the world map), load ANY file saved on the world map (it does not need to be the same file on which you died) and go recruit Yuffie. The Mystery Ninja encounter does not nee to be the first battle after the Game Over, however, you may not leave the world map. The Forest by Rocket Town you can see me run through in the video is the only Forest on the worldmap that allows to encounter Yuffie almost all the time (255/256 chance of a Mystery Ninja battle). As soon as you have defeated Yuffie, depending on what you did before your Game Over, one of the following two events will occur. [A] If you died to a boss or in a scripted battle, that very battle will follow, which is what you can see in the video as well. [B] If you died to a random field encounter, on the other hand, you will be teleported to the field you died on but the battle will not be retriggered. [A] The consequences are obvious. As shown in the video, one can beat FF7 without having to beat most of Disk2. In fact, in case one were able to beat the final bosses consistently (Slots), one could make use of the Yuffie Warping Glitch to beat FF7 while being even still on Disk1. What is more, the Yuffie Warping Glitch has tremendous ramifications on Perfect Game files. It is now possible to obtain 99 Cosmo Memories and probably also 99 Seraph Combs. Additionally, one does not need to use up the Omnislash Limit Break manual in order for Cloud to learn Omnislash as he will learn ALL of his Limit Breaks if one uses Yuffie Warping to fight Safer-Sephiroth. [B] This is arguably even more useful as not every field has a boss battle, however, there might still be random battles one can use to trigger the Yuffie Warping Glitch. You can, for instance, go back to places you can no longer visit, including Gaea's Cliff, which would make Trine a non-missable Enemy Skill. Also, you can go back to the Shinra HQ, the Sister Ray, the Temple of the Ancients, the Whirlwind Maze, ... As a result, almost every formerly missable item, materia, piece of equipment etc. might not be missable anymore. Given the aforementioned implications of this glitch, it may very well be possible that the Yuffie Warping Glitch has an even greater impact on Final Fantasy VII. By all means, if you own the PC version of FF7 and explore Yuffie Warping, please share your findings with me.
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FFVII - Hidden Nightmare Song [4-8Live]
You can watch a VOD of this entire 7 hour stream if you are a part of our Patron Exclusive Club. Go to https://www.patreon.com/48Productions to learn how to join! Also if you liked this you can follow my twitch channel here: http://www.twitch.com/death_unites_us -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please visit the following for news, updates, and more. Main Website: http://www.4-8productions.com/ Live Show: http://www.twitch.tv/death_unites_us Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/48Productions Store: http://www.4-8productions.com/4-8Merch Forums: http://4-8forums.forumotion.com/forum Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/4GetTheH8rs -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4get the h8rs. Always. 4-8Productions
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Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn Perfect Walkthrough Part 100 - Goldsmith Quest Finale
Level 45 and 50 Goldsmith quests and in the end showing a couple 2 Star Crafting as well. For a good 2 star crafting guide check the video in the annotation. 09:27 Start of Level 50 Quest This Walkthrough Will Contain: - All Main Story Quests - All Quests Including All Leves, Primals and Duengons - Mastering Every Single Class and Job And best equipment for them - All In Game Achievements - Guide for Platinum Trophy Hey guys, The Class that i'm gonna use for the Main Story Quests will be Arcanist but as i've mentioned i will master all classes. I will not skip dialouges and cutscenes unless by accident, even for the normal quests. FINAL FANTASY is a registered trademark of Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd. FINAL FANTASY XIV c 2010-2013 SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved. Hope you enjoy, subscribe for more Perfect Walkthroughs and be sure to thumb up the video i really appreciate your support :) Follow me on: Twitch TV: http://www.twitch.tv/ashe10 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ashe10/236145553099410?bookmar­k_t=page Twitter: https://twitter.com/xAshe10x Tumblr: http://zhakoashe10.tumblr.com/
