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Crypto & Authentication Biometrics Presentation
Presentation on BIometric Authentication By Kepple and Weber
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Biometric Authentication, FAR and FRR, Physiological & Behavioral Biometric Techniques
User Authentication Biometric Authentication, FAR and FRR, Physiological & Behavioral Biometric Techniques Keywords: Biometric Authentication False Accept Rate(FAR) False Reject Rate(FRR) Physiological Biometric Behavioral Biometric Technique network security notes
AES Based Biometric Authentication using Cryptographic  with Fingerprint and Finger Knuckle
Identification and verification are done by passwords, pin number, etc., which are easily cracked by others. In order to, overcome this issue biometrics is a unique tool to authenticate an individual person. Biometric is a quantity which consists of an individual physical characteristics of Fingerprint, Finger Knuckle Print (FKP), Iris, Face and so on. These characteristics are not easily cracked by others. Nevertheless, unimodal biometric suffers due to noise, intra class variations, spoof attacks, non-universality and some other attacks. In order to avoid these attacks, the multimodal biometrics i.e. a combination of more modalities is adapted. They are combined with cryptography, which will give more security for physical characters of biometrics. Bio-crypto system provides the authentication as well as the confidentiality of the data. This paper proposes to improve the security of multimodal systems by generating the biometric key from Fingerprint and FKP biometrics with its feature extraction using K-Means algorithm. The secret value is encrypted with biometric key using Symmetric Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Algorithm. This paper also discusses about the integration of Fingerprint and FKP using package model cryptographic level fusion in order to improve the overall performance of the system. The encryption process will give more authentication and security for the system. The Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) function protects the biometric data from malicious tampering, and also it provides error checking functionality.
Biometric Authentication Your Security. More Simple.
Have you ever had a problem with your password ? Biometric Authentication Your Security. More Simple.
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ComBiom, Communication Biometrics: Multimodal, simultaneous biometric authentication with random challenge response (one time password). Be sure it is you. BIOMETRY.com AG
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Biometric Authentication: More Security, Less Friction
Passwords are not only inconvenient for customers; they are also too weak to protect sensitive information. Using SMS for authentication has also been declared unsafe due to its vulnerabilities, and has caused millions in losses. In this video, you will learn about Biometrics, a flexible authentication measure that provides increased security while reducing consumer friction for online and mobile banking. Download Our Free White Paper about Biometric Authentication: https://www.easysol.net/images/stories/downloads/en_DS_Biometrics
Biometric Authentication Chapter II Your Security. More Simple.
More devices capable of Biometric Authentication with more use scenes.
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Crypto & Biometrics ⏰🔒🔑 Creating Systems That Don’t Require ID
Join our team of volunteers here: https://discord.gg/2xPMgRg In this episode of Crypto Riot I go over the biometrics system we are using for the crypto cucuta project. With an accuracy rate of +99.9% this system will allows up to providing banking and finical services to 300,000 of the worlds poorest people.
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Greek - YEZCOIN secure crypto exchange
YEZCOIN secure crypto exchange, Identity Management, KYC & AML compliance, Biometrics authentication. Please join our Telegram ICO Announcement at https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAEn2BSW7AT3aLrOnmA and Telegram English at https://t.me/joinchat/HqHgERHveL7DV_9dy6zWng
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Usable security - Biometric Authentication
Usable Security - Biometric Authentication To get certificate subscribe at: https://www.coursera.org/learn/usable-security ================================== https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2jykFOD1AWbchUbJuthr2O_o5wbjF-Ud ================================== About this course: This course focuses on how to design and build secure systems with a human-centric focus. We will look at basic principles of human-computer interaction, and apply these insights to the design of secure systems with the goal of developing security measures that respect human performance and their goals within a system.
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Biometric authentication to replace PIN and passwords 

″더 쉽고 안전하게″...
