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SETTING CRYPTON 200cc FULL drag motor crypton siap jebol 200cc Mio Drag 200cc setting 201m kompilasi Cara Start Motor Drag Yang Benar Cara Eko Kodok Setting Motor Drag Bike NGINTIP MEKANIK THAILAND SETTING MOTOR DRAG Setting Motor Drag Di Padock SETTING FU 200 - DRAG BIKE INDONESIA Drag mio 200cc | SETTING KEJAM
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#JAHUMAPROJECT ---------------------------------- SPEEDOMETER KOSO DIGITAL : https://youtu.be/A6nbOex7dWo belah mesin Vega : https://youtu.be/efzeVTQ7dLM hai para penggemar #gastipistipis ---------------------------------- Subscribe dan tekan tombol lonceng agar kalian mendapatkan notifikasi saat kami upload video baru. Berikan kritik, saran, dan pertanyaan kalian di kolom komentar, dan jangan lupa Like video kita. ----------------------------------- Follow Instagram kami di @jahumaproject ,untuk kalian yang ingin tanya-tanya bisa langsung DM ke Instagram tersebut. biasakan #tontonsampaihabis Crew: IG : @thedawidjaya , @ephen_bedoel, @renaldowilliam
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Yamaha FZ16 SZ16 FZ-s 200cc Big Bore Kit
IF YOU WANT TO BUY THIS BORE KIT: please email BONJOB at GMAIL dat COM This is a big bore kit for Yamaha FZ16 SZ16 from Kawahara Racing. Its 66mm cylinder bore in a good quality materials and craftmanship. This is fully compatible with Yamaha Byson and FZ-S Your engine will be upgraded from 150cc to 200cc
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Race Motor Rebuild
Trying to style my videos like user Tobyeo. He has a lot of dirtbike rebuild and riding videos. Check him out if you like this video. This is a rebuild video. Just something fun for me. Not a how to. Creative Commons music was used.
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MERAKIT MESIN TURBO 300cc (TERBARU)https://youtu.be/VGcu5Xd_rOQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hNuLkzCTo10 drag fu,drag bike,drag race,drag liar,drag lucu,drag ninja,drag thailand,drag bike jatuh,drag bike alfan cebonk,drag bike raya kitty,drag bike liar,drag bike lucu bikin ngakak,drag bike luar negeri,joki drag wanita,joki kecil,joki gagal,joki drag cilik,joki cilik,joki drag wanita seksi,joki drag wanita cantik
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Bore out carb mikuni keihin
uploading an old video: boring out a 22mm carb to make 25mm
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DRAG RACING 2 stroke kawasaki VS 4 stroke yamaha
Watch Pimp my Vespa scooter video ◄ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sfdXXjF4bK4&hd=1 2 stroke Polomolok kawasaki HD3 vs 4 stroke kimredbull Yamaha Sniper drag race 400 meters. Video courtesy of kimredbull
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Chinese 110cc upper part assembly
Got full head new and there was a problem. It went on matched exactly with cylinder but engine chain wasn't made for this. Took two links off chain is too short and put them back I got too long chain. Of course chain tensioner wasn't able to tense that kind of chain and finally milled the head 1mm off. Chain went nicely where it should be.
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300cc Extreme Yamaha Sniper Jupiter MX LC135 Exciter King Marvz !
Extreme Bike of marvin mamaw :-)
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Yamaha Jupiter Z 200cc using Koso PWK 34mm
Spec Piston 66mm Stroke 58mm using Mio Connecting Rod + Modified Crankshaft by Warkop Performance Valve 34-28 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WarkopPerformance
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Follow Instagram REVDY https://www.instagram.com/revdy/ Jangan lupa subscribe guys https://www.youtube.com/revdystunter ada yang mau di tanyakan ? silahkan comment LIKE, COMMENT DAN SHARE :D
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Yamaha Jupiter Bore Up 250cc By. Alvaro Motor Medan
Setting di Asrama Haji Medan.
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Bore up mio 58mm klep std
Admin/Mekanik : https://www.instagram.com/jarot_rama_dieta Semoga Bermanfaat thank you for subcribe and like
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How to install pistonrings on a fourstroke
Here I mount pistonrings on a piston to a Baotian 72cc. But its the same on a Kymco or a Peugeot four stroke Heres a link to a guide i made when i changed cylinder http://chinesescoots.forumwise.com/chinesescoots-thread12119.html More tips http://www.duncanracing.com/TechCenter/4strk_ringinstall2-24-05.pdf
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Installing - Rings, Piston, Cylinder & Timing Motorcycle Engine
IF YOU ARE WATCHING THIS ON A CELL PHONE GO HERE https://youtu.be/GlT8xG0QZBQ *NOTE* 22:00 I accidentally put the filter in backwards. This is a video of the process of putting a new cylinder, rings, piston on a 1975 TL125 Trials Honda. It includes installing the timing chain and timing procedure. I bought the cylinder which is a 56.5mm on Ebay for 60 bucks. It came with a piston and properly gapped rings. If you have any questions please ask.
