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Bisbee Arizona: a historic town that many say has a dark side
It's one of the oldest cities in Arizona. Bisbee a century ago was a booming mining town where gold, silver, and copper flowed from the mines, and the cash poured into posh hotels and shady saloons.
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Bisbee Deportation of 1917
A documentary on the deportation of striking copper miners in Bisbee, Arizona in July 1917. Documentary compiled in 2000 by high school students Jacob Case (now Jacob Morrow) and Sharlene Grant (now Sharlene Gibb).
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The legacy of copper mining in Arizona
Arizona produces more copper than any other state. This brief history shows how Arizona's copper mining built a state and changed a nation.
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Shows various kinds of mining at several Arizona mines. Reel 1 shows how an open pit mine at Morceni is located and put into operation, how equipment is set up and utilized. Includes views of an established open pit at Ajo. Reel 2 continues operations at Ajo. Shows how operations continue at Jerome, where the open pit is 800 feet deep. Begins underground mining at Bisbee. Reel 3 shows various mining operations at Bisbee. Date: 1934 - 1975 Creators: Department of the Interior. Bureau of Mines. Pittsburgh Experiment Station. 1934-1/19/1975 (Most Recent) From: Series: Public Information Films and Video Recordings, 1934 1860 - 1975 1995 Record Group 70: Records of the U.S. Bureau of Mines, 1860 - 1995 localIdentifier: 70.165 naId: 12488 More at http://www.FLYKVNY.com
Bisbee Mining and Historical Museum
Bisbee Mining and Historical Museum
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Crime Trackers: Bisbee opioid problem growing, mayor says
People come to Bisbee for its charm, history and quaint lifestyle.  However, city officials said there's a drug problem and they're tackling it head-on.
Bisbee Deportation reenactment
100 years ago striking copper mine workers along with some supporters and bystanders were illegally deported from Arizona. The Bisbee Deportation occurred in July of 1917.
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Bisbee Mining & Historical Museum
Americas first rural Smithsonian Institution affiliate exhibits Bisbee: The Urban Outpost on the Frontier, outlining the areas rich mining history and displaying many of the minerals found in the region. 520-432-7071, off AZ Hwy. 80, #5 Copper Queen Plaza, Old Bisbee, Bisbee AZ. $4/adults, $3.50/seniors, children up to 16 years $1. Open 10 a.m.4 p.m. daily.
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Queen Mine Tours-Bisbee Arizona
Outfitted in hard hat, miner's headlamp and a yellow slicker, thousands of Bisbee visitors descend into the Queen Mine Tour each year—heading underground and back in time. Tour guides, retired Phelps Dodge employees, lead the group 1,500 feet into the mine and recount mining days, techniques, dangers and drama.
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A People's History of Bisbee
As a teenager, Susan Wille started recording the voices of her family and friends, a lifelong hobby that launched her present project, an audio history of Bisbee told through the voices of people who live here. This video is an excerpt of Susan's charming talk at the Copper Queen Library about her new project. Sample chapters may heard on Susan's website, TalkingStick.biz
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"Mining Patagonia" - Santa Cruz County, AZ USA
A film by Michele Gisser Produced for the Patagonia Area Resource Alliance Through interviews with residents of Patagonia, this short documentary explores the issues & consequences that an open pit mine would impose on this environmentally rich yet fragile town. Please see our website for the latest news about Patagonia mining and mineral exploration proposals: http://www.patagoniaalliance.org/patagonia-mining-threats/ Please visit our website for more information http://www.PatagoniaAlliance.org
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Patagonia mine seeks qualified workers
Some residents fear mine will hurt tourism
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Copper Mine In Bisbee Arizona
The copper mine outside of Bisbee, AZ. also on the way home. RV space hunting holds many sights. There is also an RV park for campers near this mine.
What is the Miners Story Project?
An introduction to the Miners Story Project - a digital oral history project at the University of Arizona Mineral Museum that works to collect, preserve, and share the stories of underground copper miners and their families in the American Southwest.
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Bisbee AZ Immigration Protest
June 30th, 2018. Bisbee, AZ. Protesting the Trump administration and the separation of families at the border.