What better way to ensure security, than using parts of your body as the key. The market for technology that relies on recognizing parts of the human body to grant access is growing. Kim Min-ji informs us of the potential of this industry. You may have seen high-tech tools that scan your eyes or fingerprints in the movies - but the technology, known as biometric authentication, is gradually becoming a part of our daily lives. This company uses facial recognition to identify workers, allow them into the building, and track their attendance. It only takes a second to verify and match the person′s face with the stored data. Not only is it convenient but it′s more secure,... as people′s unique facial features are almost impossible to replicate. But it′s not just businesses using the tech,... apartment complexes are adopting the system. ″Entering your home is going to get a lot easier. You′ll no longer need keys or even need to press in a pass-code. This facial recognition system not only makes your house more secure,.. it′s also completely hassle-free.″ Biometric authentication is gaining popularity as a new means of identification, replacing the predominant system of numerical or text passwords. The global market is expected to reach 16-point-7 billion U.S. dollars by 2019,... more than a three-fold increase since 2012. The growth comes on the back of the rise of fintech or financial technology that requires a high level of security as it becomes easier to make payments. Technology that can read you eyes has also been developed. ″With iris recognition, users can worry less about their identity being falsely used. Iris is very unique, and even twins have different iris characteristics.″ In just a blink of an eye, a transaction can be made simply by looking into a device. A local card company is planning to implement this system to make transactions easier. But like all other previous methods of identification, biometric security features come with risks. ″Strong measures need to be taken to prevent biometric data leaks. If it′s being stored it means it can be leaked. Passwords can be reset, and cards can be reissued if lost but biometric features cannot be changed.″ There are also doubts whether the new authentication systems will become widely used,.. as some people may be uncomfortable having their biometric information saved on a database. Kim Min-ji, Arirang News.
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Biometric Identity Authentication using Wearable
Biometric gesture identification for log-on page using the Myo arm band.
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375: The Inconvenient Truth About Biometric Security and Privacy Protection
Biometric authentication is often promoted as the most secure method to access our accounts using our unique individual characteristics. Rather trying to remember a password, we have become the password as new tech devices use fingerprints, facial recognition, eye scans (iris, retina) and even voice recognition. With the launch of the highly anticipated iPhone X and it's use of facial recognition for users to unlock their smartphone. I found myself asking, just how secure is biometric authentication? I quickly learned that although the authentication method itself is deemed secure, the same old problems could still occur. What if the database leaks and this data becomes compromised? Debesh Choudhury is an Electro-Optics Engineer and I invited him on to today's podcast to share his insights and expertise.He is a hardcore innovator and researcher with 22+ years of hands-on experience in defense research and information security. But, he has also got 15+ years of experience in teaching electronics and communication engineering in the higher education arena. Besides having a Ph.D. from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India, he also enjoyed his two years postdoctoral stint at the University of Electro-Communications, Tokyo, Japan. Debesh was fortunate to have collaborated with celebrated American Scientist late Prof. H. John Caulfield. In 2011, they invented a new direction “Artificial Color Perception using Microwaves.” Debesh worked on 3D shape sensing and recognition for quite some time. His technique of 3D object recognition has yielded robust technology for 3D human face recognition. He also developed an asymmetric cryptosystem for multimodal biometric security. A part of his research was presented at the 2016 SPIE Defense & Security Conference in Baltimore, USA. In his 2016 research paper, Debesh already demonstrated how privacy protection of biometrics can be achieved by multimodal biometric encryption. Privacy protection of biometric data of the citizens is a deep concern because leakage of the biometric database can cause serious damage. The recent Equifax data breach of 2017 and earlier Yahoo security breach of 2016 have incited Debesh to give his hands to improve data security and privacy. Debesh is now vowed to channelize his expertise in privacy protection of biometrics for solving the data security problems. Have you ever stopped to consider the implications of what would happen if biometric and other personal data was compromised and became accessible online? If you hadn't, maybe today's podcast will make you think a little more cautiously about biometric security.  
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Biometrics: Sexy, Secure and... Stupid
Adam Englander, Chief Architect for MFA Products, iovation Biometric identification might be more secure than passwords, but it’s still vulnerable to hacking. Why not hold up a photograph of the phone owner to fool the new facial recognition system? In this presentation, Adam Englander will walk through the risks and dangers of leveraging biometrics for user authentication, and why we all should be thinking twice about it. Learning Objectives: 1: Learn why biometrics in devices aren’t the most secure yet. 2: Explore how to protect yourself. 3: Understand steps to authentication. https://www.rsaconference.com/videos/biometrics-sexy-secure-and-stupid
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What is IRIS? - The Future of Biometric Blockchain Payment Processing
IRIS is a fintech payment processing company that implements biometric authentication and blockchain technologies to lay the foundations of the world's next payment ecosystem. Incorporating finger vein authentication and irisWallet, users can unite all their payment methods including credit cards, bank accounts, crypto-currency wallets and more into one universal solution accessed solely by an individual and their biometric data. Easiest. Safest. Cheapest. Fastest. Crypto-Ready. Learn more on https://irispay.io
Cookeyah - Encryption and Voice Biometric Authentication http://cookeyah.com/
An explanation of how Cookeyah has designed the most secure and user friendly password bank available on the market today.