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Yamaha Sniper 135 explode motorcycle engine
Yamaha Sniper 135 explode motorcycle engine
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Lightened Flywheel How To part 1
Ken OConnor Racing, How to lighten a Flywheel http://www.kenoconnorracing.com/Tech%20Pages.html
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How to Install a Piston and Rings
Build Playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzJ0LQjPgipeAm8uM4qVuplEmx7P5CYxW Shows how to install piston rings and the piston to the connecting rod in an engine, which can be a small (e.g. Predator 212cc, Briggs) or any automotive engine. Installing piston rings and a piston into the bore is part of a build playlist to add performance mods to a mini bike engine. Installing piston rings and a performance piston will allow you to have less horsepower robbing drag, and let you reliably rev to very high rpms. A performance piston is only one part of the puzzle, and should be used in conjunciton with other performance parts for maximum performance and safety. Amazon and Ebay Links to Tools in Video: Piston Ring Expanding Pliers http://amzn.to/1Lztwrw Piston Ring Compressor http://amzn.to/21Cf0kz Assembly Lube http://amzn.to/21Cf6sw Needle Nose Pliers http://amzn.to/1Uv138Q Snap/Retaining Ring Pliers (for snap retaining rings) http://amzn.to/1Uv1ekL Engine Break In Oil http://amzn.to/21Cfkjp Briggs 5 hp flathead Billet Rod http://goo.gl/KIZDc7 Predator 212cc Billet Rod (hemi/non-hemi) http://goo.gl/pf3imJ Inch Pound Torque Wrench http://amzn.to/1SN5YAR 12 Point Socket Set http://amzn.to/1SN69Mx Previous Video: Connecting Rod Install https://youtu.be/h11vVn5f_3s Next Video: Flywheel Install https://youtu.be/CIcg_pmWfkk Get more KartFab: http://www.youtube.com/c/kartfab Instagram: https://instagram.com/kartfab/ Like KartFab: https://Facebook.com/KartFab Follow KartFab: http://Twitter.com/KartFab KartFab Google+: https://plus.google.com/+KartFab
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Yamaha GP Factory Race Bike Jupiter MX Specs
This is the Yamaha Factory race bike used in circuit racing in Yamaha GP events / Yamaha Asean Cup Racing
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Motorcycle Crankshaft Static Balance
This is what a static balanced crankshaft looks like. video courtesy of abe cervantes of tindegawa racing
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KMD (kedah) vs BOTAX MOTOR
KMD (kedah) vs BOTAX MOTOR
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One way to fix non-responsive "stuck" gas gauge on 50cc gy6
In this video i show how to remove the float on a 50cc scooter for servicing or just plain fixing of the unit.
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mio 250cc vs jupiterr
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How to adjust a carburetor, jetting and mixture explained!
How to adjust a carburetor. Mixture, Jetting adjustments and how the carburetor works explained! Time stamps to each adjustment in the description. Further reading about carburetor jetting and mixture adjustment https://www.thejunkmanadv.com/motorcycle-carburetor-jetting.html BUY MERCH! https://teespring.com/stores/thejunkman Thanks to Matt @ How To Motorcycle repair for his contribution https://www.youtube.com/user/MatthewMCRepair Matt's FCR carburetor adjustment playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL82YKl1Zk5enJr9_FFAvLiG9wqK70n7xR Support the for more videos! Visit my affiliate links http://www.thejunkmanadv.com/current-sponsors.html 0:22 Carburetor function and theory of operation 2:51 Carburetor demonstration 3:29 Idle mixture adjustment explained 3:59 Pilot jet adjustment explained 4:19 Pilot jet, Jet needle and Main jet operation explained 4:22 Jet needle and Main jet operation explained 4:43 Main jet operation explained 5:08 Enrichment or Choke for cold starting explained 5:52 Keihin FCR carburetor explained 6:51 Keihin FCR accelerator pump operation explained 7:48 Keihin FCR hot start operation explained
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Minimoto vega head mio
Minimoto racing
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Yamaha Carb. Tuning.
