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Morbid Angel live Oordegem 21.12.1989
Morbid angel on stage during the Grindcrusher tour. the last show of the tour
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Suffocation - Torn Into Enthrallment
Full-length, Roadrunner Records May 23rd, 1995 Line up: Frank Mullen - Vocals Doug Cerrito - Guitar Terrance Hobbs - Guitar Chris Richards - Bass Doug Bohn - Drums Guest Lyrics: Lee Harrison (Monstrosity (USA) ) - Torn Into Enthrallment Cover Artwork by Hiro Takahashi. BEST ALBUM OF WORLD!!! Brain patterns altered since birth. To serve the higher cause. Pawns of twisted vision. Manipulate to do thy bidding. It is easy for them. To control us this way. To think is obsolete. Therefore no way to question their rule. A mindless, lifeless zombie. To walk the rest of it's days. There's only one law to serve them. All else results in termination. Breeding is done by means of test tubes. It seems strange to me to end up this way. Torn from my state of being. Stripped of all my worth. I can no longer feel what is being done to be. I have awakened. Yet cannot move. Paralysis has stricken me. I pray for death. I cannot speak. Enslavement now possesses me. Bleed, bleed. You scream at me. Draining. Worthless is my soul you say. You feed the lie. The collapse my will. Feed, feed. On what's left of me. Eating away at a life I once lived. You left me in your wake. Or so you think. Vigilant in your plans to deny. You will not overtake. To win the stakes. I will not cower to your lies. Your foolish greedy mind. Is filled with selfish pride. It will bring you to your knees. Flailing in the cess. This convoluted mess. The origin of your disease.
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Benighted- Necrobreed [2017]
All rights goes to "Benighted" 1. Hush Little Baby [00:00] 2. Reptilian [01:08] 3. Psychosilencer [04:24] 4. Forgive Me Father [07:55] 5. Leatherface [12:12] 6. Der Doppelgaenger [15:36] 7. Necrobreed [19:25] 8. Monsters Make Monsters [20:53] 9. Cum with Disgust [24:28] 10. Versipellis [27:36] 11. Reeks of Darkened Zoopsia [30:24] 12. Mass Grave [33:39] https://benighted.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/brutalbenighted https://soundcloud.com/brutalbenighted https://myspace.com/brutalbenighted http://www.purevolume.com/BrutalBenighted/overview?chrome=1 https://www.reverbnation.com/benighted https://open.spotify.com/artist/0dUwIwaPc6UukkCZTaaf7J https://twitter.com/@_BENIGHTED
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Michael Jackson-Beat It(DruMPhiLReMiX)
A Michael Jackson cover with drumless track, Why not?! :) Michael Jackson ''Beat It'' is the copyrighted property of its owner(s). No (Copyright) Infringement Intended
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Album: Heretical Uprising (EP) Released: February 8th, 2019 Genre: Death Metal Location: North America Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TribeOfPazuzu/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tribeofpazu... Twitter: https://twitter.com/tribeofpazuzu Bandcamp: https://tribeofpazuzu.bandcamp.com/ Lyric Video Created By YOD Multimedia https://www.facebook.com/yodmultimedia Tribe Of Pazuzu are a brand new project featuring Flo Mounier (CRYPTOPSY), John McEntee (INCANTATION), and Randy Harris (ex-MACIFICATION). The tribe are lead by mainman Nick Sagias (SOULSTORM, ex-OVERTHROW, ex-PESTILENCE). The debut EP, entitled 'Heretical Uprising' drops on February 8th. Digital and physical (CD) preorders available here: https://tribeofpazuzu.bandcamp.com/
VileDriver - Fleemarkt live
VileDriver performing Fleemarkt live at the Bovine Sex Club in Toronto Ontario Canada, July 4 2015, playing with Kraken and Hateful Snake. Show put on by Neurotic Entertainment Karina Davy. Hear the original demo recording here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSBHslq701E . VileDriver is a technical death metal band from Mississauga/Toronto Ontario Canada, featuring former members of Starring Janet Leigh (Ironclad/Metalblade). Follow VileDriver at www.facebook.com/viledrivermetal
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Incarnation on channel 6 (Israel 1992)
Incarnation on channel 6 (Israel 1992).