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Biometric Authentication
team members: Jamal, Todd, Joe, Salam, Rene'
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Android Fingerprint Authentication / Lock App - Android Studio Tutorial
Hello guys, This tutorial will cover how you can secure your app with fingerprint Authentication Source Files : https://github.com/akshayejh/Android-Fingerprint-Authentication-App/ Links Worth Sharing : https://medium.com/@manuelvicnt/android-fingerprint-authentication-f8c7c76c50f8 https://stackoverflow.com/questions/39470098/why-crypto-object-is-needed-for-android-fingerprint-authentication If you feel these tutorials helped you in anyways, you can support us to create more content by donating here : Paytm : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HoK-9H3ybKEpBbWZuxGus3iqhf0ISW8g/view?usp=sharing Paypal : http://paypal.me/ArathiSingh Or by becoming a patreon : https://www.patreon.com/akshayejh Like us on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/TvacStudio/
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Fingerprint Access Biometric Authentication System: DigInfo
DigInfo- http://movie.diginfo.tv/ In the field of biometrics where a person is identified by his biological characteristics, research and development has progressed in fingerprint authentication. With many solutions distributed in the market now, price is getting only lower. Fingerprint Access from System Advance was designed to secure medical data on patients in the field of medical support system development. It has been commercialized, as many organizations praise its capability to allow important data in a PC to be managed in a different media. Fingerprint authentication is hard to counterfeit and decipher; it offers higher security than the password input method that is widely used today; and there would be many business applications based on it. Fingerprint Access is offered in flash memory and hard drive formats; the hard drive type retails for about 30,000 yen.
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Biometric Authentication
Crossmatch provides advanced strong authentication and biometric access control systems for solving their complex identity on issues in banks, retailer and other commercial institutes. Contact them to know more. http://www.crossmatch.com/
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Attacks on Biometric Authentication at GeekPwn - Haibing Wang
Abstract: Biometric authentication technologies are used for the machine identification of individuals. Examples include voice, handwriting, face, eye and fingerprint identification. Biometric authentication methods have been widely used to control financial transactions and access to secure areas. Therefore the security of such technologies is very important. In this speech, we look at some hack examples on these Biometric authentication technologies shown in previous GeekPwn events. Speaker: Haibing Wang Wang Haibing, Director of GeekPwn Lab. Graduated from Computer Science Department, Fudan University, he got his Master degree. After that, he joined Microsoft China and became an expert of Microsoft firewall product. He has many years of experiences in network security product development and testing. He left Microsoft in 2011 and became one of the founders of KEEN. He is now a technical expert in KEEN and Director of GeekPwn lab.