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Bisbee Mining and Historical Museum
At http://www.SouthernArizonaGuide.com, we're dedicated to helping you discover the BEST that beautiful Southern Arizona has to offer. From full color, high definition videos that show you what Southern Arizona has to offer, to tips & advice on dining & lodging in Tucson, Bisbee, Tubac, Tombstone & more! Visit the history of Southern Arizona. Business owners can take advantage of our low advertising rates. Very high visibility at a very affordable price.
Ruby, Arizona: A ghost town with violent history
Ruby, Arizona: A ghost town with violent history
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Bisbee historical homes are in disrepair| Cronkite News
Bisbee must decide whether to preserve or tear down dozens of dilapidated homes. Read more consumer news at: https://cronkitenews.azpbs.org/category/consumer/ Video by Ericka Arrington | Cronkite News
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Bisbee Mining & Historical Museum
Bisbee Mining & Historical Museum preserves this town's architecture and mining landscape while welcoming, educating, and entertaining it's visitors.
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Finding Tombstone: True stories from miners, Apache, and cowboys. Arizona Territory 1870's
Shot and filmed on location by Bradley Boyer, great grandson of Oliver Boyer, (aka Jack Friday) finds his family past through 10 years of research, history, and word-of-mouth stories which still exist in Tombstone today. Shot on location Spring 2013- Present, this true tale will captivate your heart.Before Wyatt Earp, Earp's brothers, and Doc Holliday, there was 300 miles of underground workings in dangerous conditions. Nearly 1000 miners getting paid well, a Silver Boom in the bust of the Apache Wars, you'll learn about the struggles of Cochise, the Chiricahua Apache, Geronimo, fighting the U.S. Cavalry, with bandits, outlaws and cowboys all running the same Territory in a little known area called "Goose Flats". The makings of a power keg, that once Silver was discovered here, all hell broke loose, and there was more to life in true Wild West than drunk cowboys shooting each other. These are personal accounts from the men who live the life of the 1880's every day. A big thanks to friends, Family, and local Tombstone folks who know and love this history. Carey Granger: Senior mine Historian. Shot On Location: Tombstone Mining Co. "Good Enough" Mine Tour. Johnny Gomez interview: Shot on Location: Council Rock. Cochise Stronghold. Dragoon Mountains, 9 miles East of Tombstone AZ. Cowboys interviews: Shot on location: Four deuces Saloon. Mark Lewis: (accounts of the "cowboy game" 1865 ----- ------- Special Thanks to: Wyatt Earp Theater. The Folks of the town of Tombstone. Johnny Gomez, And Lou the rancher and owner of the Butterfield Stagecoach for letting take "bonnie" and the burros for a walk in the desert. (See Bonnie Run at 20:30) ! Without this magical animal medicine bestowed upon the partners, the Grand Central may have never been found. Extra Special Thanks to Tianya Milagro, and the entire dance troupe for excellent belly dance shows in Tombstone HIstoric District. (More Credits to come, please e-mail us at [email protected] for ideas, updates, or credits needed. We're holding life rights of all families involved for authentic writing and release of our ancestors stories. All video, photography, music, story, ideas, characters and historical work presented here is copyright by each actor and author. This video is registered with everyone involved. ©2018 Underground Mass Media Music (BMI). Family , Life Rights, Protected. To Get Involved, please e-mail us at [email protected] Learn your History. Yes, there is more to our history besides outlaws.
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Tombstone, Arizona
"The Town Too Tough to Die", Tombstone, Arizona is one of the last remaining examples of the Wild West. What will always be remembered for "The Fight at the O.K. Corral", Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, among others, come and transport yourself back to 1881, and experience the Old American West in this historic mining town, Tombstone, Arizona.
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Jerome, Arizona: Once a mining town, now home to culture, art and history
Ninety miles north of Phoenix and a mile high sits the town of Jerome. Nestled above the Verde Valley, the town of once 15,000 people during its mining heyday is now home to just 444 people. However more than a million visitors a year drive up the hill and into Jerome.
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Bisbee has highest proportion of gay couples in Arizona
Although a mine town with a history of more than 100 years, Bisbee attracts more than just tourists. The area is now home to the state's largest proportion of gay couples. Mines may have closed, but minds remain open in this southern Arizona town. Cronkite News reporter Matthew Trotter shares the details.