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Final Fantasy 7 - LLSCNMIENRA challenge - Battle Square
LL = Lowest Level (level 37 max for Cloud) SC = Solo Character (Cloud only, except 5 battles) NM = No Materia IE = Initial Equipment NRA = No Ribbon Accessory Look at playlist's description for more details : http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=328AFFB99FB3F4EA I absolutely need 2 items against Demon's Gate : Sprint Shoes and some S-mines. Both can be found at Battle Square. For Sprint Shoes, you have to win all 8 battles of a tournament. About S-mine, they cost 3200 points. After 2-3 victories with correct handicaps (those with Materias are the best one), you can reach between 6 and 9 S-mine. Win a tournament isn't as easy. To summarize, you have 8 kinds of enemies for each battle (4 for the 8th and last battle). Hopefully, almost all the opponents aren't immunised to Death, so Finishing Touch is the key ! With Fury, simply wait until your limit bar is full, and it's over. As I have something like 30000 Gils, I bought some Fire Veil and Swift Bolt if necessary (and also to make some battles faster for the vid ^^). About the 2nd battle, the green enemy (called Bagnadrana, at least in French) is immunised to Death, so I used a Swift Bolt (even if a Fire Veil would have been better ^^) to kill him. About the 5th battle, I received Death Sentence, but you have to know the countdown disappears once the battle is won, contrary to the countdown for Petrify ! About the 8 possibilities of enemies for 6th battle, 1 of them are damn too strong... and I come across them ! They often come back, that's why I voluntary didn't launch Finishing Touch at previous battle, to keep my Limit Break for this awful one. Then the final battle. 4 enemies are possible : Dragon, Ying & Yang, Zuu and Ghirofelgo (I hope it's the same names in English ^^). All of them are immunised to Death, so Finishing Touch isn't the issue anymore. If you have Zuu (the enemy I got here) or Ghirofelgo, you're safe cos they're highly easier ; some Meteorain and it's over. But if you have Dragon or Ying & Yang, be sure to arrive until them without too much troubles, otherwise it'll be instant death...
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FF7 / Final Fantasy 7 PS4 WALKTHROUGH / Mythril Mines (Part 15)
FF7 / Final Fantasy 7 PS4 WALKTHROUGH / NO COMMENTARY MORE TO COME! SUBSCRIBE ASAP: https://www.youtube.com/user/MoogleLittle Final Fantasy VII (FF7) is a role-playing video game developed and published by Square (now Square Enix) for the PlayStation platform. Released in 1997, it is the seventh installment in the FF series and the first in the series to use 3D computer graphics, featuring fully rendered characters on pre-rendered backgrounds. Final Fantasy 7 follows protagonist Cloud Strife, a mercenary who initially joins the eco-terrorist rebel organization AVALANCHE to stop the world-controlling megacorporation Shinra from draining the life of the planet for use as an energy source. As the story progresses, Cloud and his allies become involved in a larger world-threatening conflict, facing off against Sephiroth, the game's main antagonist. FF7 PS4 WALKTHROUGH PLAYLIST: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLl7HJd2p3Fx0aJ-YZTBlFYN5LoPPWm30O
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Final Fantasy VII - Sephiroth's Materia and Stats
Sephiroth's equipment, materia and statistics during Cloud's flashback.
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Final Fantasy VII - NINSMNUWRAO - E. Skill 16 - Magic Hammer
No Items No Summon Materia No Ultima Weapons RedXIII/Aeris Only Got Magic Hammer finally! This will make this Challenge SO MUCH easier! I won't have to worry about getting MP or having to rush to the cheapest Inn when Aeris or Blitz don't have the MP to survive traveling! Here is a list of Aeris and Blitz's equipment: II Aeris II Weapon- Fairy Tale Fire, Ice, Lightning, Earth, Poison, Gravity, Destruct Armor- Diamond Armlet Restore=All, Revive, Sense, Enemy Skill Accessory- Fire Ring II Blitz II Weapon- Seraph Comb Restore, Fire, Manipulate, Enemy Skill Armor- Rune Armlet Barrier, Elemental, Added Effect Accessory- Bolt Ring Enjoy, comment, and rate please! Special Note-This challenge is dedicated to my German Shepherd, Blitz. He died on July 15, 2009. God rest you're soul, puppy-buddy! I will always miss you and love you! T0T. Disclaimer- I do not own any part of the Final Fantasy franchise. This video is 100% Fan-made.
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