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Biometric Authentication - Thales
Manuela Wüst, Daniel Höllrigl, Ludwig Eisgruber
Biometrics - Type 3 Authentication (CISSP Free by Skillset.com)
This Biometrics video is part of the CISSP FREE training course from Skillset.com (https://www.skillset.com/certifications/cissp). Skillset helps you pass your certification exam. Faster. Guaranteed. Topic: Biometrics Skill: Access Control Fundamentals Skillset: Identity and Access Management Certification: CISSP Join the 40,000+ candidates in over 58 countries that have found a faster, better way to pass their certification exam. + Unlimited access to thousands of practice questions + Exam readiness score + Smart reinforcement + Focused training ensures 100% exam readiness + Personalized learning plan + Align exam engine to your current baseline knowledge + Eliminate wasted study time + Exam pass guarantee And much more - https://www.skillset.com
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Cybersecurity: Crash Course Computer Science #31
Cybersecurity is a set of techniques to protect the secrecy, integrity, and availability of computer systems and data against threats. In today’s episode, we’re going to unpack these three goals and talk through some strategies we use like passwords, biometrics, and access privileges to keep our information as secure, but also as accessible as possible. From massive Denial of Service, or DDos attacks, to malware and brute force password cracking there are a lot of ways for hackers to gain access to your data, so we’ll also discuss some strategies like creating strong passwords, and using 2-factor authentication, to keep your information safe. Check out Computerphile’s wonderful video on how to choose a password! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3NjQ9b3pgIg Pre-order our limited edition Crash Course: Computer Science Floppy Disk Coasters here! https://store.dftba.com/products/computer-science-coasters Produced in collaboration with PBS Digital Studios: http://youtube.com/pbsdigitalstudios Want to know more about Carrie Anne? https://about.me/carrieannephilbin The Latest from PBS Digital Studios: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1mtdjDVOoOqJzeaJAV15Tq0tZ1vKj7ZV Want to find Crash Course elsewhere on the internet? Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/YouTubeCrash... Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/TheCrashCourse Tumblr - http://thecrashcourse.tumblr.com Support Crash Course on Patreon: http://patreon.com/crashcourse CC Kids: http://www.youtube.com/crashcoursekids
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Business Daily Ep153 Biometric authentication
Biometric authentication One of Korea′s largest bank holding companies Hana Financial Group signed an MOU with Korea′s largest state-backed lab to introduce a state-of-the-art identification system called the FIDO identification technology. Guaranteeing one of the highest levels of security and safety, what exactly is it? A no-cash society imminent? Image a society… with no cash. That’s the movement that’s happening in some Scandinavian countries currently. As more people are gravitating towards electronic payment as opposed to using cash, how would it look like in the coming future if this trend were to persist? 한국 핀테크, 최고가 손잡다! 핀테크, 이른바 금융과 정보기술 융합산업이 부상하면서 금융기관의 움직임도 빨라지고 있다.한국의 IT 대표 연구기관과 국내 최대 금융기관이 손을 잡고 한국 핀테크 산업에 새 장을 열어가고 있는데... 최고와 최고가 만난 기술 大융합, 한국 핀테크 산업의 활성화를 이뤄낼 수 있을까? 현금 없는 사회, 진짜로 올까? - 김일선 교수 ′현금 없는 사회′가 올까? 최근 북유럽 국가 중심으로 전자적 수단을 사용한 결제만 허용하는 ‘현금 없는 사회’를 향한 움직임이 시작되고 있다. 현금결제 상한선을 만들고 심지어 은행에서도 현금을 취급하지 않는 상황인데! 오직 전자화폐로 돌아가는 사회가 시작되고 있는 지금, 현재와 미래는 어떤 모습일까?
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09 Biometric Authentication V1 HD 1
Demoing some of our team's great work!!
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Blind Authentication System
Blind Authentication System To get this project in ONLINE or through TRAINING Sessions, Contact: JP INFOTECH, Old No.31, New No.86, 1st Floor, 1st Avenue, Ashok Pillar, Chennai -83.Landmark: Next to Kotak Mahendra Bank. Pondicherry Office: JP INFOTECH, #45, Kamaraj Salai,Thattanchavady, Puducherry -9.Landmark: Next to VVP Nagar Arch. Mobile: (0) 9952649690, Email: [email protected], web: www.jpinfotech.org, Blog: www.jpinfotech.blogspot.com Concerns on widespread use of biometric authentication systems are primarily centered around template security, revocability, and privacy. The use of cryptographic primitives to bolster the authentication process can alleviate some of these concerns as shown by biometric cryptosystems. In this paper, we propose a provably secure and blind biometric authentication protocol, which addresses the concerns of user’s privacy, template protection, and trust issues. The protocol is blind in the sense that it reveals only the identity, and no additional information about the user or the biometric to the authenticating server or vice-versa. As the protocol is based on asymmetric encryption of the biometric data, it captures the advantages of biometric authentication as well as the security of public key cryptography. The authentication protocol can run over public networks and provide nonrefundable identity verification. The encryption also provides template protection, the ability to revoke enrolled templates, and alleviates the concerns on privacy in widespread use of biometrics. The proposed approach makes no restrictive assumptions on the biometric data and is hence applicable to multiple biometrics. Such a protocol has significant advantages over existing biometric cryptosystems, which use a biometric to secure a secret key, which in turn is used for authentication. We analyze the security of the protocol under various attack scenarios. Experimental results on four biometric datasets (face, iris, hand geometry, and fingerprint) show that carrying out the authentication in the encrypted domain does not affect the accuracy, while the encryption key acts as an additional layer of security.