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Ritual - Hate
From the "In Nomine..." cassette. Released in 1995.
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Eternal Frost Live - Intro and First Song Part 1
Eternal Frost are a UKBM act comprising of two core members Sam McKavanagh (who has also worked with The Meads of Asphodel) and Joe Richards (who has numerous projects) as well as the two live members Phil Rickner and Topher Collins. This is from their live DVD.
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Dead Wretched - Rehearsal And Live ( FULL )
1-Orders 0:00 2-Convicted 1:29 3-You're No Exception 4:28 4-No Justice 6:39 5-I'm Not A Criminal 9:27 6-Time To Die 12:13 7-Society's Pet 13:59 8-Infiltrator 16:16 9-Nothing To Lose 18:38 10-Escape To Death 22:03 11-Who Are You 24:10 12-They Live In Fear 26:35 13-Recession 28:24 14-No Hope For The Wretched 30:06 15-No Hope For The Wretched Live 32:35 16-I'm Not Satisfied Live 35:03 17-Unknown Live 36:49 18-City Of Fear Live 38:59 19-You're No Exception Live 40:42 20-They Live In Fear Live 43:09 21-Society's Pet Live 45:15 22-England's A Bitch Live 47:50 23-No Justice Live 49:43 SVENNIS777
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Scarboro "Wolves On the Radio" Deluxe Digipack MCD & 2019 EU Tour announcement
Scarboro on tour in Europe Februari 2019! E.U. Booking: ute @mad-tourbooking.de U.S. Booking: [email protected] Scarboro - Wolves On The Radio MCD (Deluxe Digipack) WTF-033, released nov 2nd 2018. SCARBORO is a hardcore punk band from Brooklyn. Formed in 2012, SCARBORO specializes in short catchy with a hardcore edge. While they wear their influences on their sleeves take on the classics have endeared them to fans of punk and hardcore alike. FFO: Early Agnostic Front, Bad Religion, Descendents, H20, Green Day, 7 Seconds. Wolves On The Radio Tracklist: 1. Fight to Live 2. Wolves On The Radio 3. Samsara 4. Eyes Of The Enemy 5. Another Day previous releases: “Here Comes the Hangover” WTF Records 2017 “The Safeword is YES” Self-Released 2014/2017 WTF Records webplayer: https://player.believe.fr/v2/3481575162206 spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/57RnbgnbUMqjpXX3wU6LhY?si=FsY-SmT_SWqwwdvxsmrh2w band: https://www.facebook.com/scarboropunx label: www.wtfrecords.eu E.U. Booking: ute @mad-tourbooking.de U.S. Booking: [email protected] Video edited by Arjan Wilmsen / Dedication Photography
Huge Metal show in New Mexico March 13th, 2010 Featuring: Blinddryve Howitzer When Darkness Falls Caustic Lye Anesthesia Bear the Nightmare
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Katabasis - Neurosis (Live @ The Ghost Tavern)
Katabasis performing "Neurosis" live at the Ghost Tavern in DeLand, FL on 06/05/18. https://www.facebook.com/katabasis256/
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Rotting Christ - Exiled Archangels (8 bit)
Rotting Christ - Exiled Archangels
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Necrosis - Crown of Thorns
5th track from the 1995 'Acta Sanctorum' album by American (Rhode Island based) Death Metal band Necrosis. Acta Sanctorum was Necrosis' only album, and was released on the cult Swedish metal label, Black Mark Productions. TheMetalHQv2 does not own the rights to this audio. It is uploaded purely for entertainment purposes, TheMetalHQv2 does NOT profit whatsoever from use of this audio.
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Blood Freak- Mindscraper
Track 7 off "Mindscraper"
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Nuns Have No Fun-Drum Cover-Mercyful Fate-Off There 1982 E.P.-Called-Nuns Have NO Fun-
Nuns Have No Fun--Is A Drum Cover--From--MERCYFUL FATE--The Song is Off THERE 1982 Release E.P. Thats Called--NUNS HAVE NO FUN--I Hope My Youtube Friends Enjoy--Take Care--SEE YA,S--
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