This is RXG but the tuning is suitable for almost all the two strokes.
Views: 305062 Mech Auto Clinic
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Motorbike Forks: Upside Down and Conventional
Jeff Stone explains the difference between conventional and upside down forks.
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Ultraspeed Racing Ignition Coil for Honda CBR 150 EFI
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How To Clean A Motorcycle Carburetor | MC GARAGE
Got an old bike that’s not running right? The carburetor may very well need a cleaning. In this video from the MC Garage, Senior Road Test Editor Ari Henning takes you through the process of cleaning a carburetor. It’s not terribly complicated and it doesn’t take any specialized tools, but it does take attention to detail! So put on your safety glasses and rubber gloves and get to it.
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Yamaha 2 stroke engine rebuild
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kostass_dimou/?hl=el Yamaha lb50 racing engine rebuild 2 STROKE POWER
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Kawasaki Ninja 300 vs Yamaha Sniper 135cc
exciting fun ride with kawasaki ninja modified and yamaha sniper 135 modified :-)
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Drag Bike Vega R 130cc (NEW VIDEO)
Drag Bike Vega R 130cc (NEW VIDEO)https://youtu.be/Apg-s176Llg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xn280334aWw drag fu,drag bike,drag race,drag liar,drag lucu,drag ninja,drag thailand,drag bike jatuh,drag bike alfan cebonk,drag bike raya kitty,drag bike liar,drag bike lucu bikin ngakak,drag bike luar negeri,joki drag wanita,joki kecil,joki gagal,joki drag cilik,joki cilik,joki drag wanita seksi,joki drag wanita cantik
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Ninja bore up
Views: 18 Audy Ajah
Yamaha Sniper 180kph!!!!
rowans Yamaha sniper almost 180kph on 150cc with vixion block :D topspeed GPS 147kph http://www.habal-habal.com
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deta FFA 350cc
Deta Wingko
Views: 342522 nico sofyan
Beat VS Spin
Main Gocengg :D
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Design & Development of 2015 Yamaha 150cc Exciter Jupiter MX Sniper Spark King T150 LC150
This is the 2015 specifications of the all new 150cc yamaha T150 exciter sniper spark LC150. Bore x Stroke: 57mm x 58.7mm Compression ratio: 10.4:1 Power: 15.4 HP at 8500rpm Torque: 13.9 Nm at 7000rpm Weight: 115kg pictures credits to xe.tinhte.vn videos courtesy of yamaha motors vietnam
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yamaha scorpio by SETAN KECILSEMARANG FFA 4tak 250cc
driver by NIKO SAKAW speed .. .. mecanik by ADRI speed & ADE DOGLONG speed auto tech semarang .. .. pemilik by DENY BOCIEL speed .. .. bengkel by SETAN KECIL AUTO TECH SEMARANG .. ..
Views: 303702 Dedy Noval
How To Install Piston Rings On a 4 Stroke Piston
Follow along as we install our properly gapped piston rings on our new weisco piston. Please comment with any questions! Thanks for watching and as always please subscribe!
Views: 24330 Grinding Gears Garage
Fiz R vs ninja   1
Views: 44815 zhambrouenk
Bebek 4 Tak 130 CC HDMS Racing Team
Drag Bike Sul-Sel
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How To Make Your Motorcycle Faster For Free
How To Make Your Motorcycle Faster For Free How To Make Carbureted Motorcycle Faster - ATV Carbureted motorcycle faster. Faster carbureted motorcycle. Faster motorcycle with a carburetor. The key to making a carbureted motorcycle faster is to get a bit more gas into the carburetor. The easiest way to get more gas into the carburetor is to raise the main jet needle. This can be done by removing the throttle body of the carburetor. Pull the pin out and move the C clamp higher for less power and lower for more power. Remember to do this sparingly to avoid causing any real damage. Subscribe For More: http://www.youtube.com/user/pwnsjones?sub_confirmation=1 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pwnsjones Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/pwnsjones Visit the Channel: http://www.youtube.com/pwnsjones PwnsJones Pwns Jones
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GoPro: Yamaha Sniper Mx 135 Topspeed Run
ALA Bikers, Sidetack, Bworks
Views: 118658 Hug Ureta
jupiter 200cc Prambanan
video uploaded from my mobile phone
Views: 439245 patria sandi
my 200cc LC kuching
Views: 16646 Fareed Fardauz Khan
Hot Rods Stroker Crankshaft
An overview and explanation to Hot Rods stroker crankshafts
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