Tech Zone With Paul Amadeus Lane - Ep. #36 Part 3 - Biometric Authentication Getting HYPR
George Avetisov is the CEO and co-founder of HYPR – a top innovator in the growing biometric authentication sector. Though adopted by the automobile industry to reduce the number of vehicle thefts, keyless ignitions and entry systems are highly vulnerable to cyberattacks. Similarly, the convenience of having connected cars features/apps available via smartphones can open the door for hackers to gain control of breaks, locks, dashboards and more. George can provide detailed insights on: The particular vulnerabilities of auto biometrics How the industry will be implementing biometric security measures such as facial/selfie, iris, fingerprint and voice recognition to authenticate vehicle ownership How to avoid future data breaches About HYPR HYPR enables Fortune 500 enterprises, including MasterCard, Aetna, Wells Fargo and many others, to scale biometric authentication across millions of users. The corporation deploys a secure password-less experience through fingerprint, voice, face and eye recognition.
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Out-of-the-Box Secure IoT Device Authentication to Cloud Platforms
#iotsecurity #authentication #cloudplatforms Gemalto secures the data-to-cloud journey with zero-touch IoT security services. This video shows how unique IoT devices identities (embedded directly into Cinterion® M2M Modules), strong authentication and end-to-end data encryption mechanisms help IoT devices and their data remain trusted throughout their lifecycle. We eliminate the need for our customers to deploy their own secure production facilities, while greatly simplifying the enrollment of IoT devices into a variety of IoT Cloud Platforms, such as Microsoft Azure or AWS. Visit our webpage on IoT Device Lifecycle Management to learn more! https://www.gemalto.com/m2m/solutions/application-enablement/module-services
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Securing Digital Data using 256-bit Multimodal Biometrics based Cryptographic Key
Securing Digital Data using 256-bit Multimodal Biometrics based Cryptographic Key To get this project in Online or through training sessions Contact: Chennai Office: JP INFOTECH, Old No.31, New No.86, 1st Floor, 1st Avenue, Ashok Pillar, Chennai – 83. Landmark: Next to Kotak Mahendra Bank / Bharath Scans. Landline: (044) - 43012642 / Mobile: (0)9952649690 Pondicherry Office: JP INFOTECH, #45, Kamaraj Salai, Thattanchavady, Puducherry – 9. Landline: (0413) - 4300535 / (0)9952649690 Email: [email protected], Website: http://www.jpinfotech.org, Blog: http://www.jpinfotech.blogspot.com In this digital era, digital documents are widely used. The merits of digital documents are huge while its security and privacy are at large. Hence Cryptography is used to secure digital documents. Cryptography is a method of storing and transmitting data in a particular form so that only those for whom it is intended can read and process it. In this paper a novel idea is proposed, digital documents are encrypted using 256 bit cryptographic key which is generated by multimodal biometric system. This system uses Palmprint and Fingerprint as traits. The features of both traits were extracted and fused at feature level. This biometric based cryptographic key is unpredictable to an intruder as the intruder lacks the knowledge of physical traits of the user. By this proposed model confidentiality, integrity, availability mechanisms are achieved. This biometric based cryptographic security can be integrated to e-governance and ehealth for efficient management.
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Cyber Safe: Biometric Security
Are our fingerprints and faces safe inside the devices we own? News 5's technology reporter J.B. Biunno looks closer in this "Cyber Safe" report.