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History of the Verde Valley, Arizona
http://www.verdevalleyarchaeology.org The Verde Valley Archaeology Center in Camp Verde, Arizona, presents a short video presentation about the history of the Verde Valley.
SAGAPS Investigates The Oliver House Bisbee Arizona (Halloween episode)
Watch as the Southern Arizona Ghost and Paranormal Society Investigates The Oliver House located in historic Bisbee Arizona. This is the place of a love triangle that resulted in a gruesome mass murder resulting in a total of 27 deaths at The Oliver House since it was build in the early 1900's. **::Thanks to Chris Clennon for providing The Mission Creeps concert footage used in the episode.::** Please "Add" and "Subscribe" for future Video's and Updates. Thanks!!
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Shutting Down the Stacks:  San Manuel
Directed by Heather Lares Despite the cost of mining remaining high, over the last several years the price of copper has gone down, due to many economic factors such as the creation of NAFTA and the push towards economic globalization. This has lead to massive layoffs of copper miners, as in the case of the small town of San Manuel, Arizona. BHP Inc. employed more than 2000 people in a town of approximately 4000 people. The mine was the community's economic backbone and one of the largest producers of copper ore in the country when it closed its doors. Shutting Down the Stacks lets the laid off miners and people of San Manuel tell the story of their community and how they managed to survive.
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AZ Mine Tales
William Ascarza, archivist at the UA James E. Rogers College of Law, wears many hats. In addition to his work archiving material at the college's Daniel F. Cracchiolo Law Library, he is an active member of the Tucson Gem and Mineral Society, an adjunct instructor at Pima Community College, writer of the Arizona Daily Star's Monday column "Mine Tales," a desert tour guide and a local historical presenter. He's also the author of six books and a a new Father. AZ Star Daily (Monday's edition) http://tucson.com/search/?l=50&sd=desc&s=start_time&f=html&byline=By%20William%20Ascarza%0ASpecial%20to%20the%20Arizona%20Daily%20Star Coming Soon! "In Search of Fortunes: A Look at the History of Arizona Mining" Inquiries and ordering: (812) 468-8022 http://mtpublishing.com/index.php/soon/arizona-mining-history-group.html#.U7SRNKiT5el William's Blogs: http://thetucsonmountains.blogspot.com/ http://arizonamininghistory.blogspot.com/
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Arizona & New Mexico: "Land of Geronimo" ~ 1938 Gulf Oil Company; American Southwest
American History, US History, United States History Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL52C3C9693B350335 more at http://quickfound.net/ 'Photographed by Arthur C. Twomey, Ph.D. "This motion picture has been presented for your enjoyment as a public service of the Gulf Oil Companies and Good Gulf Dealers everywhere.' Originally a public domain film from the Library of Congress Prelinger Archives, slightly cropped to remove uneven edges, with the aspect ratio corrected, and one-pass brightness-contrast-color correction & mild video noise reduction applied. The soundtrack was also processed with volume normalization, noise reduction, clipping reduction, and/or equalization (the resulting sound, though not perfect, is far less noisy than the original). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Navajo_people Wikipedia license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ The Navajo (Navajo: Diné or Naabeehó) of the Southwestern United States are the largest federally recognized tribe of the United States of America with 300,048 enrolled tribal members. The Navajo Nation constitutes an independent governmental body, which manages the Navajo Indian reservation in the Four Corners area of the United States. The Navajo language is spoken throughout the region with most Navajo capable of speaking English as well. As of 2010, the states with the largest Navajo populations are Arizona (140,263), and New Mexico (108,306). Over three-quarters of the Navajo population reside in these two states... Until contact with Pueblos and the Spanish, the Navajo were largely hunters and gatherers. The tribe adopted crop farming techniques from the Pueblo peoples, growing mainly corn, beans, and squash. When the Spanish arrived, the Navajo began herding sheep and goats as a main source of trade and food with meat becoming an essential component of the Navajo diet. Sheep, also became a form of currency and status symbol among the Navajo based on the overall quantity of herds a family maintained. In addition, the practice of spinning and weaving wool into blankets and clothing became common and eventually developed into a form of highly valued artistic expression. The Navajo are speakers of a Na-Dené Southern Athabaskan languages known as Diné bizaad (lit. 