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Final Year Projects | Efficient Multimodal Biometric Authentication Using Fast Fingerprint and
Final Year Projects | Efficient Multimodal Biometric Authentication Using Fast Fingerprint Verification and Enhanced Iris Features More Details: Visit http://clickmyproject.com/a-secure-erasure-codebased-cloud-storage-system-with-secure-data-forwarding-p-128.html Including Packages ======================= * Complete Source Code * Complete Documentation * Complete Presentation Slides * Flow Diagram * Database File * Screenshots * Execution Procedure * Readme File * Addons * Video Tutorials * Supporting Softwares Specialization ======================= * 24/7 Support * Ticketing System * Voice Conference * Video On Demand * * Remote Connectivity * * Code Customization ** * Document Customization ** * Live Chat Support * Toll Free Support * Call Us:+91 967-774-8277, +91 967-775-1577, +91 958-553-3547 Shop Now @ http://clickmyproject.com Get Discount @ https://goo.gl/lGybbe Chat Now @ http://goo.gl/snglrO Visit Our Channel: http://www.youtube.com/clickmyproject Mail Us: [email protected]
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Passwords and Fingerprints and Faces—Oh My! Comparing Old and New Authentication
Jackson Shaw, Senior Director, One Identity People use more passwords today than ever before. But with the advent of Apple’s latest iPhone releases and its TouchID and FaceID technologies, we’ll begin to see a wider acceptance of some biometrics methods like fingerprint and facial scanning. This session will assess the security of these methods compared to the tried and true password. Learning Objectives: 1: Understand the password’s history and an overview of biometrics. 2: Understand the security pros and cons of passwords versus biometrics. 3: Obtain tips for creating a password/biometrics authentication stack. https://www.rsaconference.com/events/us18/agenda/sessions/10565-passwords-and-fingerprints-and-faces-oh-my
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Final Year Projects | Multimodal Biometric for Person Authentication by Fusion
Including Packages ======================= * Complete Source Code * Complete Documentation * Complete Presentation Slides * Flow Diagram * Database File * Screenshots * Execution Procedure * Readme File * Addons * Video Tutorials * Supporting Softwares Specialization ======================= * 24/7 Support * Ticketing System * Voice Conference * Video On Demand * * Remote Connectivity * * Code Customization ** * Document Customization ** * Live Chat Support * Toll Free Support * Call Us:+91 967-774-8277, +91 967-775-1577, +91 958-553-3547 Shop Now @ http://clickmyproject.com Get Discount @ https://goo.gl/lGybbe Chat Now @ http://goo.gl/snglrO Visit Our Channel: http://www.youtube.com/clickmyproject Mail Us: [email protected]
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Biometrics, Privacy and Remote Authentication
James L. Wayman Biometrics, Privacy and Remote Authentication
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Introduction to Cryptocurrency - Part 4:   Secure your Crypto
Please watch: "Walmart goes Blockchain with a catch | They want your Biometric Data" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IfRiQXWxe7A --~-- Making investing in Cryptocurrency easy to understand. Today is Part 4 of our 6 part series in which we explore a walk-through of how to best secure your Cryptocurrency Hodlings once you have decided to buy. The 2-Step Authentication process using the Google Authenticator or other app, and the Ledger Nano S offline wallet. The HODL Report - Crypto Reviews, News and Commentary. Watch additional episdoes of Introduction to Cyrptocurrency: Part 1: Getting to know Cryptocurrency - https://youtu.be/RY2hJ2es4J0 Part 2: The Exchange https://youtu.be/pjATPU3oZt0 Part 3: The Exchange and your wallet https://youtu.be/uxHiemJrNeU Get your own Ledger. This is our affiliate link - which directly goes to helping this channel - https://www.ledger.com/?r=e1e0236f4257 Looking for an exchange (Each person who registers helps our channel): Coinbase https://www.coinbase.com/join/59e1141... Binance https://www.binance.com/?ref=11617513
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Secure Travel  Passport Verification Using Zero Knowledge Proof
Sedicii verifies the identity details declared in a passport against the authoritative source without exposing any information about the person in the process
BioSlimDisk Signature
BioSlimDisk is a secure personal storage device with ultimate encryption and authentication with the use of fingerprint sensor technology. It secures your data storage device with only one touch. Signature secures your data whether you are sending, moving, or stationed.
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Biometric Encryption using Fingerprint Fuzzy Vault for FPGAbased Embedded Systems
This paper discusses a biometric encryption system using fuzzy vault scheme implemented on FPGA development board. Cryptographic algorithms are very secure overall but have a weak point in terms of the storage of the crypto keys.Biometric authentication systems have many exploitable weak points that can be used to compromise the system. Biometric encryption is a security scheme that combines strong cryptographic algorithms with biometric authentication to provide better security. This paper discusses a simple implementation of a biometric encryption system as a stand-alone embedded device. Fuzzy vault scheme is used as the method to bind the crypto key and biometrics. The system processes were implemented as software blocks run on the firmware.
Biometric Crypto System
We are ready to provide guidance to successfully complete your projects and also download the abstract, base paper from our website Note: Voice Video Listen with audio Visit : www.javafirst.in Contact: 73383 45250
Digital Identity in the Era of Cloud Based Biometrics
On December 6, 2017, FindBiometrics and Acuity Market Intelligence hosted "Digital Identity in the Era of Cloud-Based Biometrics" — an hour-long live webcast about the coming cloud-based authentication paradigm shift. The webinar begins with the latest market research and commentary from Acuity Market Intelligence, presented by principal researcher Maxine Most. Acuity's data-driven research set the stage for a panel discussion on cloud-based biometrics with expert guests: Peter O'Neill, President and Founder, FindBiometrics Rob Douglas, CEO, BioConnect David Harding, CTO, ImageWare Systems Maxine Most, Principal, Acuity Market Intelligence Watch this recording of "Digital Identity in the Era of Cloud-Based Biometrics" to learn: The latest market research from Acuity Market Intelligence What is driving the shift to cloud-based biometrics How advances in 5G technology can affect the future of cloud-based biometrics Common misconceptions about cloud-based biometrics and the facts about server-side authentication Cloud-based killer apps Much more To learn even more about biometrics, cloud technology, and the future of your digital identity, visit findbiometrics.com and our sister site mobileIDworld.com
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AuthShield's DeepAuth; MultiFactor Authentication & zero cost biometrics
Authshield's DeepAuth platform is a revolutionary technology that enables Organizations to protect their critical assets by implementing Multi Factor Authentication and easy-to-use and zero-cost biometrics. The unique and patented technology works at a protocol level rather than the application level, and can integrate with absolutely ANY application like phone & desktop mail clients, ERP's like SAP, Web Apps, DB queries and many many more. Know more about us at http://www.auth-shield.com !!!
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Behavioral biometrics; beyond fingerprints and iris scans
Biometrics is usually thought of as fingerprints, face and iris scans. Well, have you heard of behavioral biometrics? Banks are already rolling it out. Your smartphone can know a lot of your behaviors which can be used to authenticate you with 99% accuracy. We're moving from the age of authentication being an event to "continuous authentication" from login to logout. Will this be the way we secure our cryptocurrency in the new banking paradigm? Note: I don't provide any form of advice. Content is for educational and analytical use only, and makes use of some content by way of Fair Use. Links: https://www.patreon.com/kevbotreport https://paypal.me/kevbotreport https://www.biocatch.com/ https://www.pymnts.com/fraud-prevention/2018/banks-biometrics-security-fraud-biocatch-alisdair-faulkner-threatmetrix/amp/ https://www.eff.org/ https://www.nytimes.com/2018/08/13/business/behavioral-biometrics-banks-security.html https://www.eugdpr.org/
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Two-Factor Authentication with Biometrics or Tokens | Philippe Janson
This clip is part of the elementary course on Information, Computing & Communication (ICC) of the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland. It explains how biometrics and hardware tokens and devices can be used to provide two-factor, two-channel, and two-way authentication.
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Payment biometrics go beyond fingerprint scanners
The latest wave of biometrics incorporate voice authentication, face recognition and other technologies to keep your payments secure.
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Biometrics and Two-Factor Authentication for Mobile Security/Commerce
For More Information Please Visit: http://www.angelbeat.com
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iTrue Review ICO – Instant Access To Controlled Gains
iTrue is a Blockchain-as-a-Service solution with a built-in authentication system with biometrics as its core microservice, enabling enterprises and developers to build secure, scalable and extensible applications. The iTrue token ecosystem rewards users for sharing their data, and businesses for participating in the data and app marketplaces. Our innovative stone storage solution ensures high speed and capacity without sacrificing security and privacy For more information about the project, please click on the links below. Website: https://itrue.io/ Whitepaper: https://itrue.io/files/iTrueWhitePaper.pdf ANN : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4721365 Telegram: https://t.me/itrueio Twitter: https://twitter.com/Itrueio Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iTrue.io/ --------- Bitcointalk usename: Gracehoai https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2199367 --------- ➤Mail : [email protected] ➤Subscribe Channel : https://www.youtube.com/c/ReviewICOVIP?sub_confirmation=1 ➤Telegram : https://t.me/chiasetoken ➤Groups facebook : https://goo.gl/MuA8Wj #iTrue #DataMonetization #GDPRCompliance #iTrueio #InformationSecurity #DataLeakage #Security #ITU #PrivacyControl
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