'People's language'). The language comprises two geographic, mutually intelligible dialects. It is closely related to the Apache language as the Navajo and Apache are believed to have migrated from northwestern Canada and eastern Alaska, where the majority of Athabaskan speakers reside. It has been suggested that speakers of various other Athabaskan languages located in Canada can still comprehend the Navajo language despite the geographic and linguistic derivation of the languages... The Navajo came into official contact with the United States of America in 1846, when General Stephen W. Kearny invaded Santa Fe with 1,600 men during the Mexican American War. In 1846, following an invitation from a small party of American soldiers under the command of Captain John Reid who journeyed deep into Navajo country and contacted him, Narbona and other Navajos negotiated a treaty of peace with Colonel Alexander Doniphan on November 21, 1846, at Bear Springs, Ojo del Oso (later the site of Fort Wingate). The treaty was not honored by many young Navajo raiders who continued to steal livestock from New Mexican villages and herders. New Mexicans, on their part, together with Utes, continued to raid Navajo country stealing livestock and taking women and children for sale as slaves... In the 1940s, during World War II, the United States denied the Navajo welfare relief because of the Navajos' communal society. Eventually, in December 1947, the Navajos were provided relief in the post-war period to relieve the hunger that they had had to endure for many years. Navajo Code Talkers played an important role during World War II by communicating information which was unable to be understood by the enemy. In the 1940s, large quantities of uranium were discovered in Navajo land. From then into the early 21st century, the US allowed mining without sufficient environmental protection for workers, waterways and land. The Navajo have claimed high rates of death and illness from lung disease and cancer resulting from environmental contamination... A hogan, the traditional Navajo home, is either built as a shelter for a man or for a woman. Male hogans are square or conical with a distinct rectangular entrance, while a female hogan is an eight-sided house. Both are made of wood and covered in mud, with the door always facing east to welcome the sun each morning. The Navajo construct hogans out of poles and brush covered with earth...
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1930's Bisbee film relic discovered
1930's Bisbee film relic discovered
Fire in Bisbee, AZ
Video Courtesy:Fred Gonzalez
February 12, 2014
We learn about Arizona's rich mining history. We talk with Kathy Arnold, vice president of environmental and regulatory issues at Rosemont Copper Company, and Jennifer Ruyle, with the Coronado National Forest, about the proposed copper mine south of Tucson. Then, we have a story about Tucson Fire Department's program to respond to the Tucson community as quickly as possible.
Freeport-McMoRan Breaks Out
Shares of copper miner Freeport-McMoRan rallied Monday.
The mining industry could be redefining the Arizona's future
With the thousands of mines Arizona has to offer, the idea that the mining industry is antiquated and dead is a rumor a best. Mining is still a $4.8 billion industry and it not only creates jobs, but it also creates exports as well, which are both things Arizona's legislators will have to take into account. Cronkite News reporter Krystal Story has the story. http://www.azmining.com/
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The History of Tombstone
The above show is now being performed at: Doc Holliday's Gunfight Palace Allen Street Tombstone, Arizona HISTORICAL GUNFIGHTS DAILY 11:00, 12:30 & 2:30 Make us your first stop in Tombstone and learn the history of this great town before you see it. We give you a magnificent history lesson and reenact actual shootings & killings that took place here back in the wild days as well as their back stories. Let us take you back in time, starting with the Apache Indians, the Mexican-American War, the Army's influence, the silver mining and of course...the gunfights! You'll love our live, exciting show and walk away prepared for your trip through Old West Tombstone! 521 Allen Street, Tombstone, AZ 85638 1 520.508.5736 www.GunfightPalace.com www.facebook.com/GunfightPalace www.tombstone-arizona.com
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Calumet & Arizona Guest House - Bisbee, Arizona
At http://www.SouthernArizonaGuide.com, we're dedicated to helping you discover the BEST that beautiful Southern Arizona has to offer. From full color, high definition videos that show you what Southern Arizona has to offer, to tips & advice on dining & lodging in Tucson, Bisbee, Tubac, Tombstone & more! Visit the history of Southern Arizona. Business owners can take advantage of our low advertising rates. Very high visibility at a very affordable price.
An Introduction To Community Montessori School of Bisbee
A brief history of Bisbee Arizona's new Montessori Preschool.
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Arizona Historical Society Museum - Ft. Lowell
The Arizona Historical Society Fort Lowell At http://www.SouthernArizonaGuide.com, we're dedicated to helping you discover the BEST that beautiful Southern Arizona has to offer. From full color, high definition videos that show you what Southern Arizona has to offer, to tips & advice on dining & lodging in Tucson, Bisbee, Tubac, Tombstone & more! Visit the history of Southern Arizona. Business owners can take advantage of our low advertising rates. Very high visibility at a very affordable price.
Bisbee City Hall catches fire
Fire crews battled a blaze at Bisbee City Hall Wednesday morning.
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Bisbee bank robbery
Bisbee Police are on scene at Washington Federal bank on Bisbee Road in Warren Friday afternoon investigating a robbery which occurred before 11a.m. After a short chase, the suspect was apprehended.
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AZ Mining Review 03-26-2014 (episode 15)
Table of contents: 00:30 Nyal Niemuth, Chief of Economic Geology Section, Arizona Geological Survey 04:00 Kenneth Green, Senior Director, Natural Resource Studies, The Fraser Institute 23:32 Brigette Martini, Vice President of Business Development, Corescan Pty Ltd
A Look Inside Freeport McMoran | a Copper company
This video was created for a film competition about manufacturing companies run by the Eastern Advanced Manufacturing Alliance. It was the EAMA's 3rd Annual Student Video Competition and my classmates, marketing teacher and students, and I had the fun and unique opportunity to go inside a manufacturing company to see how they had evolved over the years and discover why it's a good field to work in. EAMA’s goal is to educate students, teachers, and parents about the manufacturing industry by pairing high school teams with local manufacturers to create videos that demonstrate robotics, automation, LEAN concepts and new technologies used at local companies. Equipment: Camera - Canon t5i Lens - Sigma 17-50mm 2.8 Mic - BY-M1 lav mic
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Cottonwood history
Downtown historic Cottonwood AZ with Karen Neff, innkeeper, history buff and tour guide
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Bisbee A Very Special Place, part 2
Part 2 continues reviewing other historical facts about Bisbee, Arizona along with a view of winter.
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Things to do in Tombstone - Dr. Jay's walking Tour
A Walking Tour with Dr. Jay At http://www.SouthernArizonaGuide.com, we're dedicated to helping you discover the BEST that beautiful Southern Arizona has to offer. From full color, high definition videos that show you what Southern Arizona has to offer, to tips & advice on dining & lodging in Tucson, Bisbee, Tubac, Tombstone & more! Visit the history of Southern Arizona. Business owners can take advantage of our low advertising rates. Very high visibility at a very affordable price.
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The Haunted Copper Queen Hotel in Bisbee Arizona Ghosts and Demons of Bisbee AZ By Soul Seekers
On this episode of Soul Seekers we travel to historic Bisbee Arizona to conduct an investigation in what is considered one of the most haunted towns in all of America. This episode is filmed inside the longest actively running hotel in all of Arizona "The Copper Queen Hotel" the most famous haunting said to take place inside The Copper Queen, is that of a woman in her thirties by the name of Julia Lowell. It is said that she was a prostitute and she used the hotel for her and her clients. She fell madly in love with one of her clients and when she told him this he no longer wanted to see her. She took her own life at the hotel. Guests and staff at the hotel say that they feel her presence on the second and third floors of the west side of the building. Male staff and guests have reported hearing a female voice whispering in their ear. Others have also reported seeing her dancing provocatively at the foot of the stairs. She likes to play with men’s feet. As a tribute to her, one of the rooms in the hotel is named the Julia Lowell room. Can Soul Seekers make contact with Julia?
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Williams Arizona History Episode 5
Jim Harvey's History of Williams Arizona part 1
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This small town wows with rich history, mineral wealth
This Arizona town produced more than $6.1 billion worth of mineral wealth in less than 100 years of mining operations. It was voted as the best historic small town by 10Best.com and USA TODAY readers.
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VIDEO: Digging up history at Warren Ballpark
Most historians have focused on the famous baseball players who took the field since its opening.
Bisbee poised to approve same-sex civil unions within city limits
If the measure is approved, Bisbee would be the first Arizona municipality to do so.
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